What is SEO Score: A Definitive Guide for Beginners

You can’t ignore SEO if you want high-quality visitors from Google.

But… how do you know whether your SEO efforts are ACTUALLY working?

Here’s where your website’s SEO score comes into play. 

SEO score tells you how well users can navigate your site and how good your site’s technical health is. In this post, you’ll learn;

  • Definition of SEO score
  • How to check your site’s score
  • How to improve it and more

So, are you curious to find those details? Let’s get started!

What is SEO Score?

An SEO score is a website’s health score. It is a metric that evaluates a website’s overall search performance, accessibility, and SEO-friendliness.

Whenever you conduct a detailed audit of your website (site audits), your website gets a health score which is based on the number of errors and warnings found on the site.

It is usually scaled from 0 to 100. 100 means your website is PERFECT and doesn’t have any SEO issues.

SEO Score: What is It? How to Improve It in 2024?

What is SEO Score?

How to Check Your SEO Score for FREE?

You need an SEO tool with a “Site Audit” feature to check your website’s SEO score.

We often use the Semrush site audit tool to find our SEO rating.

Here’s what it looks like;

bp seo score

As you can see, our site’s SEO score is currently 76%. The site health score will increase accordingly once we fix the errors and warnings.

You can use this link to create a free account on Semrush (it’s NOT an affiliate link, and no credit card is needed).

You can then add your website and start crawling your website to check your SEO rating.

Here’s what it looks like;

free site audit

Quick note: You can crawl up to 100 pages with your free Semrush account. 

Once the crawling is done, you’ll get a health score, as shown above.

Similarly, you can use ANY other tool that offers a site audit feature with an SEO score. We use and recommend Semrush, as you can get an SEO grade for your site even with its free account.

You can also go with Ubersuggest (which is a free site audit tool) to check your site’s SEO rating.

Here’s what it looks like;

ubersuggest seo score

As you can see, Ubersuggest is showing an on-page SEO score of 100 for our site. This is the problem with most free SEO tools, as they’re NOT always accurate. However, they can give you an SEO score to determine where your website needs improvement. 

Here are a few more tools you can use to check your site’s SEO score;

  • SEObility
  • Sitechecker
  • Ahrefs
  • SEO SiteCheckup

You should try multiple free site audit tools to see how your website performs and make a list of all the fixes your site needs.

How to Improve Your Website’s SEO Score in 2024?

improve site seo score

Here are some of the best practices to improve your search engine optimization (SEO) score in 2024.

Firstly, find ALL the issues that your website has. Almost all the tools provide you with a list of issues and errors your website currently has.

Here’s what it looks like in Semrush;

technical issues

As you can see above, the Semrush site audit tool divides your site’s issues into 3 categories.

  • Errors: These are high-severity issues that need to be fixed immediately.
  • Warnings: These are medium-severity issues detected on your website during the last audit. 
  • Notices: These are not necessarily issues, but you can still fix them if you want a perfect 100/100 health score.

If you’re struggling to increase your site’s rankings, you might have a lot of SEO errors in your site.

So, fix the “Errors” first. Here’s what it looks like;

site audit errors

The best part about Semrush site audit is that it explains the issue and suggests how to fix it.

Have a look;

semrush audit recommendations

How cool is that? Similarly, you can work on fixing all the remaining errors and issues your website has.

Once they’re fixed, you can re-run the campaign, giving you a fresh website health score. The more errors and issues you fix, the better the score your website gets. It’s as simple as that.

You can also see historical results to track your progress if you’ve run multiple site audits.

Here’s what it looks like;

website health progress

Semrush is a powerful tool to find issues and improve your website’s SEO score.

The best part? Its site audit feature runs 140+ different checks so you can easily find ALL the severe issues that are preventing your site from getting better rankings.

If you want more details, read our in-depth review of Semrush, where you can find most of its features and how to use them.

What Factors Impact Your SEO Score? 

Although there are so many SEO metrics that play a key role in rankings. But here are some essential factors that can determine your website’s SEO score.

Crawlability issues: Crawlability refers to how easily Google bots can access your website without issues such as broken links. How can you expect better rankings if Google can’t properly access and index your pages?

So, make sure to find crawlability and indexability issues within your website first. Once you fix those issues, your SEO score will increase.

Internal linking issues: Your site’s link juice flow is extremely important. You need to find and fix if there are any broken internal links or invalid links (such as spelling mistakes, unnecessary extra characters, etc). 

Core Web Vitals: The Core Web Vitals (CWV) score measures 3 things: speed, interactivity, and visual stability of your website pages.

Here’s what it looks like;

core web vitals score

Make sure to improve the page loading times to boost your website’s overall CWV score.

Site Performance: This is one of the essential factors that measures the responsiveness of your website and shows you how quickly it loads.

It includes things like;

  • Large HTML page size
  • Redirect chains and loops
  • Slow page (HTML) load speed and more

Markup: The Markup Score of your website is based on the “Invalid structured data items” check and uses the Site Health algorithm.

The good thing about using tools like Semrush is that it offers an exclusive Markup chart that shows how many of your website pages use at least one type of microdata.

Here’s what it looks like;

markup score

As you can see, the markup score will show you all the pages with Markup type, including Twitter cards, microformats, open graphs, schema.org, etc.

FAQs on What is Score Website SEO All About

Here are some frequently asked questions on a website’s SEO score.

What is a good website SEO score?

If your site’s SEO score is over 80, it’s often considered good. Anything above 90 is considered the BEST.

What are the free tools to find my site’s SEO score?

Here are a few tools you can use;
– Semrush (it offers a free version where you can crawl up to 100 pages)
– Ubersuggest 
– SEOptimer

Is website score important?

Yes. It directly indicates how well your site can perform in search engines like Google. A website with a poor score (below 30) will NEVER outrank a site with a good score (over 80).

What are the factors that determine your site’s SEO rating?

Here are a few things that will determine your score;
– Page speed
– Site architecture
– URL structure
– Broken links
– Server response
– Indexability

Do I need to fix every issue to improve my score?

No, you don’t have to fix EVERY single issue. You can prioritize the most critical issues first, like broken links, slow loading times, or mobile responsiveness. 

 Is a high SEO score a guarantee of better search rankings?

No, an SEO score is only one indicator of your website’s SEO performance. MANY other factors, like competition, quality of your content and backlink profile, influence your site’s rankings.

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Final Thoughts: Is Your SEO Score Important? 

If you want to improve your website’s search traffic, you need to find issues that are preventing your site from getting better rankings. Here’s where SEO scoring comes into play.

It gives you an in-depth overview of your website’s overall technical health. With an SEO score checker, you can track your website’s health over time.

So, what are your thoughts on search engine optimization scores? Have any questions? Let us know in the comments. 

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