7 Tips to Help You Increase Google Adsense CPC

I have been using Google Adsense Ads on my websites and blogs for long time now. So I got some level of expertise about optimizing Google Adsense Ads. I used to get lots of questions from my readers around Adsense where they ask me a lot like how they can increase their Google Adsense CPC and CTR. They seem to be making few pennies only for every click made on Adsense Ads that are placed on their website and blog pages. There can be lots of reasons why they are seeing lower cost per click on their Google Ads. In today’s post, I’m trying to find all possible reasons for the same.

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5 Tips to Improve Google Adsense CPC and CTR

Increase Google Adsense CTR

1. Website Niche

When you making decision about your blog niche, you should make sure you are going for a niche that will give you good amount of money. If you have decided to blog about topics related to Music, Education, Dating, Entertainment etc, you will not be able to make big money from your blog through you are able to generate good amount of traffic on your blog. Some Niches that are really high paying and worth trying are Blogging, Making Money Online, SEO, Web Hosting, Shopping, Loans, Credit Cards, Health, Real Estate, Insurance, Gadgets, Jobs, Software etc.

2. Focus on Keywords

Not all keywords will give you the same kind of CPC. Some keywords will be high paying while others will give you few pennies only. You can use Google Adwords Keyword Tool to find some high paying keywords in your website niche. But for high paying keywords, competition is going to be really huge and thus will be an uphill task to bring traffic for those terms on your website from search engines. Most importantly, you should write about the topics you are most knowledgeable and interested in. But while writing your website contents, try to include few high paying keywords on some places in your contents.

3. Number of Ads on Your Website

Cost Per Click (CPC) depends a lot on number of advertisements placed on your website. Adsense allows maximum three contextual ads and one link unit with two search boxes to a publisher on any of its website page. Lots of publishers seem to be making full use of all of these options with the intention that will help them make more money from Adsense Ads. But in reality it is not the case. This will just annoy your website readers. No doubt, maximum usage of Ad Spots may give you more clicks but surely it will lower down your Google Adsense CPC. So you should implement fewer Google Adsense Ad units in your website pages. And According to latest Page Layout Algorithm from Google, having too many ads above the fold on your website will be inviting Google to place some form of penalty on your website.

4. Going for Image and Text Ads

As a website owner, you may be interested in showing just text ads from Adsense team with the intension to show more ads at a time on your website pages. When you go for text and image ads format, Adsense most of the time will display image ads only. From my personal experience, I feel Image and Text ads will give you more money than plain text ads. Image Ads will improve Click through Rate on your website pages.

5. Monitor the Performance of Google Adsense Ads

You should start tracking the performance of various Ad units in your Adsense account by creating custom channels for them. You should keep track of average CPC, CTR and total earning of each ad slot on your website pages. So the idea should be going ahead with the most performing Ad slots while leaving out the low performing ads.

6. Google Page Rank

Google page rank is a true indicator of your website authority and popularity in your niche. Google Adsense seems to be paying high to those publishers who have websites having page rank of 5 or even more. So you should look at ways to improve your website page rank in Google.

7. Targeted Audience

If your targeted audience is based in US, you will notice higher CPC in your Account and if most of your target audience is from India or Asia, you will see few pennies being paid to you for a click made on a ad unit. So your ultimate aim should be increasing traffic to your website from US only.

I hope the above tips will help you increase your Google Adsense CPC to great extent. Do you know any tip that helped you improve your Google Adsense CPC and CTR dramatically, please share in the comments section below.


  1. Molly says:

    All tips are on the target but before that as you mentioned in your article “”Website Niche”” and “”Google PR”” these two are the most important thing in that because whenever any visitor will come on your site/blog then he/she will want to search something special for himself. If your site/blog will fulfill your readers or visitors niche then Google will give good priority to your site which will be help to improve your website PR.

  2. Kunal says:

    Targeting a keyword is one of the important factor. It brings the precise audience and ads. And also more revenue.

  3. Omar says:

    Hey Anil.

    Thanks for sharing your tips. I do agree with many of them. The Niche and CPC value is going to be the most important thing, along with the volume of the keywords.


  4. Habibies says:

    Admin thanks alot for Awesome Tips 🙂

  5. mahib says:

    Using both Image and Text ads will increase the competition between the advertisers and will increase CPC

  6. Adeniyi says:

    Just curious, does using targetable custom channels really works in increasing cpc? because am currently not using channels but my cpc is very low am talking of 0.02 sometimes 0.03 and 0.04

  7. Vivek Bhatt says:

    Agree with it Sir.. but key factor is important i think. but as far im concerned my CPC is very poor :/ hope it will be just fine…

  8. Rafaqat Ali says:

    thanks for the tips it will really help to increase my cpc.

  9. Pina says:

    great tips, what I also read one time, sometimes it can be good to exclude a category in adsense (maybe you blog is about that category) to get a higher ctr and so more money..

  10. Great tips.

    I was looking for information about CPC and this article helped a lot.

  11. sam says:

    that’s very nice article but i still have a lot of problem with adsence. total earnings daily apx 2 dollar only and my cpc is apx 0.03-.0.5.. Now i dont know really what i should do to increase up my adsence earnings . any help please

  12. Ritish Verma says:

    Hi anil.
    Great post but I still have one problem going on.
    Since 1st april i m seeing a huge drop in my cpc.
    I get daily around A total of 80-90 ad clicks fo my site.
    Before 1 april i was easily able to earn 5-8 $ but now with the same amount of cliks i m getting just about 0.5$ and so…..
    Cpc is now just about 0.05ish.
    It would be really nice if you could help a bit in this matter

  13. elvinson says:

    As You said – “instead of using many adds using a single add will give u more money”. it is 100% true . i have experienced it.

  14. Ataur Rahman says:

    I have a blog (WordPress) and google adsense account. My blog running 4 months. My blog daily visitor come 500 to 1000. I want to put google adsense code my blog but google not allow.

  15. Gaurav says:

    My blog is on education but I am not getting good CPC from adsense, Can I post articles out of my website topic (non educational) to get more CPC?

  16. Harpal Singh says:

    Hi Anil,
    Nice tips , we will soon implement on our site. thanks.

  17. most times when your readers are from develop countries and some countries who just have low cpc there is nothing to be done or what do you think?

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