Nrelate Plugin: Related Content Plugin for WordPress Blogs

by Anil Agarwal

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Nrelate is another related post plugin for WordPress blogs like Yet Another Related Post Plugin (YARPP). Best thing about this plugin is that it allows us the facility to show thumbnail images with text in related posts or related content section. You as a blog owner can show text with thumbnails, just text or just thumbnails using the this related post plugin in related post section on your blog.

There are four ways by which we can show related content in our blogs using Nrelate plugin namely showing related content before or after the post, using the [Nrelate-related] shortcode in your post, adding a widget in our theme and adding the nrelate_related() function file in your theme. If you want to know how this plugin works, you can see it live in action Bloggers Passion blog at Single Post level. I recently started using this related content plugin on my blog and so far I’m happy with it. Here is a screenshot showing this plugin in action on my blog at single post level:

Nrelate Plugin Single Post BloggersPassion

As far as the speed of my blog is concerned after adding this plugin, I don’t see any negatives after adding this plugin. It’s developer are even claiming that if you are moving from some related post plugin like YARPP, you may even notice some improvement in your website speed. That will be great experience to have where we are able to show related content section in our blog in a visual appealing way and at the same time are able to improve our blog to some extent at least if we are migrating from YARPP kind of related post plugins. You can get the same kind of appearance on your blog in the related content section. So it’s time to install Nrelate plugin and play with its features.

How to Install Nrelate Plugin

It’s really easy installing this related content plugin on a WordPress blog.

Step 1: Go to your Plugins section in your WordPress Admin panel and Click Add New. Make search for Nrelate plugin and the very first result will be Nrelate Related Content Plugin.

Step 2: Install it and activate it in to your plugins directory.

Step 3: Access the Nrelate plugin settings section from WordPress left menu section towards bottom. Here is a screenshot showing Nrelate plugin settings section.

Nrelate Plugin Related Content Settings Option

Step 4: From this page, you can decide how to show up related content section on your blog using Nrelate plugin. You can make decisions like you want to show thumbnails in related content section or not, thumbnail size you want to use and the maximum number of posts you want to show in the related content section on your blog etc. Once you are finished with the adjustments you want to make into Nrelate plugin settings, just relax and let Nrelate analyse your blog contents. This plugin will start delivering related contents on your blog within 2 hours after installation.

You can download the latest version of the Nrelate plugin from here if you are interested in uploading this plugin via a FTP client on your blog.

Nrelate Plugin Features List

  • The biggest benefit I see of this related content plugin is that it makes our related post section much more impressive and should result in better engagement metrics on our blog.
  • As discussed above, your blog performance will not degrade after using Nrelate plugin. You should even experience faster loading blog if you are moving from YARPP plugin.
  • With the help of the [Nrelate-related] shortcode, you can show related content anywhere in our blog posts and can even customize it to great extent like showing it in left, right and its width etc.
  • You can even make money showing advertisements in the related content section on your blog by joining here.
  • Nrelate Related content plugin not only works on English language website but also supports Dutch, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish languages.

Nrelate Plugin VS YARPP

I have so far got some experience using Nrelate and YARPP on my blogs. YARPP will more suits to text based blogs and if you are running a blog that contains lots of images, you can give a try to Nrelate Related Content plugin. I would suggest using Nrelate plugin if you are running a product based, entertainment, image gallery etc. type of blogs.

Here is a screenshot showing YARPP in action at single post level on

Yet Another Related Post Plugin in Action on

And here is another screenshot showing Nrelate plugin in action on the same post:

Nrelate Plugin in Action on

I hope now you are in the better position to make decision about the best related post plugin for your WordPress blog. Now you have to decide which one will be best for you if it will be YARPP or Nrelate plugin, please let me know in the comments section below.

Note: You should select No Java Script option from this related post plugin settings. If you go for Java Script based version, content in the related post section will not be indexed by Google. If you are trying to install Nrelate plugin on a Thesis based WordPress blog, you may face some formatting issues (Related posts will not be shown up properly). You should be able to fix all formatting related issues through this help guide which is available on, official website for this plugin.

My intension behind writing this post was to suggest one more valuable plugin to my blog readers in the form of Nrelate plugin, a plugin for showing related content on your blog. It’s action time now, I would suggest you to try this plugin on your blog and share your views about the same in the comments section below.

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This is an awesome plugin which I’ve now been using in replace of the LinkWithin plugin for a good few months, and it has helped me improve my blog’s bounce rate. I’ve not had any experience with the YARP plugin, great review.




Another good plug-in ready to use which will give you better result than before in your SEO work.



I have read or heard of Nrelate plugin before a few days ago, but I haven’t really looked into it yet. I will keep in mind that Nrelate best works if you are promoting a product-based or image-gallery type of blog. Thanks for sharing!



Most definitely, the nRelate related content plugin is a cool/neat way to show your users browsing other stuff they may like, I currently use it. Though I haven’t tried YARP; you did mention that YARPP is good for text based blogs – so would you say YARPP would be a better choice for a news site? My site to be exact.



Hi. I installed nrelate flyout and related content but on the top of nrelate dashboard a message is displayed which says – “Everything is ready to go but nRelate did not find any posts. Once you start publishing posts, you will see the plugin. If you think this is an error please submit a support ticket so we can help you resolve this issue.”
Kindly help me to fix this issue :-)


Anil Agarwal

As informed in the past, It can take up to few hours for this plugin to start picking related posts from your Wordpress blog. And if you think the plugin is not installed cleanly, delete the existing copy and install a fresh copy of this plugin.



this is an awasome plugin. but its sometimes doesnt appear on my post..:(



I use nRelate plugin, and I love it. However, I’m still considering their advertisement channel. Do you know if it is profitable and practicable for bloggers?


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