EasyAzon Review: Is it the Must-Have Plugin for Amazon Affiliates?

EasyAzon Review $47
EasyAzon Review: Is it the Must-Have Plugin for Amazon Affiliates?

Product Name: EasyAzon



A must have plugin if you are serious about Amazon affiliate marketing and want to take your amazon affiliate site earnings to the next level.

Everyone knows that Amazon Affiliate Marketing looks much easier than actually doing it.

Being an Amazon Associate from the past few years, I know that it’s really a painful and a tedious job to add your affiliate links in the content.

The majority of product reviews will be above 3000 words. Manually generating the product links, adding images and writing CTAs kill a lot of time. By using EasyAzon WordPress plugin, the task will only take few minutes. EasyAzon has become one of the most essential plugins for all Amazon associates for a reason.

In this post, I’ll review EasyAzon Pro and will be helping you to know whether the plugin is right for you or not.

Recently, the BoostWP (founder company of the plugin), has launched the EasyAzon v4.0, the latest version of the plugin and it’s just awesome. I’ve tried my hands on this plugin and today, and I’m going to present EasyAzon review. Let’s get started!

EasyAzon Pro Review in Detail

EasyAzon review

A Brief Introduction about EasyAzon v4.0

Basically, EasyAzon is an Affiliate plugin designed for WordPress to help you monetize your Amazon Affiliate WordPress websites easily and in a better way!

Using this plugin, you can save a lot of time in adding the product links and CTA to your content. Moreover, it also helps you to increase your Amazon Affiliate earnings.

It doesn’t matter, whether you are a beginner or a pro in this industry, this is the must have plugin to monetize your website like a Ninja.

Getting Started with EasyAzon v4.0

Just like any other WordPress plugin, installation of EasyAzon is easy. You can read the installation guide about this plugin here.

When you are done with the installation and activation process from your WP dashboard, you have to do the integration of this plugin with your Amazon Associate Account in the settings section.

EasyAzon credentials

In order to complete the entire integration part, you have must have an Amazon Associate Account. Sign up here before using this plugin otherwise, the plugin will not be able to communicate with the Amazon Product API and would not be functional.

The best thing about EasyAzon is that you don’t have to open your Associates’ account again and again.

Just by installing this plugin on your WordPress website, entering your Associates tracking ID, you are all set to start using this plugin.

First things first! Credentials: When you log in to your AWS Account page, you will get your Access Key ID and the Secret Access Key code. You can find the access code by signing up for Amazon AWS here.

After getting the AWS credentials to let the plugin access the Amazon product API, you need to copy those credentials to your plugin settings page.

Kindly refer to the screenshot below.

EasyAzon access key

Features of EasyAzon

The extraordinary and hassle-free features of this plugin make this plugin a MUST HAVE to skyrocket your earnings. The features are strategically implemented in the plugin to get more commissions out of your current traffic. If you are serious about doing conversion rate optimization for your Amazon site, kindly give EasyAzon a try. I’m going to reveal the key features of this plugin here:

Geo-targeting feature

You need to add your affiliate tracking ID to get started. You can find it in your Amazon Associates Account which looks something like this: XXXXXXX-20

After using this plugin, the best thing what I find in this plugin is that you can sell your Amazon products and monetize traffic from any country. And this can be done, just by signing up & adding the corresponding tracking ids of the countries which you would like to monetize. Have a look.

EasyAzon geo targeting

This plugin allows you to add the links of the product according to the country. If you just fill in the tracking ID details of United States, only the Amazon.com affiliate links will be functional. The link localization will be potentially turned off.

Default settings feature

I really find this feature a time saver. When you initially install the EasyAzon plugin, you can apply the default settings for your affiliate links in the entire website.

This will save a lot of your time because manually tweaking each and every link between the content for the preferred settings is really a tedious task.

You can set the default settings for the following:

EasyAzon defaults
  • Always open in the new tab when clicked. This feature allows you to set the backend code of all the links to target=”_blank”. Whenever somebody clicks on the link, the product page will be opened in the new tab.
  • Each link should be of the no-follow attributeAll the affiliate links will be created with the no-follow attribute by default.
  • Whether to display the pop-up products or not. Enabling this feature will automatically pop-up the product whenever the mouse hovers on the product link.
  • Cloaking the prefix of your Amazon productsBy default, the Amazon affiliate links will be untidy. When you cloak the affiliate links using this feature, the links appear more natural and it increases CTR.According to Amazon TOS, cloaking links from using external link shorteners like Bit.ly or Goo.gl is prohibited. However, with this feature, the links will be cloaked using your site’s address only. So, it won’t be a problem. But, to be on the safer side, I personally, won’t use this feature of link cloaking by EasyAzon.
  • Add to cart option with the 90 days cookiesJust by clicking on the link, the product will be added to the cart of the customer and it will be saved for 90 days as a cookie on the user’s browser. Otherwise, the normal links would save the cookie for only 24 hours. By using this option, you’ll get credited for all the purchases made by the user in 90 days! For this, they should have added an Amazon product to their cart via your affiliate link. However, I do not recommend you to add the “add to cart” feature by default for all the affiliate links. It may annoy the visitors on your blog as they will be directly asked to add the product to the cart when they click on the product link in hope to see only the details and the price.At this point, you may be thinking whether displaying the price of the product will be a violation of Amazon Associates TOS. Let me explain you this. The EasyAzon plugin displays the price of the product and updates it regularly by supplying API requests in Amazon. That means the prices of the product will be accurate at any point in time (even in times of discount).
  • Link Localization: This is one of the most powerful features of this plugin. Using this feature, you can almost double your earnings. It allows you to monetize the traffic you get from almost any country where Amazon is there. Let’s suppose, a visitor from Canada clicks the link, he will be automatically redirected to the Amazon.ca and it would have the huge positive  impact on your affiliate earnings. Without this plugin, even the UK visitors will be redirected to Amazon.com instead of Amazon.co.uk.

Getting your hands on EasyAzon

Now after doing all the settings on the backend, it’s time to jump on to the front end and see how this plugin really works.

Sprinkling your affiliate links could never be so easy without this plugin. Earlier, we had to search and then copy/paste the product codes and links from the Amazon Associate Account into our content. But no more!

EasyAzon practically saves a lot of time as you can search/add the products directly from the WordPress editor without actually logging into your Amazon account.

Let’s see how it really works!

While creating the content in your WordPress editor, you will see the EasyAzon link button present next to Add Media Tab in the editor itself.  Check out the image below.

EasyAzon link insertion

After highlighting the keyword, whenever you will click on the EasyAzon tab, it will search Amazon for that keyword.

In this way, you can directly link the product directly in your content from your WordPress editor.

This feature also allows you to have the recommendations of the most searched related keywords on Amazon; moreover, you can also add the ASIN number directly if you have a mechanism of getting ASIN number directly.

EasyAzon link types

Now you got to know that how to link your Amazon products directly to your products.

There are many options present in this plugin which allow you to use various types of links for different products. Let’s have a look at the different types of links available which you can use through the EasyAzon plugin.

EasyAzon link types

Text Link: The text link feature comes with two features, one is mouse hover on the links. With this, whenever the visitors hover their mouse over the links, it automatically shows them the product description.

And the other one is a normal link, which does not have any on hover functions.

Both the links look simple but the mouse hover links give you more chances of conversion. Because it shows the customer the description of the product without even visiting the product page.

Call to Action: Call to Action button boxes can be pretty handy when it comes to entice the visitor to buy it directly from Amazon. This feature also comes with the “Call to Action” enabled the option, which could increase the chances of conversions. The color scheme of the CTA buttons are same as that of Amazon, which means before clicking on the button, visitors will be aware that they are going to the Amazon site. This alone increases your CTR drastically.

There are various sizes of the CTA button some of them are small, tall and orange. And the two colors available are light and orange, matching the colors of the brand – Amazon. You can play with different variations of these CTAs, and great to know what variation performs better by looking at your Google Analytics or tag manager.

Image Link: This feature inserts an image in your content. The image will be linked to the Amazon product page. With this feature, you need not to manually download and upload the product images to your content. You just need to search for the product on Amazon using the EasyAzon search feature, and the plugin will automatically insert the product image that is hyperlinked with your affiliate link.

If you would not link to all the images in your post, I suggest you to at least link to the products from the top 3 product images in your post. The top 3 products are the one which gets more clicks when a visitor lands on your site.

The Info Block: The Info block comprises of all the above three links. The text link, image link, product description details along with the call to action button is present in the info blocks.

EasyAzon infoblock

You can customize the things you are willing to show in the settings tab of the plugin.

A word of note: If you have used the free version of the EasyAzon plugin from the WP repo already, you may have noticed that the plugin makes use of shortcodes to insert the affiliate links. As you may know what, by using shortcodes, you’ll be completely dependent on the plugin. For instance, if you deactivate the plugin in the future, the shortcodes will be left behind.

The pro version of EasyAzon includes an option to use markup instead of the shortcode.

Insert markup

With this feature, if you include the links, the links will still be present even if you deactivate the plugin. Because the links and product images will be coded in pure HTML as opposed to shortcodes.

By using this markup, you can insert affiliate links, images, info blocks and others. I personally on all my sites use the “Insert markup” feature than using shortcodes.

Pricing of EasyAzon Plugin

The EasyAzon plugin is available in two plans – Developer license and the multi-site license. It means that no matter what plan you choose, you can use the plugin on unlimited sites.

Pricing of EasyAzon plugin

Believe me that this plugin pays back the price in the form of increased conversions and productivity in a matter of days.

I personally have a developer license of the plugin, as you do flip my Amazon sites now and then. In case if you are planning to use the plugin on clients’ site or domains you flip, the developer version of the plugin makes much more sense. However, you can upgrade from a lower plan to the higher plan at any point of time by just opening a ticket or emailing them directly.

Added to that, when you buy the product, you’ll get access to some of the bonuses like:

EasyAzon bonuses

Bonus 1: The Ultimate Amazon Affiliate Training Course
Bonus 2: AzonTheme – Premium WordPress theme designed exclusively for Amazon review sites.
Bonus 3: AmaTheme – Premium WordPress theme for Amazon sites, mobile friendly.

The bonus themes are designed especially for Amazon sites to maximize the conversion rates. These bonus themes are a perfect compliment to the EasyAzon plugin to skyrocket your Amazon earnings.

Along with that, the EasyAzon team is also great in terms of support. They are very quick to respond. You just need to open a support ticket in their platform. The issue will be resolved in hours. I personally think that the plugin is very easy and straightforward to use, so there’s no need of support at all.

Click here to try EasyAzon WordPress plugin for Amazon Affiliate Sites

FAQs About EasyAzon

Here are some of the vital FAQs about EasyAzon WordPress plugin that can help you better understand about what it does along with the pricing.

What is EasyAzon plugin and why should I use it?

EasyAzon is a premium WordPress plugin which helps you create affiliate links or enable link localization for any country where Amazon has an affiliate program. The plugin makes adding and managing all of your Amazon affiliate links so much faster and easier.

In a nutshell, this plugin is a must use for all the WordPress users who are using Amazon affiliate program to monetize their site.

How to use EasyAzon plugin?

The usage is simple. All you need is a WordPress site along with EasyAzon plugin. Go to your dashboard, upload and activate the plugin. It’s as simple as that.

What are the all the things that I can get access in EasyAzon plugin?

With their Developer Site package (which costs you $67), you will get the following things;

→ Use on unlimited personal websites
→ Use on unlimited client websites
→ Use on unlimited websites to flip
→ Bonus: The Ultimate Amazon Affiliate Guide (completely brand new material) which is worth $47

How to get started with EasyAzon?

Click here to start using EasyAzon to increase your commissions easily and quickly without spending extra time on creating Amazon affiliate links.

What if you’re not happy with EasyAzon plugin?

It offers you full 100% money back guarantee. That simply means, if for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase of EasyAzon plugin, they will refund all your money back with no questions asked. So you can try it without any regrets.

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Final Thoughts

After coming across this plugin, my affiliate commission increased by almost 70%. I find this plugin very beneficial to boost my income in a great way. Moreover, it saves huge time and that time can be invested in building a portfolio of Amazon affiliate sites.

You can easily start using it, just by doing the few settings initially and integrating this plugin with your Amazon account.

Another thing which I absolutely love about this plugin is that its “Add to cart” link increases the cookie duration to 90 which can spike your commissions to the next level.

I personally use this plugin on all of my Amazon affiliate sites.

Whether you are a beginner Amazon affiliate marketer or a pro one, I’d definitely recommend this plugin to you. I hope you loved my EasyAzon pro review.

About Author
Anil Agarwal is the Founder of Bloggerspassion. He is a full-time blogger and SEO expert who has been helping people build profitable blogs for over a decade Now. He has been featured in Over 100 Publications including Forbes, The HuffPost, HubSpot, Shopify, Semrush, Kinsta, Bluehost, Hostinger and G2.com etc. Know more about Anil Agarwal from here.

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  1. Thaks for the review prior I was quite skeptical on whether it will ban my amazon account or not but now I think I may have to give it a try. Let’s hope it will increase my earnings on my affiliate account. After the result I’ll let you know.

    Thank you anyway

  2. A very detailed review about EasyZon plugin. I have been thinking about it and I believe it’s the best time to make the switch. Thank you for sharing your insights!!

  3. Hello Anil, I want to ask you a few things if you know,

    -Can I use the Easyazon with a store (not blog) environment?

    -I use Elementor editor and Astra theme on my Woocommerce store, do you know if they are compatible?

    Thanks man, I appreciate!

  4. Hi Anil,
    You wrote, “to be on the safer side, you personally won’t use this feature of link cloaking by EasyAzon.” So for cloaking your links, which plugin you use. And what’s wrong with EasyAzon?

    • Anil, I’m not using cloaking feature of EasyAzon. Actually I’m not cloaking my affiliate links for Amazon at least. Amazon is a trusted brand and if you cloak the affiliate links, people will not be clear about where they are going to land on after clicking your affiliate links.

      On Bloggerspassion, we are using Easy Affiliate Links plugin for affiliate link cloaking. We have already written about best affiliate link cloaking plugins here https://bloggerspassion.com/affiliate-link-cloaking-plugins/

  5. Thaks for the review prior I was quite skeptical on whether it will ban my amazon account or not but now I think I may have to give it a try. Let’s hope it will increase my earnings.

    • Bishal, no way its going to ban your Amazon account. Actually it will save your affiliate account being getting banned. If you are placing the pricing of products manually on your blog and the price of a product keep changing every day, so there could be mismatch between the pricing on your blog and actual product pricing. And this is against Amazon TOS. With EasyAzon, all of pricing will be coming from Amazon API in real time. So there is no scope of error.

  6. Hello Aniil. Thanks for the really detailed review! I was wondering, do you think this plugin will hold up and still be valuable through all of 2018? Would love to know your opinion, thanks.

    • Alchemy, if you are serious about making money while working as an affiliate for Amazon, you must give a try to it. We are also using the Multi Site Plan of EasyAzon plugin on our amazon niche blog.

  7. Hello,
    Can you tell me,does the free version of EasyAzon provides link localization?

    • xavier, link localization feature is not available in the free version. You have to go for its premium version to start using this feature.

  8. Hi, I came across your article on Easy Azon. It was very helpful. I have some queries. I was hoping if you could help me out.
    1.) There are two plans, Developer and Multi Site. Both offer link localization?
    2.) The pricing for the plans, monthly, yearly or life-long?
    3.) Are there any discounts or coupons?
    4.) If I use Easy Azon then do I have to make different emails for every country’s amazon associate program?

    Hoping to hear from you soon.
    Have a great day!

    • Reen, let me help you with your queries:

      – in both the plans, link localization feature is available. We are using the Multi site plan on our Amazon niche blog. It’s working fine for us.
      – Pricing should be for lifetime. We purchased it 8 months back for $47. And still its working fine for us.
      – Right now we don’t have any discount or coupon which could save some money for you on EasyAzon plguin purchase.
      – Yes, you have to make separate affiliate accounts for all countries from where you want to get sales. Once you have created them, you can integrate all of them into EasyAzon plugin. Then with the ink localization feature, people clicking on your link from UK (for example) will be redirected to amazon.co.uk website. And if someone click on your affiliate link from India, they will be redirected to amazon.in website. And you will get commission for each sale. But you have to track your earnings from different countries using the login details you created for different countries amazon associate program.

      I hope this will help you.

  9. @Jitendra,
    I’ve used Geni.us links, EasyAzon, A-Fwd and Prourls for Amazon link redirection.
    I’ve started with Geni.us links as it was one of the most widely used solution and it works fantastic. I was happy with Geni.us but their recent changes in the pricing made me look into other services.
    So, currently I’m using a combination of EasyAzon, A-Fwd and Prourls (both are free) for all my Amazon affiliate link redirection needs.
    Sorry, I never tried ThirstyAffiliates.

  10. Thanks Anil.
    I’m confused between Geni.us, EazyAzon or ThirstyAffiliates. What is your suggestion, Which on is better and why? I obviously do not want to buy random one and waste my money.

    • Jitendra, if you need it for Amazon based affiliate sites, I would suggest you give a try to EazyAzon. ThirstyAffiliates is mostly used for showing affiliate links in a clean way (cloaking purpose). We have already written about affiliate link cloaking plugins here https://bloggerspassion.com/affiliate-link-cloaking-plugins/. Frankly speaking, we don’t have working experience of Geni.us. So cannot comment anything about it. We are using EasyAzon plugin on our amazon based affiliate blog.

  11. I did not know about this powerful plugin that can be the candid help for those who are willing to wind up on affiliate marketing. Thanks for your thrilling information what I will need after some days.

  12. Hi Anil,

    EasyAzon is one of the most popular and advanced plugins for Amazon Affiliate Marketers. I have been using it for more than a year and couldn’t ask for more.

    The best feature is the automatic price update. According to Amazon TOS, our account might get banned if we’re showing the incorrect prices on our blog. It is impossible if done manually.

    Great review and you explained almost all the features in detail.

    • Shafi, yes agree with you. We cannot manually update pricing for the products we are covering on Amazon niche websites. We are also using EasyAzon plugin on one of our niche based websites. And really happy with it.

  13. Thank you, Amazon affiliation has now become fashionable and this info is very useful.


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