Top 7 Affiliate Networks You Should Be Using in 2017 And Beyond

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So you’ve just started your own internet marketing journey and eager to start bagging your own share of the money, after all, your friends have assured you of the massive opportunities on the internet.

As you may already have known, there are so many different ways you can make money from the internet, and the first thing to do as a marketer is usually to decide on which route you will follow.

Top Affiliate Networks

However, this post isn’t about the various ways of making money online rather, it’s about affiliate marketing, and if you’ve decided that you will focus on affiliate marketing then, this post is for you because I will be sharing with you the different affiliate networks you can join now and start making money.

You see, one of the major setbacks often experienced by affiliate marketers is to know which affiliate networks to join. There are many of them out there but, it’s often difficult to know the profitable and legitimate ones that will not scam you.

The good thing is that there are many good ones out there that have proven to work for so many people, unfortunately, if by choice or mistake, you join any of the wrong/fake networks, you will find it difficult to make a profit.

What is an Affiliate Network?

In case you’re still wondering what this means, I will tell you.

Affiliate networks are basically third-party companies that connect affiliate marketers with product owners who are looking for the people that will help them market their products for a commission.

You could perhaps find an affiliate program for any type of product on the internet, and a majority of these products will have their own personal affiliate networks.

However, if you’re just venturing into this business, it will not be advisable to go pursue different individual affiliate programs for different products. That will take you a lot of efforts, time, research and even relationships.

Instead, the best and wisest thing to do is look for available affiliate networks.

Joining already established affiliate networks also comes with so many benefits:

1. They take care of payment processes: It’s not easy to personally track your payments from different vendors, but when you’re working with large networks, it makes the tracking easier for you. You can easily track everything in one place, and be sure they’ll be paid.

2. They assemble vendors: With large networks, you don’t have to go hunting for vendors; they’re already gathered in one place for you to select the ones you want to work with.

However, not all vendors will join affiliate networks so, you can still do a bit research on other ones you will wish to work with on your space but, the point here is that joining affiliate networks is the best way to save time.

Different Payment Models Used by Affiliate Networks

There are basically two traditional payment models affiliate networks uses to pay their affiliates, they are:

1. Cost Per Action (CPA): With the CPA model, affiliates are paid when a lead or referral took a particular action on the offer. The most common actions include, form submission, sign-ups, clicks, and registrations. Since this model does not necessarily require a direct sale, the payout/commission is usually lower.

2. Cost Per Sale (CPS): This is a revenue sharing model used by product owners and marketers to get a massive number of customers to their products/services. In the CPS model, an affiliate is paid a certain commission when the referral he made to the product result to a sale. Product owners prefer this payment model because they only have to pay a commission after their product is sold.

What To Look For in a Good Affiliate Network

Before joining any affiliate network, there are several things you need to consider first, these things will enable you to ensure you’re not making a mistake.

1. Support: You want to join networks that offer superb and unbeatable supports to both vendors and affiliate marketers. As you know, there’s going to be so many flows of money so, you want to join networks that will be there to settle disputes when it arises.

2. Products in Your Niche: This is critical. It will be a total waste of time to join a network that has no product you could sell in your niche.

It is also advisable to join networks that have multiple products available for sale in your niche. You can’t make a living selling just one product to your audience. So, you should look out for networks with multiple products you could promote, this will eventually make you more money.

Finally, you also want to ensure that other people are promoting the products you want to go for and are also making money from it. Most networks today has a way of showing you which products are selling more than others so, it’s your duty to also look out for this.

3. Ease Of Use: This is also imperative. You don’t want to join affiliate networks with complex user interface. You want to make sure the network is easy to use and navigate and will not require you looking for extra support.

You can just sign up for a few networks first and have a feel of their back-end. See what their payments processes are promotion are like. You don’t want to spend a lot of time figuring out how to sought out things in the back-end instead of putting all the time into your promotions.

4. Popularity: If you’re new, you will have to join affiliate networks that are already popular. This is because big networks already have lots of users which mean that they have more resources and more money to spend.

Furthermore, popular networks also have more vendors which mean you’ll also have more products to promote and make money.

7 Popular Affiliate Networks You Could Join Now

Below, you will find the top seven affiliate networks you could join now and start making money. They are my top recommendation, and I’m also using most of them.

1. ClickBank

Clickbank Premier Internet Retailer

If you ask me, I won’t regret telling you that Clickbank is the most popular digital affiliate network on the internet with over 17 years of existence.

Clickbank’s primary focus is on digital products, it has lots of products to sell in any niche, has one of the simplest, and easy to understand UI with a superb customer support. If I’m starting afresh today, Clickbank is perhaps the first affiliate network I will register with because of its library of unique and quality products.

To visit Clickbank and create your own free account, follow this link.

2. Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates Program

Amazon Associates program is not an affiliate network per say, it’s an online marketplace for both digital and physical products, however; they have what I will call the largest affiliate program on the internet.

If you’ve been on the internet for a little while and you’ve never a thing or two about the popular Amazon Associate program then, you’re probably living underwater.

Even though they have the lowest commission than most of the affiliate networks out there but, the good thing about it that makes it stand out from others is its conversion rate. Amazon products convert like crazy. This program has probably produced many millionaires on the internet more than any other network.

Like Clickbank, registration is free, and once you’ve met all their requirements, you can start promoting their products on your website immediately.

Check out Amazon Associates here.

3. Commission Junction (CJ)

Commission Junction

Commission Junction is one of the oldest players in the industry. It’s one of the first networks I joined back in the days when I started blogging and even since then, their products and customer supports have remained nothing more than amazing.

They also have a wide range of products you can promote in multiple niches and their tracking system is out of this world.

You might as well consider checking out CJ affiliate network to see what it can do for you.

4. eBay Partner Network

eBay Partner Network

The eBay marketplace has been in existence for over 20 years now, and its partner program is very similar to the Amazon Associates I mentioned earlier. Like Amazon, it’s not an affiliate network, but a private affiliate program for a major online retailer.

Interestingly, many marketers have no idea that eBay has an affiliate program while it’s making many people rich. The program provides its users with top-notch tools, tracking and reporting and you can find many in-demand products to promote.

The truth is that I’ve never tried the eBay partner program before but I have friends who are using it, and they’re saying lots of good stuff about it therefore, I’ll also urge you to check it out and see for yourself.

Click Here to create an account with eBay partner program.

5. Flex offers

Top Affiliate Programs

This is one of the many affiliate networks that people do not know about yet, has lots of reputation.

FlexOffers is a premiere affiliate network with over 10 years experience. It builds mutually benefiting relationship between serious online publishers with advertisers in many niches. They have a robust portfolio of over 5000 merchants to choose from, so you will never run out of products to promote.

According to Flex offers, all their publisher accounts are assigned a dedicated account representative, so you will never get stuck along the way.

One thing I should not forget to mention is the fact that was included among the Top 10 affiliate network by the mThink Blue Book 2016 survey!

6. JVzoo

JVZoo marketplace

If you’re in the make money online niche then, you must have heard about the popular online digital marketplace called JVzoo.

The majority of the products you can find on JVzoo includes eBooks, Information products, Plugins, Softwares, Video tutorials, apps, etc. JVzoo has a broad range of products you can promote in the internet marketing niche, and if you’re good at marketing, you can make a hell lots of money with this network because they offer one of the highest commission out there.

In the JVzoo marketplace, you can even find products whose owners are giving away 100% of the profits to affiliates which mean you keep all the money for yourself.

Now, if you’re in the “make money online” niche and you don’t have an account with JVzoo yet, I’ll advise you horridly do so right now so you can start cutting your own share of the cake.

7. ShareASale

ShareASale affiliate network

ShareASale happens to be one of the first affiliate networks I learned about when I started my first blog. They have been in the business for more than 17 years now and still waxing stronger.

According to ShareASale, their principal aim is to provide their affiliates with advanced and top notch affiliate marketing platform that will enable them to solve their financial needs. Over the years, their technology has bagged lots of praises because of their unbeatable speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

Aside from that, they have quality products you can promote as an affiliate and have superior customer support representatives that will always be there to handle all your problems and questions.

Click here now to sign up to ShareASale affiliate program.

Conclusion About the Top Affiliates Networks to Use in 2017

I believe by now you’ve already made up your mind of the affiliate network to join if not, what is still keeping you? You need to go through this post once again and make an informed decision.

There are many other good affiliate networks on the internet you can check out like the Warrior Plus, but the ones I mentioned here are the ones I can fully vouch for, some of which I’ve personally used.

You don’t have to create an account in all of them at the same time, just start with one and then, take it from there. If you register with any of them right now and pick the right products to promote after which you carry out your promotions correctly, I guarantee you will start making money at once.

One last thing I will like you to know is this, if you really want to make a fortune via affiliate marketing then, you must start building a responsive email list right now.


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