How to Use Long Tail Pro to Find Money Keywords In Any Niche

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August 22, 2019

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Are you in to Fitness niche and want to use the most profitable keywords that increase your traffic and sales?

Are you into marketing niche and want to boost your subscribers and sales?

Are you into cooking niche and want to get more people buy your cooking videos?

If you are into ANY niche and looking for proven ways to increase your traffic, subscribers and sales, this guide is exclusively for you.

According to a survey, 9 out 10 blogs never make even $100. That’s really the worst nightmare for any blogger who spends countless hours in creating content to increase their traffic and sales.

Even I stuck at increasing my traffic at one point, no matter how great content I was creating, I couldn’t see any traffic growth from search engines whatsoever. That’s when I realized the importance of using long tail keywords into my content creation strategy.

Once I started using long tail keywords, I increased my overall search traffic nearly by 5000 visitors a month. You are really missing a lot of traffic and sales on the table if you are ignore long tail keywords.

How to find long tail keywords?

Keyword research is the KEY to increasing your search traffic. Without finding keywords and using them on your blog posts, you won’t see any growth . It’s as simple as that.

But finding keywords that increase your site traffic is the REAL part which often takes time.

Once you make a list of all the keywords and use them on your web pages, your on-page SEO is half done.

There are so many keyword research tool available out there to find long tail keywords but I’m going to talk about Long Tail Pro because it’s easy to use and quickly gives you hundreds of keyword ideas.

Before finding long tail keywords, I want you to remember one thing: “always focus on finding 4 or more keywords”.

Usually people use 2 or 3 word keyword phrases and assume that they are long tail keywords but in general they are not. Using 3 word long tail phrases is still hard to rank for. So target for finding 4 words or more.

Here’s a screenshot that gives you more clarity.

long tail

Notice that most of the keywords in the above image contain 4 words or more and using them into your content strategy gives you better chance in increasing your organic traffic.

Are you getting me?

Lesson: Using 4 words or more while doing keyword research is the REAL key to increasing search traffic.

So are you now interested in how to find great keywords that not only increase your search traffic but also sales? Let’s jump right in.

Using Long Tail Pro to find money keywords in any niche

long tail pro keyword research

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to better keywords in any niche by using Long Tail Pro. It’s one of the widely used keyword research tools in the market right now and is used by top affiliate marketers like Marcus Sheridan, Pat Flynn etc.

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Step 1: Create a list of “seed keywords”

The #1 tip for finding golden keywords is this: “put yourself in your target audience shoes and see things from their point of view”.

If you start using seed keywords into your keyword research, finding money making keyword phrases becomes easy.

What are seed keywords? As definition, Seed keywords are the words that are to be used as your base keywords.

For instance, if you want to rank for “knife”, instead of directly finding relevant long tail keywords for that seed keyword, think about how your audience might type those terms on Google.

They might use the keywords like;

  • best knifes
  • survival knife
  • best survival knife etc

See, how easy it is for you to come up with a huge list of long tail keywords once you put yourself into your audience shoes?

These are usually known as “seed keywords” – they are really important but that’s where your keyword research not ends, it actually begins with them.

The best part about using long tail keywords is, you can directly add seed keywords in the first step itself. When you open up your Long Tail Pro tool, it will ask you to add seed keywords.


Now that leads me to the next step.

Step 2: Find relevant long tail keywords that match your seed keywords

Here’s where using a keyword research tool like Long Tail Pro helps you, it helps you expand your seed keywords list.

Once you come up with the seed keyword, enter that into Long Tail Pro.

For instance, if you enter a seed keyword such as “create a blog”, it will give you a list of lots of profitable long tail keyword phrases you can use.


Now from the list of keyword ideas, make sure to pick keywords with 4 or more words on it and also with the local searches of 1000 monthly searches or below. This can be a HUGE help for you when ranking for those keywords in Google search results.

If we take another example and enter a keyword something like “keyword tool”, Long Tail Pro gives you a great list of “profitable long tail keyword ideas”.


Even if you have a fairly new blog and without building too many backlinks, you still can rank higher with the above search metrics using Long Tail Pro. They are not only less competitive but they give you an edge over your competitors to easily boost your search traffic.

The most important thing to do while finding better keywords is..

Determining the commercial intent of keywords.

commercial intent keywords

The above screenshot gives a list of all the long tail keyword ideas where I marked 3 keywords that have commercial intent. Meaning is, if you use them on your blog (if it’s relate d to accounting), you will bring visitors who are ready to buy!

To put it simply, commercial intent keywords generally include the words like buy, coupons, discount, deals, free shipping, reviews etc.

So when someone types in keywords like best discount, reviews etc they are already ready to buy. You just need to close the sale by writing honest product reviews. This is why most successful marketers make hundreds if not thousands of sales by using commercial intent keywords into their product reviews.

Note: If you skip this step or fail to find “commercial intent keywords”, you will fail to increase your overall sales no matter what your niche is. So make sure you spend quality time on this step alone.

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Step 3: Carefully craft your content by using long tail keywords

Once you come up with your list of profitable keyword ideas, it’s time to use them on your blog posts or web pages. This step 3 is the REAL key to your success.

Finding keywords that make you money is one part and using them rightly throughout your site is another part. So make sure you are doing this right, below I’ll explain you in simple terms how you can use long tail keywords to match your content.

Create clickable headlines

twitter tips

From the above screenshot, it’s clear that, if if an article ranks at #3, it’s still more likely to clickable than that of the #1 result. So the more clickable headlines you write, the more click through rates you will get from search engines.

The above example also tells you another important thing: it’s nicely stuffed the main keyword “twitter tips” into the headline. That’s how you optimize a web page that ranks higher in the search results.

Once you have a list of your long tail keyword ideas, stuff them nicely into your headlines without making them look like spam. Make sure they are worth reading and easy to understand about the content you want to cover in your article.

You can also use free tools like Portent to come up with great headlines easily. Simply enter your main long tail keyword and it will give you lots of headline ideas that are powerful.

Once, you spend good amount of time in crafting your headlines, it’s time for you to do on-page optimization.

Make sure to include your long tail keywords 3 to 4 times throughout your posts.

Include your main keyword in

  • Image alt tags
  • Meta description
  • Page URL
  • Top of the post and end of the post

Once you are done with the on-page optimization, you’re ready to boost your search traffic. Just remember the fact that, it takes some time to get traffic from search engines to your posts. But it will give you long lasting traffic if you have quality information.

You might ask, why use long tail keywords?

There are so many benefits but I’m going to list out the 3 most useful benefits of using long tail keywords.

  • They are easy to rank
  • They send you more traffic (because you will be using multiple keywords at once)
  • Long tail keywords often send you qualified buyers from search engines

Now, the most important question – why Long Tail Pro?

Although you can use Google Keyword Planner or many other free tools to come up with keyword ideas but they are not as much effective as Long Tail Pro.

Here are the main features:

  • Searches multiple keywords at once
  • Up to 800 results per keyword
  • Filter keywords based on traffic
  • Checks search competition
  • Filters out short-tail keywords and gives you long list of long tail keywords
  • And many more features that help you find the most profitable keywords in any niche

Click here to get Long Tail Pro for just $27/month

Note: If you want to know more about Long Tail Pro before trying it, read this in-depth review of Long Tail Pro. You will definitely find more details about it and you can come to a conclusion of using it after going through the review.

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Final thoughts on using Long Tail Pro to find money keywords

If you follow the step by step tutorial to do keyword research using Long Tail Pro, you will not only increase your traffic but most importantly your sales.

The key to increase your sales is to find and use “commercial intent keywords” like I demonstrated above.

Make sure to understand your target audience so you can easily come up with a list of seed keywords. Then, you can expand your seed keywords by using Long Tail Pro. It not only gives you long tail keywords but it will also show you the global or local monthly searches so you can target the right keywords accordingly.

What are you waiting for?

Grab Long Tail Pro for just $27/month for a limited time

Let me know if you have any questions related to using Long Tail Pro for finding ultimate keyword ideas for any niche. If you find this tutorial helpful, please share it with others so they can benefit.

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