The Effect of Bad Backlinks and How to Remove Them

avoid low quality link

Many companies usually guarantee businesses that have webpages that they can get them on spots on the front pages of different online searches by promising them numerous links to their sites by sending them thousands of emails. However, these emails belong to the spam folders of these businesses and hence it is advisable for them to relegate them there because they are not genuine.

Google is taking tough measures against some websites by crushing their ranking because they have unauthoritative links. However, in order for its hard line stance to be effective, businesses should ensure that they avoid problems with their sites by doing the things that Google requires them to do.

No Links are better than Bad Links – Links that can harm your Page Ranking

avoid low quality linkBusinesses could have serious problems on their entire domains if they are using low quality links on many pages even though Google, which lists webpages instead of entire websites or domains, fundamentally lists or indexes them by using its own merit. Google considers Paid links, Low Quality Articles, Web Spam, Irrelevant links, Reciprocal links, Comment Spam, automated links, and Contextual links low quality.

  • Paid links are backlinks that third parties generate for businesses after they pay them do so.
  • Low quality articles are links that can harm the ranking of businesses because they are from poorly written articles. A large number of articles are most probably badly written if businesses pay small amounts of money.
  • Web spam are links that originate from web spammer sites
  • Irrelevant links are links that have no relevance to the target page content of  the businesses that have them because they originate irrelevant pages
  • Although Google may accept some reciprocal links, it knows the excessive ones and hence it associates excessive link exchanges with the aforementioned irrelevant links.
  • Comment spam are comments that software generates on blogs that belong to other people
  • Automated links are automated programs or links that software generates for the purpose of creating links
  • Contextual links, which may seem irrelevant to the topics of the pages of the businesses that have them, usually appear in blue on the passages of online text. These links can harm the listing of the businesses that have them if they are linked to their websites by leading to a reduction in their PageRank since they are generated by software.

Ways in which businesses generate Bad Links

  • Many businesses usually leave backlinks to their pet food pages when they make comments on blogs that relate to casino gambling
  • Some businesses generate bad links when they pay for links that originate from different websites that do not have relevance to their niche
  • Some businesses may disavow their links but others may have theirs on sites that have a relation with their niche
  • Many businesses usually make donations in exchange for links. Unfortunately, some of these links are usually sandwiched between links to sex sites and Pharma companies.
  • Reciprocal linking services offer businesses that belong to them links so that they can publish the links of others and in effect, they generate bad links every time they publish these links on links pages.

Things businesses can do to avoid problems with their sites

Google, which is intent on identifying unnatural and artificial site links that businesses may use to effect page ranks, usually punishes businesses that buy links and hence they should stop buying low-quality-backlinks. These businesses should delink from paid links as soon as they realize that Google has penalized them for paying for them by deleting all of them.

Some websites sometimes report competitors’ sites to Google after buying links to them and in such a case, businesses should check their backlinks by using tools such as Open Site Explorer from SEOmoz if they have suspicions that they have links to their sites that they have no knowledge about. SEOmoz allows businesses to see the sites that are linking to them and hence they should contact them and demand that they delink them from them as soon as they find those that they should not be linking to them. Alternatively, they should add the rel=”no follow” attribute to these sites if they do not heed their demand for delinking.

The penalties that Google imposes for bad backlinks may take longer than many businesses expect and hence it is advisable for them to avoid waiting them out once they have cleaned up their sites and instead they should ask Google to reconsider them by writing to it and outlining how they cleaned up their sites.

Many businesses usually sign up for website counters because they are free and they think that they are cool. However, some of these website counters have links to pay day loan outfits and in effect, they may have hidden links in their widgets. Although these website counters are a good example of widget baits, website owners who post the widgets may not even know that they have an association with any links. For this reason, businesses should ensure that all their links have some relevance to their sites, they are easy to view and clickable if they make a decision to insert third party widgets.

The most appropriate time to use the Disavow Links Tool

disavow linkThe Disavow Links Tool, which enables businesses to make a request to Google to avoid, considering low quality links when calculating their PageRank by identifying them, was released into the market in October. This tool plays a vital role in the reduction of irrelevant links or the effects of link spam on the web pages of businesses that use it. However, since it is not necessary for most people, it is advisable for those who need it to use it sparingly and only when it is necessary because it is specially designed for power users and not for regular businesses or home users.


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