3 Ways To Improve Your SEO Content Writing Skills

Content writing used to be something that you could pass on to another person or company and they could simply write some content for your website and as long at it was original then it was all good. With the Google Panda update that has impacted many low quality articles across the Internet, it now seems that producing much higher quality content is what Google is looking for.

Writing quality content is easier for some people than it is for others however one aspect many people struggle with is coming up with new ideas to write about. When content writing becomes a chore then it can come across in the writing pitch and negatively affect the over all tone making it a lower quality piece of content.

To try and help our readers out on these points we have put together a few good pieces of advice to help those creative juices to start flowing again.

Features, How To’s and Step Guides

A really good way to find inspiration in your market is to utilize weekly features such as a ‘weekly product of the week’ article where you review a new product in your stock. So for example of you’re a sailing store selling sailing clothes then you could look at writing about any of the latest sailing products you get in, listing the benefits, features etc of that product.

Also ‘how to’ and ‘step guides’ are superb ways to find inspiration in content writing by discussing relevant topics that offer the reader practical advice on a problem. Taking the sailing store example again they could write content on sailing related issues such as ‘how to tie the perfect sailing knot’ or ‘guide to cleaning every aspect of your sailing boat’. What you are essentially offering a reader is some useful knowledge and content like this is how you will get people linking to it.

Planning Is Key

Good content writers often spend a few hours or even a whole day just planning titles of their weekly content. This then allows them to take their time finding good titles and also planning what resources they are going to use to help write engaging content. So next time you are thinking about writing some content, take your time planning the titles and then write them on a separate day. Doing it this way is much more efficient and helps you plan your time much more effectively.

Go Current

Many people simply stay with the products that they sell or services they offer in their blog posts, however what you are sure to be able to find is current news breaking in your related market all the time. In our sailing store example they might be able to write about the up and coming Olympic sailing team, latest sailing training methods or perhaps some regional sailing races that have just taken place.

By doing this you actually are producing news worthy content and you should have plenty of resources from big news articles to help you keep the facts correct.


Content writing in 2012 for SEO purposes is very much about keeping the quality at a certain level and by following these few pieces of advice you will not only become more efficient at content writing but you will also improve the overall quality of it as well.


  1. Alicia says:

    Great tips, Jonathan. I am sure I will be able to write better after I read your article and use your tips!

  2. Charles says:

    Nice article Jonathan !
    Try to planning your future post it’s a good strategy,both for quality and SEO purpose

  3. Lillian says:

    Hi Jonathan , just wanted to mention, I enjoyed this article. It was inspiring. Keep on posting! I need to see your future post, ll you do in this week ?

  4. Oscar Molsan says:

    Very very good post. My partner and i grow to be skilled at some thing very challenging to completely different blogs each day.

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