10 Characteristics of a Good Domain Name for your website

Internet market today has flooded with websites, and choosing the best domain for a website is proving to be much more difficult than naming a child these days.

With millions of domains already registered on the Internet, finding the best name for a new site is getting painful with each passing day, but as they say, there’s no shortage of ideas if you have a different perspective.

You do not need to get a better domain than any other site; all you need is a different name.

A domain name is really critical while designing a website, as it not only represents your site before public, but also provides for a better optimization in search engines.

I’ll share with you a few points to help you pick a good domain name, and efficient, and aid you build up your website.

Must have characteristics of a good domain name

Good Domain Name

1. The “.com” Effect

If I want my site’s name to be “mobile.com”, but the name is not available, then I’ll definitely opt for something like “mobiles.com” in place of “mobile.info”, “mobile.co.cc”, or “mobile.us”.

Country specific extensions restrict the flow of visitors to your site, and a few others like “.info” are considered to be spam links by most of the online users. As long as you have options, it is advisable to choose a “.com” domain name for best results.

2. Keep it Short

You would be astonished to know that every possible domain name consisting of 3 to 4 letters are already booked and even 5 letter ones stand on the verge of extinction.

The demand for such names is not just a coincidence, but developers understand the importance of a short domain name. A domain name works best if it is kept under 10 letters, and in no situation should it exceed length 20.

3. Easy to Remember

Something like “mobilerev.com” might seem a bit bigger then “mbnrew.com” but at least it provides ease of remembrance. A short domain is useless if it is hard to remember. Another example to narrow your understanding is that one always prefers “businesstime.com” over “theworldbusinesstimes.com”.

The latter is not only long and dull, but also hard to remember. Just one wrong letter, and the visitor would land up on a completely different page, and the next thing he would do is to give priority to any other site over your portal.

4. Perfect match with site niche

A domain name “abcxyz123.com” is simply useless for a website providing laptop reviews. You must be wise enough while making your selection, so that a user knows what he will be browsing when he opens up your site.

If your site is in English language, always try to choose an appropriate English name over some regional name, as it helps achieve international traffic.

5. Easy to Spell

What is the use of a domain name “Mississippi.com” when half of the word, including me doesn’t even know the spelling of the river Mississippi? Choose something which is appealing and yet simple.

6. Hyphens: Is it a good idea?

People often go for hyphenated domain names once they do not get the domain names of their choice to fill up the void. This practice makes sense, but not appreciable in recent times. Hyphenated domain names may seem to be focused and easy to remember, but they do not arouse the same curiosity as other single word domain names do.

If you are not getting something of your choice, you can try for a similar version with an extra “s” at the like. If I want like “house.com”, which is unavailable, I would try something like “houses.com” or “housez.com” in place of any other hyphened word.

7. Use Keywords

Once your keyword contains the keyword on which your complete site is a blog, it becomes very easy for the people to predict your web content. It not only helps visitors, but even provides for a better search engine optimization.

If I provide business solutions, I would go for a thing like “businesshelp.com” or “abcbusiness.com” where “ABC” is the short company name. This technique is quite popular over most of the websites providing the gadget, or the automobile reviews.

8. Avoid Awkward Spelling Mistakes

I recently encounter to a domain “expertsexchange.com” which actually referred to “experts exchange”, but I got it completely wrong. The company then tried to solve the issues by adding a hyphen in their domain name.

You must be careful that you do not find yourself down in any similar looking pit.

9. Make them Brand able

The term “Orkut”, “Omegle”, “ibibo” has no meaning in the dictionary, yet everyone knows about them. These names prove how something creative can appeal to the interests of the visitors, and help up in the setting of a brand image.

10. Magic Number is Useless Here

Including numbers in domain names can never be considered as a good choice. If someone asks you about your site, and you say “abc2d.com”, then the guy will surely be in great confusion whether you meant “abctod.com”, “abctwod.com”, or “abc2d.com”. No one has the time to visit all the three domains, and it is you who would be on loss at the end of the day.

All the above points, when followed correctly, will help you get your dream domain name. The stock might be getting empty soon, but just like there’s no limit to new ideas, and there’s no limit to creativity, similarly, there’s no limit to different thoughts. Good developers, designers, and writers don’t do different things, but they surely do the same thing differently.

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What is a domain name?

Domain name is the address of your website that people use in the address bar of the browser to access your website. 

Which domain ending is best?

When it comes to the TLD (Top Level Domain), .com is the most recognizable and popular domain name worldwide.

How to choose a good domain name for your business or blog?

Choose .com TLD (if possible), keep it short, easy to remember & spell, 
use keywords & match it with your site niche, avoid hyphens & numbers, and make it brandable.

Should my domain name be my name?

If you are planning to build a personal website or portfolio website, you can go ahead with your name as your domain name.

Can you recommend a good domain name registrar?

Namecheap and GoDaddy are two most popular domain registrars accredited by ICANN.

How much does a .com domain cost?

Generally, .com domain is priced at around $10 to $20 for a year depending on the domain registrar.

Can I get a .com domain for free?

Yes, you can get a .com domain for free. These days, most of the reliable web hosts offer a free domain name for a year (.com included) with their annual hosting packages.

Is domain reselling a good business?

As web services are growing at a rapid rate, domain reseller business has become one of the most profitable businesses in the online world these days.

Conclusion about picking a good domain name for your new website

A domain is where you need to pour down all your creativity, and never forget to write down the words that keep occurring in your mind throughout the day. A human mind generates thousands of ideas in a day, but most of them last only for a few seconds, and then get lost in the depths forever.

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You never know which idea would do the magic for you, and this is the reason you cannot afford to miss it. If you have any suggestions, or queries regarding your domain name, do drop them in the comments section.

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  1. Picking a great domain name is really neccessory for any bussiness.
    It will be our brand name later and yes a short domain name is easy to remmember and obivosly easy to type.

  2. A good domain great improve the business of any small or large scale businessman. I agree with your all the points, except 1 and 7 because domain name with .com extension is just a myths, i have see many popular blog with extension like .org , .net etc. they are still doing well.
    And according to the points number 7, suppose if you want to make a brand of your business and then using keywords in the domain name will not help it to make a unique domain name.
    Like I choose my Blog name as eakala.com, it does not make any sense but it has the chance of becoming a brand if gaining popularity in near future.

  3. thanks for your info on domain names. thinking of a domain name that is effective is really nutcracking. you are right that many ideas are lost when not written. thanks once again.

  4. Thank you for the wonderful post on great characteristics for a domain. I personally do not use hyphens or anything that does not end with a .com I will be sharing this post with my blog community.

  5. Domain name play a vital role in online marketing because this is the very first step to take in online marketing and these are the ideal things which you should notice before take a new domain name.


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