10x Content: How to Create Content That’s 10 Times Better Than the Rest 

Do you want to create content that’s ten times better than the rest?

If so, you’re in the RIGHT place.  Whether you’re a blogger, a business owner, or someone who wants to grow a personal brand, you must create 10x content.

These tips are based on our 10+ years of experience as content writers. In this free guide, you’ll discover the following;

  • What is 10x content, and what are its benefits
  • Best tips on creating 10x content in ANY niche with real-life examples
  • A quick checklist for 10x content creation and more

So are you curious to find them out? Let’s get started.

How to Create 10x Content that Converts? A Beginner’s Guide

10x content

What is 10x content? 

10x content is TEN times better than the rest of the content already available on the internet for a specific topic. 

Rand Fishkin (former CEO of Moz) was the first to coin the term “10x content” in one of his Whiteboard Friday videos.

10x content from moz

10x content is usually;

  • Original, as it offers NEW insights or information on a topic
  • Provides in-depth information 
  • Is usually written by experts in the field
  • Easy to understand, even for beginners
  • It is properly optimized for search engines

Here’s an example of 10x content.

guest blogging sites

We published a free guide on 300+ free guest posting sites, which generated over 145,000 visits from Google (in the last 12 months). It means we generated over 12,000 visits every single month (400 clicks a day!).

Have a look;


Why should you care about creating 10x content in your niche? Here are some benefits.

  • With 10x content, your audience will stick around your site a bit longer, which is great in terms of user engagement and search rankings
  • It builds trust and helps you establish yourself as an expert in your niche
  • You’ll generate better leads
  • You’ll attract more visitors, especially from search engines like Google (see the above example)

Above all, with 70% of marketers investing in content marketing, creating BETTER content to compete in your industry is essential. Basically, 10x meaning is 10 times better content.

Enough said. Let’s now discuss how you can create content that’s 10x better than your competition. 

Identify your target audience

The first step in creating 10x content is to identify your target audience. Find out what exactly they want.

Here are a few essential questions to ask yourself to define your target audience.

  • What are my audience’s pain points? What are they currently struggling with?
  • What do they want to achieve?
  • What are their interests? What do they like to read about?
  • What is their level of expertise? Are they beginners who know nothing about the topic, or do they already know about my topic?
  • What is their preferred format? Do they prefer to read blog posts, watch videos, or listen to podcasts?
  • What are their demographics? Are they from the US, UK, Asia, or somewhere else?

Don’t skip this step, especially when you’re new to content marketing. By knowing your target audience, you can create more relevant and helpful content they’ll want to read.

We recommend a FREE tool from HubSpot called “Make My Persona,” which helps you easily build your buyer persona (or target audience).

my persona

Just fill out the simple questions asked on the tool, and you’re ready to go!

Solve their problems

Once you’ve identified your target audience, you should create content that solves their problems. No matter your niche, your content should add value to your audience.

Whether it’s by creating content that’s;

  • Informative
  • Entertaining OR
  • Helping them solve a specific problem

When your content is helpful, people are more likely to trust you. They’ll be more likely to share that content or make decisions like purchasing a product or trying a service.

For example, we’ve published a post on “Semrush free trial,” and thousands of people used that post to try Semrush for free.

In fact, we generated over $450,000 from the Semrush affiliate program.

semrush earnings

Do you know why it worked out well for us? Because we were solving a problem. We’re providing a FREE trial to a premium product like Semrush (which costs $119.95 a month).

When you create problem-solving posts, you’ll not only be helping people, but you’ll also gain their trust. 

To create 10x content, you need to research 10x more

Research is the KEY to creating 10x content.

Before you start writing, research and learn as much as possible about your topic. 

Why research is essential to create better content?

In-depth research about the topic you’re covering will help you with the following;

  • Creating accurate content
  • More informative and 
  • HIGHLY relevant to your target audience

The #1 thing you must remember while researching is “finding gaps in content.”

Research the top 10 ranking blog posts on Google for the topic you want to cover.

Then, find gaps in those articles.

What questions are people still asking? What information is missing? What else can you add to make the topic ten times better?

Once you’ve identified a gap, you can focus on filling it with your 10x content.

The key here is to be ORIGINAL. Don’t just rehash what’s already been written on the Internet. 

Instead, try to come up with a new angle or perspective on the topic. 

You can do this in several ways, including;

  • Conducting an in-depth research
  • Covering the topic from A to Z
  • Interviewing experts and sharing their opinions on the topic
  • Presenting the information in a more creative way

Share personal experiences

Storytelling is one of the most effective ways to create viral content. 

People ALWAYS connect with stories. That’s the reason why billion-dollar companies like Apple often create stories to demonstrate their products.

So sharing your own personal experiences about the topic you’re covering can help you build trust with your audience. 

When you share your own experiences or stories, it NOT only helps you build rapport but also shows that you’re an expert in your field. 

While sharing your experiences, make sure to be persuasive. You should be able to persuade your audience to take action, such as;

  • Buying your product
  • Signing up for your service
  • Grabbing a free trial OR
  • Simply learning more about the product or service you’re commending

For example, when we created a blog post on “How to sell eBooks,” we talked about everything we did to sell hundreds of our own eBooks. 

websites to sell eBooks

As you can see above, we shared our personal experiences throughout the journey. 

We could have just mentioned the top websites to sell eBooks, but we went to the extra mile to provide a 10x better experience to the user. This is precisely what you need to make your content stand out.

Don’t wait for perfection

One of the biggest problems most content creators face is they wait until their content is “perfect.”

There’s no such thing as a perfect piece of content. Even the best of the best content has its own flaws. That’s why you should NEVER wait until you have the perfect content before you publish anything. 

Remember one thing: content marketing is a long-term game. It’s like a marathon, not a sprint.

It takes time (several months) to get your content noticed online. Consistency is the most important thing when it comes to content creation.

Just start creating and promoting your content, and you’ll improve your content along the way. 

Your 100th blog post will be much BETTER than the first draft you create. So don’t ever wait for perfection.

Try different things while creating content. There are many different ways to create content, so don’t limit yourself to just one format, like blog posts.

You can create multiple types of content formats, such as;

  • Blog posts
  • Guides
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts 

You never know what type of content works well for your audience, so experience with everything.

Competitor research is the key

What’s the #1 thing you need if you want to create content that’s ten times better than the rest?

Competitor analysis.

How can you create better content without knowing and analyzing how your competitors are doing in search?

That’s why competitor research is a MUST.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself while analyzing your competitors’ content.

  • What questions are answered by your competitors?
  • How do you rate the user experience their pages? It it loading fast with minimal distractions? 
  • How good is information provided? Is it too detailed? Not enough information?
  • What do you think of the visuals? Are they using appealing images?
  • Does the content offer actionable takeaways?
  • How good is the writing tone? Is it friendly or using a lot of jargon?
  • Was there anything specific that you just wish was included but was not? 

Once you’ve answer to the above questions, you’ll get a better idea about what exactly to include in your content.

For competitor research, you can visit each competitor’s website one by one or use tools like Semrush.

Here’s a quick glance at how competitor analysis on Semrush looks like;

competitor research

As you can see above, Semrush organic research tool helps you easily discover your competitor’s top-performing keywords along with their metrics like search volume, keyword difficulty, etc.

So if you’re looking for a powerful tool for competitor analysis, you must try Semrush.

Try Semrush for FREE Now!

Above all, be consistent with your content creation efforts.

You can create an editorial calendar for publishing content and stick to the schedule. Consistency is what helps you build a loyal audience in the long run. 

Optimize for Google

Last but not least: SEO (Search engine optimization) is the key.

content optimization for google

No matter how good your content is, if it’s NOT optimized for Google, it won’t rank.

Whenever you’re writing your content, keep search engines in mind. 

Here’s what you can do;

  • Find primary and multiple secondary keywords around the topic you’re creating. Use tools like Semrush or Ubersuggest to find long-tail keywords.
  • Optimize your content for relevant keywords by using them naturally throughout your content. You can use plugins like Rank Math for on-page optimization.
  • Build some backlinks. Once your content is published, use various tactics like guest posting, blogger outreach, influencer marketing, and Quora answers to build relevant links to your content. 

Maintain a content flow

content flow

To create 10x content, you need to maintain a proper content flow.

People are EXTREMELY busy. They don’t have time to read through long and boring articles. That’s why you need a proper flow (content structure) to make your content worth reading.

The basic elements of a content flow include;

  • Compelling introduction
  • MEAT of the content
  • Conclusion

Let’s quickly discuss these three things so you can create better content for your audience.

Introduction: Title and introduction of your blog post makes or breaks user engagement. If they’re boring, no one will read further.

Make sure the introduction you write is short and engaging. Use quotes. Use questions. Use stats or data in your intro to make it compelling. 

The meat of the content: The meat is where you cover 95% of all your information in a post. Don’t use fluff. Use short sentences and paragraphs. 

Here are a few things you can include in your copy:

  • Subheadings including H2 and H3 tags (if possible, try to include primary or secondary keywords naturally)
  • Visuals such as images, illustrations, videos, etc
  • An FAQ section (we HIGHLY recommend you include an FAQ section at the end of every post you publish by covering the most important questions around the topic)

Conclusion: Don’t publish a post without adding a conclusion. You can summarize the main points of your post, which helps your readers to remember the gist. 

You can also use your conclusion to encourage readers to take action, such as sharing your post with others or subscribing to your email list.

Remember to keep your conclusion short and to the point. Your conclusion should be no more than 2 or 3 paragraphs long.

A Quick Checklist: How to Create 10x Content

Here’s a checklist on how to create 10x content in a nutshell:

  • Identify a broad topic that interests your audience
  • Identify a keyword or phrase your audience uses to search for information on this topic. Use tools like Semrush keyword magic to find relevant keyword ideas.
  • Search for that keyword on Google, see what ranks at the top of the page, and find all the missing things. 
  • Create an in-depth guide that covers all the main subtopics your competitors cover (including the missing gaps)
  • Make sure to write in a clear and engaging style. Write like you talk. Use a conversational tone.
  • Link to other related content on your website. If you don’t have any related content, create it. 
  • Edit the content ruthlessly, publish, and promote your new 10x content to reach a wider audience. Make sure to optimize it properly for specific keywords using tools like Rank Math.
  • Above all, focus on solving a problem or answering a question that your TARGET audience is currently struggling with. Use platforms like Quora to find burning problems or questions in your niche.


Here are some frequently asked questions about creating 10x content.

What is 10x content?

10x content is usually MUCH MUCH better than what is currently out there for a specific topic.

What are the best tools to create engaging content?

Here are some of the best content creation tools you need as a content creator.
Jasper AI (for content creation and assistance)
Grammarly (for grammar and sentence correction)
Semrush (for all SEO needs, including keyword research)

How to create 10x content?

Find out what’s missing in the content that’s already available in the search results today. Fill that gap and make your content ten times better. Research is the KEY. It takes time to create 10x content, but it gives incredible results in the long run. 

What are the examples of 10x content?

Here are some examples of 10x content:
– An in-depth guide to [topic] that covers A to Z information
– A video tutorial that teaches people how to use [topic]
– An infographic that breaks down a large amount of data into simple terms
– An interview with an expert in your niche

Related Resources:

Final thoughts on creating 10x content

Creating 10x content takes A LOT of time. It’s NOT easy. Otherwise, everyone would be creating pillar content.

But… it works. It sends you long-lasting traffic and leads from search engines like Google. The ROI of 10x content is much higher. It’s better to publish one EPIC post than publish 10 mediocre posts.

So what are your thoughts? Did you find this guide helpful? Have any questions? Let us know in the comments. 

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