[Don’t Miss] Here Are Few Emerging Bloggers to Follow In 2018

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Blogging is evolving like never before and there are thousands of people starting new blogs each and every single day.

It’s almost impossible to start a money making blog from day one for a beginner who doesn’t have prior online reputation before. If you don’t know how to sell your skills, it becomes even harder to build a profitable blog or website in 2018.

There’s only one way to build a better blog that really makes money and that is to find and connect with the bloggers who are emerging in the crowded online market. So here I’m going to share few such emerging bloggers to follow in 2018. I’ve created this list of emerging bloggers based upon the quality of their site and overall content growth.

So let’s jump into the details without further ado.

Emerging bloggers to follow in 2018

emerging bloggers in 2018

1. Brian Dean

brian deanBrian Dean is an SEO guy who has a proven record of increasing organic traffic of any website. If you are looking for PROVEN and working SEO strategies to massively increase your search engine traffic, Brian Dean is the guy.

Brian Dean writes massive articles related to SEO and he often shares case studies to help you increase your organic traffic. His blog Backlinko is the most popular blog in SEO niche and you will find all of his contents really helpful if you are striving to increase your overall search engine rankings.

Alexa Rank: 5,686

Page Rank: 5

Domain Authority: 65

Click here to visit Brian Dean’s website

2. Jon Morrow

jon morrowJon Morrow is one of the finest bloggers in the blogging world. He blogs at Boost Blog Traffic and shares the most insightful articles (usually of 3,000 words) to help people make money blogging. If you want to increase your blog writing, start reading his blog. Jon Morrow is an associate editor for the authority blog “Copyblogger” and he recently launched his new blog “BoostBlogTraffic” where he shares tips and tutorials on how to build a profitable blog.

The great thing about Jon Morrow’s blog is, he built a massive email list of over 13,000 subscribers before even writing single post. That resulted in making his first blog post widely popular and since then all of his blog posts always go viral on social media sites. It’s a must read blog if you want to learn about blogging from the scratch.

Alexa Rank: 19,307

Page Rank: 3

Domain Authority: 56

Click here to read Jon Morrow’s blog

3. Mauro D Adrea

photoMaruro D Adrea blogs at Blog Growth, it is an inbound marketing blog where he share practical tips on helping people to convert normal visitors into sales. Want to increase your website conversion rates? Then don’t miss out reading Mauro D Adrea’s insightful blog posts.

If you are searching for ways to increase your sales from search traffic, subscribe to his blog and don’t miss out reading single post as each and every post he writes is a masterpiece.

4. Rohit Palit

rohit-palit-300x300Recently I’ve been observing one thing that there are a few bloggers from India who are emerging really fast in the blogging world. One among them is Rohit Palit, although he’s just 16 years old, his blog posts provide huge value.

He shares SEO strategies, and top notch blogging tips to build a successful website in this crowded online world. Once you started reading and applying the tips he shares on his website, you will get addicted to his writing.

Alexa Rank: 128,059

Page Rank: 3

Domain Authority: 38

Click here to visit Rohit Palit’s blog

5. Devesh Sharma

devesh sharmaDevesh Sharma is not only a WordPress developer but he also has few amazing sites like Blokube, WPKube, JustRetweet to help bloggers to achieve their blogging goals.

If you are a WordPress enthusiast and searching for a one stop guide to learn the best tutorials, don’t look beyond WPKube which is run by Devesh Sharma. As he not only shares WordPress tips and tutorials but he also provides insightful posts related to latest themes and plugins that will help you build a better WP site.

Alexa Rank: 28,864

Page Rank: 4

Domain Authority: 54

Click here to visit Devesh Sharma’s blog

6. Tom Ewer

download (1)If you want to make a living from online writing, you must check out Tom Ewer’s blog “Leaving Work Behind”. His blog is not just another make money online blog but rather a very helpful blog that majorly focuses on increasing your overall writing and getting high paying clients.

You don’t have to be a prolific writer to make $$$$ of dollars from your writing, by reading and following Tom Ewer’s thoughtful posts, you will be easily able to find better clients with higher paying rates. He preaches what he practices and that’s the reason why he was able to build a popular blog in crowded market in a record time.

Alexa Rank: 107,600

Page Rank: 4

Domain Authority: 54

Click here to read Tom Ewer’s blog

7. Adam Connell

adamIf you are searching for a content marketing blog that helps you reach your blogging goals faster, Blogging Wizard is for you which is run by Adam Connell. In the last couple of years, he has build several blog in various niches and he shares the proven tips that work to build successful blogs.

His posts are always up to the point and always provide great insights that will help you build a profitable blog that really makes money. If you really want to make money blogging, don’t miss out his blog.

Alexa Rank: 22,781

Page Rank: 3

Domain Authority: 46

Click here to visit his blog

I’ll update this page whenever I find emerging bloggers who are helping blogging community by providing valuable contents on their blogs and websites. Am I missing anyone in this list? Please let me know your favorite emerging bloggers in the comments section below.


  1. charan says:

    nice one anil good research i just know only one blogger about Brian Dean , rest of them just knew from your blog only and good see indians are rocking in blogging am glad.. thanks for the post

  2. Hi Anil,

    You’ve share some nice list here. I think there are much more blogs that can be added in this list, i hope you agree to this. But these are among the best blogs available.

    Thanks for sharing.


  3. Hi Anil, I have seen Brian’s Blog and also a regular reader of that blog, as per my niche I love to learn new SEO tricks and tips to enhance user experience. Thanks for posting this list for us.

  4. Yasin Rishad says:

    They are all top blogger. If we follow their activity properly hope one day we will reach on their position. Thank You for your inspiring article

  5. Some of the people are buying links to improve their seo in a short time is this Good or bad for Long term Blogging ?

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