A Detailed Review Of BlueHost vs JustHost In terms Of Web Hosting Services

Review of: BlueHost Vs JustHost

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On January 21, 2019
Last modified:February 9, 2019


Bluehost is one of the most recommended company for hosting websites and blogs. WordPress.org even recommended them for hosting WordPress blogs. And Justhost is also a good hosting service. You can get Justhost hosting for cheaper rates than Bluehost.

If you are finding it difficult to choose one web host between Bluehost Vs Justhost, this detailed guide is for you to clarify your all doubts regarding their web hosting performance.

When it comes to selecting a better web hosting for WordPress sites, there are tons of options available including the free hosting services. I would never suggest a serious blogger to select a free hosting service as you will face frequent downtime issues, less bandwidth etc. So choosing the best among tens of hosting services is always a tedious task.

I know that, most of you have been searching and reading hundreds of articles to pick a better hosting, in this article, I’m going to cover two hosting providers that I personally like; Bluehost and Justhost.

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I know it’s hard to pick one service among the two, as both Bluehost and Justhost are great in performance, speed and price wise. Still there are some differences between customer support, features, down time issues etc. we will be covering them in this guide so that you can select the best host among them.

Being a successful web blogger or owner of a website is very much a necessity as well as the dream of an online entrepreneur. As a webmaster I can predict how significant it is for your website being on one of the well-known web service providers as the success of your website highly depends upon the reliability and performance of the web host.

A good quality web hosting provider would always ensure flawless support, excellent hand holding in case of problems and seamless capacity improvement to handle heavy loads on the website so as to ensure continuity. Deciding over a perfect web hosting provider must fulfill above-mentioned criteria and it is not a very complicated process to choose amongst the available lot who would suit your requirements.

Out of those various providers existing in the market, BlueHost and JustHost are close enough as far as the features are concerned.

Which one to choose? Bluehost Vs Justhost

Bluehost is one of the biggest website hosting providers where you can get their shared hosting plans starting at $2.95 per month whereas Just Host is also equally popular hosting platform which powers over 1 million sites and their pricing starts at $3.95 per month.

bluehost vs justhost review

There are so many parameters to be considered while picking up among the two legendary hosting services. I’ll be comparing few essential things every good hosting needs like;

  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Website performance
  • Freebies
  • Pricing etc.

There are also so many web hosting companies like Hostgator, Site5, Media Temple etc. that offer excellent value to their customers, but most of them are either too pricey, or they are not as good as the hosting services mentioned in this article. This is the #1 reason why I am writing a detailed review comparing just two hosts i.e Bluehost Vs Justhost to give you additional details before you decide to buy any hosting for your WordPress sites. Now, let’s jump into the details without much ado.

BlueHost vs JustHost on Service Level and Reliability Parameters

BlueHost is quite an old and experienced web hosting provider with a rich experience of more than 18 years in IT. Established way back in 1996, BlueHost has a clear-cut set of goals for providing outstanding services at best possible prices. The 100% dedicated staff works hard towards total customer satisfaction.

Including attributes such as less than 30 seconds waiting or holding time, there are some really amazing features with BlueHost that withstand on the world class benchmarks. On-site staff with BlueHost is perfect because they are purely in-house people and know what exactly is to be done to resolve the customer issue.

Moreover, they are undoubtedly far equipped technically as well because of their data center, servers and nationwide network of optical fiber. It is that purely seamless approach which offers customers a completely transparency regarding the internal handshaking for problem resolution.

Its basic plan is available at as low as $2.95 per month, without any hidden charges and has got free instant set-up. Get $100 Google credits free as part of a complimentary offer! You can know more in detail about Bluehost web hosting, their features list and how can you host your WordPress blog with BlueHost for $2.95/month from this post.

What I like about JustHost is that they look amazingly confident about their service levels and therefore have launched a wide range of service guarantees, perhaps they pioneer in web hosting market on this front. The guarantee of Reliability ensures that your website is always up and running.

Justhost is another great web hosting service that was founded in 2008. It is well known for giving generous discounts on their hosting packages to attract new customers to their web hosting services. They offer resller hosting, shared hosting etc. and they have any time money back guarantee just like Bluehost.

You can get Justhost for as cheap as $2.95 per month if you click on this link (where you will be getting a huge discountof 69%). So it would be better if you get their account as soon as possible before the discount ends.

Their continuous monitoring system ensures minimum downtime and keeps you allured in a reliable web hosting environment. Better aspect for you to rejoice is that you will always be answered by human beings and not machines or with automatic voice responses! A well-equipped support staff is up on its toes to provide the resolution in minimum turnaround time. Access to call center is 24 x 7 or even if it is an email, you can expect to get assisted immediately.

Supported with a phenomenal money back guarantee, you get remainder of your term fees early, after deducting set-up and installation charges that are one-time cost to the company. JustHost is providing a lot of lucrative benefits to the customers in the form of unlimited GB of space and data transfer, unlimited domain hosting, email accounts and MySQL databases.

Freebies to Enjoy – BlueHost vs JustHost

Freebies are always a matter of interest for any consumer and JustHost knows this fact very well. Get fabulous free site builder, domain name registration and instant setup! The basic plan is available at merely 2.95 USD per month. Reseller plans of JustHost have been offered in three versions.

Here’s what you all get in common (in both Bluehost and Justhost)

  • 1 free domain name
  • $100 Google AdWords credits
  • Free website builder
  • Free templates
  • Anytime money back guarantee (this feature is what makes these two hosting services stand out from their crowd)

Features that Distinctly Separate BlueHost and JustHost

There are multiple reasons to select BlueHost as a web service provider including its 24×7 US based customer support, extremely easy single click installs, ultra-fast servers and a superb track record. The award winning customer support with hundreds of dedicated and well-trained customer support executives leave behind a great experience with every interaction you do as a customer.

The top company in the field of web hosting backed up with latest technology servers and reliable due to solid experience make it the first choice. Not only in web hosting, but BlueHost is as well a leader also in WordPress hosting and open source hosting. Enjoy diverse website builders and most easy installation of website scripts here to make your task absolutely simple!

Website transfer is just a matter of clicks at JustHost.com; all you have to do is fill in a small form online. You are completely relieved with all hassles of website transfer because JustHost would do it for you absolutely free of cost! Along with freebies like free domain transfer, domain name registration, site builder and templates, you will get $100 Google credits and $100 Bing ad credits. Now isn’t that something to be called amazing?

How good is their customer support?

Both of these hosting services offer 24 X 7 customer support to their users, and both of them have live chat system where you can directly talk or chat with their support team to get your queries clarified within minutes.  As far as I see, Bluehost offers excellent support to their users as I’m also one of them, and whenever I had doubts and issues, their support had solved in minutes.

You will also get

  • WordPress hosting related help articles (so by just reading you can solve some of your issues)
  • Knowledge bases to clarify your doubts
  • Started wizards (to help beginners to get started)
  • and video tutorials to easily solve your issues

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Brand Identities Held with BlueHost and JustHost

List of awards and recognitions JustHost has received is quite impressive. Besides being called the number one host of the year award in 2010, it also has received special recognition by way of Best Features Award in 2009, Editor’s Choice and No.1 Pick amongst top 10 web hosting providers.

At the same time, there are some good reasons to prefer JustHost! You may be impressed for the outstanding uptime with high performance servers and its international recognition as an excellent power back-up. Tailored customer support with all three possible methods i.e. telephonic, chat and email, connect you timely and fast. Affordable pricing, simplicity, and ability to host unlimited domain names are other notable attributes that make it an attractive solution for web hosting.

Other Web Hosting Services Comparison:

There are thousands of professional bloggers who are making a living from their online businesses are using both of these hosting services to host their WordPress sites. So you don’t have to worry about thinking twice about picking one among these two hosts as both of them are really good in terms of security, features, pricing and customer support.

Having seen all the different parameters both the providers come out as almost comparable and selecting any of these would ensure you a world class web hosting experience and a good return for your money!

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Final thoughts about Bluehost vs JustHost review:

I’ve been using Bluehost on some my sites from a long time now, and I’m totally satisfied with their services. Justhost is also a better hosting service and you can get it even at a cheaper rate than Bluehost. It depends on your budget and consideration also make sure to read all the resources that are mentioned in this post to get a better idea about using the best hosting service for your WordPress websites. As both of these hosts offer 1 click simple scripts WordPress installation, it becomes pretty easy even for a non tech savvy to install WordPress or move their sites from blogger, Typepad etc to WordPress without any hassle.

So what are your thoughts? Which one do you suggest Bluehost vs Justhost? Please share your comments below.


  1. PrIyAnGsHu says:

    Although, I have never used JustHost but I have heard some good reviews about it. Bluehost, without any doubt, is one of the top notch web hosting companies to opt for these days. Although, the plans of Bluehost are a bit expensive than those of JustHost but it really worth it because of their excellent services and customer support. I will recommend everyone to go for Bluehost.

  2. aditya says:

    @priyanshu I am also influenced by blue host……but because of location I am also considering host gator.com not the indian servers which had really bad reviews…… did blue host work well with your site??? Did you get well performance????

  3. Ashutosh Joshi says:

    Can anyone please tell me how much traffic can 15 mbps speed can take? Is that a good speed for hosting multiple good traffic websites?

    • Kapil Heera says:

      Hello Ashutosh Joshi,

      i think 15 mbps is fine for startup it can bear more then 250 visitors per day.

      kapil heera

  4. Pankaj says:

    Hi Anil,

    I have been using HostGator since last few years. I’ve really heard good words about BlueHost as well, but never used it. Though I’m not sure about JustHost as I guess I hardly anything about it in past. So If I have to choose any one of them so I would definitely choose BlueHost.

  5. sunny says:

    Bro before doing a comparative review just do a little bit background research. Both JustHost & Bluehost are the same company with same data centers, CC and other staffs. Not only that JustHost,BlueHost,HostGator, Ipage, Fatcow are all same company i.e. EIG.
    All these brands share the same resources, staffs and data centers. Only A Small orange is run separately till now.

    Once upon a time all these brands were independent but when they did well EIG bought them. After that all of them lost their credibility. Hostgator lost hundreds of customers because of low quality service and server downtime after they were sold.

    Technically a customer coming replacing JustHost with Bluehost then Hostgator is just going through a hassle thinking he has changed to a better company whereas all of the things are the same inside.

    If you really want to promote a better hosting for your readers then suggest siteground, site5, inmotionhosting (BTW this three brands are very big brands). But you will not promote them because they don’t pay 100-150$ like Hostgator, ipage or bluehost.

    All these EIG brands are good until a traffic spike then you will know the truth and the hassle to save your site.

    • Hi there,

      Most of my blog readers search for affordable web hosting packages. I agree with you that the premium web hosts like Site ground, Site5 etc. are too good and they are too costly. Moreover, I’ve never used those web hosts, so I can only suggest what I’ve personally used.

      Hope it helps. Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment btw. Keep visiting the blog and share your views.

  6. Andrew says:

    BlueHost, JustHost and HostGator are all brands of EIG.

  7. Thanks Anil for this comparison.

    I’m using HostGator for my blog. I’ll test the Bluehost for my other blogs.

    Good post!

  8. I’ve used Hostgator for years for hosting my sites. I’ve had clients who used Bluehost and Justhost. Neither compare to Hostgator for ease of use and feature rich cPanel. I’ve also noticed how Justhost nickle and dime their clients charging them for every little thing. Hostgator doesn’t do that.

    Justhost gives a free domain but I caution users against this practice. Domains cost money and if you didn’t pay for it you may not own it. I’ve seen it happen to others where they thought they owned their domains. They didn’t. Unless you paid for domain privacy, a whois lookup will tell you who owns the domain. If you didn’t pay for domain privacy and your name does not show up as the owner, you may not own the domain.

    I always tell people to buy their own domain first then decide on a hosting package with their preferred company. That way you are sure to own it and it can’t be taken from you. Never, ever go the free domain route is my advice.

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