How These Top 10 Female Bloggers Are Making Money from their Blogs [2024 Edition]

Looking for the top 10 female bloggers? You’re in the right place.

Starting a blog is relatively easy.

Making money off it is NOT.

There are literally millions of bloggers out there and the number is only growing.

According to Statista, around 31.7 million bloggers are in the US alone. On average, bloggers earn upwards of $84,000 per year!

number of female bloggers

Female bloggers are also giving TOUGH competition in every field. Blogging is one of the best ways for women to make money

If you’re looking for famous female bloggers along with their income sources, you’re in the right place.

If you are wondering how few bloggers make thousands of dollars every month, you should know one fact: “making money online is NOT hard if you know how to sell”. 

Most successful bloggers know how to sell without being pushy.

If you are looking for some quick motivation, this post will help you where you are going to discover the top 10 women bloggers.

In this post, we’ll talk about;

  • Top 10 female bloggers worldwide along with their website URLs and Twitter ID’s
  • Their estimated blogging income along with their earning sources
  • Why you should follow these female bloggers and much more

So are you ready? Let’s jump into the details. 

Quick Note: The majority of the women bloggers mentioned in this list don’t share their income reports publicly. We’ve gone through their blogs, listened to their podcasts, and watched their videos to analyze their stats and income sources.

Top 10 Best Female Bloggers You MUST Follow in 2024

top female bloggers

1. Amy Porterfield

amy porterfield


Estimated Income: Amy is making over $5 million a year

Amy Porterfield is one of the top female bloggers in the world and she teaches entrepreneurs to build successful businesses online.

On her blog, Amy often teaches how to create best-selling courses and make huge money from online businesses.  

How does Amy Porterfield make money?

Amy makes money in the following ways;

  • Selling online courses
  • Promoting affiliate products
  • Brand collaborations
  • Sponsorships, product reviews, and more

Takeaway – Why Should You Follow Amy Porterfield

Amy is an excellent marketing strategist who created a wide range of useful courses to help entrepreneurs all around the world. On her blog, Amy helps entrepreneurs across various industries to build a profitable business.  

If you want to build a money-making email list, create a successful webinar or create amazing online courses that generate profits, you should definitely check out Amy’s work. 

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2. Marie Forleo



Estimated Income: Marie Forleo has a net worth of $14 million

Marie Forleo is the New York Times bestselling author of “Everything is Figureoutable”. She’s the CEO of MarieTV & The Marie Forleo Podcast.

On her podcast, she often invites influential guests to share actionable strategies for greater happiness, success, and productivity.

How does Marie Forleo make money?

Here are some of the ways Marie Forleo makes money online;

  • Selling her own products
  • Selling own courses
  • Collaborations and sponsorships
  • Affiliate marketing

Takeaway – Why Should You Follow Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo is named by Oprah as a thought leader for the next generation for a reason: Marie helps you succeed both in life and in business. On her blog, Marie Forleo teaches how to run a successful online business by using unconventional yet proven strategies.

You should follow Marie Forleo if you want to get inspired, become confident, and create a successful business that you can be proud of. From business to life to career advice, you’ll get solid advice from Marie.

ebook bundle

3. Heidi Cohen



Estimated Income: She earns $10K+ per month

Heidi Cohen has over 20 years of experience in blogging and online marketing. She has been helping thousands of entrepreneurs to achieve their blogging goals.

How does Heidi Cohen make money?

Heidi Cohen uses the following monetization strategies to make money from blogging;

  • Speaking
  • Training
  • Consulting
  • Affiliate marketing

Takeaway – Why Should You Follow Heidi Cohen

If you’re looking for solid advice on social media and content marketing, you should definitely check out Heidi’s blog. 

Whether you’re an experienced marketer or a newbie, you’ll discover a ton of informative articles on creating a solid business online.

4. Shraddha Sharma



Estimated Income: Shraddha has an estimated net worth of $3 million 

Shradha Sharma is the Founder and Chief Editor of YourStory. YourStory is one of India’s biggest platforms for entrepreneurs.

Shradha worked with Times of India and CNBC TV18 before launching YourStory. She was also featured in the list of 500 LinkedIn Influencers across the world. 

How does Shraddha Sharma make money?

Here are some of the ways Shraddha makes money;

  • Advertising 
  • Sponsorships
  • Paid collaborations
  • Affiliate marketing 

Takeaway – Why Should You Follow Shraddha Sharma

On, they’ve published over 60,000 stories of entrepreneurs. So if you’re looking for inspiring stories of entrepreneurs or searching for entrepreneurship advice, you should definitely follow Shraddha’s blog. 

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5. Joanna Goddard



Estimated Income: Joanna has an estimated net worth of $5 million

Joanna Goddard is the founder of one of the best lifestyle blogs “Cup of Joe” which covers everything from lifestyle and culture to motherhood, travel, food, and more.

Her blog Cup of Jo receives over 5 million monthly page views and 1 million monthly unique visitors.

How does Joanna Goddard make money?

Here are some of the monetization strategies Joanna uses;

Takeaway – Why Should You Follow Joanna Goddard

Joanna launched Cup of Jo in 2007 as a weekend hobby but within a few years, she started making a full-time income from blogging. 

If you’re looking for helpful articles around lifestyle, design, food, culture, travel, relationships, and parenting, you should definitely follow Joann’s blog. 

6. Margaret Manning 



Estimated Income: Over $25K per month

Margaret Manning is the founder of Sixty And Me which is one of the biggest communities of women over 60. 500,000+ women over 60 follow her blog, content, YouTube videos, etc.

Margaret also runs a YouTube channel called Sixty and Me where she regularly uploads new videos on various topics including makeup, fashion, reinvention, health, etc.

How does Margaret Manning make money?

Here are some of the ways Margaret makes money;

  • Patreon membership where she asks her audience to support her work (around 700 patrons are paying her monthly ranging from $1 to $30 per month)
  • Affiliate marketing where she promotes a wide range of lifestyle and beauty products 
  • Sponsorships, reviews, etc

Takeaway – Why Should You Follow Margaret Manning

If you’re a woman over 60 and looking for advice to live happily, eat healthily and be financially independent, you MUST follow Sixty And Me blog. 

You’ll find a ton of helpful articles on a wide range of topics including health, travel, money, lifestyle, caring, mindset, dating, beauty, and more. 

7. Lindsay Livingston 



Estimated Income: She earns around $15K to $20K per month

Lindsay Livingston is a Registered Dietitian and a mom blogger who runs one of the popular health blogs called The Lean Green Bean.

On her blog, Lindsay shares a ton of simple, healthy recipes, nutrition tips, and workouts that keep you healthy and fit.

How does Lindsay Livingston make money?

Here’s how Lindsay monetizes her blog;

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Selling her own products such as eBooks
  • Sponsored recipes and product reviews
  • Sponsored social media packages
  • Ambassadorships and more

Takeaway – Why Should You Follow Lindsay Livingston

Lindsay is NOT only a certified dietitian but she often shares healthy recipes in a simple way. She also shares her food successes and failures when it comes to feeding her kids to inspire other parents. 

So if you’re looking for healthy recipes, nutrition advice, parenting tips, or food preparation tips, you should definitely follow Lindsay’s blog.

8. Dorthy Miller Shore 



Estimated Income: Over $30K per month

Dorthy Miller Shore is the President and CEO of Prime Women, which is one of the best lifestyle blogs across the world. Dorthy was also the founder of Miller Ad Agency which was a well-known automotive and digital ad agency.

How does Dorthy Miller Shore make money?

Here’s how Dorthy monetizes her blog;

  • Sponsorship
  • Advertising
  • Brand collaborations 
  • Affiliate marketing

Takeaway – Why Should You Follow Dorthy Miller Shore 

If you’re looking for a new perspective on fashion, travel, fitness, beauty, finances, relationships, and entertainment, you must check out Dorthy’s blog Prime Women.

If you’re searching for a lifestyle guide for living well or expert career advice, Prime Women website is a must-read for you.

9. Archana Doshi

Archana Doshi


Estimated Income: Around $10K to $15K per month

Archana Doshi is one of the top female bloggers from India. She’s the founder of Archana’s Kitchen which was launched in 2007.

Archana’s Kitchen is a leading recipe and food blog where you can find thousands of delicious and healthy recipes.

How does Archana Doshi make money?

Here are some of the monetization strategies used by Archana.

  • She sells her own food products
  • Sponsorships
  • Affiliate marketing

Takeaway – Why Should You Follow Archana Doshi

If you’re looking for an online platform where you can find credible information on everyday cooking and mindful eating, you must check out Archana’s blog. 

Whether you’re looking for lunch recipes, beaking mix recipes, or healthy snacks, you’ll find almost every recipe article on her blog.

10. Julia Berolzheimer



Estimated Income: Around $15K to $20K per month

Julia Berolzheimer is one of the most popular female bloggers in the world who has transformed her blog into a profitable business. Julia is also the co-founder of Shop Parterre where you’ll find an ultimate collection of gifts, interior, and fashion products.

How does Julia Berolzheimer make money?

Here’s how Julia monetizes her blog;

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Colloborations 
  • Selling her own fashion products 
  • Sponsorships and product reviews

Takeaway – Why Should You Follow Julia Berolzheimer

If you’re looking for lifestyle advice, you must check out Julia’s blog. If you’re looking for the latest fashion trends and outfits, you’ll find a ton of styles on her blog.

How to Start a Blog in 5 Easy Steps

So far we’ve talked about some of the famous female bloggers across various industries.

If you’re inspired and looking to make money from blogging, this section is for you where we’ll talk about how to start a blog in 5 easy steps.

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Once you’re on Hostinger’s website, scroll down a bit to see their shared hosting pricing plans.

hostinger plans

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Choose any web hosting plan that suits your budget. Go for their Premium shared hosting plan as you can install multiple sites and you’ll also get a free domain. And don’t forget the 3 months of free hosting attached in this plan.

But if you’re looking for a cheaper shared hosting plan from Hostinger, go with their Single Shared Hosting plan which costs you just around $85 for 4 years.

Here’s what it looks like (after applying the promo code ANILAGARWAL);

hostinger coupon

Once you apply the coupon, make the payment and fill out the remaining details.

Once the payment is done, you’ll get a confirmation email from Hostinger along with your login details.

Log into your Hostinger account and use their “Auto Installer” features to install WordPress on your website.

Here’s how the “Auto Installer” feature of Hostinger looks like;

hostinger install

Once you click on the Auto Installer, select WordPress to install it on your website. 

Congrats, your website is ready to roll!

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FAQs about Top Female Bloggers

Here are some of the frequently asked questions around female bloggers and blogging in general. 

Who are the best female bloggers?

Here are some of the famous female bloggers across the world.
– Amy Porterfield (CEO of
– Margaret Manning (founder of Sixty and Me)
– Lindsay Livingston (founder of The Lean Green Bean)
– Shraddha Sharma (founder of YourStory)

How do most female bloggers make money?

Most female bloggers use the following monetization strategies to make money from their blogs.
– Selling their own products such as eBooks, courses, etc
– Affiliate marketing
– Brand collaborations and sponsorships
– Consulting 

What type of blog makes the most money?

Here are a few types of blogs that generate high profits.
– Finance blogs
– Marketing blogs
– Food & Lifestyle blogs
– Health blogs 
– Travel blogs  

What are the best blogs for women?

Here are some of the best blogs for women to follow in 2024.

How do most female bloggers generate traffic to their blogs?

Here are some of the common ways most female bloggers bring traffic to their blogs.
– Organic search traffic (especially from Google)
– Paid traffic
– Email marketing
– Social media (most female bloggers depend upon social media for traffic)

Best Blogs worth Following in 2024:

Final thoughts about the top female bloggers

Most of the female bloggers mentioned on this page are making around $5000 to $30,000+ per month from their blogs. Some of them have a net worth of millions of dollars. 

So yes, blogging helps you make a living if you work hard enough. 

If you want to a build successful blog, create high-quality content, grow your audience, and build trust.

All the above top women bloggers teach us a few things: dedication, consistency, and hard work take us from zero to the next level.  

Did we miss any of your favorite female bloggers? If yes, let us know in the comments. 

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