19 Best SEO Blogs For Beginners In 2024 [Must Follow List]

Our top 3 SEO blogs recommendations for 2024 are;

  • Backlinko
  • Moz
  • Ahrefs Blog

Whether you agree with it or not, most SEO strategies constantly change. The SEO factors that worked a year ago won’t work today and the things that are working now won’t work the year after!

SEO is a BIG industry where you must constantly learn the latest SEO trends to master the game of SEO. Learning from the BEST blogs and websites can help you A LOT.

If you search for the latest SEO blogs and websites in 2024, you’re in the right place.

Top 10 SEO Blogs To Follow In 2024 (Editor’s Choice)

In case you are in a hurry and don’t have time to read the complete blog, Here is the quick overview of top blogs to check out. 

These gems are handpicked from a list of 21, so you can trust they’re worth your time. 

Sr. No.Website NameOwnerFoundedBlog Link
1BacklinkoBrian Dean2012Here
2MozSarah Bird2004Here
3AhrefsDmitry Gerasimenko2011Here
4Search Engine LandDanny Sullivan2006Here
5Search Engine JournalLoren Baker2003Here
6Search Engine RoundtableBarry Schwartz2003Here
7YoastJoost de Valk2010Here
8NeilPatelNeil Patel2014Here
9SemrushOleg Shchegolev, Dmitri Melnikov2008Here
10Search Engine WatchDanny Sullivan2006Here

The main reason for us to write this post was to compile the most influential bloggers and help you save time in finding the best content for creating an SEO-friendly blog. Remember to subscribe to the blogs mentioned in this post to get the most out of them.

Let’s get into the complete list:

19 Best SEO Blogs of 2024 – You Shouldn’t Miss Out

Quick Note: The following list is in no particular order. And I’ll be updating this page whenever I find a blog on SEO that’s really useful, so make sure to bookmark this post.

1. Backlinko

FounderBrian Dean
Primary FocusSEO, Content Marketing, Link Building
Top PostVideo Marketing: The Definitive Guide
Notable AuthorsBrian Dean, Chris Hanna, Ankit Vora.
Monthly Visitors838K
backlink seo blog

Who else wants to take their SEO to the next level? Backlinko is the place to go if you search for proven SEO methods to increase your website traffic.

Not only Brian Dean (Owner of Backlinko) covers actionable SEO tips but he also shares the most insightful case studies on SEO that will open the floodgates for your organic traffic if you implement it!

Why should you read the Backlinko blog?

If there’s ONLY one blog you should follow from this page, you should follow Backlinko. It’s a single author blog (Brian Dean) who knows almost everything about SEO and he explains everything about SEO in simple terms. He has been featured in huge magazines & recommended by big companies including Forbes, Business.com, Amazon, and more.

Whether you want to learn about Local SEO, Blog SEO, or YouTube SEO, here you’ll find definitive guides on every type. The best thing about Backlinko is that Brian offers actionable tips and replies to every comment to solve user queries.🙂

Brian replies to every comment to solve user queries related with seo

From beginners to advanced SEO guys, everyone can learn something from his awesome blog and we HIGHLY recommend you to check out all of their blog posts (merely 200+ posts were published but each one of them is a gem).

2. Moz Blog

WebsiteMoz Blog
FounderRand Fishkin and Gillian Muessig
Primary Focus SEO, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Technical SEO
Top PostThe SEO Keyword Research Master Guide, The Ultimate SEO and PPC Integration Playbook.
Monthly Visitors911.4K
Notable AuthorDr. Peter J. Meyers, Miriam Ellis, Tom Capper, Lily Ray, Rand Fishkin.
 Best SEO Blogs

If you know the term SEO, you should have probably heard the name “Moz”. It’s one of the most influential blogs around the web right now. It is not only backed by industry-leading SEO data but it has the most significant SEO community on the globe!

Moz also has a lot of SEO tools that will help you increase your search traffic and understand your audience better. Their Beginner’s Guide to SEO is probably the most-read page on the Internet (read by over a million people worldwide). They also have a “Pro” version with tools and forum support to help you reach your SEO goals.

Why should you read the Moz blog?

Moz is probably the first SEO authority blog. Although it’s NOT a beginner-friendly site (lots of advanced SEO-related stuff is discussed) but it always produces high-quality and in-depth content around search engine optimization.

To become an SEO expert, read and follow the Moz blog. Go through their enormous archives section around SEO to learn how everything works.

3. Ahrefs Blog

Founding Year2011
FounderDmitry Gerasimenko
Primary FocusSEO and Marketing
Top ArticlesLink Building for SEO, How to Perform a Content Audit, How to Do a Competitive Analysis.
Notable AuthorsJoshua Hardwick, Si Quan Ong, Michal Pecánek
Monthly Visitors4.7M
ahrefs seo blog

Ahrefs is one of the most recommended and must read marketing blogs in the industry. The whole blog is fully packed with some of the best in-depth articles around SEO, link building, blogger outreach and so on that you can use to take your website to the next level.

Tim Soulo, the author (and also the head of marketing at Ahrefs) has written a few of the best SEO content that got thousands of shares, links and comments. If you’re a beginner and looking for the best SEO resources, you must read Ahrefs.

Why should you read Ahrefs blog?

People love Ahrefs for two reasons: one is they have an incredible SEO toolkit and the other is they have an Search Engine Optimization blog.

Ahrefs primarily focuses on publishing easy-to-use tutorials around SEO. Their topics range from keyword research to link building to technical audits. Definitely worth your time if you want to learn SEO from scratch.

4. Search Engine Land

WebsiteSearch Engine Land
FounderDanny Sullivan and Chris Sherman
Primary FocusSEO, PPC, SEM, Search Engine Updates, Social Media Marketing
Top PostGoogle Algorithm Updates, Local SEO, AI in Search, SEO Best Practices, Search Engine Land’s Guide To SEO
Notable AuthorsBarry Schwartz, Danny Goodwin, Ginny Marvin, George Nguyen.
Monthly Visitors383.6K
Search Engine Land

Want to learn the latest trends in SEM (Search Engine Marketing), PPC (Paid Search Advertising) and SEO? Then, make sure to bookmark Search Engine Land. This is one of the industry’s most trusted blogs on the web that is read by millions of people every month.

Why should you read Search Engine Land?

From the latest Google updates to SEO techniques, you can find almost every SEO related news on Search Engine Land. It’s one of my favorite blog that I visit almost daily. If you’re keen to know about Google latest updates and news, you should definitely follow this blog.

5. Search Engine Journal

Website Search Engine Journal
FounderLoren Baker
Year Founded2003
Primary FocusSEO tips and strategies, along with the latest industry news and updates.
Top ArticlesHow To Build A Diverse & Healthy Link Profile, Your Guide To Dominating Local Search Marketing.
Notable AuthorsLoren Baker, Roger Montti, Matt Southern, Brooke Osmundson, Amanda Zantal-Wiener
Monthly Visitors534.9K
sej seo blog

SEJ (Search Engine Journal) generally uses a community based approach to search marketing content to attract visitors from search engines. Almost every article published on SEJ is from online marketing experts who share their thoughts.

This blog mainly focuses on important SEO trends, news, SEO strategies etc. They also frequently provide in-depth subject guides to help marketers succeed in SEO.

Why should you read Search Engine Journal?

One great reason to read SEJ is it provides ultimate guides on SEO, PPC, link building etc. Besides ultimate SEO guides, it frequently updates the blog with Google news, algorithm changes and their impact, indexing issues, etc.

6. Search Engine Roundtable

WebsiteSearch Engine Roundtable
Founding Year2003
FounderBarry Schwartz
Level Advanced
Primary Focussearch engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing news
Top ArticlesGoogle algorithm updates, SEO tips, industry news, and search engine changes
Notable AuthorsBarry Schwartz, Mark G. Lee, Benjamin Estes, Arianne Donoghue
Monthly Visitors42.6K
se round table Is Best SEO Blog site

The mission of Search Engine Roundtable is to provide a single source for the reader to locate the most interesting threads covered at the SEM forums. This blog also shares the latest updates from Google like ranking and algorithm factors, link building tips to help marketers to grow their search engine traffic.

Why should you read Search Engine Roundtable?

From Google core updates to SEO copywriting, Search Engine Roundtable covers almost every aspect of SEO. It’s also one of the oldest Search Marketing blogs on the Internet, offering the latest updates around Google and other search engines.

7. Yoast SEO Blog

Founding Year2010
FounderJoost de Valk
Primary FocusSEO for WordPress, SEO tools, and education
Top ArticlesUltimate Guide to SEO, How to Write a Blog Post, Holistic SEO, Shopify SEO: The ultimate guide.
Notable AuthorsJoost de Valk, Marieke van de Rakt, Willemien Hallebeek
Monthly Visitors222.3K
yoast the best seo blog

Have you lately started using WordPress SEO by Yoast? It is one of the widely used SEO plugin (Free) to perform on-page optimization to boost your blog traffic. Yoast covers SEO, WordPress optimization, online marketing and content strategies to help marketers succeed in SEO.

Why should you read Yoast Blog?

Yoast covers a ton of tutorials around content, technical SEO, WordPress, Analytics and so on. If you’re looking to learn more search engine optimization that’s coupled with WordPress tutorials, Yoast blog is a great place for you.

8. NeilPatel

Founding Year2017
FounderNeil Patel
Primary FocusDigital Marketing and SEO
Top ArticlesComprehensive SEO Checklist, Top Google Ranking Factors, How to Write Title Tags for SEO.
Notable AuthorsNeil Patel, Sujan Patel, Kelsey Jones
Monthly Visitors1.3M
NeilPatel Blog

If you’re into blogging, content marketing or SEO, you must have heard about this guy: Neil Patel. Neil is considered as one of the most popular SEO experts in the world who travels around the world to give seminars, attend events and teach people about how to use SEO to grow their businesses.

If you want to find in-depth articles about blogging, SEO and content marketing tactics, you must start following Neil Patel’s blog, which has thousands of posts filled with golden nuggets. Almost all of his blog posts are insanely detailed, with over 3000 to 5000 (sometimes 10000) words.

He also regularly shares podcasts and YouTube video tutorials around SEO on his blog and the long form of articles, so check out his blog.

Why should you read Neil Patel’s blog?

Neil Patel is the master of SEO and his SEO blog has a HUGE collection of blog posts mostly covering search engine optimization. Most of his articles are easy to understand, covering almost A to Z information about any topic he blogs about.

9. Semrush Blog

WebsiteSemrush Blog
Founding Year2008
FounderOleg Shchegolev, Dmitry Melnikov
Primary FocusSEO, SEM, PPC, and Content Marketing
Top ArticlesKeyword Optimization, Link Building for SEO, Best Content Marketing Tools, SEO for Ecommerce Product Pages.
Notable AuthorsRachel Handley, Tushar Pol, Grace Brennan
Monthly Visitors16.2M
semrush blog

We’re huge fans of Semrush. Not only do they have a fantastic AI SEO tool like Semrush, but they also have a great collection of SEO articles that can really help you understand what search engine optimization is all about.

That being said, Semrush is one of the must have SEO tools that you should try if you really want to increase your website rankings and overall sales. It helps you do everything from keyword research to backlink analysis to site audits with ease.

Why should you read Semrush blog?

Semrush is the most popular SEO toolkit used by more than 5 million users worldwide. It also has a digital marketing blog to find useful content around content strategy, content marketing, SEO, SEM, PPC and social media.

If you’re already using premium SEO tools like Semrush, you should follow this blog for practical tutorials around SEO and PPC.

10. Search Engine Watch

WebsiteSearch Engine Watch
FounderDanny Sullivan
Primary FocusSEO, PPC, Analytics, Social Media, Content Marketing
Top PostSEO Tips, Search Engine Updates, Paid Search Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Mobile SEO
Notable AuthorsAnn Smarty, Jacob McMillen, Jim Yu, Joe Dawson.
Monthly Visitors7.8K
19 Best SEO Blogs For Beginners In 2024 [Must Follow List]

Search Engine Watch is one of the best SEO blogs to follow on the Internet. It is well-known for its articles and frequent updates on SEO and it is one of the oldest blogs, which was founded in 1996 by Danny Sullivan.

If you want to learn the latest SEO trends, this blog is for you. Their blog mostly covers the best SEO tools and frequent Google changes to help people better understand SEO trends.

Why should you read the Search Engine Watch blog?

Search Engine Watch was started by Danny Sullivan in 1996 and later sold to a bigger company. It covers excellent information about searching the web, analysis of the search engine industry etc which helps you increase your overall search traffic.

11. The Seer Interactive

WebsiteSeer Interactive Blog
Founding Year2002
FounderWil Reynolds
Primary FocusDigital Marketing, SEO, PPC, Analytics
Top ArticlesScreaming Frog Guide, Analyze Search Competitors with ChatGPT, How to Submit a Website To Search Engines
Notable AuthorsWil Reynolds, Dana Tan, Max Perlman
Monthly Visitors23.7K

Seer Interactive is an award winning SEO agency that mainly focuses on SEO, PPC, and Analytics. It also runs an amazing SEO blog that covers search engine optimization, paid ads, Google analytics and so on. If you want to learn more about those topics, you should check out this blog.

Why should you read The Seer Interactive?

The Seer Interactive is an SEO service-based website that often publishes informative articles on search optimization. Their blog mostly covers tips and techniques on improving your search traffic and tutorials on using some of the best SEO tools such as the Screaming Frog, Semrush, etc.

12. Search Logistics By Matthew Woodward

WebsiteSearch Logistics
Founding Year2016
FounderMatthew Woodward
Primary FocusSEO, Link Building, Digital Marketing
Top ArticlesSEO Checklist, What Is SEO And Why You MUST Pay Attention To It!, How Many Backlinks Do I Need To Rank.
Notable AuthorsMatthew Woodward
Monthly Visitors51.5K
search logistics blog

If you’re looking for in-depth case studies around SEO and online marketing, Matthew Woodward blog is just for you. From link building to website conversions to traffic generation, if you want to learn it all from an expert, this blog is a great place for you.

Why should you read Matthew Woodward?

Do you love REAL case studies around search engine optimization? Want to know how to get more search traffic to your blogs? You should definitely check out Matthew Woodward’s blog which also covers in-depth articles about blogging and online marketing.

13. Official Google Search Central Blog

WebsiteGoogle Search Central
Founding Year2005
Primary FocusSEO, Search Engine Updates, Webmaster Guidelines
Top ArticlesGoogle’s Core Updates, Guide to Mobile-First Indexing, When indexing goes wrong.
Notable AuthorsJohn Mueller, Gary Illyes, Martin Splitt.
Monthly Visitors2.5K

This is the official blog of Google where you can discover all the latest updates, news and exclusive reports from Google itself. It also shares you insights and practical tips and techniques that can help you boost your website’s organic rankings.

Why should you read Official Google Search Central Blog?

If you want to discover all the official news on crawling and indexing sites for the Google index, subscribe to this blog. It frequently gets updated and they also share the latest Google search news updates.

14. SparkToro

Founding Year2018
FounderRand Fishkin, Casey Henry
Primary FocusAudience Research, Digital Marketing
Top ArticlesThe SparkToro Blog”, How to Understand Your Audience’s Hidden Patterns, The Guide to Finding Hidden Keywords.
Notable AuthorsRand Fishkin, Amanda Natividad
Monthly Visitors14.4K

Spark Toro is founded by Rand Fishkin (the SEO wizard). Yes, he is the same guy who founded Moz. Unlike the Moz blog, Rand is the only guy who write blog for SEO purposes, You’ll find 100% unique SEO insights and case studies on this amazing SEO blog here.

Why should you read SparkToro?

Unlike most other blogs in this list, SparkToro is focused on publishing “case studies” and provides real data. They spend a ton of time researching the essential factors of Google and how Google is impacting search queries.

If you’re interested in reading case studies from experts like Rank Fishkin, this blog is a great place.

15. Mangools Blog

Founding Year2014
FounderPeter Hrbáčik
Primary FocusSEO Tools, Keyword Research, Digital Marketing
Top ArticlesThe Complete SEO Guide for Beginners, Keyword Research, On-Page SEO: The Practical Guide for SEO Beginners.
Notable AuthorsVlado Pavlik, Diana Bocco, Daniel Polacek
Monthly Visitors96.1K

Mangools is a collection of SEO tools (that includes tools like KWFinder, SERPWatch, SERPChecker etc). It was first launched as KWFinder who released the first version of KWFinder in 2014. Since then, they have grown into a bigger brand and their tools are used by millions of people worldwide.

Why should you read Mangools blog?

We love Mangools tools (especially their tool KWFinder which helps you easily find a ton of profitable keywords). They also have an amazing SEO blog that covers expert roundup posts, in-depth guides, tutorials around search engine optimization.

16. BrightEdge Blog

WebsiteBrightEdge Blog
Founding Year2007
FounderJim Yu
Primary FocusSEO, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing
Top ArticlesSEO Strategy: 5 Research Tips, AI Overviews vs. SGE: Enhancing Marketer’s Engagement.
Notable AuthorsJim Yu, Albert Gouyet, Lem Park
Monthly Visitors72.3K

BrightEdge is venture-backed by top venture capitalists in Silicon Valley and it was founded by Jim Yu and it employs more than 350 people. It’s also the top digital marketing company used by top brands like Tommy Hilfiger, 3M, Adobe, Microsoft, VMWare, Macy’s, Marriott, Audi, etc.

Why should you read BrightEdge SEO Blog?

From webinars to case studies to research reports, you can find a ton of comprehensive information around search engine optimization. Their content mostly covers the SEO best practices which help you grow your website’s search traffic by providing SEO insights.

17. Detailed Blog

WebsiteDetailed Blog
Founding Year2013
FounderGlen Allsopp
Primary FocusSEO, Digital Marketing, Audience Research
Top ArticlesHow 16 Companies Dominate Google Search Results, Advanced Google Chrome Bookmarklets for SEOs
Notable AuthorsGlen Allsopp
Monthly Visitors11.6K

If you’re looking to learn advanced SEO tactics from an expert like Glen Allsopp (also runs ViperChill), Detailed blog is a perfect choice for you. In fact, in just six days, the first episode of Glen’s newly released podcast was downloaded more than 18,000 times.

It’s also featured on many big publications like Forbes, Yahoo, Bloomberg, The Guardian, etc.

Why should you read Detailed SEO blog?

If you want to stay on top of SEO best practices and learn actionable SEO techniques and insights, Detailed SEO blog is just for you.

18. BloggersPassion

Founding Year2010
FounderAnil Agarwal
Primary FocusBlogging, SEO, Affiliate Marketing
Top ArticlesHow to Start a Blog, SEO Tutorial For Beginners, Side Hustles to Make Over $1k In Month, Free Guest Posting Sites.
Notable AuthorsAnil Agarwal
Monthly Visitors98.7K
bloggerspassion blog

At first, we didn’t want BloggersPassion to be included here. But yea, why not? After all, our blog’s primary focus is on search engine optimization.

Although we also cover blogging and affiliate marketing related topics but still SEO-related content is what we publish the most.

In fact, we spend a ton of time and money to cover SEO-related topics. Almost every piece of SEO advice you find here is thoughtfully written and in-depth.

Why should you read BloggersPassion?

If you’re new to SEO and blogging, BloggersPassion is a great place to find in-depth articles on building a highly successful blog. From increasing your blog’s traffic to dealing with Google updates – everything is available for you, which is easier to digest (even if you’re a beginner).

19. Serpstat Blog

Founding Year2013
FounderNetpeak (part of Netpeak Group since 2015)
Primary FocusSEO, PPC, Analytics, Content Marketing
Top ArticlesThe Key Reasons for Indexing Issues in SEO, SGE for Local SEO, Top SEO Tools For Boosting Online Visibility, Marketing Metrics.
Notable AuthorsKateryna Hordiienko, Bohdan Dovhaliuk, Hryhorii Tynenik
Monthly Visitors72.1K

Serpstat is a search marketing platform for SEO-, PPC- and digital specialists (you may have heard about Keyword Research, Domain Analysis, Rank Tracker etc). It was first launched in 2013. Since then, Serpstat has turned into a global brand and its tools are used by millions of people.

Why should you read the Serpstat blog?

Serpstat platform, while being quite easy to master, are extremely helpful for keyword research, content, backlinks, and even technical website audits. There’s also a Serpstat blog with plenty of useful information for newbies and SEO gurus, including short manuals, original research, interviews, checklists and extensive guides on various topics.

Ready to apply your new SEO insights? Try a free 14-day trial of Semrush today and optimize your website like a pro!

Final Thoughts on Top SEO Blogs For Beginners

SEO is not easy. You need to learn. You need to implement. You should know what works.

You have to build an engaging user community on your blogs if you want to bring massive traffic from search engines. For that, you not only need to create great content, but you also have to follow the latest SEO trends and best SEO practices. This is where reading top blogs on SEO helps you reach your goals.

We guarantee you’ll get a better idea of the SEO changes by following the list of blogs mentioned in this post.

Which blogs do you follow regularly? Did we miss any of your favorite blogs in this post? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

FAQs On Best SEO Tips BlogSpot

Here are a few SEO blog questions to follow in 2024 and beyond.

What is SEO all about? What is the importance of SEO?

In simple terms, search engine optimization (SEO) is all about improving your website’s rankings in organic search results.

How to learn SEO in 2024 and beyond?

If you’re a beginner and looking to learn SEO from trusted and top sources, we highly recommend you to check out the below resources.

→ Moz (beginners guide to SEO)
→ Neil Patel (SEO made simple)
→ Backlinko (Learn SEO fast)
BloggersPassion (The Beginner’s Guide To SEO)

What’s the future of SEO?

Simply put, more and more people depend on search engines like Google to research, buy stuff online and for almost everything. SEO will be the BIGGEST deal over the next few years and provides billion dollar companies.

What are the best SEO training courses available online?

We have written an entire post covering the best SEO training courses that you can use to learn SEO, become an SEO professional or use your SEO skills to bring more traffic to your websites and your clients online businesses.

How long will it take to learn SEO?

It takes 6 to 8 months to learn SEO that starts bringing you results in traffic, sales, leads, etc. But if you really want to get good at SEO, it literally takes years. There are people like Neil Patel, Rand Fishkin, Danny Sullivan are into SEO industry for decades and they are still learning new concepts of SEO.

How to become an SEO expert?

Here are a few quick tips to become an SEO expert.

→ Firstly, understand how search engines work. Get your basics right.
→ Secondly, find out how people use search engines so you can understand the searcher’s intent.
→ Finally, focus on implementing what you learn.

About Author
Anil Agarwal is the Founder of Bloggerspassion. He is a full-time blogger and SEO expert who has been helping people build profitable blogs for over a decade Now. He has been featured in Over 100 Publications including Forbes, The HuffPost, HubSpot, Shopify, Semrush, Kinsta, Bluehost, Hostinger and G2.com etc. Know more about Anil Agarwal from here.

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    I want to ask you one question does “Moz Domain Authority” matters to rank in Google SERPs?.

    Akash Navi.

    • I think having high domain authority (DA by Moz) will help you get better rankings on Google search. Domain authority is primarily based on number and quality of links that you earn for your website over a period of time. So you should aim at getting links from top blogs and websites in your niche to get better DA and thus better rankings on Google search.

  25. I am following most of the blogs mentioned in this post but really I was not aware about SEO Chat and SEO Nick. I can’t wish more then thanks therefore Anil thank you very much for providing such great list of SEO blogs.

    • Tirtha, with this post, I’m aiming at sharing the list of best seo blogs in the industry. I will keep on updating this post with best seo blogs which are doing a great job.

  26. You’ve consolidated the awesome SEO resources Anil!

    I aware of all the blogs which you’ve listed except the last one. But I have time limitations to read the fabulous posts in them. Whenever I get time, I visit these active blogs to enhance my SEO knowledge.

    I’m familiar with SEO Nick as I grabbed some useful information for my experts tips category post. I’ll check SEO Chat for sure. Thanks for publishing this helpful post for us. Have a great day!

    • Nirmala I would say SEO Chat is more popular for their SEO tools than anything else. That could be the reason you may not have heard much about them.

  27. Thanks Anil for this wonderful post, If I face or have any confusion regarding SEO I always visit MOZ.com as it’s one of the best seo website on the internet, and one thing new blogger must understand that no matter how much blog post you have on your blog without proper SEO your blog post will be like small fish in big ocean

    • No doubt about it, Moz.com is a great resource around SEO. And surely we need to optimize our blog posts to rank them well on Google and other search engines.

      Optimization criteria’s just keep on changing from time to time. Now a days, our website should have decent speed, should be mobile friendly with other onpage seo optimization in place to be eligible for top rankings for their targeted keywords on Google.


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