Top 25 Blogging Tips And Tricks That Work Like A Charm in 2021

Are you looking for incredible blogging tips and tricks that will help you build a money making blog or website? If yes, you are landed on the right page.

We all know making money from online is a tedious task and most people fail at it. Observe any successful marketer or blogger who is making a living online, you will notice that they all have few things in common: determination, patience and networking skills.

If you know what you are talking about on your blogs, you are already ahead of most of your competition. And if you know the art of selling, you will definitely make money from your websites no matter what.

Unfortunately, if you are a beginner, you have to learn everything from scratch. This is why you have to start somewhere in order to finally start making money online.

The whole idea behind creating this page is to share all blogging tips and tricks for beginners I know about till date.

This page should be the ultimate one stop solution for all kind of queries like blogging tips, how to blog, how to make a successful blog, how to get traffic to your blog, blog tips, how to increase your blog bounce rate, more comments on your blog and then questions related to plugins, themes, widgets and tools etc.

Before diving into the tips to grow websites, here’s a serious question you need to answer. Why would anyone read your blog? Or why should someone buy from you instead of your competition?

If you have a compelling answer for the above question, you are on your way to building a profitable blog. If not, spend some time, take out a paper and list out all the points to make your blog a special one.

Now, let’s jump into the blogging techniques you need to follow to grow your blog or website.

Top 25 Blogging Tips & Tricks for All Kinds of Bloggers

blogging tips and tricks

Top 10 Blogging Tips for Beginners

If you’re just getting started as a blogger or recently launched a new blog and looking for some of the best blogging tips, you should definitely check out the following section.

1. Leave thoughtful comments on other sites

Blog commenting is the surefire way to get more traffic, build relationships with other bloggers, increase your online visibility, build your personal brand and so on. Don’t underestimate the power of blog comments no matter what industry you are in.

Especially if you’re just getting started as a blogger, blog commenting can be really helpful for you in the long run. Not only it opens you the doors to attract more comments on your own blog posts but also gives you an opportunity to connect with other blog owners where you can write guest posts later.

The key here is to leave thoughtful and really detailed comments after reading the whole content. Don’t write single lines like “thanks for the post” as such kind of comments will be mostly marked as spam or thrown into the trash folder.

Here’s an example of how a genuine and detailed comment looks like;


As you can see, the above comment of mine is easily around 150 to 200 words. But that type of long comments is what get the attention of the blog owners and other bloggers.

They will definitely respond to such lengthy comments and mostly will check out your blogs to see what type of content you cover.

Next time when you’re leaving comments on other blogs, do remember to write highly useful and detailed comments.

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2. Do roundup posts and interviews

There are certain content types which work really well especially for new bloggers. Two such types of contents are;

  • Roundup posts and
  • Interviews

You don’t have to do the above content types only with experts or influencers in your niche (although it will be great if you can do that) as you can also create massive roundups. Or interviews with bloggers who have a decent reputation online.

The key here is to ask really great questions and make sure to promote these kinds of blog posts across social media sites as they really perform well.

You can also ask the bloggers who’re featured on your roundups or interviews to share your stuff once your content goes live. That way, you can attract more buzz in terms of social shares, traffic, links, comments and so on.

3. Start building “content assets”

Don’t create just another mediocre blog posts. They are not going to work. If you’re building a blog from scratch and looking to make it profitable, try to create “content assets”.

Content assets are also known as “pillar contents” which act as pillars for your blog which are mostly timeless contents and are highly informative.

Few examples of content assets:

  • The ultimate guide to [topic]
  • The A to Z guide [topic]
  • 101 ways to [topic]
  • And the list goes on

Here’s a real example of one of such content assets around best affiliate programs which compiles a list over 100 affiliate programs that bloggers can use to earn money from affiliate marketing. It’s a gigantic 16000-word post (yes, you read it right).

These kinds of pillar posts tend to generate more backlinks, social share, backlinks in the long run and they will be useful after few years (you should make few changes and update these posts every now and then though).

4. Network with other bloggers

One of the best ways to build a better blog is to network with other bloggers, marketers and influencers in your niche. Don’t focus on networking for some advantage. Instead, focus on networking to build long-lasting relationships with other bloggers.

That’s how you can actually help each other. The best way to network with other bloggers is to comment on their blogs, link out to them, tweet their stuff regularly, email and so on.

Also find ways to connect with other bloggers using social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and so on. Frequently tag them by sharing their contents so they will also reciprocate the same.

Pro tip: Build a list of 50 to 100 bloggers (who are not influencers or A list bloggers) who you can frequently interact with. Try to tweet, link and share their stuff almost daily and it works great in the long run.

5. Give, give, give and ask

One of the biggest mistakes most beginner bloggers make is this: they always ask for help. They spam other people’s inbox for links, social shares, promotion and what not?

If you’re also trying to do the same, you’re making a big mistake. No one likes promotional emails. Busy bloggers or influencers always look for ways to help others but they also receive a ton of spam emails along with promotional email pitches.

Instead of asking someone to promote your blog or link to your content, it’s a better idea to first offer them help. Here’s what works well: give, give, give, give and then ask.

For instance, if you want to get more social shares, start sharing others stuff first. Want more links? Start linking out to other bloggers first. Do it often and they will reciprocate the same sooner or later.

6. Get a mentor

A great mentor helps their mentees to build massively popular blogs in really less time. You can build a better blog really quickly if you’ve access to the right mentor. Make sure to find a mentor in blogging who’s already making a decent income online.

There’s no point in getting help from someone who’s struggling to get more traffic and sales to their own sites. One of the best ways to find mentors is to search for sites which are publishing monthly or yearly income reports.

You’ll get a better idea about how much money they are earning and how much traffic they are generating monthly or yearly to their own sites. The people who are already earning thousands of dollars from blogging know how to build a money making blogs.

There are a ton of bloggers who might not be offering “mentoring” services but you can always find money making blogger who you can help (by offering them free services like content writing, optimizing their posts, creating images for their posts etc).

In return, you can ask them to build a high traffic blog. It’s a win/win approach which works like a charm in almost any industry.

7. Read more books

Read more books. Read at least one book a month. We suggest you to read books around the following genres.

  • Psychology
  • Business
  • Marketing
  • The art of selling etc

Few great books for bloggers are;

  • Influence
  • The 4 hour work week
  • The Personal MBA
  • How to win friends and influence people
  • Give and Take
  • The One Thing

8. Start learning SEO

If I had to start from scratch, I’d give more importance to learning SEO. SEO (search engine optimization) is the key to building a high traffic blog that generates both sales and traffic.

You can’t survive in the blogging world by ignoring SEO.

Whether you know it or not, Google now processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average which translates to over 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide, according to Google search statistics.

So start learning it as soon as possible as it takes time and consistent practice to be able to get a hold of it. If you are just getting started, here’s an SEO tutorial for beginners you must check out where you can find all the basics like on the page and off page SEO etc.

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9. Be consistent

“When you look at people who are successful, you will find that they aren’t the people who are motivated, but have consistency in their motivation.” – Arsene Wenger

If you look at any successful blogger who’s making a ton of money, you’ll notice one thing: they are consistent. They are consistently blogging for years. That’s why they are able to build a money making blogs.

Did you know why the majority of the people never make any money or drive more traffic to their blogs? It’s mostly because of one reason: they are not consistent.

What’s the use of publishing blog posts once a day if you’re not going to be consistent after 3 months? You can’t build a better blog without being consistent. It’s as simple as that.

Make sure to create a consistent blog posting schedule, come up with dozens of blog post ideas and write posts in advance so you can schedule them later (when you don’t feel like writing).

10. Start building a tribe

One of the easiest ways to build a profitable blog is to build a community. You can start building a tribe from day 1. It can be anything from starting an email list to creating a Facebook group. If possible, focus on both the things from day 1.

We too recently launched an exclusive Facebook group for Bloggers Passion which currently has over 1500 members who are actively participating in group discussions. If you want to learn about SEO, affiliate marketing, blogging related stuff, you should join it.

The key here is to regularly update your group with interesting updates, tips and find ways to tag other people within your posts so it grows organically. Don’t use your Facebook group just to promote your own stuff as it won’t work.

By building a tribe such as Facebook group, you can diversify your traffic sources and you can also ask for social shares or comments for your most important blog posts.

Top 10 Blogging Tips and Tricks for Seasoned Bloggers

If you’re blogging for some time and already bringing some traffic and sales to your sites, here are top 10 tips which can be useful for seasoned bloggers like you.

1. Be transparent

“Fake it until you make it” concept only works in very few fields. Definitely, it won’t work online especially if you’re trying to build a profitable blog.

Being transparent and honest is the only way to succeed online. Just look at Pat Flynn income reports. He shares everything with transparency. Don’t fake it.

Don’t show false promises or false reports (or screenshots) just to be cool. People will find it sooner or later.

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2. Spy on your competitors

Keeping an eye on your competitor websites can give you a ton of ideas to increase your search traffic, coming up with great post ideas, increase your sales and conversions and so on.

If you’re a seasoned blogger, you might already know who are your competitors and what topics they mostly cover on their sites. Once you’ve a list of your competitor sites, start using competitor research tools like Semrush or SpyFu to deeply explore their sites.

As these tools give you a ton of useful information around;

  • What keywords they are using to generate more search traffic
  • What blog posts are generating more backlinks
  • What pages are bringing them most sales
  • And so on

Not only that, tools like Semrush give you a ton of useful data including;

  • Organic search results
  • Paid search keywords
  • Competitors
  • Top paid competitors and so on

To put it simply, competitor research gives you an idea about what’s working well and what’s not for your competitors so you can tweak your content strategy accordingly.

3. Don’t start too many blogs

One of the biggest mistakes most seasoned bloggers make is: they launch too many blogs at once their primary blog starts generating money.

It’s a big mistake. Unless and until your primary blog is making decent money on “autopilot” (that is, you should be able to make money without spending too much time), you shouldn’t think about starting another blog.

Starting multiple blogs can hurt you in the long run. You need to focus on a lot of things like content creation, keyword research, backlinks, email list, monetization strategy, SEO and so on and all these tasks consume a ton of time.

Instead of launching multiple blogs, it’s a smart idea to focus on building ONE authority site as authority sites give you maximum results in the long run. Gone are the days where you can launch 100 blogs, create content, make more sales. It’s not going to work that way in 2021 and beyond.

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4. Invest in the premium tools

If you’re a seasoned blogger, you might be already making some money from your blogs. This is the right time, you need to start investing money and more time to take your blog to the next level.

For example, if you’re using a cheaper or free hosting, you might want to migrate to a better, secure and faster hosting choice like WPX hosting.

If you’re using a free theme for your site, you can consider getting a premium WordPress theme which is mobile responsive and SEO friendly.

If you’re using free SEO tools, you can give a try to premium tools like Semrush, Ahrefs etc as they can help you with almost any SEO related task ranging from keyword research to competitor analysis to site audits.

5. Track your keyword rankings

By now as a seasoned blogger, you might have faced the ugly Google animal updates like Panda, Penguin etc. One of the best ways to know and analyse your website’s traffic spikes is to track your keyword rankings.

Are you already tracking your keyword positions on Google? If not yet, you should do that as soon as possible. Without tracking your keyword rankings, it’s difficult to increase your search traffic.

Only by keyword tracking, you will be able to find out which keyword positions are going up and which are going down. Make sure to use tools like Semrush, Ahrefs etc and create a list of few keywords that you want to track down the rankings on Google search.

Most of these keyword rank tracking tools show you data whether they are ranking up or down so you can easily fix your content to maintain your keyword rankings on Google.

6. Take your email list to the next level

Did you know that email list gives you an ROI of over $40 for every dollar you spend?

According to Salesforce, email marketing has an average ROI of 3800% That’s a massive number, right?

Not just that, 76% of marketers see active growth in their number of email subscribers, and that 77% of ROI comes from segmented, targeted, and triggered email campaigns.

email marketing

So if you’re already blogging for a while but not building or growing your email list, this is the right time to start doing it as it generates great results in the long run.

7. Learn how to sell like a pro

If you want to become a professional blogger or looking for ways to make thousands of dollars from blogging, you need one important skill which is the art of selling.

You should learn how to sell without sounding like a sales guy. Just check out other experts like Neil Patel, Pat Flynn etc are selling and making money from their sites and you’ll learn a lot of things.

You can also read books, listen to podcasts, watch TED talks to learn how you can find emotional triggers of your audience and sell anything to them like a pro.

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8. Try special days to increase your affiliate sales

If you’re a blogger, there are high chances of selling affiliate products from your blog. Affiliate marketing is definitely one of the best ways to earn passive income from websites. There are a ton of best affiliate programs out there which give you hefty commissions.

That said, there are special days and events where you can triple your affiliate sales. During special days like Black Friday, Cyber Monday etc the majority of the companies offer up to 90% discounts which you use to increase your affiliate sales.

So if you’re already not promoting this kind of deals, you should focus on promoting them as they really give you a lot of sales (as most of these deals are time sensitive and provide a sense of urgency to the users).

9. Perform site audits often

There are so many seasoned bloggers struggling with one major thing: they post content regularly but they often struggle to get more traffic from search engines like Google.

The major reason could be your site might have technical or SEO related issues. Here’s where performing site audits help you a lot to discover what all the issues your site has.

You can find and fix most of the things like broken links, sitemap, crawling issues, duplicate content, missing alt tags, lengthy meta description issues and so on.

Here’s an excellent resource if you want to perform site audits using Semrush where you can discover all the things you need to improve your site’s SEO and attract more search traffic.

10. Move to a faster web hosting service

Hands down, website speed is one of the most important factors that can make or break your blogging success. Whether you know it or not, site speed is a ranking factor which means, your search rankings will depend on your site loading times and performance.

That being said, your web hosting plays a key role in your website speed. The faster your web hosting platform is, the faster your site loads. It’s as simple as that. Make sure to invest in a faster web hosting choice which includes the following features;

  • SSL certificates (which turn your HTTP version site into https secured version)
  • SSD storage (the hosting sites which are using SSD storage devices load and perform way better when compared to those sites which are using traditional storage)
  • Multiple server locations (so that you can pick a server location to host your sites which are closer to you)

Make sure to also find and use a hosting choice that takes website security seriously. Our top recommendation when it comes to better and secure hosting is WPX hosting. We’re using the same hosting for 3 years now and we’re super happy with it.

You can also read our detailed WPX review to find more details (you’ll also find a discount code where you can get 50% off on the first-month hosting).

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Top 5 Blogging Techniques for Advanced Bloggers

Here are top 5 tips for advanced bloggers who are already generating enough traffic and sales through their sites.

1. Focus on conversions, not traffic

If you’re an advanced blogger, by now, you should have known that “conversions are more important than page views”. Yes, your website traffic matters a lot but if you’re solely focusing on increasing traffic and ignoring conversions, you’re making a mistake.

This is the time where you need to put your efforts on increasing your website conversions.

Get access to tools like Semrush, Crazy Egg etc which you can use to find money making keywords, track your audience behaviour and so on to increase your overall website conversion rates.

Make sure to focus on optimizing your site for better performance and speed.


As you can see above, a faster site can lead to lower bounce rates which ultimately results in higher conversions.

2. Automate everything

Once you’ve built a proper sales funnel from your website, you’ll be spending less time on it. This is the right time to automate almost everything.

Here are few things you can automate (so you can save more time and efforts which you can use to build more money making sites or launch other profitable online ventures).

  • Content creation
  • SEO (including keyword research, guest posts, link building and so on)
  • Email marketing (creating newsletters, taking care of email sequences etc)
  • Affiliate marketing (preparing for special days such as Black Friday well in advance)
  • And the list goes on

Although it costs you some money to automate the above things as you need to outsource the tasks (but it’s worth every single penny you pay for). Moreover, you’ll be saving a lot of time as well.

3. Try new things

If you’re an advanced blogger who’s already making a living from blogging and building websites for years, this is the right time to try new things.

Here are a few things you can consider trying in 2021 if you’re already not doing them yet.

Podcasts: If you want to attract a new set of audience to your blog or website, doing podcasts work like a charm.

There’s a reason why smart affiliate marketers like Pat Flynn, Neil Patel etc are all doing more podcasts than publishing blog posts. Podcasts help you attract a highly qualified audience who convert really high.

Seminars: If you’re a professional blogger, you might already have years of experience in building a profitable blog. So why not start giving seminars offline as they help new bloggers or beginners to launch their own sites.

You can also use seminars to increase your personal brand and attract a new audience to read your site.

YouTube marketing: YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine after Google. Your video could have 50 times more chances to rank well in organic output than text content and video has CTR 41% higher than text.

Not only that, YouTube has more than 1.9 billion monthly active users. So if you’re into YouTube marketing yet, maybe this is the right time to do it.

New monetization strategy: Don’t depend on one or two income sources which you’ve been using for years to make money from blogging. You can give a try to completely new income sources.

For example, if you’re already making money from affiliate marketing, you can give a try to selling online courses or your own products.

It will take some time to understand, try and make money but eventually trying new income sources can give you energy and passive income in the long run.

4. Invest more on what’s working

If something is working well for you and generating money and sales, you should be investing even more money and time into it. There’s no point of spending more money on completely irrelevant things and makes a lot of sense to put more money on things which are already working great for you and your business.

For instance, spending money on content marketing is generating great results for us so we’re increasing the investment every passing year (with an increase in our overall blog’s revenue).

That’s what you should also do if you’re already making decent money as a professional blogger. Find what’s working well for you, try to automate the process, leverage people and your time.

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5. Publish a book

There are so many expert bloggers and influencers like Pat Flynn, Neil Patel etc have published their own books. Do you know why? They knew to publish a book as a blogger or marketer can build momentum and boost their personal brand to a great extent.

Publishing a book has its own benefits including;

  • Self-promotion
  • Personal branding
  • Helping newbies about the things you’re already good at
  • It’s an asset
  • Brings you high-quality leads and attracts new potential customers
  • And the list goes on

If you’re a professional or full-time blogger, you might already have all the resources you need including time, money, access to writers and so on to self publish a book. So why not use your existing resources to get more exposure?

Few More Helpful Resources to Build A Profitable Blog

Here is the ultimate list of tips you should check to improve your overall blogging skills:

35 Tips to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Want to increase your website traffic? We all know how important it is to drive traffic to any website. Without traffic, any website or blog eventually dies.

If you don’t have enough traffic, you won’t be able to get more comments, shares and sales. Follow the tips mentioned in this post to take your website traffic to next level.

Strategy to Increase Your Google AdSense Earnings As A Beginner

Who else wants to make money from Google AdSense? I’m sure most of you want to use AdSense as a primary source to monetize websites.

If you are searching for PROVEN ways to increase your AdSense earnings as a beginner, this detailed guide is for you where I’ll show a 4 step strategy to increase your AdSense income.

Killer Tips to Get lots of Comments on Your Blog in 2021

Are you searching for the tips to grow your blog community and traffic? Commenting on other blogs is one of the evergreen ways to grow your blog successfully.

Not only you will be able to drive traffic, but you can also increase your comment and shares by leaving thoughtful comments on others blogs. Use these tips to know how you can increase high quality comments on your blog.

How to Write a Blog Post

Ask any successful blogger about his secret to grow a popular blog, he will without a doubt say this: “create great content”.

Creating pillar content is the key to build a money making blog, but most beginners don’t know how to create great content. This post will help you write a high quality blog post for your blog in 90 minutes times only.

How to Get More Exposure, Subscribers and Traffic to Your Blog

Creating content is not enough, you also have to bring a lot of exposure on your posts. Only then the content you create gets some value.

When people start finally sharing, commenting and linking to your posts, your blog grows in no time. This blog post will help you get more exposure, traffic and subscribers to your blog.

How to Make Money Online from Blogging in 2021

This guide will help you in making money from your blog from scratch. It will help you in choosing your blog niche, blogging platform, web host, different ways to drive traffic to your blog and most importantly all feasible ways for you to make money from blogging.

List of 250 Plus Blogs That Allows Guest Blogging

Although Matt Cutts said, Guest blogging is dead. In reality, it’s really not. Guest blogging is still one of the proven ways to build a profitable blog.

But you need to consider your guest posts as a way to build relationships with others instead of just focusing on links. This is by far one of my most popular and favorite posts written on BloggersPassion.

Do you know which blogs in your niche allow guest blogging opportunities to its readers? This special post will share you the list of 100 plus blogs that are accepting guest posts in different niche’s.

Check Website Traffic: 14 Ways to Determine Traffic to a Website

Driving website traffic is one part and spying on your competitor’s website traffic is another critical part you just can’t ignore. If you know their potential keywords and where does the traffic is coming, you will get a better idea on how to lead your competition.

Do you know how to check the traffic of your competitor’s website, you will have exact idea about the traffic details of a popular website or blogs that are based in your niche after reading this blog post.

Note: If you are blogging for a while, you already know the importance of using images in your blogs. They not only give your audience an appealing feel but you can increase your traffic from Google Image search results.

If you are finding it hard to use the free images for your blog posts, check out this awesome guide on finding free blogging images.


What is blogging?

Blogging is a way of sharing your thoughts with the world. Thoughts could be related to your personal life or any other topic (health, wealth, parenting, etc.). But unlike traditional blogging, now blogging has turned into a proven business model.

Is blogging worth in 2021?

Yes, why not!! Indeed it is a viable business model nowadays, more and more companies are opting blogging to drive traffic to their website to increase their sales.

Is it possible to start a blog for free?

You can start a free blog on free blogging platforms like Blogger,, etc.

But if you want to start a blog as a real business I highly recommend you choose a self-hosted WordPress platform as it will give you full control over your site and you can monetize it in better ways.

How to start a self-hosted blog?

You can start a WordPress self-hosted blog by simply registering a domain name and getting a web host within an hour.

What are the best blogging tips for beginners?

Start treating blogging like a real business, be consistent, have patience, learning attitude, blogger outreach are some of the basic tips that every beginner should implement to become a successful blogger.

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Keep on Learning New Blogging Techniques

Blogging is a very vast industry and we always keep on learning new blogging techniques from our studies, experiences or from our past mistakes from time to time. When I started blogging, I started it just for fun and for sharing personal thoughts and ideas about different topics.But as I started getting success with my blogging efforts, my motivation and eagerness to learn new things related to blogging keeps on increasing.

Learning new blogging tips and tricks and updating yourself with the latest news is one of the fastest ways to learn and grow a profitable blog or website. Your success stops when you stop learning new tips and tricks. The main motive of blogging is to enrich other people’s lives. The money you make online is directly proportional to the number of people you help. So the more people get benefited from your blogs, the more income you can generate. That’s what so far I’ve learned about blogging in a nutshell.

So every time you come to this blog tips page, you will have something new tips and tricks in store. So keep coming on this page to improve your blogging skills and getting valuable tips.

blogging tips and tricks

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