Best Places to Buy Backlinks (Top 6 Websites in 2024): Plus Buying Guide

What’s the most important thing in SEO?

If you said link building, you’re 100% right. Yes, getting quality links to your sites is as important as it has ever been.

If you’re struggling to increase your search traffic, it might be mainly because you’re not focusing on link building. So here comes the most important question. How to attract quality Backlinks?

Is it possible to buy high quality Backlinks in 2024 and NOT get penalized? Does paid link building help or hurt your site in Google? 

backlinks factor

In this detailed guide, let’s figure that out. 

I’ll also talk about the importance of purchasing links along with some other interesting things.

I have divided this buy Backlinks guide into 2 parts.

In part 1, you will find the sites that deal in paid Backlinks.
In part 2, you will get your queries cleared regarding paid Backlinks & more.

So without wasting any time, let’s jump in.

buy backlinks in 2024

I reviewed over 50 paid Backlink sites and was surprised to find that most of them are spammy and offer cheap Backlinks. Finally, I’ve compiled a list of 6 sites from which you can purchase links.

I excluded sites that sell Backlinks through blog commenting, PBNs, or forum posts to maintain quality. In today’s list, I’ve only included sites that offer links through natural outreach to high-quality sites/pages.

Additionally, I considered factors like money-back guarantee, link placement guarantee, pricing, and delivery time.

If I have to recommend the top 3 best sites to buy Backlinks where you get guaranteed satisfaction, they would be:

  1. Links Management: Most favored place to buy Backlinks
  2. Adsy: Best link placement time in the market
  3. LinksThatRank: Highest Backlink quality assurance rate
FeatureLinks ManagementAdsyBacklinks.comLinksThatRankBacklinks BossThe Hoth
Link Delivery TimeWithin 24 HoursInstantInstant10-28 Days5-7 Days30 Days
Pricing ModelOne time/monthlyOne timeMonthlyOne timeOne timeOne time
Article IncludedYesYesNoYesYesYes
Replacement GuaranteeMinimum 6 monthsMinimum 90 DaysAuto Replacement1 Year2+ YearsMinimum 6 months
PricingStarts from $0.01Starts from $25Starts from $0.25Starts from $177 per linkLink Delivery TimeStarts from $150 per link

1. Links Management

1. links management - paid backlink site

Quick Facts: 

  • Contextual Backlinks: Supported
  • Guest Post Backlinks: Supported
  • Website Inventory: 10k+
  • Pricing: Starts from $0.01
  • Custom Backlink Order: Supported
  • Website Filtering: Available
  • Turn Around Time: Within 24 Hours – Max 5 Days
  • Years in Service: 15+
  • Case Studies: Available
  • Money Back Guarantee: 5 Days 100% refund policy
  • Link Placement Guarantee: Minimum 6 months

During my review, I observed that Links Management has the most positive reviews for its paid Backlinks service. LinksManagement has an extensive database of almost 10,000+ sites that are selling Backlinks on this platform. 

You can easily sort them using different filters based on Domain Authority (DA).

The best thing I found here is that you can benefit from contextual links, choose the tenure (one-time/monthly), and have the option to select a website according to your own preferences for creating Backlinks. 

They claim that on their site, you can find websites offering paid Backlinks services starting from $0.01/month. Upon manual review, I have found this claim to be true, but it is advisable not to go for extremely low DA websites, as they may not provide any significant benefit in terms of Backlinks and a chance of spam is there too.

With Links Management, getting links from authoritative sites is very easy. All you have to do is:

  • Free sign-in (You’ll get $30 credit)
  • Find a perfect website by using filters like Price, DA, Website Category, Location, and More
  • Provide your web page URL
  • Define Anchor text and content before anchor text
  • Define Link type (One time, Monthly)
  • Place order
links management - filters to find the best backlink prospect

If you are looking for websites that offer the option of providing Backlinks through guest posting, you can filter those out as well. 

Additionally, if you are confused about filtering websites or unsure which ones to approach, you can use Links Management’s special service called “Custom Made Backlinks” to place an order for your Backlinks. In this service, they will handle outreach on your behalf, find the best websites, prepare the content, and finally publish it on a reputable website according to your Domain Authority (DA).

custom made article backlink order page - links management paid backlink site


  • Here, the Backlinks are contextual, meaning your Backlink will be 100% posted in a published article. 
  • They also have a list of websites that accept orders for Backlinks through guest posting.
  • The pricing is very affordable, and you can find website Backlinks being sold starting from $0.01 per month. 
  • Links Management has a good reputation in the market, so there are no quality issues here.
  • For those who don’t want to engage in manual outreach, there is a special service called “Custom Made Backlinks” available for placing orders.
  • It offers a 100% money-back guarantee whereas not many paid Backlinks sites do that.
  • You’ll know the site where your Backlink is going to place


  • Custom Made Backlinks order might get really expensive

Try Links Management ($30 Signup Reward) >>

2. Adsy

Adsy - link selling site

Quick Facts: 

  • Contextual Backlinks: Supported
  • Guest Post Backlinks: Supported
  • Website Inventory: 15k+
  • Pricing: Set by buyer (starts from $25)
  • Custom Backlink Order: Supported
  • Website Filtering: Available
  • Turn Around Time: Instant
  • Company Page: Adsy on Linkedin
  • Money Back Guarantee: Only provide refunds when the reason is legitimate
  • Link Placement Guarantee: 100%

Adsy is another excellent link-building site where you can manually filter out the publisher’s site from a pool of over 15,000 verified websites. The noteworthy aspect here is their focus on quality metrics. Each publisher undergoes a manual review process to be included in the list of sites selling Backlinks.

Here, you can only purchase one-time payment Backlinks, meaning there are no monthly recurring charges.

To buy Backlinks from Adsy, you need to provide an article first, on which you want to place your Backlink. The site you choose will then publish your article on their site with the attached Backlink. In other words, you are purchasing links through guest posting. If you don’t have an article, don’t worry – you can have the chosen website write it for you for an additional fee.

Adsy is a good platform for buying links, and the link placement is instant. However, I’m not a fan of their refund and cancellation policies. Additionally, Adsy has not specified an exact figure for the average lifetime of the Backlinks you buy. They only suggest choosing websites with a higher percentage in the “Average lifetime of links” metrics.

Before placing an order here, I would strongly recommend clarifying with the buyer how long your Backlink should remain live. This is crucial for avoiding potential disputes and ensuring you can request a refund based on the agreed-upon terms in the future.

Try Adsy ($15 Signup Bonus) >>


  • Publishers listed on Adsy also offer content creation services to be used for Backlink
  • No hidden charges. 
  • Special package available (Starts from $275) where you’ll get a dedicated manager who handles all the tasks like website filtering, outreach, and finally link placement
  • You can always communicate with the link seller
  • No monthly charges


  • You cannot see the publisher’s URL unless you add funds to this site. This is a really bad thing.
  • The refund policy is not great
  • Order once initiated cannot be canceled


3. - paid backlink site

Quick Facts: 

  • Contextual Backlinks: Supported
  • Guest Post Backlinks: Not Supported
  • Website Inventory: 30k+
  • Pricing: Starts from $0.25-$30/month
  • Custom Backlink Order: Not Supported
  • Website Filtering: Basic
  • Turn Around Time: Instant
  • Years in Service: 10+
  • Case Studies: Not Available
  • Money Back Guarantee: 100% refund when links go offline
  • Link Placement Guarantee: Auto link replacement supported is one of the oldest players still selling Backlinks. They have an inventory of more than 30,000 websites covering all categories. Upon review, we found their auto-replacement link policy to be favorable. In case your Backlink publisher removes the link, it automatically gets replaced by another domain with similar authority.

Despite having a vast inventory, finding a perfect high-quality site is difficult. We mostly found the sites here to be spammy, and their interface has become outdated, which can lead to overall issues in the link-building process. Finding a hidden gem here is a really tough task.


  • You can preview the website inventory before ordering a Backlink.
  • Orders are easily cancellable, and refunds are promptly issued.
  • If a Backlink is unexpectedly removed from the publisher’s site, you’ll receive credit back into your account for future purchases.


  • doesn’t offer the option for creating Backlinks through guest post articles.
  • Unused credits cannot be carried over to the next month.

4. LinksThatRank

LinksThatRank - Paid backlink site

Quick Facts: 

  • Contextual Backlinks: Supported
  • Guest Post Backlinks: Supported
  • Website Inventory: Unknown
  • Pricing: Starts from $177 per link
  • Custom Backlink Order: Supported
  • Website Filtering: Not available
  • Turn Around Time: 10-28 Days
  • Company Page: SearchLogistics
  • Years in Service: 10+
  • Case Studies: Available
  • Money Back Guarantee: 100%Link Placement Guarantee: 1 Year

LinksThatRank is a reliable Backlink selling place (through guest posting) known for its thorough quality checks. Led by SEO expert Matthew Woodward, they ensure links are spam-free and safe from Google penalties by manually reviewing 23 quality indicators.

23 quality checks for publisher website - LinksThatRank

While their prices may be higher, the quality of their work is worth it, providing better results compared to other Backlinks sites. 

Their tool for detecting spammy sites adds to their reliability. They have a large database that filters out low-quality sites, ensuring trustworthy options for Link Building. 

LinksThatRank has a backlink blacklist tool used for detect spammy websites

Their simple Backlink building process only requires your anchor text and URL, handling the rest smoothly.

LinksThatRanks backlink building process - steps 1 to 3
LinksThatRanks backlink building process - steps 4 to 7

With success stories showing traffic growth, LinksThatRank focuses on SEO optimization, quality long content, and organic traffic. Pricing varies based on site quality, with discounts for multiple orders. 

While site names are revealed after ordering, their focus on quality, high customer satisfaction, and 1-year link placement guarantee make LinksThatRank a top place for buying Backlinks.

Try LinksThatRank >>


  • Links are available here for only a fixed one time payment. You don’t have to pay monthly charges
  • LinksThatRank has the best success rate among customers in the market. You’re most likely to get high-quality Backlinks from them.
  • Their quality standards for choosing a publisher site are exceptional within the industry.


  • The website inventory is hidden
  • Expensive compared to others

5. BacklinksBoss


Quick Facts: 

  • Contextual Backlinks: Supported
  • Guest Post Backlinks: Supported
  • Website Inventory: Unknown
  • Pricing: Starts from $8 per link
  • Custom Backlink Order: Supported
  • Website Filtering: Not available
  • Turn Around Time: 5-7 Days
  • Years in Service: 2+ Years
  • Money Back Guarantee: UnknownLink Placement Guarantee: Unknown

Backlinks Boss is a new player in the industry that has been selling Backlinks since 2022. Here, you can find various packages for your Backlink needs such as:

  • They sell PBN Backlinks
  • They sell Backlinks for your Casino website
  • They sell Backlinks for a government site
  • They sell Wikipedia Backlinks
  • They sell Backlinks for Adult & Gambling sites
  • More

Upon review, pricing is categorized based on the type of Backlinks. For instance, their High DA Backlink package offers 70 Backlinks (30+DA) for $27. Additionally, significant discounts are available for bulk orders.


  • Offer a discount for bulk orders
  • Offer Backlink services for all types of websites including Gambling, Drugs, Casino, and More.


  • There may be quality issues and a risk of spam because they are selling Backlinks through a PBN network and at very low price. 
  • The money-back guarantee is not specified, and they haven’t defined the average lifespan of the Backlinks they provide.

6. The Hoth

the hoth - seo agency

Quick Facts:

  • Contextual Backlinks: Supported
  • Guest Post Backlinks: Supported
  • Website Inventory: Unknown
  • Pricing: Starts from $150 per link
  • Custom Backlink Order: Supported
  • Website Filtering: Not Available
  • Turn Around Time: 30 Days
  • Company Page: The Hoth
  • Years in Service: 12+
  • Case Studies: Available
  • Money Back Guarantee: No
  • Link Placement Guarantee: Minimum 6 months

If you’ve been in the digital marketing or SEO industry for some time, you’ve probably come across The Hoth website at some point.

Well, this company doesn’t just offer SEO content writing, Full SEO, and SEM services; they also sell paid links. However, this isn’t a budget-friendly site where you can get a single link for under $30. Their plans may be expensive ($150 – 1 Link DA 20), but they are known for their quality work.

So, if you’re in need of a high-quality Backlink with the potential to yield results, The Hoth is the website you should consider. 

However, be aware that despite the higher costs, their turnaround time is 30 days, which is relatively long. Therefore, I wouldn’t recommend this place to buy Backlinks if you have a tight deadline.

From The Hoth, you can essentially purchase links in two ways:

1.) Hoth Link Outreach: Here, you acquire Backlinks through guest posting, where they also write the article for you.

hoth link building package

2.) Hoth Link Insertion: Here, you obtain Backlinks on an existing published article.

hoth link insertion package


  • No Monthly charges 
  • 6 months link replacement guarantee is given


  • The website inventory is hidden
  • Any sort of refund is not applicable at all

How to Choose the Right Website to Buy Backlinks?

If you purchase a Backlink from a cheap or low-quality website, you could risk receiving an SEO penalty from Google for your own site. That’s why it’s crucial to buy from reputable sites.

But the question is, how do you determine if the website selling links is good or not?

Well, before purchasing a Backlink from any site, you should definitely check these factors:

  • Check if you are obtaining the Backlink through manual outreach. If yes, then it’s a good service.
  • Check if the site providing the Backlink is related to your niche. If not, then avoid it.
  • Check if you are getting a link placement guarantee.
  • Check the reviews of the platform from which you are purchasing the link.
  • Check if you are not getting links through PBN sites. If yes, then avoid it.
  • Check the domain authority of the page from which you are getting the link 
  • Check if the webpage ranks high on Google search results and gets organic traffic?
  • Check if the site providing your Backlink is not already overloaded with outbound links. If yes, then avoid it.
  • Check what quality parameters the link selling platform is using to finalize the websites.
  • Check if the article from which you are getting the link is well-written and has a word count of over 1000.

Should you Purchase Backlinks in 2024?

should you purchase backlinks

Hands down, spending money on Backlinks is the fastest way to acquire them. But, In 2024  Google stated paid link building is in the breach of webmaster guidelines. Google penalizes the sites that unethically acquire links. Sometimes it penalizes the site for 6 months or even more. There is a big trouble that site will get a permanent black mark. And will never recover from penalty.

The risk is so high when you grab links at cheap prices $5 or $50. Because, only spammy sites sells this much cheap Backlinks.

In March 2024, as part of a major update, Google also changed its Link spam policies to no longer consider Backlinks as an important ranking factor.

google new link spam policies 2024

So, is it really need to pay for link building?  A big NO, you shouldn’t purchase any links if you want a risk-free SEO approach.  Because just a small penalty can remove your site completely from search results.

It’s good to invest your time and money and write valuable content for your site. Then promote it massively. If you want to speed up the results, hire an SEO consultant. When your content is exposed to right audience, you will get genuine links.

What’s the cost of buying quality Backlinks?

So how much does it require for paid link building?

Mostly, the niches like fitness, fashion, travel, finance and weddings are offering links for money. The cheapest quote is they ask for is $100. The average cost of purchasing a link is $352.93 according to ahrefs

People started considering link building when Google started using link popularity to rank websites. There are multiple ways including;

1. Get links from Authority directories: Submit your site to authority directories. They just charge a review fee.

2. Link buying: Google started penalizing sites that sells links publicly. In general there is a reduction in your website’s domain authroity but sometimes it completely removes your site from search results. It even encourages users to report paid links to Google. If you are using paid links to increase site rankings then you are inviting trouble. Recently, a study done by Ahrefs finds that the average cost of paid links is around $350.

buying links cost

I don’t recommend paid links. But if you want to grab quality Backlinks in exchange of money, understand the risks and move on.

What kind of Backlinks should you avoid buying?

backlinks to avoid

Never purchase links from public networks or PBNs. It is so easy for Google to spot these networks.

  • The outbound links from these places are completely irrelevant to each other.
  • Google Panda algorithm doesn’t like short content. The content of each post is around 200 to 300 words.
  • Usually, the home pages of any website don’t have many outbound links. But they have an excessive amount of outbound links on their homepage that range from 25 to 50.

Are there alternatives to buying paid links?

Here are some of the alternate ways that you can get links for SEO purposes:

1. Go for Guest post agencies: Explore online guest post services, they will hook you up with the high DA blogs which are accepting guest posts.

2. Go for paid guest post: Go to Google search bar and type “buy guest posts”, some of the links it displays really offers genuine link building services. But if you write top quality blog post to any top influencers in your niche, you will get a Backlink for free.

3. SAPE links: You can get Backlinks from a high authoritative domain for a monthly fee. However, most of the sites on the network are hacked and links are added without the knowledge of site owner.

4. Get links from fellow bloggers: Some bloggers are openly asking for payment. It’s all business unless people have very good budget they won’t go for this. Learn more about this Link Building outreach strategy.

Is Fiverr a good place to buy Backlinks?

Purchasing links from Fiverr is the worst idea. In general paid link building is violating Google rules and paid links from sites like Fiverr can cause you hefty penalty. Because people who sell on Fiverr for $5 to $50 are spammy links.

It harms you in two ways:

  • It violates Google’s terms of purchasing uses very complex algorithm to detect link trading. And it penalizes you very severely.
  • By purchasing cheap links from Fiverr, you are increasing your spam score to the maximum. One day, it harms your ranking and ultimately had to be removed.

In rare cases, if you come across a Fiverr seller who seems authentic, has fair pricing for quality Backlinks, and good reviews, you can contact them. But before proceeding, make sure to inquire about the site where the link will be placed and their process.

More Link Building Resources for 2024:


Where to buy Backlinks for my site in 2024?

Here is the complete list of buying Backlinks places: Links Management, Adsy,,  LinksThatRank, BacklinksBoss, The Hoth, Authority Builder, Collaborator, Icopify, Backlinks Hub, Fiverr, Page One Power, Black Hat Links

What are backlinks?

Backlinks or inbound links are the incoming links to your blog. This means when any other site links to your domain name or any page of your site, it is called a backlink.

What is the importance of backlinks?

Backlinks are considered as the major SEO metric by Google to rank a web page. Better rankings, faster indexing, referral traffic, high authority, and new relationships, are some of the benefits of backlinks.

What are dofollow and nofollow links?

Generally, backlinks are divided into two categories, dofollow (pass authority from the source website to the target site) and nofollow (do not pass any link juice to the destination site).

Are nofollow links important?

Yes, Google loves a link profile of both nofollow and dofollow links.  

How to build backlinks?

High-quality content is the best way to get natural backlinks. You can also take advantage of skyscraper technique, blog commenting, guest posting, Quora, blog submission sites, etc. 

Can I buy backlinks?

Paid links are considered as a breach of Google webmaster guidelines. So try to avoid buying backlinks, especially from cheap services like Fiverr.

What is the average backlink cost?

Based on a study done by Ahrefs on 250 domains, the average cost of paid links is around $350.

What are the bad toxic Backlinks?

Some of the worst Backlinks you should avoid buying are PBN links, forum links, comment links, links on gambling & adult sites, and links on irrelevant niches.

Final Thoughts

To buy backlinks or not? To put it simply, yes there are a TON of platforms out there that sell paid links. But that doesn’t mean you should be spending all your money on getting those links.

As far as the link building is considered, it’s always safe to attract as many links from various domains to your sites. If you’re just starting out go slow while link building. Slow and steady always wins the race in SEO. As long as you purchase backlinks from trusted sources, you are safe.

So what are your thoughts about purchasing links? Should you really purchase high DA backlinks in 2024 to increase your site’s authority and search traffic? Do you know any of the other sites where one can buy high quality links? Share your views in the comments below.

About Author
Anil Agarwal is the Founder of Bloggerspassion. He is a full-time blogger and SEO expert who has been helping people build profitable blogs for over a decade Now. He has been featured in Over 100 Publications including Forbes, The HuffPost, HubSpot, Shopify, Semrush, Kinsta, Bluehost, Hostinger and etc. Know more about Anil Agarwal from here.

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  1. Hi Anil,
    I am regular reader of your blog and I am your fan the way you generate through affiliates, buying links are not good all the time, you really need good blogs to do that, thanks for informative article bro.


  2. Hi Nayab, buying backlinks at bulk or from spammy sites definitely leads to penalization. That’s why you should always buy links only from the premium sites that offer genuine links from high traffic and authority sites. That being said, I also recommend you to go with link building naturally (even if you’re buying links)

  3. Hi Anil.

    I’m very sceptical about paying for links since it’s definitely on the black hat side of things. I totally understand the desire to do it since natural link building is slow and challenging… but I’d be very wary of paying for any link myself.

    Your article is food for thought though.

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  8. Hi, anil I purchased backlinks from Fiverr and I would say it didn’t work well.
    I totally wasted 2000 rs in this. I think content matters most.
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    When I was new to blogging, I also made that mistake. I bought backlinks from Fiver. But by the grace of God I disavow those links.
    Your article will be of great help to all those new bloggers who want to buy backlinks.
    Thanks For Sharing.

    • Glad you realised your mistake sooner. There’s no point of buying links from cheap platforms like Fiverr as you’ll mostly end up buying low quality links or spammy links which can actually hurt your rankings in the long run.

  11. What I find annoying is that my main competitor is killing my business due to its using black hat techniques and it has taken all the keywords I used to rank for. They have their own private blog network and lots of paid links and google doesnt do a thing about it. I have reported them with the google spam reports , many times and nothing happens.
    Is it any wonder people resort to buying links if it is a matter of survival?

    • Dave, don’t worry about someone using black hat SEO techniques. Whether you know it or not, search bots are smart enough to penalize those sites. SO just wait for a major algorithm and they will be losing all the ranks.

  12. Hello,

    We are having firm of finance. We are interested to buy a paid links. Please can you suggest the top safest website to buy paid links which actually can bring the traffic of finance leads?

    This is an impressive post. Thank you for posting.

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    Thank you for this Amazing article. I see how building backlinks can be a major consumption of time.

    I really want to leverage but build links safely.

    What do you think about manual link building gigs on Fiverr & SEO Clerk?
    Or would you recommend any other service for paid links in 2018?

    Ritu Sharma

    • No you should not go for Fiverr or SEO clerk kind of sites to buy backlinks as mostly you’ll end up buying spammy links or those links which are of no value.

  14. Nice explanation about link buying. I think manually creation of backlink building is really mattered cause it does not affect google webmaster guideline.

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    Thank you so much for sharing.


    • But there’s no reason to hate buying links as it’s not a bad way either especially if you want to boost your search rankings and get better results in Google. Make sure you’ve a budget otherwise go for natural ways to build links.

  19. Nice explanation about link buying. I think manually creation of link building is really mattered cause it does not affect google webmaster guideline.

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    I was thinking ton buy some backlinks for my blog but after reading this awesome guide i’m not going to buy any backlinks but trying to make myself by blog commenting, Guest post, Profile Creation etc…
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  22. Hi Anil,
    I am regular reader of your blog and I am your fan the way you generate through affiliates, buying links are not good all the time, you really need good blogs to do that, thanks for informative article bro.


  23. Good tips Anil. Totally avoid Fiverr and other cheap services. You get what you pay for. If you do buy links – or accept payment to place links – make sure the post is dynamite. Gotta be darn good, in-depth, thorough and 100% related to the post and the niche. The type of link you would share on your blog or social media without receiving payment, or withing paying someone. The money is just extra, the link should be out of this world so it augments the post powerfully.


    • Hi Ryan, yes, you should completely avoid Fiverr to buy backlinks as you will find useless and mostly spammy links. If you’re ever going to buying links, go from trusted sources (Which are mostly expensive but worth your money).

  24. Hello Sir,
    I started an apk based micro niche blog. Now I want to buy backlink from blackhatlinks, should I go for it?

  25. Kamal surely there is risk involved if you go for buying links. But if you have already decided to buy them, this guide should help you purchase quality links only.

  26. Hello Anil,

    I am a readers of your blog and get many suggestions to improve my blogs from your blog post. Usually I build backlinks for my blog via commenting on different related blogs and I also follow guest posting process. Sometimes I buy the backlinks but it’s rare.

    Here you have mentioned some sites and procedures to get paid backinks which are really worth to follow. Thanks so much for sharing this useful article.


    Moumita Ghosh

    • Hi Moumita, glad you found it useful. Yes building links via commenting is very good strategy when you’re starting out. The only con is that you will get nofollow links which won’t help much with increasing your rankings. That’s why you need to find other ways to get dofollow links such as buying links, guest posting and so on.

  27. Hey Anil,
    As you clearly mention buying backlinks is violation of google’s webmaster guideline. I am sure not only google but buying backlinks is a breach of every search engine’s guideline.
    Having said that i did not know there are so many websites delivering this service and you’ve put it in such a way that i am tempted to go with this besides knowing the consequences.
    But as you rightly said slow and steady wins the race in SEO. So i might take a backseat.
    I feel it won’t be an intelligent move to go with these services as they are too open about their services so google might punish them any time, which can definitely affect theie client sites as well.

    • Hi Nayab, buying backlinks at bulk or from spammy sites definitely leads to penalization. That’s why you should always buy links only from the premium sites that offer genuine links from high traffic and authority sites. That being said, I also recommend you to go with link building naturally (even if you’re buying links). Make sure to leave comments, write guest posts for others to generate links.


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