22 Best Indian Blogs to Read from Popular Indian Bloggers [2024 Special Edition]

best indian blogs to read

Are you looking for the best Indian blogs and top bloggers from India? Your search ends here.

In this page, you’ll discover the top Indian blogs to follow in 2024. There are only two ways to succeed in blogging: reading and implementing.

If you’re not a regular reader of blogs and don’t know what’s going on around your niche, you can never create a successful blog that makes money.

Reading best blogs is a no-brainer if you want to get the latest trends in your industry. Some of our favorite blogs that we usually read are from Indian bloggers.

This is our personal favorite list and most of these Indian blogs talk about Blogging and how to make money online. I’m inspired by many of them and that’s why BloggersPassion is here now.

To start anything, first we need some kind of inspiration. Thanks to some really awesome blogs which share inspiration stories of bloggers and hooks on start ups.

So in this list there will be top blogs and some of the best blogs in India to read which keeps you inspired to blog better 🙂

Best Indian Bloggers To Follow In 2024 (For Inspiration)

1. Labnol.org, Amit Agarwal

There’s a reason why we put Labnol #1 in this top blogs in India list. The reason is the guy behind it: Amit Agarwal.

This famous blog was started by Amit Agarwal with a vision to spread the culture of blogging in India. Amit quit his job to become the first professional blogger from India.

Amit holds a degree from IIT which is considered as the highest B.Tech degree in India. He is also listed in the Adsense success story by Google. Amit basically writes about How-to Guides and gives solutions for issues related to technology.

Labnol is undoubtedly the best blogs in India where you can find technology simplified for you.

Labnol At A Glance
Amit Agrawal
  • Founder/Owner: Amit Agrawal
  • Started In Year: 2004
  • Topics Covered: Tech Guides, How-to Guide
  • Income Source: Adsense, Blog Ads
  • Ahrefs Rank: 13,318
  • DR (Domain Rating): 80/100

Finally, if you want a perfect tech related blog, Labnol is best. It is also an internationally followed Indian blog.

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2. YourStory.com, Shardha Sharma

Yourstory is the perfect place on the web to learn how the great leaders were born. This is one of the popular blogs in India that mainly covers startup related stuff to inspire people around online.

Basically, Yourstory emphasizes on women power and why should not, when there are women who are such successful leaders. Shardha Sharma is the founder and editor-in-chief of Yourstory.

This blog has made a great market value in a short time. It deals with success stories, business guidelines and start ups.

Your Story At A Glance
Shardha Sharma
  • Founder/Owner: Shradha Sharma
  • Started In Year: 2010
  • Topics Covered: Entrepreneurship, Business guidelines.
  • Income Source: Adsense
  • Ahrefs Rank: 4,019
  • DR: 85/100

If you want to know the real women power, YS is the perfect blog. Many inspirational stories about the leaders are also shared.

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3. ShoutMeLoud.com, Harsh Agrawal

Shout Me Loud is India’s fastest and one of the famous blogs which is run by top Indian bloggers, Harsh Agrawal. Being a blogger, everyone loves to read blogs which teaches the real and impressive fundamentals of blogging. Harsh Agrawal is the person responsible for all the activities on ShoutMeLoud.

Harsh is a young lad and very enthusiastic to learn new things. Harsh is Delhi based blogger. He writes about Blogging, WordPress, SEO and Make Money Online.

ShoutMeLoud At A Glance
Harsh Agrawal
  • Founder/Owner: Harsh Agrawal
  • Started In Year: 2008
  • Topics Covered: Blogging, WordPress Tips, SEO
  • Income Source: Affiliate, Adsense, Direct Ads, Blogging & SEO Consulting
  • Ahrefs Rank: 14,765
  • DR: 79/100

So, if you purely want to learn how to blog, ShoutMeLoud is the perfect choice and Harsh is definitely one of the top Indian bloggers to be included in this list.

Quick Note: Do you want to start a blog? Here’s a simple step by step tutorial on starting your own WordPress blog within 10 minutes in 2024.

4. CashOverflow.In, Pardeep Goyal

If you’re seeking financial freedom and looking for the best Indian blogs to read that teach you about finance, online marketing and carefully crafted articles, CashOverflow is a must read blog for you which is run by Pardeep Goyal.

CashOverflow At A Glance
Pardeep Goyal
  • Founder/Owner: Pardeep Goyal
  • Topics Covered: financial freedom, making money online, startups etc
  • Income Source: consulting, affiliate marketing, selling his own products and so on
  • Ahrefs Rank: 401,431
  • DR: 55/100

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5. Trak.in, Prabhudesai

Trak.in is one of the top blogs in India which covers all the stuff strictly related to India. Trak was started back in 2007 by an American return Arun Prabhudesai. In an interview Arun said, India has more capability to do more than other countries but lacks proper guidance and awareness. This was the main aim behind Trak. Arun now resides in Pune, Maharashtra.

Trak.in is now India’s most read business blog. Along with the business news, Trak.in also deals with the trending technology in India.

Trak At A Glance
Arun Prabhudesai
  • Founder/Owner: Arun Prabhudesai
  • Started In Year: 2007
  • Topics Covered: Business news
  • Income Source: Adsense
  • Ahrefs Rank: 78,794
  • DR: 71/100

6. Techpp.com, Raju PP

Techpp is India’s favorite online tech magazine. The person behind Techpp is Raju PP. Raju holds an Engineering degree in Electronics and telecommunication. Raju lives in Bangalore.

As the name describes Technology Personalized” techpp shares tips to bring technology closer to you. Along with current technology updates, techpp also shares tips and guides to make technology more friendly.

Techpp At A Glance
Raju PP
  • Founder/Owner: Raju PP
  • Started In Year: 20o8
  • Topics Covered: Technology
  • Income Source: Adsense, Direct ads
  • Ahrefs Rank: 83,943
  • DR: 71/100

We love reading techpp as it gives a simpler way to interact with the latest technology. If you want to learn some simple tips about the internet, gadgets etc..techpp will be a good choice for you.

7. AllTechBuzz.net, Imran Uddin

This is one of our favorite Indian blogs that mainly covers all the news related to technology. This is the perfect place where you come to know about the phones, accessories, technology, new launches in India etc.

This Indian blog is run by Imran Uddin and was launched in 2011.

All Tech Buzz At A Glance
Imran Uddin
  • Founder/Owner: Imran Uddin
  • Started In Year: 2011
  • Topics Covered: Current Technology Updates, Phone review, Gadgets Reviews
  • Income Source: Adsense, Direct Ads
  • Ahrefs Rank: 179,028
  • DR: 64/100

If you want to know more about the latest happenings related to technology news or reviews about latest mobile phones or laptops, just open this site and you will find all the information quite interesting and valuable.

8. ArchanasKitchen.com, Archana Doshi

It is a leading recipe and food discovery blog where you can discover meal plans, diabetic meal ideas, dinner ideas, lunch box ideas, and more.

Archana’s Kitchen At A Glance
Archana Doshi
  • Founder/Owner: Archana Doshi
  • Topics Covered: diets, meal plans, lunch box ideas, healthy diet plans, and more.
  • Income Source: Ads, Brand endorsements, affiliate marketing, and more.
  • Ahrefs Rank: 142,260
  • DR: 66/100

If you are looking for healthy eating ideas, diabetic-friendly recipes, and everyday cooking ideas, this blog is a great choice for you where you can find 10K+ recipes.

9. FoneArena.com/blog, Varun Krishnan

Fone Arena is the famous Indian blog which is run by Varun that’s dedicated to gadgets. This is also one of the oldest Indian blogs that was launched way back in 2005 (over a decade ago). Since then, it has grown into a massive gadget oriented blog covering all the news from computers, phones, cameras etc.

Fone Arena At A Glance
Varun Krishnan
  • Founder/Owner: Varun Krishnan
  • Started In Year: 2005
  • Topics Covered: Gadgets, Cameras, Computers
  • Income Source: Adsense, Direct Ads
  • Ahrefs Rank: 99,621
  • DR: 70/100

This is the perfect place to read about new launches of gadgets, cameras etc. So if you want to keep with the latest news and reviews related to Indian gadgets, this blog is for you.

10. BloggersPassion.com, Anil Agarwal

BloggersPassion is one of the leading blogs in India that generates around $10,000 a month.

Anil Agarwal is the founder of BloggersPassion, which was launched in 2010. On this blog, you’ll find affiliate marketing secrets, SEO tips and unbiased web hosting advice to build successful blogs.

If you wish to know more about BloggersPassion, you can read it here.

BloggersPassion At A Glance
Anil Agarwal
  •  Founder/Owner: Anil Agarwal
  •  Started In Year: 2010
  •  Topics Covered: No-nonsesne affiliate marketing Tips, SEO Tips and Web Hosting
  • Income Source: Affiliate, Adsense, SEO Consulting
  • Ahrefs Rank: 66,409
  • DR: 72/100

We guarantee you will get great tips for blogging on BloggersPassion. If you are a newbie, you have landed the best place on the web to learn blogging tips and make money blogging.

11. iGeeksBlog.com, Jignesh Padhiyar

Do you want to follow exclusive updates from Apple? From iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro, Apple Watch to AirPods, you can find comprehensive information related to Apple.

Jignesh Padhiyar is the founder of iGeeksBlog which was launched in 2012 and it is one of the most popular iOS blogs in India and if you want the latest information around iPhone & iPad apps and accessories reviews, you must check out and follow his blog.

iGeeksBlog At A Glance
Jignesh Padhiyar
  • Founder/Owner: Jignesh Padhiyar
  • Topics Covered: Apple news, rumours, MacOS, iOS and Apple Watch tips. iPhone & iPad apps and accessories reviews and so on
  • Income Source: ads, sponsored reviews, affiliate product selling and so on
  • Ahrefs Rank: 71,203
  • DR: 72/100

12. VegRecipesofIndia.com, Dassana

Veg Recipes Of India is followed by over 2.2 million people on Facebook and it also has a HUGE following base on YouTube. If you’re a foodie and mostly prefer veg recipes, you will love this blog which is run by Dassana, a female top food blogger from India.

Veg Recipes of India is probably the most popular food blog in India which has over 1800 veg food recipes and the great thing about this blog is everything you find including all vegetarian recipes are tried and tested.

If you want to try both Indian recipes and vegetarian recipes that you can use to try breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner etc this best Indian blog is a must read for you.

Veg Recipes of India At A Glance
  • Founder/Owner: Dassana
  • Topics Covered: veg recipes, cooking, baking,
  • Income Source: mostly through ads, affiliate product selling and they also have a YouTube channel where they use AdSense ads to make money from their videos and blog
  • Ahrefs Rank: 99,015
  • DR: 70/100

13. Inditales.com, Anuradha Goyal

Inditales is a top travel blog from India where you’ll discover top Indian and worldwide attractions, hotel reviews, restaurant reviews, travel videos, and more.

Indiatales At A Glance
Anuradha Goyal
  • Founder/Owner: Anuradha Goyal
  • Topics Covered: Travel, hotel reviews, road trips, and more
  • Income Source: Product reviews, affiliate marketing, ads etc
  • Ahrefs Rank: 910,492
  • DR: 46/100

If you want to explore new places all over the world (especially India) and looking for reliable information, Inditales is a great platform for you.

14. PiunikaWeb.com, Piunika Sharma

Piunikaweb.com is the FASTEST growing technology blog in India which was launched in 2017. It was featured in some of the biggest publications worldwide such as Foxnews, Gizmodo, Wired, TechCrunch, Forbes, The Verge, Engadget, GSMArena and so on.

PiunikaWeb At A Glance
Piunika Sharma
  • Founder/Owner: Piunika Sharma
  • Topics Covered: Technology, Mobile Review, Gadget review etc
  • Income Source: Affiliate marketing, paid collaborations, product reviews, sponsored posts etc
  • Ahrefs Rank: 150,415
  • DR: 66/100

15. NextBigWhat.com, Ashish Sinha

Next Big What is India’s biggest online community platform for startups. So if you’re keen about startups, latest innovations and marketing minds, you must check out this site as it has literally hundreds of great articles around startups and entrepreneurship.

Ashish Sinha is the owner of Next Big What who is a product geek by himself and has grown this site to the greatest online community for startups.

Next Big What At A Glance
Ashish Sinha
  • Founder/Owner: Ashish Sinha
  • Topics Covered: startups, entrepreneurship, products, growth and so on
  • Income Source: tie up with startups, advertising, collaborations and so on
  • Ahrefs Rank: 103,812
  • DR: 70/100

16. BloggersIdeas.com, Jitendra Vaswani

Jitendra Vaswani is a digital marketing expert and Keynote Speaker who blogs at BloggersIdeas.com.

BloggersIdeas is where you’ll find informative articles on digital marketing, making money online, SEO, affiliate marketing, and more. Jitendra is living the laptop lifestyle and inspiring people with his work.

Jitendra is also the author of “Inside A Hustler’s Brain: In Pursuit of Financial Freedom” which teaches you how to achieve your goals.

BloggersIdeas At A Glance
Jitendra Vaswani
  • Founder/Owner: Jitendra Vaswani
  • Topics Covered: Digital marketing, SEO, affiliate marketing
  • Income Source: Selling affiliate products, collaborations with brands, etc
  • Ahrefs Rank: 70,278
  • DR: 72/100

17. MissMalini.com, Malini Agarwal

This is one of the most popular blogs around fashion and lifestyle. The #1 thing about this blog is that it’s the most popular blog that covers Bollywood related stuff including news, gossip and so on where you’ll also discover a ton of updates and tips on fashion, lifestyle, better living and so on.

This amazing blog is run by Malini Agarwal who is an Indian digital influencer, TV host, entrepreneur and best-selling author of the book “To the Moon: How I Blogged My Way to Bollywood”

MissMalini At A Glance
Malini Agarwal
  • Founder/Owner: Malini Agarwal
  • Topics Covered: Bollywood, fashion updates, lifestyle and so on
  • Income Source: Sponsored Reviews, Ads, Collaborations etc
  • Ahrefs Rank: 179,445
  • DR: 64/100

18 TheWindowsClub.com, Anand Khanse

This is the widely renowned and well recognized blog across the world which covers all the latest Windows 10/8/7 tips and tutorials, news, freeware downloads, reviews and so on.

This amazing blog is created and owned by Anand Khanse who was a Microsoft MVP Awardee (2006-2016), a Windows Insider MVP and an end-user Windows enthusiast.

TheWindowsClub At A Glance
Anand Khanse
  • Founder/Owner: Anand Khanse
  • Started In Year: 2009
  • Topics Covered: All the information around Windows 10/8/7, Tech Tips, tutorials, reviews and so on
  • Income Source: Sponsored Reviews, Adsense, Ezoic, Affiliate products and so on
  • Ahrefs Rank: 16,215
  • DR: 79/100

19. Pink Villa, Nandini Shenoy

If you’re looking for the top entertainment blogs to follow in India, Pink Villa is for you. If you’re a fan of Bollywood news, gossip and fashion, this blog run by Nandini Shenoy is exclusively for you.

This is also one of the oldest Indian blogs which was launched way back in 2006 and has been publishing some of the great and trending topics around entertainment and Bollywood since then.

Pink Villa At A Glance
Nandini Shenoy
  • Founder/Owner: Nandini Shenoy
  • Started In Year: 2006
  • Topics Covered: Entertainment, Bollywood news, gossips, fashion etc
  • Income Source: Sponsored Reviews, Google Adsense, Affiliate products, brand collaborations and so on
  • Ahrefs Rank: 45,474
  • DR: 74/100

20. PickyEaterBlog.com, Anjali Shah

Anjali Shah is a food blogger, board-certified health coach, and owner of The Picky Eater blog which is a healthy food and lifestyle blog.

Through her blog, she regularly shares healthy yet tasty recipes made with wholesome ingredients. She has also been featured on major sites like Oprah.com, Women’s Health, Cooking Light, Reader’s Digest, CNN, Food Network, SHAPE, BuzzFeed, and SELF.com.

Picky Eater Blog At A Glance
Anjali Shah
  • Founder/Owner: Anjali Shah
  • Topics Covered: healthy recipes, soups, salads recipes etc
  • Income Source: Selling their own books, affiliate marketing, ads, and more
  • Ahrefs Rank: 382,733
  • DR: 55/100

If you have a desire to make a healthy diet to stay fit, Picky Eater Blog is for you where you will discover a ton of healthy food recipes.

21. MyLittleMoppet.com, Dr. Hemapriya

My Little Moppet is a popular parenting blog in India where you can discover parenting tips, baby meal plans, recipes, and more.

My Little Moppet At A Glance
Dr Hema
  • Founder/Owner: Dr. Hema
  • Topics Covered: baby nutrition, parenting tips, and recipes
  • Income Source: Ads, affiliate marketing, and product reviews
  • Ahrefs Rank: 789,624
  • DR: 48/100

If you’re looking to learn how to raise healthy babies, you should read this blog as you’ll find a ton of useful content around caring and feeding babies.

22. ArtsyCraftsyMom.com, Shruti Acharya

Artsy Crafty Mom is an Indian parenting blog that covers hobby, arts and crafts ideas for kids. If you want to discover family fun activities, kid’s art ideas, and seasonal crafts ideas, you should not miss this blog.

Artsy Crafty Mom At A Glance
Shruti Acharya
  • Founder/Owner: Shruti Acharya
  • Topics Covered: Home projects, easy recipes, parenting tips, crafts ideas, etc
  • Income Source: Ads, selling their own products, brand collaborations, and more
  • Ahrefs Rank: 253,527
  • DR: 60/100

If you’re looking for DIY project tutorials for kids, decorating ideas, crafts etc, this blog is a must-read for you.

What Others are Reading:

What We Learn From These Indian Bloggers?

lessons from indian bloggers

So what can we learn from the top Indian blogs? To do something extraordinary, we always need some kind of guidance and motivation. If we talk about the blogging, the success stories of other bloggers would be a great inspiration for us.

As the old English proverb states –

Experience Is A Great Teacher !!

Learn from the BEST, implement whatever you learn and you’ll succeed!

The success of the above Indian bloggers is not achieved in a single day as they all spent years building an audience.

FAQs About Popular Indian Bloggers & Best Indian Blogs To Follow

Here are a few FAQs about top Indian Bloggers and Blogs to follow in 2024 and beyond.

Who Are The Top 3 Indian Bloggers?

If you’re curious about learning more about technology and making money online, we suggest following the top 3 Indian bloggers mentioned below.

  1. Harsh Agrawal from Shout Me Loud
  2. Amit Agarwal from Labnol
  3. Anil Agarwal from BloggersPassion

What Is Amit Agarwal’s Blog?

Amit Agarwal’s blog is called Labnol which is one of the leading Indian blogs that covers technology related topics. From how-to guides and software tips to gadget reviews and mobile app recommendations, you can literally find almost everything related to technology.

What Is Amit Agarwal Blogger Income?

Are you curious to find out Amit Agarwal’s blogger income? Do you want to know Amit Agarwal’s net worth? Amit from Labnol typically earns over $50000 every single month. You can find more information about Amit’s earnings from here.

How Much Do Indian Fashion Bloggers Earn?

Typically, Indian fashion bloggers who are already well-established earn anywhere around $3000 to $5000+ every single month. There are also a few fashion bloggers from India who do sponsored collaborations, mega fashion events, etc, to earn even more.

Who Are The Top Fashion Bloggers In India?

Do you want to know the top fashion bloggers in India? Here are a few of them.

  • Kritika Khurana
  • Ankita Srivastava
  • Devina Malhotra
  • Mehak Sagar
  • Akansha Redhu
  • Aayushi Bangur

We also have written an exclusive post around the best Indian fashion blogs where you can find a list of some of the top fashion bloggers from India.

How Do Most Indian Bloggers Make Money From Blogging?

Just like any other international bloggers, Indian bloggers are also mostly dependent on the following monetization methods to make money from blogging.

  • Selling affiliate products (where you earn money by promoting others’ products and you get a commission when you make a sale through your affiliate referral links successfully)
  • Advertising (either through selling banner ads or using display ads such as Infolinks, AdSense, Chitika etc)
  • Sponsored content (such as product reviews, selling links, creating content for other brands and earning money in return)

Who is the No. 1 blogger in India?

Anil Agarwal from BloggersPassion is one of the leading Indian bloggers who has been blogging since 2005. His blog, BloggersPassion, generates around $10,000 per month.

Best Blogs Worth Following in 2024:

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Final Thoughts On Best Blogs To Read From Popular Indian Bloggers

Although there are thousands of blogs to read out there, we only picked the BEST of the top Indian blogs. Make sure to subscribe to them, follow them and build relationships with them in 2024. After all, blogging is all about networking.

This was the list of our favourite best blogs to read. Please let us know if you think some more blogs should be added to the list in 2024 and which you find interesting to read. Have any questions? Let us know in the comments.

About Author
Anil Agarwal is the Founder of Bloggerspassion. He is a full-time blogger and SEO expert who has been helping people build profitable blogs for over a decade Now. He has been featured in Over 100 Publications including Forbes, The HuffPost, HubSpot, Shopify, Semrush, Kinsta, Bluehost, Hostinger and G2.com etc. Know more about Anil Agarwal from here.

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  22. Hi, I have also started blogging recently and it seems to me pretty exciting. Reading this article has increased by motivation. Thanks

    • Yes, that’s the whole point of writing this article, to give motivation to new bloggers like you. If you’ve any questions, please let me know!

  23. First I would like to thanks for sharing the list of top 10 Bloggers. I am myself a blogger and a business runner that I understood how much it is helpful for business. Blog is a platform that helps us to put our thoughts, interest, info and even problems to make ourselves happy and strong and this what people are taking strong interest in blogging.

    • What you said is 100% right, a blog helps your business to get more traffic, leads and sales. Just make sure to focus on creating quality content by targeting the right audience. Also focus on your website’s SEO if you want to get long lasting traffic from search engines like Google. Thanks for the comment.

  24. Some of the blog you listed are too technical. However other are very useful and good for any blogger to remain updated.

    • Yeah, that’s true Harish, some of them are technology blogs that provide latest updates. Just let me know if you want me to include any other category blogs as well, so we can consider including them.

  25. This is really great post… because I have just started blogging & I want to know about Indian blogger so this post help me alot…provide me all details ….i will come back again on this site..

    • Hopefully you can follow the above list of indian blogs and learn something from all of them. Just make sure to connect with all the bloggers listed above through their social media profiles to network with them.

  26. nice list :)Shutmeloud and Labnol by amit is one of my fav blogs in India but tell me one thing why Bollywood Bloggers Who have more Traffic hits then these tech Bloggers are left behind ?

    • Nehairakia, please let me know in case you know of few popular Indian blogs around Entertainment which should be part of this list on my email id at [email protected] I will check and will add the relevant here in this list.

    • I didn’t properly get your comment. Bollywood bloggers means bloggers who’re blogging around bollywood or Mumbai? If that’s what you meant, it might be mainly because there are more popular search around bollywood than technology terms.

  27. This is really a great and perfect list of best Indian blogs and bloggers. This Indian blogging industry is one of the most powerful industries all around the world. They are serving in this sector for may years. All the bloggers here are the pioneers of this blogging sector. We follow this blogs and learn more about blogging. We get strength from these blogs so that we can survive in this sector. You also one of my favorite bloggers Anil. You can add your name in this list. Thanks for your great article.

    • Indian blogging industry is really growing rapidly as I can see a lot of people are now jumping into the world of blogging, YouTube and Instagram and getting huge followers from allover the world. That’s a great thing to see as digital marketing is the future of everything, so it is going to only provide us more career opportunities in the long run.


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