Moz vs SEMRush: Comparison Of Two Of Best SEO Tools (2019 Edition)

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September 24, 2019
Moz vs SEMRush

Product Name: Moz or SEMrush



If you are a blogger or marketer, you should give a try to SEMrush and if you are a small business owner, you can give a try to Moz SEO tool. Both the tools offer free trial. So no risk involved.

It’s been a while since we last updated this post comparing both the SEO tools: SEMrush Vs Moz. Since then, there are slight changes and features introduced by both these tools. So I thought of updating the comparison post listing out all the new changes to help you use the BEST SEO tool among them in 2019.

Have you decided to start using premium SEO tools to increase your search rankings? Are you confused between using SEMrush Vs Moz? If yes, you are in the right place.

SEO has completely changed the way it was before. The same SEO tactics that worked well 2 years ago won’t work now.

Which is Best SEO Tool?SEMrush ProMoz Standard
Get Your Free Trial
Number of Sites Tracked55
User Access2 Users2 Users
No. of Keywords Tracked500 Keywords300 Keywords
No. of Pages Crawled100,000250,000

SEO is evolving and Google is updating its ranking system more than 500 times every year. That means, 1 or 2 updates are rolling out every single day. This obviously affects your website search traffic.

Unfortunately, we are all not SEO experts and we don’t have big pockets to spend money on SEO to boost our rankings. But there are a lot of alternatives that you can rely upon to increase your search rankings.

By spending a little money, you can grab the premium tools such as SEMrush and Moz which are incredible tools to boost your search traffic really quickly. If you are wondering which one you should go for, this post is for you.

In this post, we’ll talk about those alternatives/tools to help you increase your traffic, rankings and even sales. Let’s go.

Moz Vs SEMrush: Which Is the BEST SEO Tool for 2019?

Moz Vs SEMrush: Best SEO tool for 2019

Moz is an advanced SEO toolset which is also backed by the largest community of SEOs and the pricing starts at $99/mo whereas SEMrush is an all in one SEO toolkit where you can do everything from competitor analysis to site audits and pricing starts at $99.95/mo.

Now let the debate between the two amazing tools SEMrush Vs Moz begin. If you are blogging for a while and not under the rock for last few years, you might be already aware of two incredible SEO tools, Moz and SEMrush.

I call them incredible for a reason – unlike other SEO tools, these are made by SEO experts (Moz is developed by SEO expert Rand Fishkin) who are really passionate about helping others to boost their search engine rankings.  

These two SEO tools worth every single penny. They are so simple to use that even a non-tech savvy can find it really easy to grow their rankings to make more sales and spy on their competitors.

Why Buy a SEO Tool?

You may ask, why should I spend money on buying SEO tools if there are already tons of free options available out there.

Valid question. I’ll briefly explain you why do that.

If you are using self-hosted WordPress platform, you are already in luck because there are wide range of free plugins and tools available. Pick any topic and you will find a relevant tool on WordPress. That’s the beauty of using WordPress as your blogging platform, it’s hands down better than any other blogging platform like Blogger, Tumblr etc.

I personally like free SEO tools such as WordPress SEO by Yoast, Google Analytics, XML sitemaps etc. These are widely used and work like a charm. Unfortunately most of the free WordPress plugins and tools you find on web won’t work like the above plugins. Free plugins are free for a reason – they don’t offer too many features that will really help you achieve what you want.

That’s why developers spend thousands of dollars on creating tools for premium cost. The premium SEO tools like Moz and SEMrush really worth your money because of all the premium features and constant updates they offer. 

But when picking the right SEO tools, you need to be really careful. That’s why I came up with the comparison of Moz Vs SEMrush tool in 2019.

Every plugin and tool is different. They have their own benefits, the one tool that helped a blogger in your niche won’t help you. You might get better results by using an alternative plugin to that. So make sure to spend time on knowing the in and out about the tools before you spend money. Here’s why I made an unbiased comparison between the two SEO tools, SEMrush Vs Moz. Let’s now talk about their pros and cons and why should you use them.

The 3 major benefits of Moz tool

What is Moz and how their SEO tools help you?

Moz is an SEO software that allows you to unlock all kinds of keyword metrics, on-page recommendations, link building opportunities, crawl errors, online mentions of your brand and many more.

If you are serious about your blog or business then you need to invest in powerful SEO tools to automate tasks that normally take hours to complete. One such is Moz Pro, a comprehensive SEO software suite with several SEO functionalities.

It offers both basic and advanced research tools like keyword research tools, a SEO keyword generator, and link analysis that gives detailed data on your inbound links and link quality to improve your search engine optimization.

So in this Moz Vs SEMrush comparison, let’s first talk about Moz Pro features so you will know whether that’s a right tool for you to invest or not.

1. Link analysis

With Moz Pro, you can know from where the most powerful backlinks are coming. This tool helps you to identify mentions of your business online.

Sometimes, your website gets mentioned in a blog post but the blogger failed to link back to your site. With this tool, you see all of your unlinked mentions on the web. You can even know how much people are talking about your blog.

The brands & mentions section creates a visual graph of all your site’s mentions in one place.

2. Keyword research

Moz’s new tool Keyword Explorer helps in determining which keywords to target for SEO. For this purpose, Moz intelligently created four metrics namely Volume, Difficulty, Opportunity and Potential.

  • Keyword Volume: It is the number of times the keyword is searched monthly.
  • Keyword Difficulty: Based on domain authority and how many backlinks and social shares your competitors have, it shows how challenging it will be for you to rank well for that keyword..
  • Keyword Opportunity: In addition to regular search results, you can see things like ads and SERP features appearing on Google’s front page. As more and more features crowd the front page of SERPs, the lower organic CTR will be.
  • Keyword Potential:  A higher number means a better chance of ranking well in the SERPs for the keyword. So a keyword with a higher potential score typically has strong search volume and lower competition.

Moz does estimate what keywords led to your page visits. If your site is not ranking on the first page or in top 3 places, then you should know reasons behind it to work on. And this tool provides valuable insights into those making it to the top page.

It primarily focuses on the page authority and the domain authority to assess your competition.

3. Open site explorer

Open Site Explorer is one of the most popular tools of Moz. However, to access the best features of it, you need to be a paid subscriber.

Here are the few things you can analyze with this tool.

  • It shows spammy sites that link to your website.
  • You can learn what keywords the site might be ranking for. It analyzes the phrases and terms most commonly used as anchor text to link to the provided URL or domain.
  • To maximize link building, you can target the best pages. You can see top pages on this domain according to Page Authority.
  • You can find broken and unlinked link phrases on your website.

Here are few more amazing things you can do with Moz tools.

Moz Analytics: Want to improve your search traffic, rankings and keyword visibility? Moz Analytics tool is exclusively for you. It helps you audit your site, track your current keyword rankings and see what your competitors are doing. A perfect tool for all levels of bloggers who wants to improve their search visibility.

Competitor rank tracking: You can track keywords ranking from over 200 countries and you can easily discover who your top competitors and compare their ranking performance. This helps you easily overtake your competitors in every SEO aspect.

Mobile rankings: This is a newly added featured by Moz Pro team. This helps you easily analyse all your mobile rankings. You can also compare all the mobile Vs desktop rankings and you can also easily track your “mobile friendly” tags. If your site is not mobile responsive yet, make sure to do it first. Otherwise both your search rankings and traffic will eventually go down.

Find link opportunities: With Moz Pro, you can also easily discover unlinked mentions, reclaim broken links, find competitive link opportunities and get site contact information of any website of your competitors. This helps you uncover lots of quality link building sources so you can increase your traffic to your blog or site. Their Open Site Explorer helps you easily find out the Domain Authority (DA), Page Authoirty and page link metrics etc features of any domain you enter within few seconds.


Crawl test tool: You can crawl any website to find errors, HTTP status codes and other useful data. You can explore up to 3000 links on any URL. You can also export this report to your emails. If you want to identify your site problems be it duplicate content, missing titles, crawling issues etc, this tool helps you get instant information.

Fresh Web Explorer: Want to figure out who is linking to who? One of the simplest ways to grow your search traffic is to get more links. By analyzing the keywords and links of your competitors, you will have fair advantage of where to find opportunities to build quality links for your sites. This tool helps you analyze mentions of your blog, competitors and keywords.

Rank Tracker: If you want to boost your search rankings, first you need to know where your pages are currently ranking in Google search results. By knowing your keyword positions, it becomes easy for you to set goals to increase their rankings. This tool helps you get instant reports on where your pages are ranking in Google for any keyword.

On-Page Grader: On-page SEO is the key to build a high trafficked website. Unfortunately most bloggers do it all wrong. Here’s where Moz On-page grader comes into help. It instantly audits your on-page SEO, and gives you great insights on tweaking your pages for higher search engine rankings. Sounds great, right? The On-Page Grader scores your web pages by over 30 criterias, then ranks recommendations by importance and difficulty.

Keyword Difficulty and SERP Analysis Tool: Anyone who is doing SEO for a while know the importance of keyword research. When you are finding new keywords to increase your traffic, it’s important to know the difficulty. Otherwise, you end up wasting time and money on picking the wrong keywords that are highly competitive (and impossible to rank). Fortunately with Keyword Difficulty tool from Moz, you can choose the right keywords to minimize your time and effort, and maximize your results.

Spam analysis: Again, this is another newly added feature on Moz Pro tool. The spam score will help you find potentially spam links on your websites. Once you find and fix those links, you will notice your traffic going up. You can also avoid Google penalties and audit your site thoroughly for harmful links.

Page Optimization Checklist: Did you know that Moz Pro started giving an optimization checklist to boost your website’s rankings? You can easily improve your page or posts rankings by using Moz’s tailored SEO recommended checklist. Even if you are a SEO newbie, you will find it really easy for you to improve your SEO rankings.

Moz also offers free tools such as Open Site Explorer (to identify link building opportunities), Followerwonk (to track twitter accounts), MozBar (to perform keyword research and page analysis) and MozCast (to track daily changes of Google rankings).

Features of Moz tool:

Here are the awesome features of Moz that offers collection of different SEO & marketing tools under one hub.

  • With it’s Rank Tracker feature, you can get immediate reports on where pages or domains rank in search engines for any given keyword.
  • It’s On-Page Grader feature helps you to get instant insight into your on-page keyword usage with recommendations to help you rank higher and optimize for your targeted search terms.
  • You can run a site audit of up to 3,000 pages against any public domain. You can then find bad links, broken pages and get an analysis of over 20 factors that may affect search engine crawling test.
  • You can find new link building opportunities and monitor the web for mentions of your brand, products and competitors with the help of it’s Fresh Web Explorer tool. You can stay up-to-date on the latest topics related to your business:

Pros and cons of Moz tools

Pros of Moz

  • The analytics and results that Moz provides are very detailed and helpful.
  • Moz helps to improve your search traffic, rankings and keyword visibility.
  • It’s spam score will help you to find potentially spam links on your websites.
  • It offers 30 day free trial so that you can explore all of it’s features.
  • Moz pro helps you to uncover lots of quality link building sources that you can increase your traffic to your blog.
  • Helpful community and forums. Have any issue in using the Moz tools? Just ask your question in Moz forums and you will get awesome responses. If you are a beginner, what can you expect more?
  • Moz continues to update their tools and adding more features to their list. This will certainly help SEO guys to boost their SEO rankings.

Cons of Moz

  • It has many great features which are highly useful. It may take a while to figure out all of its functionality when you first get started. Once you figure it out, it will be a lifesaver.
  • The pricing is the only con I would say. You should pay $99 per month for the standard Moz Pro account. It’s not a big deal if you know the worth of Moz tools. There are thousands of marketers and SEO enthusiasts are using Moz tools to grow their income and help their clients to improve their SEO.

Is Moz tools worth paying for?

I’ve used Moz tools for a long time and I’m quite happy with the tools they offer. Every tool is distinguished from the other, you will have access to most of their tools by just logging into your Moz account after signing up. They are worth your money if your goal is to take your SEO optimization to the next level.

Verdict: If you are using content marketing to grow your online business and website traffic, you should try Moz tools. They help you properly optimize your website content to grow your search traffic.

Click here to try Moz FREE for 30 days

3 biggest benefits of SEMrush

What is SEMrush and how it helps you?

SEMrush is your all-in-one SEO tool that helps you find profitable keywords and crush your competitors by spying on their keywords, backlinks, traffic and ad strategies.

If you want to outrank your competitors, this is the only tool I recommend.

I can literally talk hours about using SEMrush tool to improve your SEO. I’ve been using it for the last 3 years and I’m really glad to use it. SEMrush not only helped me grow my search traffic by 15% just within 30 days but it also helping me to analyze my keyword positions properly.

SEMrush databases are updated very frequently, and that’s the one reason why you get accurate data.

If you want to know for what keywords your competitors are getting ranked and the traffic your competitor is getting then SEMrush is the tool for you. SEMrush is a website analysis tool that will help you to analyze and optimize SEO strategies. One thing I can say about SEMrush is, it’s an all-in-one competitor analysis tool.

1. Backlink analysis

You can easily conduct a deep backlink analysis using SEMrush. Baclinks are votes, the more you have the more better rankings you will get. But you need to find a way to deeply analyze backlinks of your competitors if you want to uncover few link building strategies, here’s where this tool helps you!

You can conduct deep analysis and know what kind of links are pointed towards your website. It’s effective backlink checker helps you to keep a check on incoming links, how authoritative it is and so on.

It’s report helps you to improve the quality of backlink you receive and also discover new referral traffic sources. Here’s a simple screenshot that tells you how you can do backlink analysis with SEMrush in this Moz Vs SEMrush comparison.

Analyse competitor backlinks

Here are the few things that this tool will help you:

  • You can know whether the backlinks you received are genuine or spam.
  • You can know from which location you have been referred.
  • You will get all information like, from where your competitors are getting strong and authoritative backlinks.

2. Get the best performing keywords

Now, finding profitable keywords is easy with SEMrush. Go to SEMrush dashboard, you will find “keyword research” tab at the left side. Enter the keyword and it gives you a detailed list of all the keyword ideas along with the monthly search volume.

Want to find keywords with less competition? This is the right tool for you to find the most profitable keywords in any niche. Find out how you can gather profitable keywords with SEMrush. Without a doubt, SEMrush offers you the best features to find golden keywords no matter what niche you are in. Not only that, you will get a full data over what keywords to use including their monthly search volume.

Along with that, their “Phrase Match” report gives you a full analysis on the CPC of the keyword you target along with the monthly volume and the trend of that particular over time.

For instance, have a look at the screenshot below for the keyword “Blogging tips”.


It also gives you a list of all the organic search results that are ranking at the top of Google. So that you will understand whether continue to focus on using the keywords you are targeting or not.

Here are the few things you can get:

  • It will give the complete list of best keywords related to your niche.
  • You can explore keywords that are region specific.
  • It displays Match keywords as well as phrases. You can also know about other related keywords.

3. Find advertising opportunities

There are sites that pay for the traffic you get, through Google Adwords. If you could find those companies then you could make money by suggesting them to put their ads on your site directly.

SEMrush looks at all the keywords you are ranking for and then identifies companies that are advertising based on these keywords and displays them in a chart.

This is what you can see in the chart:

  • Domain: This is the website that is paying for the traffic
  • Common keywords: They bid on these keywords that you happen to rank for.
  • Ads keywords: They target these keywords.
  • Ads traffic: The traffic generated from these ads.
  • Ads traffic price: The cost of driving this traffic.

So, start searching some relevant companies and approach them to know whether they are interested in putting ads on your site. If they are spending a lot of money advertising for keywords you already rank for, then that will be huge benefit to you.

Here are few more ways SEMrush helps you.

SEMrush is an all-rounder SEO package tool I would say in a sentence. If you want to crush your competition, this is the tool you should first give a try. And the better thing? It doesn’t cost you much.

By paying $99.95 a month,  you can find up to 500 keywords every month and you will have access to all the following features that make SEMrush one of the most affordable SEO tools.

Spy on your competitors keywords: This tool is mainly used for spying on your competitors be it finding their backlinks, checking their website traffic, and even their best performing keywords. This allows anyone to easily better understand about their competition and target audience. If you know your competitors keywords, you are well ahead of them in any niche.

Find out your competitors ad strategies: If you are focusing on using ads to boost your traffic, leads and sales, you first need to test the waters. If you want to do it without spending any money, use SEMrush to check your competitors ad strategies.

Use Site Audit to find and fix your site issues: One of the major reasons I love SEMrush is it provides Site Audit feature. This helps you easily find and fix all your website issues. The great thing is that it shows you how much “health percentage” your site has (along with the issues it has). So you can improve it every time by fixing your website issues such as crawling issues, images with no alt tags, long title or meta description, too many internal links etc. Here’s how it basically looks like.

site audit

Position tracking tool: Everyone wants to know how their keywords are performing well in search results, but most of us don’t know how to track them. If you want to track any keyword position, SEMrush allows you to do that. You can also import all your data to your emails so that you can have access to it any time and make necessary improvements.

Create projects: With SEMrush Projects feature you can create projects by including your blog’s domain details. Once you create the project with your existing blog’s domain, SEMrush will automatically compile all the data of it and gives you daily reports on the keyword positioning, daily search traffic etc. This can be so helpful in improving your website’s overall search engine traffic and rankings.

Try SEMrush free for 30 days

Step by step guide to get SEMrush pro account free for 30 days

Step 1: Click on this special link to grab your 30 days SEMrush account for free (which is worth $99.95 and you’ll get free from the link).

You’ll now have to register by entering your email and any password of your choice.

SEMrush register details

Step 2: In this step, you will be now redirected to the page that looks like something like this where you should enter your credit card details to get access to SEMrush.

semrush 30 days free trial

Step 3: In this final step, make sure to enter your details (email, password and billing details) to grab your SEMrush Pro account absolutely free for next 30 days (which is worth $99.95)

Once you click on the “Place The Order” button, it will create your SEMrush account without charging you anything.

Step by step guide to get SEMrush Guru account free for 14 days (worth $100)

Here’s how you can get SEMrush Guru free for 14 days.

Step 1: Use this link to avail Guru account from SEMrush.

You’ll now see a registration page which will look like;

guru register

Step 2: Once you have entered an email and password to create your account, you’ll be asked to subscribe to Guru plan.

guru plan

As you can see above, you’ll need to enter your credit card details and you’ll be charged $0 (absolutely nothing) and you’ll be given a 14 days free trial to their Guru account instantly.

Access to Historical data: If you need access to all the SEMrush database archives, which go back as far as January 2012 (which is Historical data), you should get access to SEMrush Guru account. You’ll be also getting features like:

  • Projects: 50
  • Domain & Keyword Analytics: 30,000 results per report (which means 5000 reports per day)
  • Position Tracking: 1500 keywords (which are updated daily)
  • Site Audit: 300,000 pages per month
  • And the list goes on

So what are you still waiting for?

Get SEMrush Guru account for 14 days (worth $100)

Few other features of SEMrush

  • SEMrush gives insights into strategies that your competitors are using, whether in paid search, organic search or link building.
  • It has research tools and analytical reports that will help your website rank higher in SERPs (search engine results pages).
  • SEMrush rates keyword difficulty and suggests long-tail keywords for your niche.
  • Google looks for quality over quantity. SEMrush lists internal and external links on your site and also suggests healthy and authoritative websites that will help your site’s SEO.

Pros of SEMrush:

  • With 128,000,000+ domains and 120,000,000+ keywords in its 29 databases, this is the best SEO tool to increase your SEO strategy.
  • You will find almost every tool that helps you improve your SEO from finding keywords to backlink analysis to keyword position tracking. It covers every thing.
  • It allows you to check Domain Vs Domain metrics which is really helpful for competing with your competitors.
  • You can track your competitors and consequently improve your own SEO ranking.
  • It provides more competitive data and each keyword is backed by a long history like how popular it is, who has used it, what is its value, and so on.
  • It’s AdSense Publishers Report enables you to discover where exactly your competitors are advertising.
  • You get an estimation of how much your competitor might be spending on AdWords in comparison to Product Listing Ads (PLAs).
  • If you want to know how good or bad a website is performing on Google, then use SEMrush’s site audit tool and you will get all the site issues.

Cons of SEMrush:

  • If you are a beginner then you will find pricing too high.
  • Sometimes, you find SEMrush’s backlinks data inaccurate. For instance, sometimes it will say that a site gets 100,000 visits/month but when it reality it gets 150,000 visits.

Is SEMrush tool worth paying for?

This SEMrush VS Moz review was done to give you whether these both tools are worthy paying or not. So yes, it’s worth every penny. I’m not exaggerating it but try SEMrush free for 30 days and let me know. You won’t regret buying it.

Verdict: SEMrush is the #1 tool that is highly recommended by majority of the SEO experts. If you are on a budget and want to have access to an SEO tool that allows you to perform almost everything from finding keywords to spying on your competitors backlinks, try it.

Browse more SEO Tools:

Final Thoughts: Moz Vs SEMrush SEO Tool for 2019

I know SEMrush Vs Moz comparison is really hard because they both are great SEO tools. They have their own unique features and come at unique price tags.

Moz and SEMrush both are perfectly optimized SEO tools and they offer excellent features to their customers. If you are a small business owner, I’d to recommend Moz because of the features it has. If you’re a blogger and marketer, give SEMrush a try, you will find it essential to grow your search traffic.

Choosing one among Moz Vs SEMrush has nothing to do with your budget, Moz tools starter package starts at $99 per month whereas SEMrush comes for $99.95/mo.

Before jumping into a conclusion on which SEO tool to use, I’d highly recommend you to try them both (Moz and SEMrush).

Click here to try Moz FREE for 30 days

Click here to try SEMrush FREE for 30 days

So what are you waiting for? Try them for free and let me know the best suited tool for your SEO in 2019. I hope you liked the comparison of SEMrush vs Moz. Please share this post with others so they can benefit. Ask me if you have any doubts or questions in the comments before giving them a try.

Anil Agarwal

Anil Agarwal who owns, is a full-time blogger and SEO expert who has been helping people build profitable websites for over a decade. Bloggers Passion has been featured on premium online sites like, Huffingtonpost, SEMrush, Problogger, Crazy Egg, The Next Web and so on.


  1. Lagerboks - Oslo Minilager says:

    We have never try Semrush, Moz has very good reports, easy and clear to understand. it’s a pity that we need lots of different tools. Would be great having one place or a dashboard with all in the same place for (SEO, SEM, social media monitoring, website Analytics, A/B testing, Newsletters etc)

    • Anil Agarwal says:

      Yes, Moz has definitely some of the great features but lately there are so many other alternatives came up like SEMrush, Serpstat, Ahrefs and so on and all of them are far more better than what Moz has to offer. If you’re looking for a cheap alternative to the above two tools, you might want to check out Serpstat as well, you can read more here ( to know their pricing and features.

  2. PublicaLog says:

    SEMRush is a better choice if you don’t focus on US market because the databases of SEMRUSH have better international accuaracy.

    Also they have add lots of new functions lately, making possible to replace others tools, and save money.

    Ideally would be great to have both, but if you need to choose, I prefer SEMRUSH.

  3. James William says:

    I prefer the SEM Rush interface for useful keywords that it gives for SEO or SEM Works.

    Thank You!!!

  4. Gary Song says:

    Hi Anil,
    Thanks for your sharing about Moz Vs. Semrush, and I am a Content Marketer, so I always use these three SEO tools, Semrush, Ahrefs, Moz, actually my preference is the Ahrefs (lol…), and do you know the difference between “Semrush rank” and “Alexa Rank”, is “Semrush rank” position 2 million standing for getting more organic traffics than “Semrush rank” position 3 million?

  5. Shane McDonald says:

    Thanks for this, I am torn between the two for a big project and I think MOZ might be the one I go with. Even though I have a basic profile setup on SEMRush. I hope to make the decision in the next month.
    Thanks again !

    • Anil Agarwal says:

      Sure Shane. Take your time to try both the tools for free as both of them offers 30 days free trial and subscribe to the SEO tool which you find better.

  6. Andy Cole says:

    Hi Anil,
    I came across a company called Semalt. Where does it fit compared to Semrush or Moz? Thank you!

  7. Isabella Chris says:

    Hi Anil, that’s great post, I personally use & recommend semrush, it’s showing very accurate data and i researched and ranked many kw using semrush.


  8. Anant singh says:

    Hi bro I have semrush asref KW finder and mix accounts but I Am really stuck with KW difficulty which tool is best for analyzing KW difficult …which one is most accurate .( Amazing quotes asref=7 semrush shows 78 KW finder shows 46 mix shows 47 KW difficulty ) all showing different difficulty levels please tell me which one is best for KW difficulty .

    • Anil Agarwal says:

      Hi Anand

      Every SEO tool calculates the Keyword difficulty data with their own score. So its better to study what a SEO tool says about ideal keyword difficult level for websites of different interests.

      For New websites, they should go for keywords that has KD level of less than 20. If you are unable to find enough keywords in this range, go for keywords having KD less than 35

      If your website has already some age and good DA, you should go for keywords having KD less than 50.

      And if you have a established website with strong DA, you can go for highly competitive keywords as well.

  9. Rahul Kumar Shandilya says:

    Hi Anil,

    Pretty neatly written. It looked like you crafted this article giving meaning to every bit of information shared. I am definitely going to try both MOZ and SEMRush and give it a shot. I like your conclusion on small business owner and blogger. This hints as what should be preferred by us!

    Thanks a ton for sharing such a clean article.

  10. ETS India says:

    MOZ and SEMRUSH both are great tool for SEO But I prefer the MOZ tool rather than SEMRUSH. Thank you so much for sharing this information to us. Keep it up Anil.

  11. Donna Merrill says:

    Hi Anil,

    Indeed a great comparison. I am currently using both Moz and Semrush & if if I have to choose one, I would choose Semrush any day as it has better features which gives more accurate results.

    ~ Donna

  12. Deepak Parashar says:

    Thanks for sharing this information. Moz and Sem rush both are good tool for Better SEO, keep up the good work

  13. Himanshu says:

    Hi, I find SEMRush is better than Moz because SEMRush provides better results.

  14. Eric says:

    I’m a long time user of Moz Pro and recently subscribed to SEMRush. I was comparing the results for both and I found a huge discrepancy in the number of backlinks for the root domain: . Moz reports 4.5k Total External Inbound Links, while SEMRush reported 70 Total Backlinks. I know numbers won’t exactly match between the two tools, but I can’t figure out this large discrepancy. Will appreciate any help!

    • Anil Agarwal says:

      Hi Eric

      Moz shows very less data when it comes about finding backlinks for a website. SEMrush has much bigger backlinks database. With SEMrush, if you want to analyse all of your website backlinks (as part of backlink audit), you can connect your Google Search Console data with SEMrush. SEMrush can help you find all the toxic links your domain is having and you can easily remove all of them from Google index using disavow tool.

  15. Yahya says:

    Hi, Anil.

    It is such a great information as I am now looking for some points to enhance my decision replacing Moz with semrush.
    In my case, my moz keyword’s capacity has reached the limit 300 for the standard offer. If I take the medium offer, it will be such a waste as I only need it for 5 campaigns.

    I’m still looking for more more info to solve this.


  16. Mac Zinzuwadiya says:

    Thank you so much for sharing useful i prefer SEM Rush.

  17. Sarah says:

    Which of semrush vs moz has the most accurate keyword difficulty tool in your experience? Have you found they always assess keyword difficulty to be similar? Also, what score in semrush should I look for for winnable keywords? I read somethin any keyword rated 6o or below should be relatively easy to win. Does this sound right to you? Thanks! Lots of questions I know, but this is such opportunity to get accurate and up to date info from a real guru 🙂

    • Anil Agarwal says:

      Hi Sarah

      If you are just starting out with a fresh domain, look for keywords that has DA of less than 35. If you have a website with some DA and decent DA (Above 50), you should look for keywords having difficulty less than 50. As far as KD data is concerned, SEMrush is better than Moz.

  18. Ray K says:

    I prefer the SEM Rush interface and the useful keyword insights that it gives. I’m switching from MOZ very soon!

  19. Charles B. says:

    Awesome list man!

    I’m using Serpstat’s $20/mo plan and Moz tools. Moz tools are my favorite but they give small margin of error.

  20. Stephen Leung says:

    Hi thanks for the article.

    A quick point-out, under pros of semrush, ‘ With 646,642 and 120,000,000+ keywords ‘ … the noun is missing from the 646642 😉 I think you probably meant websites …

  21. William says:

    Awsome comparsion nicely done. I have tried both since and totally agreed with the analysis.

    I’d suggest everyone who are serious about driving traffic by SEO to buy both tools. Either tool is good money spent.

  22. Career Nigeria says:

    I want to purchase an SEO tool for my website and i have heard about some many tools but the interesting thing that caught my attention about SEMRush is the ability to see your ranking in search engine and what your competitors are doing to give us an idea on what works in the online space in our industry. What giving me concern is when i went through their website, i didn’t see google for my country Nigeria. I will like to know if i can to use SEMrush to check my ranking locally or the ranking it would display are my ranking globally? Pls Anil i would be glad if you can speak on this or any SEMrush expert out there.

  23. Pranjal Borah says:

    Out of both these tools, I find Semrush easy to use and quite accurate.

  24. shajeer says:

    Hi Anil,

    Another excellent comparison on the seo tools from your side. Thanks for helping to find out the best tools.


  25. Rajesh says:

    I love Semrush because it offers tons of features. Reports are also trustworthy.

  26. Transport George says:

    I am using Moz since 2013 and I have also read about the great features on SEMRush which makes me want to try it and compare the two. You have listed here the features of the two products. Thank you for this!

  27. Arbaz K says:

    Hey Anil,
    Great article and comparison between the tools. Personally, I have never used any of the Moz tools (except, but I regularly use SEMRush to stay updated with my competitors’ websites.

  28. Steve Smith says:

    Amazing information.. Anil you are one the best blogger to share this type of information to us.

    Thank you so much for sharing this information to us.

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