WP Super Cache Plugin for Faster Loading WordPress Blogs

WP Super Cache is one of must have plugins for WordPress blogs. Since Page Speed becomes one of ranking factor on Google, blog owners are adopting different techniques to speed up their WordPress blogs. And installation of this plugin in to their WordPress blogs is one of the major steps in that direction. I’m also using this plugin on Bloggers passion blog with the intention to improve my blog speed and to provide better browsing experience for my blog readers.

About WP Super Cache Plugin

This plugin used to generate static HTML pages from dynamic WordPress blogs. Once HTML files are generated, your server will serve these static HTML files to your blog readers instead of heavy loading PHP files. These static HTML files are served to majority of your blog readers except those readers who are logged in, have left a comment on your blog or who are viewing a password protected content.

After installation of this plugin, your website will not face down time due to instant traffic spike coming from different sources like your blog hits the front page of Digg or your get lots of visits in quick succession from other Social Networks. Popularity of this plugin can be analysed by the fact that this plugin has already been installed more than three million times.

How to Install WP Super Cache Plugin

Now first of all let me take you through this caching plugin installation process. I will be using the build in plugin installer feature to guide you about this process.

Step 1: Go to Plugins section in WordPress Dashboard and Click Add New Link

Step 2: Now enter the term WP Super Cache in to the search box available. The Very first result should be for this plugin, it is developed by Donncha O Caoimh. Click Install Now link and activate it

Step 3: Now you need to Turn on this plugin. For that you need to go to Settings –> WP Super Cache page and check the Caching On (Recommended) radio button as shown in the screenshot below. You need to use this option to turn on and turn off this page caching plugin from your WordPress blog.

WP Super Caching ON OFF Button

Step 4: Under Advanced Tab, select Use mod_rewrite to serve cache files. (Recommended) as shown below in the screenshot and click on the Update Status Button

Mode Rewrite to Serve Cache Files

Step 5: Next window will show the message shown in the screenshot below:

Mode Rewrite Rules

Step 6: When you scroll down in the same window you will see an Update Mod_Rewrite Rules >>, you need to click on that as shown in the screenshot below:

Update Mod Rewrite Rules

Step 7: Next window will show a green screen indicating Mode Rewrite rules updated as shown in the screenshot below:

Mode Rewrite Rules Updated

Step 8: And to confirm plugin plugin has been successfully installed on your blog, you need to go through the source code of your blog and check for the availability of similar code towards the end of your blog source code as shown in the screenshot below (Marked in Red):

Screen confirming WP Super Cache has been installed successfully

Once you confirm this, this caching plugin is properly installed on your blog.

Click this link to download WP Super Cache Plugin directly from WordPress plugins directory and in this case you need to upload it on your blog using a FTP Client.

WP Super Cache Plugin Features List

After installing this performance boosting Plugin:

  • You are making your WordPress blog faster and thus will send a positive note towards your website rankings on Google as website speed is one of rankings factors on Google now.
  • Your blog readers will experience a faster loading website experience as no one loves to browse a website that takes too much time in loading.
  • You are making your blog ready for facing heavy traffic from different sources. Suppose any of your blog story hits the front page of Digg, can you expect the amount of traffic you will receive from there? If you haven’t installed any caching plugin on your blog, your blog will face lots of downtime. But with this plugin installed, thing should move smoothly.

With this Plugin, you will need Hostgator type strong web hosting to face instant traffic spike on your blog. Do you have any questions about WP Super Cache plugin or need any help in the regard, please let me know in the comments section below.


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