Best Indian Blogs: List of Most Popular Bloggers in India [2018 Edition]

With this post, I’m aiming at sharing the best Indian blogs and most popular bloggers from India in India.

I considered lots of popularity metrics like blog domain authority, traffic details, Technorati Ranking, Subscriber’s details, Content Update Frequency and Alexa Rank before making decision about adding a particular blog to this list.

I want to limit this list to best Indian blogs and their blog owners only. There can be lots of popular blogs that are missing from this list and the simple reason could be I haven’t got a chance to browse them.

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List of 50 Best Indian Blogs from Indian Bloggers in 2018

Best Indian Blogs in order of popularity in 2018

If you own a popular blog and want to get that listed into this ultimate list of most popular Indian bloggers, do let me know in the comments section: So here is the ultimate list of best Indian blogs with their respective blog owner’s Name & Image, Current DA, Alexa Ranking and off course their blog address:

Blog URLOwner NameOwner ImageDAAlexa Rank
The Windows Club: Windows TipsAnand KhanseAnand Khanse71/1003452
YourStory: Indian StartupsShradha SharmaShradha Sharma75/1009158
ShoutMeLoud: Blog for BloggersHarsh AgrawalHarsh Agrawal68/10015088
Fossbytes — Fresh Bytes of TechnologyArpit VermaArpit Verma68/1006134
Digital Inspiration: Tech BlogAmit Agarwalamit-agarwal78/10015076
Guiding TechAbhijeet Mukherjee Abhijeet Mukherjee66/10013407
QMathsNikhil GuptaNikhil Gupta30/10017994
Online Tech TipsAseem KishoreAseem Kishore64/10014858
Mrunal: For Exam PreparationMrunalMrunal47/10013477
Fone Arena: Mobile BlogVarun KrishnanVarun Krishnan68/10026971
BankExamsTodayRamandeep SinghRamandeep Singh35/10022962
It’s FOSSAbhishek PrakashAbhishek Prakash63/10015512
Quick SproutNeil PatelNeil Patel74/10038208
TechGYDSaurabh SahaSaurabh Saha62/10028369
AllUsefulInfo: Tech TutorialsRaman SharmaRaman Sharma46/100108,882
I Will Teach you to Be RichRamit SethiRamit Sethi64/10038174 Excel TipsChandooChandoo62/10042996 Lifestyle BlogMalini AgarwalMalini Agarwal63/10077794
Trak.inArun PrabhudesaiArun Prabhudesai62/10065440
AllTechBuzzImran UddinImran Uddin59/10050386
DigitalDeepakDeepak KanakarajuDeepak Kanakaraju38/10072957
Filmy KeedayNishant SrivastavaNishant Srivastava50/10095363
Techulator: S/W ReviewsTony JohnTony John57/100100118
BloggersIdeasJitendra VaswaniJitendra Vaswani47/100111452
9lessons: Programming BlogSrinivas TamadaSrinivas Tamada49/100137325
Technically Personal!Raju PPRaju PP65/10098572
MediaNamaNikhil PahwaNikhil Pahwa62/100112842
HellBound BloggersPradeep KumarPradeep Kumar49/100117539
MotorBeamFaisal A KhanFaisal A Khan60/10092933
TechlomediaDeepanker VermaDeepanker Verma52/10086236
BloggerTipsTricksAnkit SinglaAnkit Singla47/10093714
Trump ExcelSumit BansalSumit Bansal48/10061991
Cash OverflowPardeep GoyalPardeep Goyal36/10094920
Archana’s KitchenArchana DoshiArchana Doshi53/100107582
Bloggers Passion: SEO BloggingAnil AgarwalAnil Agarwal51/10086803
WPKubeDevesh SharmaDevesh Sharma53/100105239
Avinash Kaushik: Analytics BlogAvinash Kaushikavinash_kaushik65/100148387
OxhowTanmay AhmedTanmay Ahmed26/100285087
OfficeChaiMudit BhatiaMudit Bhatia46/100152413
NexBigWhat: For EntrepreneursAshish SinhaAshish Sinha54/100193062
IFTISEOIftekhar AhmedIftekhar Ahmed33/100299039
BloggingCageKulwant NagiKulwant Nagi46/100168442
SaveDelete.comJaspal SinghJaspal Singh60/100217849
Magazine3: WP BlogAhmed kaludiAhmed kaludi53/100278795
QuickOnlineTipsP ChandraP Chandra62/100381005
GoBloggingTipsAkshay HallurAkshay Hallur36/100335889
Update Land: Learn BloggingJyothi ChauhanJyothi Chauhan45/100474842
Aha!NOWHarleena SinghHarleena Singh47/100242273
Binary NoteRakesh KumarRakesh Kumar46/100660823
SEO SirenSatish KumarSatish Kumar34/100734305

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Criteria for compiling and creating  this ultimate list of best Indian Blogs 2018 (Top Indian Bloggers)

Best Indian Blogs To Read and Follow!

I always wanted to create an ultimate list of top Indian bloggers with their most popular blogs. So, this was my attempt to place all the popular bloggers under one banner. These are not only very informative blogs in the niches they represent, but also interesting blogs to read and sharpen your industry knowledge. I have taken the following criteria or key metrics in selecting these bloggers and their blog for this list.

  • The Alexa rank of the listed blogs: I know Alexa is not perfect, but at the time we do not have a trusted and unanimously accepted metric of gauging the popularity of different blogs. So, I went with Alexa which I think is accepted by all bloggers and is known to most newbies.
  • The blog update frequency: We’ll all agree to that there are some very popular blogs which have either been kept unupdated by the bloggers for whatsoever reasons or have been abandoned due to the owner’s interest in other projects.
    This is the sole reason I took this update frequency into consideration for compiling this best Indian bloggers list. All blogs mentioned here are either updated regularly every month or at least have a new article within the last quarter.
  • Domain authority of the blogs: Apart from this I have also mentioned domain authority which is another widely accepted metric to gauge the popularity and authority of top websites.

How to get your blog into this list of top best blogs of India?

Want to see your blog on the best Indian Blog list?

If you have a blog that comes within the criteria mentioned above and you want to see it here, I welcome you to email me ( with the details mentioned below:

  • Alexa ranking of your site (must be below 100,000)
  • A clear gravatar or any closeup image of the owner
  • Domain authority of the blog
  • And the URL of the blog (duh).

Final thoughts about the BEST Indian blogs in 2018:

I tried my best to compile the list of best Indian blogs to showcase at one place and I hope you like the list of these popular blogs in India. All the blogs mentioned here are of various niches including blogging, technology, entertainment, life style, bike review related blogs, top travel Indian blogs etc. If you think you deserve to be a part of this list, email me at with your Alexa rank, Domain Authority, photo and the URL of your blog. If I think your blog suits to be in the list, I’ll add it to the best Indian blogs category.

Note: I did not included any free blog that are created on and type of websites. I’m willing to include just self hosted blogs into this list of most popular blogs from India. if you had noticed you would have known, all blogs that are mentioned into this list have Alexa Rankings less than 100,000. This page will be updated after every 3 months, if your blog is not active by then, it will be replaced with another blog!

What are your views on these blogs? How many of these top bloggers do you already follow? Or do you have any other top bloggers that you’d want to see here? Kindly reach out to me in the comment section. 🙂


  1. Soumen says:

    Glad to find Ampercent on the list. Got your mail and happy that we share the list with some great names. Unfortunately, like any list, this one too is far from being complete. It is missing some real big names….one for instance is Techie-Buzz.

  2. William says:


    Thanks for sharing this useful list of best bloggers which are always ready to help others. I want to know one are these all blogs CommentLuv enabled or not?

  3. Raheel Mushtaq says:

    i love reading articles at Shoutmeloud for me its the best indian website and Amit Bhawani is also one of my favorites..!

  4. PrIyAnGsHu says:

    Amit Agarwal has always been an inspiration for me, he is an awesome guy. BTW, nice to see you in the list bro. Keep it going 🙂 !

  5. Genevieve says:

    Great post. Thanks for sharing the best Indian blogs. All these bloggers have awesome posts. I like to read articles on Blogger Passion.

  6. Krishna Verma says:

    This is a nice list compiled by you. Among these Amit Agarwal is one of my favorite. He lives a simple life and never boasts of his blogging income or popularity.

  7. Jai says:

    Dear Anil, this is an amazing list that you have created, and by far the most comprehensive on the web right now. Just my two cents, but I would surely add QOT to this list.

    • I know about, but I was unable to get an image of its Owner anywhere on internet. That’s why I skipped it, otherwise I would surely add to this list, which is one of the best blog in blogging niche. If I’m able to get its owner image in future, It will upload QOT as well to this list

  8. Jean says:

    Thanks for rounding up these great blogs. I’ve added most of them to my favorites. Great to see increasing interest in blogging!

  9. Anamika says:

    I am a regular reader of 3 of the Blogs, and now have added the rest to my reading list. I would love to learn from these successful Bloggers who have made their mark with writing. Thanks for the information!

  10. ANDLA says:

    Great analysis from you, i think you must change current post’s URL:
    [best-indian-blogs] > [Top-Indian-bloggers-and-blogs-list] (something like this).
    one day, it will became popular post . when you will be adding more most of bloggers list.

  11. I’m a fan of all these blogs. You done a great job.
    BTW 9lessons is in

  12. arun kumar sharma says:

    I am a regular reader of 3 of the Blogs, and now have added the rest to my reading list. I would love to learn from these successful Bloggers who have made their mark with writing. Thanks for the information!

  13. AKS says:

    Familiar with some of the names but most of them were unknown to me before. Thanks!!
    Avinash is of Indian origin but I think he work and live in USA.

  14. Harleena Singh says:

    Hi Anil,

    Wonderful list indeed, and thanks so much for adding my blog in here as well. It’s good to see so many Indian fellow bloggers doing so well, and to see them ALL placed in this one list. Great resource indeed 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend 🙂

  15. Sonia says:

    I think still there is scope for best blogs part 2 because various bloggers from other fields like beauty, cooking, movies …missing.

  16. What a great round up of bloggers! I see some of my blogging buddies here, especially Harleena who is doing such a great job with her blog. Of course Neil Patel who is hitting the blogging world by storm.

    Thanks for putting together such wonderful people.


    • Hi Donna, glad to see you around here on the list of best Indian bloggers. Yes, both Harleena and Neil are doing extremely great in terms of building audience around their sites. Thanks for the comment.

  17. ujjwal kumar sen says:

    Hello, I like the list sure these bloggers are really good but I like the most Amit Aggarwal blog Labnol that is just a awesome blog.

    Each time I got something new in his blog.

    Thanks for this awesome list @Anil

  18. Nirmala says:

    How I missed leaving the comment on this post?

    Sorry Anil, thanks for listing my blog under best Indian blogs.

    These are inspiring bloggers and there are hell lot of stuff to learn from them.

    Thanks for this doing this good consolidation, hope it would inspire the budding bloggers to blog with passion.

  19. Shubham says:

    Hey Anil,

    Great collection of Indian technology blogs! I’m going to bookmark this resource for quick navigation to all these blogs.

    I always love to read technology blogs and is my favorite one. I also read, which is another good technology blog in India and one of my favorite blogs, but you missed to list it here.

    By the way, very nice collection of technology blogs. Most of these are very new for me. Many Thanks!

  20. Hi Anil wonderful post and I would love to be in that list and hopefully I will break all the barriers and make my place in this top list very soon and I am climbing the ladder fairly quick So keep your finger crossed, I am coming LOL

  21. Madhu Sharma says:

    The lines into your article “I did not included any free blog that are created on and type of websites” has a great thought which I like the most.
    The rule must be applied anywhere. i.e.,
    Let a site with a custom domain along with the better UI with blasted loading time having mobile friendly responsive UI and pointed to less than 10K alexa rank, and earning thousand of dollars already, but doesn’t deserve to add here in your list.
    This is your website, and you can do whatever you want.
    I just want to say, doesn’t compare humans by their clothes.
    Let’s this is true. The son or daughter of a poor man can’t qualify for the IIT. Is that true?

    Thank God IITs don’t apply such rules otherwise the person who is poor but not comparable than the rich person in creativity can’t reach to success.

    I know you all are having WordPress site here, and may reply me in a way that I can’t imagine.

    • Please let me know if you’ve a free blog site that is fairly doing
      well in terms of getting more traffic or sales. I’d be happy to
      include that in the list.

      • Madhu Sharma says:

        I don’t have any blog yet, but I like to read more & more about blogging. I read so many blogs over the web. Like you, and like many bloggers I also read regularly from my favorite blogs i.e., shoutmeloud. Some of them hosted on WordPress, and some hosted on Blogger.

        Indirectly, you are INSULTING pro bloggers who are doing well (trust me better than you) with Blogger platform.

        Your reply doesn’t make sense because you have already mentioned in this post that first you takes platform then you look over the creativity.

        From your point of view, “IF YOU HAVE A BLOGGER BLOG, THEN YOU CAN’T BE CREATIVE.”

        I know you are thinking how it can be possible that a Blogger blog can beat my own website although we have spend so many dollars on it, we have dedicated ips, cdn, cache enabled and third party template. I will give you an example later.

        Yes, I know you may be professional blogger, for your kind information I just want to say,
        If you have a fulltoss knowledge in SEO and HTML only. You can beat your own self hosted blog pages with the static pages. Please do not shocked, that is the power of knowledge.

        Everything is not money, and you can’t buy anything from it. Yes, I know you are earning a lot of money, but it doesn’t mean hey you can’t afford self hosted blog, so you are blogging with blogger… ha ha ha you are a very cheap person, you can’t be creative. No, you are absolutely wrong.

        Just think, If he/she also earn thousand of dollars from Blogger hosted blogs. Can he/she not afford to having own server? Everyone has different view for the same thing.

        I am not going to share any indian blog (hosted on Blogger) here, because I don’t want to insult them. You have already done this job beautifully.

        Here is a blog hosted on Blogger that is also my one of favorite blog(Not from India).

        Just compare his stats with your self hosted blog.

        He also launched first head office.

        P.S: We are Indians. So we have very bad habit to play divide and rule game. First I have seen divide and rule in religion, then cast, and now you have started to divide pro bloggers with the platforms. “I did not included any free blog that are created on and type of websites.” – doesn’t matter he/she is creative or not.

        • By saying I’m not accepting free blogs created on blogger and WordPress, It’s about sub-domains which are created for free on these blogging platforms.

          • Madhu Sharma says:

            “I did not included any free blog that are created on and type of websites.” – You should know custom domains also created on

            If you are saying its about sub-domain, then what does it mean.

            “I’m willing to include just self hosted blogs into this list of most popular blogs from India”. You really never knew about the custom domains. It is clearly shows if you wears denim jeans you love it and all the brands like Reebok has no value.

            By the way, keep it up, and try to avoid insulting to specific group of peoples in public including your site and social media. You may also read terms of use conditions on any social media site, you will find this point.

    • I support this initiative taken by Anil.

      He’s doing a pretty well job by researching, and updating this post frequently.

      However, I had to agree with this point. This seems a bit unfair to many.

      All the best.

      • Thanks for your kind words, yes, it takes a ton of time to update this kind of content as it involves in frequently checking out their blogs along with metrics like Alexa and DA and update the post.. As there are hundreds of blog posts on this site, we can’t really give more importance to one particular post. Thanks for understanding.

  22. Hi Anil
    Nice list.
    I am a WordPress theme developer. You can find my blog at
    Focuses on WordPress tutorials. It has gained popularity since I have started it..
    Alexa 56,564
    Please include me on the list.

  23. Sathish Arumugam says:

    I searched to do my blog comments in google. On that time, I saw your site and you have mentioned that “Mentioned list of indian blogger list”. It helps me a lot to do my blog comments in your site. Thanks for updating this good content!!!

  24. sanjay sajeev says:

    Great list. To get a place in the list needs a deep hard work and patience. I consider blogging as a new generation job which we can do from any part of the world.

  25. Junaid Kumar says:

    Hi Anil I am a great follower of your blog but one thing I have noticed that you are not updating this blog post as you have promised and there are many blogger blogs which are awesome and have good rankings I have seen quite handy blogs which have much better ranking then you websites which you have mentioned, Is using blogger is crime or what and if they have earned good alexa ranking then I think that they deserve the place in this list! Please anil it might happen that they don’t have enough money to start self hosted wordpress blog but they are doing their best to help other by publishing top notch content So I think that you must include few top blogger blog also in this list and keep this list updated

    • Hey Junaid, I really appreciate your concern but there’s one issue with updating it frequently: it takes a ton of time to update this kind of content as it involves in frequently checking out their blogs along with metrics like Alexa and DA and update the post.. As there are hundreds of blog posts on this site, we can’t really give more importance to one particular post, but we always strive to give you the updated information whenever it is the time to update it. Hope you appreciate it.

  26. Hey Anil,

    This is a great list, seems like I already know most of them,

    I also found some of the blogs that I haven’t visited in ages, good to check them out after a long time.

    Congrats to everyone who made this amazing list,
    sharing it now on the social media,

    Uttoran Sen,

  27. Varun says:

    Shoutmeloud Harsh and Amit Agarwal are my inspiration in blogging.I follow their blog’s regularly.SML posts on Monthly income report gives be lot of boost when i feel my confidence down..

  28. Sundaram says:

    Great list. But you need to factor in web traffic quantity too. Use to get a comparative of the traffic for each of these blogs. Google Toolbar PageRank has been discontinued and hasn’t been update in years. You too should dump it. Use MOZRank instead, if you want. Install its toolbar to get the real tanks. Otherwise, probably the best list.

  29. Harsh S. says:

    Great Anil, what an amazing list of blogs, all are from super bloggers. It would need huge efforts and determination to bring up with such high quality content along with live statistics as topup. And your blog is looking more appealing as I’m writing this comment from my cell phone. Keep up the specialist work!

  30. Wow, very well researched and informative post compilation. I am also striving to be on this much coveted list of phenomenal bloggers who have altered the game altogether. Very inspirational indeed. Godspeed!

  31. Harshika says:

    I have found Best Indian Bloggers Topic everywhere, buy I believe this list is updated one. Thanks Anil for your work. I personally follow Neil, Amit, Harsh, Jitendra, and Kulwant from long back now. We can simply proud on these bloggers, and learn from their experience to grow. This is surely going to motivate all the upcoming bloggers like me. Please update this list on regular basis.

    • Yes, there are so many people who are covering the same topics but this is the only post that gets updated frequently with all the stats and new information about the best indian blogs. So you should bookmarking it and keep coming back regularly to see fresh information to follow few great bloggers from India.

  32. Rocky Murasing says:

    I am not looking at the list of best blogs and bloggers, I am actually looking at the list of inspiration material which may help me to join in the list someday. Many blogger in the list seemed to be young in age(like me). 🙂 That’s just lovely to see. thanks for the post.

  33. Javed says:

    1st thing, Amit Agarwal should be at 1st place…
    2nd thing, all others are not that much legitimate to be added in this list.
    3rd thing, Harleena Singh is FAKE.
    Amit, Harsh, Neil, Mr. Tamada and much more people are great… but there are lots of other bloggers who are doing much better than these out-of-syllabus people… you need to research much more and then add.. else your DA going to be gone…..

  34. Hey! Anil Bro
    What a Collection of indian bloggers. This is a very great list and All the bloggers of this list Really very Great bloggers. i Follow lots of bloggers for this list. I have One question Bro Neil Patel is a American bloggers So Why You will Add Neil Patel in Indian bloggers list. I hope you will given me Answer very soon for my Question and i,m waiting for Your Response..

  35. In fact very good list of blogs. These bloggers from very diverse fields have made their fortune blogging. This list inspires me to take my blog to new heights. Once again thanks for posting.

  36. Rahul says:

    Great List of Bloggers. Personally I follow Harsh Aggarwal, Kulwant Nagi and Neil Patel. They are pioneers in terms of knowledge …

  37. Shirish Dhungel says:

    Saurabh Saha from Digital Guide was the first person who helped me in knowing more about tech. Its good to have him in the blog list.

  38. Hello Anil,
    As someone who has only been blogging for less than a year I have found that many of my regular and extremely loyal readers come from India.

    My target audience is brand new bloggers going through the same journey as me online so it’s exciting to have this list of the best Indian bloggers.

    I want to contribute and share whatever I can and continually want to improve my skills. This list yuou have provided has given me a great opportunity to not only educate myself further but to also better understand the culture of the Indian blogging community.

    Anil thank you again for sharing your exptise and excellent research – it is greatly appreciated.

    Best wishes from the remote Thai village blogger


  39. Suraj Soni says:

    some of the familiar faces, however Neil is not an Indian Blogger, yup he roots from India but he is USA Citizen.

    • Yes, that’s true, even the same thing goes with Ramit Sethi, who roots from India but don’t live here. But they both occasionally visit India and there’s a huge fan base for both of them here.

  40. Sufyan Shaikh says:

    Hi Anil,

    An awesome compiled list by you

    I will make sure to check out blogs of my niche that is blogging.

    Thanks again for the list

  41. Hi Anil,

    I am a big fan of you and the list is really helpful, There are many new faces I have in your list. Blogging is the best way to get name and fame both together with your hard work. Thanks buddy to share inspiring blogger’s list with us.

    • Thanks and glad to know that I’m your favorite blogger and I want to know that which blog post do you like the post on my blog, and if you ever have any questions related to SEO or blogging, you can mail me or use my contact page to connect with me.

  42. Hello Anil, you have done a great job. You are one of my favorite bloggers. I know some best blogs in India. They are doing very well by blogging. Harsh Agrawal, Amit Agarwal, and Imran Uddin and you also are my favorite bloggers. Thanks for sharing such an excellent article.

  43. Indeed a great list, Anil.

    ShoutMeLoud, QuickSprout, BloggerTipsTricks, BloggingCage and Bloggerspassion are those blogs which I read most of the times because I found so many high quality articles on these blogs and It helps me a lot and I learn so much from them.

    Thanks for sharing it with us. 😀

  44. Blessing Noah says:

    A great list of influential bloggers I must say.
    I’ve followed a few bloggers (and their blogs) mentioned in this post. Bloggers like Harsh Agrawal (ShoutMeLoud), Imran Uddin (AllTechBuzz) and yes you, Anil Agarwal (BloggersPassion) have literally changed the way I blog.

    Big thanks to you for the comprehensive list.

  45. I recently started my blog and its growing day by day and my effort give good result. I follow all the person who are in blogging industries, read blogging guide book and learn how to do blogging. With this list i can learn from more blogger. Here some name is new for me.

    Thanks Anil hope i will fit in this list in future. 🙂

  46. Harsh Agarwal, Imran Uddin are my favourites.i love reading articles at Shoutmeloud for me its the best indian website and Amit Bhawani is also one of my favorites.Thanks for sharing the best Indian blogs. All these bloggers have awesome posts.

  47. lusekelo says:

    It is great to see many of my favorite blogs are listed here(yes bloggerspassion is my favorite too).This gives me hope that if i apply what you teach in your bolg i will soon be in the list,i know that i need to increase my blog authority and alexa ranking and i am working on that,cheers man well done.

    • Thanks for the great words, you don’t really have to focus on such site metrics (DA, alexa although it’s good to have them). Instead, you should focus on creating great content, adding more value and building loyal audience around your blog. That’s when you can become a great blogger.

  48. Thank you for this post.I didn’t know about these all bloggers. We have these much bloggers in India. Waw! Happy to see all the famous bloggers. I am new in SEO and for SEO tips and updates I mostly followed Neil Patel, Jitendra Vaswani and Harsh Agrawal. I have bookmarked this article.Thank you so much for share this wonderful post.

    • Yes, there are literally thousands of great bloggers from India which are mostly unknown and that’s the reason why we tried to create a list of top Indian bloggers so others can follow them.

  49. Hi Anil wonderful post and I would love to be in that list and hopefully I will break all the barriers and make my place in this top list very soon and I am climbing the ladder fairly quick So keep your finger crossed, I am coming LOL

  50. Thanks for sharing these Great List of Bloggers!
    Really great to see my top list blogger made in your list like Neil Patel, Harsh Agrawal.

    I really like some other blogger they are not that much famous as they but their content is worth reading such as Sreedev Sharma from, He writes more on social media but really that contnet is worth reading.

  51. MAHI PATEL says:

    Great Bunch of Amazing People Sharing same Post it’s Look Great.
    So, I haven’t try to Write a blog Yet. But I start SEO so I Regularly follow Harsh Shoot me Loud. It provide amazing Theories on SEO With Cases that’s Great after that when i Look for Any posting sites Solutions Jitender Sir’s site help me a lot. And if i need some help regarding tools and Strategies i Read Neal Patel Blog all time Favourite.
    I have seen some Great Inspirational Story on MY which Also Amazing.
    In the End All i want to tell you is thank you for Sharing this Great Information Content.

  52. Hemanth says:

    I follow Deepak and i’m glad to know the other top Bloggers. Experiences are always an inspiration and self motivate to achieve more. Thanks Anil for sharing the article, its like Boosting to every blogger.
    Waiting for the Day and all the best for your future endeavors!

  53. Suraj says:

    i am a regular reader of Shoutmeloud and quicksprout, but i think Neil Patel should not be in the list, he is from Indian origin but never really ever lived in India.

    • Hey Suraj, yes, that’s true, even the same thing goes with Ramit Sethi, who roots from India but don’t live here. But they both occasionally visit India and there’s a huge fan base for both of them here, so you should really follow both of them.

  54. Monarch says:

    Wow,, it’s great to see most of the bloggers under one platform whom I follow.. Even though I am new to blogging,, and it’s going to take a lot of time and effort for me to achieve something in blogging field,, still I am positive .. Hope to see my name someday there!!

  55. Ravi says:

    This is a great topic I have found ever to read as a blogger. I just started my career as a blogger now, and I am so much inspired after reading this blog. Now I have become more confident in a blogging field. Thanks a lot for this wonderful post.

  56. Guriya says:

    Thanks for sharing the collective list of popular bloggers. I really love to read blogs by Harsh Agarwal, Abhijeet Mukherjee, Shradha Sharma and Jitendra Vaswani. These all are my favorites bloggers.

  57. Akash says:

    Feeling very happy to see list of most popular bloggers who are very famous for their way of blogging. It’s a lot to learn from them. Thanks for your appreciable effort and sparing valuable time in writing this post.

    • Yes, you can learn a lot of stuff from these bloggers no matter whether if you’re from India or elsewhere and their success secret is most of them have been blogging for years. Their consistency is what helped them to grow their reputation and brand awareness. Thanks for following!

  58. TechCrack says:

    I am new in SEO and for SEO tips and updates I mostly followed Neil Patel, Jitendra Vaswani and Harsh Agrawal. I have bookmarked this article.Thank you so much for share this wonderful post.

    • If you’re new to SEO, Neil Patel and Brian Dean are two bloggers you must follow as they regularly share a ton of useful stuff related to SEO. Here’s an excellent resource for you if you’re beginner to SEO (, where you’ll find everything from On-page SEO, off-page SEO, content, keyword research, backlinks, competitor’s research, web analytics, usability, mobile, design and so on

  59. Anup Kumar says:

    Thanks Anil, I just wonder that so many people are there and some of them is big name in online business.
    I was just looking for some blog submission site suddenly I saw this post and just for my curiosity click on the link to see the bloggers.
    Really wonderful list.

  60. Mannu Jain says:

    Anil, that is a really good and inspiring data. Can you please make time and include India`s top fitness bloggers also.

  61. Alex July says:

    This is the first time I’m reading your blog, and I justed wanted to ask if Harsch Agarwal, who is the author of ShoutMeLoud, is your brother? (you have the same surname).

    • haha no, but we both belong to the same region (Delhi, capital of India) and “Agarwal” is a common surname in India. Surprisingly, we also work sometimes on affiliate partnerships but we are not from the same family.

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