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Broken Link Checker Plugin will check your blog contents for broken links and missing images and will notify you about the same through Email once they are found. This Plugin can be really effective if you are running a huge WordPress based blog or website. It can be very difficult in maintaining the quality in links and images especially if you are accepting contents in the form of comments etc from your blog readers. A website having too many broken links will not only frustrate its visitors, but will also have a negative impact for itself on Google search.

Broken Link Checker Plugin Installation and Customization

This plugin is so popular and effective that it has already been downloaded more than one million times and this count is increasing in thousands every day. It won’t take much time in installing this plugin on your WordPress blog.

Step 1: Go to Plugins section into Your WordPress Admin section and Click Add New

Step 2: Make Search for Broken Link Checker into the search box and the very first result will be the plugin that you need to install. This plugin is developed by Janis Elsts

Step 3: Click Install Now Link and Activate It

One can download the latest version of this plugin from WordPress Plugins Directory here.

Broken Link Checker Plugin Customization Options

Step 1: You can access the Broken Link Checker Plugin Options section from Settings –> Link Checker.

Step 2: Under General Tab, You can set the time frame after which broken links should be checked and you can even send notifications automatically to your blog authors in case any of their blog posts contains broken links or missing images as shown in the screenshot below.

Plugin General Tab

Step 3: Under Look for Links in Tab, You need to decide the sections where this Plugin should search for finding broken links as shown in the screenshot below. Through this plugin, you can get notification about the availability of broken links at Blogroll, Comments, Posts, Pages and Contact Forms etc

Look For Links In

Step 4: Under Which Links to Check Tab, You can specific the kind of broken links this plugin should search as shown in the screenshot below.

Which Links to Check

Step 5: Under Protocols & APIs Tab, you need to decide how links should be checked as shown in the image below.

protocols and APIs

Step 6: And Advanced Tab, You can make decision about the Timeout, Link Monitor, Maximum Execution Time and Server Load Time Settings as shown in screenshot.


Broken Link Checker Plugin Features

  • Can find broken links in your blog posts, pages, comments section and blogroll links etc
  • You can get notification about the broken links through Email and directly into your WordPress dashboard
  • It should to display broken links in a different way to make it easy for you to identify them
  • It can prevent search engines from following broken links, which is a great feature to have on your WordPress blog
  • You can make search for broken link using url and anchor text that was used for link creation etc
  • Best thing about this plugin is that you can correct all broken links with in plugin section and no need to manually browse those posts, pages or comments section etc to make the corrections

My Experience with Broken Link Checker

Before writing this special post around this Plugin, I studied this plugin in detail and even installed it on I was ready surprized by the number of broken links my blog has. I went through the this Plugin report and it’s showing my blog has 130 broken links as shown in the screenshot below. This is a big number in itself and I’m really surprized how my blog could have so many bad links. But it’s true.

Broken Links Report Bloggers Passion

Broken Links Fixing Process

My first priority was to fix them all. If I want to fix them manually, it definitely would have taken many hours in fixing but thanks to broken link checker plugin, I was able to fix them all in 5 minutes time only. When you click on Found 130 broken links in the Broken Link Checker Options under General tab, you will have detailed view of all broken links as shown in the screenshot below. You can take actions in bulk on 30 links at a time.

Broken Links Details
For any link reported as broken, there are three options you can choose from namely Edit URL, Unlink and Not Broken.

This was the first time, I was operating this bad link detector plugin for WordPress blog and I’m hoping with time my ability to fix broken links on my blog with this plugin will be much faster. I’m also sure from next time onwards this plugin will be able to detect very few broken links on my blog.

Broken Links Fixing is a Lifetime Process

We as a blog owner can make sure we don’t use any bad links in our blog posts or pages, but we cannot do much about the links that our blog readers add while leaving comments on our blogs. Sometime they end up adding broken links and there is every chance link which is working today may not work in the coming days due to domain expiration, removal of that link or different kind of server errors. So from time to time, we need to look into this plugin reports and fix them as we see in our reports.

How are you finding and fixing broken links on your blog? Are you using any plugin to do this task, please share your thoughts, concerns and questions in this regard in the comments section below?


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