Top 10 SEO Affiliate Programs to Promote Great Products & Earn More Money

Did you know that the SEO industry is worth over 80 billion dollars?

There are millions of people spending money on SEO to increase their site’s traffic, conversions and sales.

On average, American small businesses spend around $500 per month on SEO services.

seo services cost

Businesses are spending money on SEO for one reason: SEO works and gives you excellent returns. So yes, there’s always a HUGE demand for both SEO related products and services.

If you’re looking for passive income sources, you might already know the importance of affiliate marketing. So if you’re looking for the best SEO affiliate programs to make more money by promoting useful products to your audience, this post is for you.

Let’s talk about 10 of the best SEO affiliate programs you can promote in 2023.

10 Best SEO Affiliate Programs to Try In 2023

seo affiliate programs in 2023

1. Semrush Affiliate Program

Are you in the SEO industry? Looking for high-paying SEO affiliate programs to promote?

Then, you should definitely try the Semrush affiliate program which pays you a hefty commission of $200 per sale.

Did you know that we generated more than $430,000 in commissions by promoting Semrush? Also, in the last 1 year, we made over $67,000 from Semrush.

Have a look at our earning screenshot.

semrush latest earnings

Semrush is the widely used SEO toolkit that is used by more than 10 million people worldwide. The #1 reason it’s so successful is because of its amazing affiliate program which allows you to earn a $200 commission on every successful sale.

Also, you get a $10 commission for every referral who uses your link to grab its free trial. 

Why should you promote Semrush affiliate program?

If you’re looking for high-performing SEO affiliate programs, you should definitely try Semrush as it gives access to over 50 amazing tools ranging from keyword research to competitor analysis, site audits, etc.

Here are some of the incredible features of the Semrush SEO tool.

  • Keyword analytics
  • Site audits
  • Traffic analytics
  • Position tracking
  • Organic research
  • Backlink analysis
  • Domain-to-domain comparison
  • Brand monitoring
  • Create projects, and reports, monitor your results and the list goes on

Apart from promoting a great product like Semrush, you’ll earn a $200 commission.

Semrush pricing plans start at $129.95 per month and you’ll earn a $200 commission on every sale.

Here’s the breakdown of Semrush pricing plans along with the commission.

  • Pro Plan at $129.95 Monthly (you’ll earn a commission of $200)
  • Guru Plan at $249.95 Monthly (you’ll earn a commission of $200) 
  • Business Plan at $499.95 Monthly (you’ll earn a commission of $200)

Pros of Semrush affiliate program:

  • Uses the “Last-Click Attribution” model 
  • 120 days of cookie life
  • $200 commission for every successful sale
  • $10 for every free trial activation 
  • Totally free to join
  • Used by millions of people, so it’s easy to convince people to try their product 

Cons of Semrush affiliate program:

  •  The pricing of Semrush plans is expensive as they start at $129.95/mo

How to become a Semrush affiliate?

First things first: it’s completely free to join and you need to have an account with 

Click here to register for Semrush Affiliate. Once you’re on their registration page, just enter your email and password to get started with your Semrush application and you’re ready to go.

2. The HOTH SEO Affiliates Program

The HOTH is an SEO and Content Marketing company which offers various SEO tools including Rank checker, SEO audit, PPC calculator along with high quality SEO packages.

Why should you join The HOTH SEO Affiliates Program?

The HOTH SEO offers a ton of SEO tools and SEO packages ranging from content creation to link building to PPC ads. So if your audience needs any such packages, you should give a try to their affiliate program.

You can promote their SEO products to start making money. Did you know that on average, each of HOTH SEO clients purchases 2.68 packages. That means they can easily spend $400 to $600 within their first 2 months of working with them (which ultimately gives you more conversion with each sale).

HOTH SEO also offers the following SEO related products that you can promote as an affiliate.

  • Hoth Blogger (where you can get high-quality blog content creation service)
  • Hoth X (which is a managed SEO service)
  • Hoth Guest Post (where you can get quality guest posts)
  • Hoth Video (where you can get high quality videos for your website)
  • Hoth Business listings
  • Hoth PPC (PPC services for businesses)

Pros of The HOTH SEO Affiliates Program:

  • You can earn up to 25% commissions on HOTH Products (the expensive the product, the higher commission you earn)
  • Offers you 60 Day Cookie (On average, each of our clients purchases 2.68 packages)
  • High converting funnel that helps you with more sales

Cons of The HOTH SEO Affiliates Program:

  • Although it’s a well-known brand among many SEOs, it’s NOT a widely popular platform for SEO products or packages (so you need to work hard to convince your audience to try their products).

How to sign up for the HOTH SEO affiliate program?

Here’s the sign up link where you can sign up as an affiliate with them. Upon signing up, they’ll give you all the necessary tools including banners to promote their products.

3. Serpstat Affiliate Program

If you’re looking to promote affordable SEO tools, Serpstat is a great choice for you. It’s cheaper than most of its competitors such as Semrush, Ahrefs, Moz etc as its pricing plans start at $69

Unlike most other SEO affiliate programs, Serpstat offers a different commission structure where the more people that purchase their tool by following your link, the higher your rate of commission will be. That means, they don’t offer a FLAT commission payout!

Here’s how it looks like;

serpstat commission rate

Here’s how it works;

  • if you generate up to 3 payments, you’ll get 5% commission (depending upon the Serpstat subscription plan you sell)
  • if you generate 4 to 10 payments, you’ll get 10% commission (depending upon the Serpstat subscription plan you sell)
  • if you generate 11 to 20 payments, you’ll get 20% commission (depending upon the Serpstat subscription plan you sell)
  • if you generate 21 payments (or more), you’ll get 30% commission (depending upon the Serpstat subscription plan you sell)

Why should you promote the Serpstat affiliate program?

Most of the all in one SEO tools like Ahrefs, Semrush etc are expensive (as their pricing plans start at around $100 per month). So if you’re planning to promote less expensive SEO tools that offer all in one features, Serpstat is for you.

Serpstat tool gives you the following features.

  • Position tracking
  • Keyword research
  • Site audits
  • Backlink analysis
  • Keyword clustering and text analysis
  • Search analytics
  • Competitor research
  • Discover international data at no additional cost
  • Analyze keyword trends
  • And the list goes on

Besides its awesome features, Serpstat regularly offers special discounts and deals. For instance, they are currently running a Spring sale where you can get instant 35% off on their plans. So you can frequently promote their tool by offering huge discounts.

Not only that, Serpstat offers you a unique benefit called “Pay for your Serpstat subscription”.

Here’s how it works.

The amount earned through your affiliate links will be multiplied by 1.5. That means that if you have $50 in your Bonus Account, it will count for $75 when paying for your subscription. That way, you can use your affiliate commission to pay for a Serpstat account!

Pros of Serpstat Affiliate Program:

  • Up to 30% recurring commissions (to get 30% commissions, you need to send 21 ACTIVE people who are using Serpstat)
  • Payouts are made once a month and the minimum sum for withdrawal is $50 (via Webmoney or PayPal)
  • Real-time reporting is available 24/7
  • You’ll also get access to all the banners and promo materials to promote their tool

Cons of Serpstat Affiliate Program:

  • They don’t offer FLAT commission payouts (unlike Semrush which offers 40% recurring commission on every sale)

How to become an affiliate with the Serpstat affiliate program?

Here’s the sign up link to join as a Serpstat affiliate. You can either use your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter or your email address to create an affiliate account with Serpstat.

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4. SE Ranking Affiliate Program

Looking for an affordable yet powerful SEO toolkit to promote that offers lifetime commissions? Then, you’ll love SE Ranking as it offers one of the best SEO affiliate programs with hefty commissions.

SE Ranking offers a HUGE 30% lifetime commission from every subscription sale.

se ranking affiliate

Want to know more about this amazing tool? Read our in-depth review of SE Ranking to find its details.

Why should you promote SE Ranking as an affiliate?

The BIGGEST benefit is its free and instant sign-up. Just use your email address to sign up for their program, and you’ll get instant access to promote their SEO toolkit.

Also, it follows a “first cookie wins” model, which means if someone signs up through your link, they will be attached to you forever, even if they don’t buy instantly. It offers a 120-day cookie window period, so you’ll have more chances to convert signups into sales.

Pros of SE Ranking Affiliate Program:

  • Free to join
  • 120 days of cookie period
  • Instant affiliate account setup
  • Get 30% off each sale for a lifetime
  • Get commission payouts twice a month through PayPal 
  • Robust affiliate link tracking so you’ll NOT miss commission on any successful subscription 
  • SE Ranking pricing plans are incredibly affordable, starting only at around $30 per month. So, you’ll have better chances of convincing people to try their tool!

Cons of SE Ranking Affiliate Program:

  • You can’t promote your SE Ranking’s affiliate links through paid ad platforms, including Google Ads, Yandex Direct, Facebook Ads, etc.

How to become an affiliate for SE Ranking affiliate program?

You can visit this page to start promoting SE Ranking to your audience. It’s 100% free to join.

5. NinjaOutreach Affiliate Program

NinjaOutreach is the widely used influencer marketing and analysis platform which helps you find millions of business profiles and social media influencers in any niche and location.

Why should you promote their affiliate program?

There are very few outreach tools that offer excellent features and NinjaOutreach tops the list of best outreach tools for marketers.

Here are some of the features they offer;

  • Gives you access to business lead generation
  • The ability to find instagram influencers
  • You can find top twitter influencers in any niche
  • Offers you influencer marketing agency software
  • Offers you Link building software
  • Gives you access to contact relationship management

Apart from offering superior features, they also provide you 20% recurring commissions for lifetime.

They pay all their affiliates every month for the approved sales. All your affiliate sales become approved in 60 days after the actual sale. Minimum payout is $100.

Pros of NinjaOutreach Affiliate Program:

  • You will get 20% recurring commissions on every successful sale
  • You can also earn 20% commissions for any other sales like Academy or other NinjaOutreach services
  • Monthly payouts (Minimum payout is $100)

Cons of NinjaOutreach Affiliate Program:

  • It’s mainly used as an outreach tool (unlike an exclusive SEO suite such as Semrush, Serpstat etc)

How to sign up for the NinjaOutreach affiliate program?

Here’s the sign up page to join as an affiliate to NinjaOutreach program. It’s completely free to sign up as an affiliate.

6. SpyFu Affiliate Program

SpyFu is one of the HIGH paying SEO affiliate programs that helps you generate recurring income. It offers you a 40% commission on every successful sale. For instance, if someone chooses the $299 term plan from SpyFu, you’ll earn $119.60 total, paid out every month.

Why should you promote SpyFu SEO tool?

SpyFu is a competitor research tool that helps you with every SEO related task ranging from keyword research to in-depth competitor analysis, PPC analysis, keyword tracking etc.

Here are some of the awesome features offered by SpyFu.

  • You can search for any domain and see every place they’ve shown up on Google
  • You can discover every keyword your competitors bought on Google ads
  • You can find every organic keyword your competitors are ranking for
  • You can find every ad variation your competitors used in the last 13 years
  • You can also monitor your paid and SEO rankings on Google, Bing and Yahoo
  • You can find long tail keywords
  • You can perform PPC keyword research and the list goes on

Apart from its features, if you’re looking to promote a cheaper alternative to Semrush, SpyFu can be a great choice for you.

Have a look at the following illustration.

spyfu commission

As you can see above, you can easily compare SpyFu with Semrush and tell your audience how much they can save when they opt for SpyFu (instead of Semrush).

And SpyFu pricing plans start at $39 per month which makes it really affordable for most people who want to invest in SEO tools.

Pros of SpyFu Affiliate Program:

  • 40% in monthly recurring commissions
  • Offers you 365-day tracking cookie
  • Commissions are paid to you twice a month for the life of the account (through PayPal or wire transfer)
  • Minimum threshold limit for PayPal is $100
  • Affordable pricing plans (as their pricing plans start just at $39 per month)
  • Unlike most other SEO affiliate programs, you can link directly to SpyFu (without using any awkward affiliate links) and they will credit you as a referring site.

Cons of SpyFu Affiliate Program:

  • Since their pricing plans start at just $39/mon, your commission per sale will be less (when compared to high ticketing SEO products like Semrush)

How to become an affiliate with SpyFu affiliate program?

Here’s the affiliate page of SpyFu to join as an affiliate for free. Once you fill out the form from their registration page, you’ll receive your password and other info by email. Then, you can start promoting their product.

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7. Link-able Affiliate Program

Link-able provides a better platform to build backlinks. They manually review each and every website and every link that gets built. To put it simply, their platform helps website owners build high quality backlinks and help freelancers to earn more money from writing.

Why should you promote Link-able Affiliate Program?

Do you blog about SEO, traffic growth and link building? If yes, this affiliate program is a perfect choice for you.

It provides both the authors and clients with backlinks and content. So if you’re looking for a better platform that helps your audience to build quality and relevant links for their site, you should promote Link-able affiliate program.

Pros of Link-able Affiliate Program:

  • Offers you recurring commissions where you can earn up to $500 for each referral
  • There’s no limit on the number of referrals
  • It also provides you with pre-made banners which can help you quickly promote their products
  • Offers you a 90 day cookie so you’ll have enough time to convert your visitors into sales
  • Dedicated affiliate support
  • It also provides you with an easy-to-use affiliate control panel where you can manage everything and track your signups, clicks and so on

Cons of Link-able Affiliate Program:

  • You can get better results with their program only when your target audience are interested in building backlinks (so it’s not for everyone).

How to sign up for the Link-able affiliate program?

Click here to join the Link-able Affiliate Program. Once your affiliate application is approved, you’ll receive a unique affiliate link which you can use to promote their program to earn referral commission.

8. Authority Hacker SEO Affiliates Program

Authority Hacker was launched in 2013 and quickly became popular. It’s also widely recognized as the #1 reference for building authority sites online.

Why should you start promoting Authority Hacker SEO as an affiliate?

There’s one big reason: they have some amazing training courses. Their marketing training courses are highly useful, in-depth and provide step by step tutorials.

To put it simply, Authority Hacker training courses provide ‘done for you’ templates that get real results.

If you’re curious to know what kind of training products they currently have, here’s the list.

  • The Authority Site System (TASS): It provides a Step-By-Step system for starting successful affiliate and authority sites.
  • Authority Hacker Pro (AH Pro): It provides a complete set of blueprints for growing your authority site.
  • The Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint: It provides the most efficient and scalable white hat link building system.

So if you’re looking to promote marketing training courses that work like a charm, Authority Hacker SEO affiliate program is for you.

Pros of Authority Hacker SEO Affiliates Program:

  • They use a first cookie policy and the initial cookie length is 60 days
  • You can earn lifetime commission on every sale
  • Payments are made once per month, one-month (you can connect your business Paypal account to Thrivecart for auto-payouts)
  • You can earn up to $990 per sale promoting their courses

Cons of Authority Hacker SEO Affiliates Program:

  • Unlike most other SEO affiliate programs, you can’t enrol and start promoting their products right away. On average, it takes 7 days to get approval!

How to become an affiliate with Authority Hacker SEO?

Here’s the signup form you need to fill up to get started with the Authority Hacker affiliate program. Make sure to be as detailed as possible in your application form to increase your chances of getting approved as their affiliate.

9. SEOReseller SEO Services Affiliate Program

SEOReseller is a digital marketing agency that provides a wide range of SEO services where you can outsource your SEO, web design, social media, link building campaigns online. If you’re looking for an SEO services affiliate program, this one’s for you.

Why should you promote SEOReseller?

If you’re looking for a platform where you can outsource all the SEO and social media related projects, SEOReseller is for you.

Here are some of the amazing services of SEOReseller.

  • SEO Software
  • Resell Web Design
  • Resell PPC Services
  • Resell Web Hosting
  • Content Writing
  • White Label SEO
  • Resell Local SEO
  • Resell Social Media

Pros of SEOReseller Affiliate Program:

  • Client lifetime payouts and they provide instant account set up for their affiliates
  • Lifetime cookie for all affiliates
  • 6% payout on all the successful sales
  • 1% payout on all sub-affiliates
  • Payout will be made once you’ve earned $100 (min threshold limit)
  • They pay out commissions every 14 days (and payments are made through PayPal)

Cons of SEOReseller Affiliate Program:

  • This is not for everyone (unless you’re looking to promote SEO reseller programs to your audience)

How to sign up for SEOReseller affiliate program?

Here’s the affiliate page where you can sign up for their affiliate program. Alternatively, you can also sign up using your Gmail account.

10. Mangools Tools Affiliate Program

Mangools offers you an amazing list of SEO tools including KWFinder, SERPChecker, SERPWatcher, LinkMiner and SiteProfiler. That means, from keyword research to SERP analysis to backlink audit, you can do almost everything with Mangools SEO tools.

Why should you promote Mangools SEO tools as an affiliate?

Once you become an affiliate with Mangools tools, you can start earning money by promoting any of the Mangools SEO tools including;

  • KWFinder
  • SERPChecker
  • SERPWatcher
  • LinkMiner
  • SiteProfiler

Quick note: You can use the direct affiliate links with unique tracking code for each of the Mangools SEO tools so they can track your affiliate product commissions properly.

Here’s an example of how you can earn more than $600 in one month with their SEO affiliate program.

mangools commission rate

To put it simply, the higher plans you sell through your affiliate links, the more commission you can earn.

Here’s a list of some of the benefits of using Mangools SEO tools.

  • Access to an amazing keyword research tool called KWFinder (which is widely used)
  • SERP analysis and keyword rank tracking features
  • Backlink analysis and SEO metrics features

Not only that, you can offer your audience the following benefits (by offering 10 day free trials).

  • KWFinder (which is used for Keyword Research with 5 lookups in 24 hours)
  • SERPChecker (which is used for SERP Analysis with 5 lookups in 24 hours)
  • SERPWatcher (which is used for Rank Tracking 10 tracked keywords)
  • LinkMiner (which is used for Backlink Analysis 500 backlinks for 24 hrs
  • SiteProfiler (which is used for SEO metrics & Insights where they can get 5 lookups for 24 hours)

Pros of Mangools tools Affiliate Program:

  • You’ll get 30% recurring commission on every successful sale you generate
  • 30 day cookie window (that means, a user has to register within 30 days after they were referred by the affiliate link)
  • All the affiliate registrations are pre-approved (so you can start promoting their tools instantly)
  • All your affiliate commissions are automatically confirmed within 30 days (so faster payouts to affiliates)
  • All your affiliate commission payments are made upon reaching a minimum threshold of $150
  • All the payouts are made once a month via PayPal

Cons of Mangools tools Affiliate Program:

  • Coupons sites and PPC ads that lead directly to the Mangools website are not allowed (same thing applies for most other affiliate programs, so this is not really a con)

How to become an affiliate with Mangools affiliate program?

Here’s the sign up page where you can become an affiliate of Mangools SEO tools.

Bonus: How to Make More Money from SEO Affiliate Programs?

monetize seo affiliate programs

So far we’ve talked about the top 10 SEO affiliate programs. Let’s now discuss how you can actually make more sales from them.

  • Find your target audience needs and problems (before promoting any affiliate product, you need to define your target audience)
  • Educate, educate, educate (you can’t improve your affiliate sales without educating your audience about the products or services first)
  • Try them first (the best way to promote any product is to try it out by yourself first and create in-depth content to boost sales)
  • Provide alternatives (if possible, try to provide alternatives to the SEO affiliate programs you are going to promote – let your audience decide what’s right for them)
  • Optimize like a pro (learn how to optimize your content such as tutorials, product reviews, comparison posts etc by targeting the right keywords)
  • Build an audience related to your products (offer freebies, use your email lists, provide checklists and do everything you can to build an audience)
  • Keep an eye on your competitors tactics (find out what products they are promoting and how they are promoting to boost their affiliate product sales)
  • Spend quality time to promote your products (use social media, try paid ads, build an active email lists, write on Quora and spend more time to promote your SEO affiliate products)
  • Give it some time (selling affiliate products is not easy and affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme, so be patient)

Useful Resources:


What is SEO affiliate marketing?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a set of techniques to optimize your site content that not only helps you to drive more traffic to your affiliate site but also results in more conversions and affiliate commissions.

Are affiliate links bad for SEO?

Generally, affiliate links will not either help or hurt your SEO directly as a search engine will not pass any link equity to the linking site.

Can I put affiliate links on YouTube?

Yes, you can! In fact, blogging and YouTube are the two most popular platforms for doing affiliate marketing.

What are the best SEO affiliate programs?

Semrush, The HOTH SEO, Serpstat, Mangools Tools, NinjaOutreach, SpyFu, Link-able, Authority Hacker SEO, SEOReseller SEO Services, Affiliate SEO Mastery, are some of the best SEO affiliate programs.

How to optimize my affiliate marketing program?

Find your target audience needs and problems, educate them about the product and services (by tutorials, product reviews, comparison posts), try them first, provide alternatives, offer freebies, and Keep an eye on your competitors’ tactics, are some of the ways that can help you to actually make more sales.

Other Affiliate Programs

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Final thoughts on the highest paying SEO affiliate programs

Although there are a ton of SEO affiliate programs you can find online but we mentioned only those programs and platforms that offer excellent stuff.

If you’re going to offer SEO products or services to your audience, make sure to try them first. That way, you’ll know the major pros, cons and features of anything you promote. Always remember that, successful affiliate marketing is all about building trust – so promote only those products that add value.

Did we miss any of your favorite highest paying SEO affiliate programs? Do you have any more questions? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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