Best Indian Blogs: List of Most Popular Bloggers in India [2018 Edition]

With this post, I’m aiming at sharing the best Indian blogs and most popular bloggers from India in India. I considered lots of popularity metrics like blog domain authority, traffic details, Technorati Ranking, Subscriber’s details, Content Update Frequency and Alexa Rank before making decision about adding a particular blog to this list. I want to limit this list to best Indian blogs and their blog owners only. There can be lots of popular blogs that are missing from this list and the simple reason could be I haven’t got a chance to browse them.

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List of 50 Best Indian Blogs from Indian Bloggers in 2018

Best Indian Blogs in order of popularity in 2018

If you own a popular blog and want to get that listed into this ultimate list of most popular Indian bloggers, do let me know in the comments section: So here is the ultimate list of best Indian blogs with their respective blog owner’s Name & Image, Current DA, Alexa Ranking and off course their blog address:

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Blog URL Owner Name Owner Image DA Alexa Rank
The Windows Club: Windows Tips Anand Khanse Anand Khanse 65/100 4297
YourStory: Indian Startups Shradha Sharma Shradha Sharma 74/100 7386
ShoutMeLoud: Blog for Bloggers Harsh Agrawal Harsh Agrawal 61/100 7513
Fossbytes — Fresh Bytes of Technology Arpit Verma Arpit Verma 53/100 11516
Digital Inspiration: Tech Blog Amit Agarwal amit-agarwal 77/100 12649
Guiding Tech Abhijeet Mukherjee Abhijeet Mukherjee 51/100 13705
QMaths Nikhil Gupta Nikhil Gupta 18/100 14099
Online Tech Tips Aseem Kishore Aseem Kishore 53/100 15249
Mrunal: For Exam Preparation Mrunal Mrunal 33/100 17313
Fone Arena: Mobile Blog Varun Krishnan Varun Krishnan 56/100 18248
BankExamsToday Ramandeep Singh Ramandeep Singh 31/100 20159
It’s FOSS Abhishek Prakash Abhishek Prakash 50/100 23759
Quick Sprout Neil Patel Neil Patel 80/100 29341
TechGYD Saurabh Saha Saurabh Saha 41/100 29419
AllUsefulInfo: Tech Tutorials Raman Sharma Raman Sharma 29/100 33552
I Will Teach you to Be Rich Ramit Sethi Ramit Sethi 74/100 36394 Excel Tips Chandoo Chandoo 51/100 41752 Lifestyle Blog Malini Agarwal Malini Agarwal 41/100 41987 Arun Prabhudesai Arun Prabhudesai 50/100 43720
AllTechBuzz Imran Uddin Imran Uddin 46/100 51224
DigitalDeepak Deepak Kanakaraju Deepak Kanakaraju 36/100 52818
Filmy Keeday Nishant Srivastava Nishant Srivastava 25/100 70758
Techulator: S/W Reviews Tony John Tony John 34/100 72086
BloggersIdeas Jitendra Vaswani Jitendra Vaswani 42/100 78843
9lessons: Programming Blog Srinivas Tamada Srinivas Tamada 44/100 80828
Technically Personal! Raju PP Raju PP 51/100 82727
MediaNama Nikhil Pahwa Nikhil Pahwa 62/100 83807
HellBound Bloggers Pradeep Kumar Pradeep Kumar 42/100 83962
MotorBeam Faisal A Khan Faisal A Khan 38/100 89336
Techlomedia Deepanker Verma Deepanker Verma 36/100 89654
BloggerTipsTricks Ankit Kumar Singla Ankit Kumar Singla 36/100 90927
Trump Excel Sumit Bansal Sumit Bansal 38/100 93131
Cash Overflow Pardeep Goyal Pardeep Goyal 39/100 95386
Archana’s Kitchen Archana Doshi Archana Doshi 39/100 99336
Bloggers Passion: SEO Blogging Anil Agarwal Anil Agarwal 45/100 99863
WPKube Devesh Sharma Devesh Sharma 58/100 100700
Avinash Kaushik: Analytics Blog Avinash Kaushik avinash_kaushik 73/100 121577
Oxhow Tanmay Ahmed Tanmay Ahmed 26/100 125668
OfficeChai Mudit Bhatia Mudit Bhatia 26/100 152413
NexBigWhat: For Entrepreneurs Ashish Sinha Ashish Sinha 53/100 154086
IFTISEO Iftekhar Ahmed Iftekhar Ahmed 31/100 168061
BloggingCage Kulwant Nagi Kulwant Nagi 44/100 173915 Jaspal Singh Jaspal Singh 46/100 194736
Magazine3: WP Blog Ahmed kaludi Ahmed kaludi 49/100 221365
QuickOnlineTips P Chandra P Chandra 60/100 245740
GoBloggingTips Akshay Hallur Akshay Hallur 36/100 250944
Update Land: Learn Blogging Jyothi Chauhan Jyothi Chauhan 26/100 282551
Aha!NOW Harleena Singh Harleena Singh 44/100 283588
Binary Note Rakesh Kumar Rakesh Kumar 38/100 321116
SEO Siren Satish Kumar Satish Kumar 28/100 323975

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Criteria for compiling and creating  this ultimate list of best Indian Blogs 2018 (Top Indian Bloggers)

Best Indian Blogs To Read and Follow!

I always wanted to create an ultimate list of top Indian bloggers with their most popular blogs. So, this was my attempt to place all the popular bloggers under one banner. These are not only very informative blogs in the niches they represent, but also interesting blogs to read and sharpen your industry knowledge. I have taken the following criteria or key metrics in selecting these bloggers and their blog for this list.

  • The Alexa rank of the listed blogs: I know Alexa is not perfect, but at the time we do not have a trusted and unanimously accepted metric of gauging the popularity of different blogs. So, I went with Alexa which I think is accepted by all bloggers and is known to most newbies.
  • The blog update frequency: We’ll all agree to that there are some very popular blogs which have either been kept unupdated by the bloggers for whatsoever reasons or have been abandoned due to the owner’s interest in other projects.
    This is the sole reason I took this update frequency into consideration for compiling this best Indian bloggers list. All blogs mentioned here are either updated regularly every month or at least have a new article within the last quarter.
  • Domain authority of the blogs: Apart from this I have also mentioned domain authority which is another widely accepted metric to gauge the popularity and authority of top websites.

How to get your blog into this list of top best blogs of India?

Want to see your blog on the best Indian Blog list?

If you have a blog that comes within the criteria mentioned above and you want to see it here, I welcome you to email me ( with the details mentioned below:

  • Alexa ranking of your site (must be below 100,000)
  • A clear gravatar or any closeup image of the owner
  • Domain authority of the blog
  • And the URL of the blog (duh).

Final thoughts about the BEST Indian blogs in 2018:

I tried my best to compile the list of best Indian blogs to showcase at one place and I hope you like the list of these popular blogs in India. All the blogs mentioned here are of various niches including travel, blogging, technology, entertainment, life style, bike review related blogs, top travel Indian blogs etc. If you think you deserve to be a part of this list, email me at with your Alexa rank, Domain Authority, photo and the URL of your blog. If I think your blog suits to be in the list, I’ll add it to the best Indian blogs category.

Note: I did not included any free blog that are created on and type of websites. I’m willing to include just self hosted blogs into this list of most popular blogs from India. if you had noticed you would have known, all blogs that are mentioned into this list have Alexa Rankings less than 100,000. This page will be updated after every 3 months, if your blog is not active by then, it will be replaced with another blog!

What are your views on these blogs? How many of these top bloggers do you already follow? Or do you have any other top bloggers that you’d want to see here? Kindly reach out to me in the comment section. 🙂


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