Easy WP SEO Plugin Review: Premium Onpage SEO Plugin for WordPress

by Anil Agarwal

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On July 14, 2012
Last modified:August 13, 2013


With Easy WP SEO plugin, you can perfect the onpage activities for your blog contents. This plugin uses 23 Onpage SEO factors and is the best SEO plugin for Onpage Optimization

Easy WP SEO plugin is the ultimate Premium Onpage SEO plugin for WordPress blogs. I myself have been using it on all of my WordPress based blogs including Bloggers Passion. I’m really happy for choosing Easy WP SEO, which helps me in carrying out all Onpage SEO activities I should be doing to get top rankings on Google for targeted keywords of my interest.

In the past as well I tried several free and few premium plugin for making my blog for Search Engine friendly as far as Onpage SEO elements are concerned. But none of them is much advance and full of features as Easy WP SEO plugin is. With this plugin, we can optimize all of our posts and even pages so that they do a better job on Google and other search engines for targeted terms.

About Easy WP SEO

As stated above Easy WP SEO is a premium plugin for WordPress blog to help us make our blog a perfect fit for all search engines including Google. Chris Landrum, is the man behind this SEO Premium Plugin. Easy WP SEO plugin proves to be much better than all of its competitor plugins as it makes accurate keyword density calculations and use HTML code while making calculation about various SEO factors.


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Easy WP SEO Plugin Features

Here is the ultimate collection of features you will enjoy after buying Easy WP SEO premium plugin for WordPress blogs:

  1. This SEO plugin uses 23 On-Page SEO factors while optimizing your WordPress blog. These are the maximum number of Onpage factors used by any free or premium SE plugin.
  2. We can optimize our contents for multiple keywords. For this we have to use Primary and Secondary keyword option.
  3. It makes our blog content a perfect fit not only for search engines bots but also for human beings.
  4. Easy WP SEO plugin can automatically convert your targeted keywords into bold, italic and underline. According to this plugin, we should at least use our targeted keyword once in bold, italic and with underline.
  5. It can automatically add nofollow tag to external links.
  6. It can automatically add keywords as alt tag with your images.
  7. Easy WP SEO can make sure all external links are opening in new tab or new window.
  8. Through the URL Analyzer link, we can check out the SEO score for any page for their targeted terms. So through Easy WP SEO plugin, we can optimize our posts, pages, home page, category pages and tag pages etc.
  9. Some of Onpage SEO factors may get outdated with time. We can leave out those factors when SEO Score is calculated for our contents. So we can do on and off to any of Onpage SEO factors.
  10. It may be the case ideal character limit at title and meta level or keyword density numbers gets changed over the period time. Easy WP SEO plugin gives us the flexibility about the ideal character we should be using at Title and meta level. Apart from this, we can customize minimum and maximum keyword density numbers.
  11. We can integrate Copyscape directly into our WordPress Dashboard through Easy WP SEO plugin. This will help us check the uniqueness of our blog contents within WordPress admin panel. But we need to have Copyscape Premium account to start using this special feature.
  12. We can easily import and Export Easy WP SEO plugin settings and license information. This will help us copy Easy WP SEO plugin settings on multiple WordPress blogs that we own.
  13. If you are using any other premium SEO plugin like SEOPressor or SEO Beast and decided to move to Easy WP SEO plugin, you can directly import all of your keywords into Easy WP SEO plugin.
  14. This SEO Plugin is compatible with all free and premium WordPress Themes including Thesis Theme, Woo Themes, Elegant Themes, Genesis Theme, and Optimize Press etc. Top

Easy WP SEO Plugin Onpage SEO Factors

Here is the list of 23 Onpage SEO factors taken into consideration by Easy WP SEO plugin to calculate the SEO Score for a Page, Post or any URL from your blog:

  1. Title contains keyword or not
  2. Title begins with keyword or not
  3. Title contains three words at least
  4. Title should contain 66 characters including spaces
  5. Permalink for page or post on which you are using Easy WP SEO plugin should contain keyword in its URL
  6. Description Meta Tag Contains Keyword
  7. Description Meta Tag Character Length
  8. Description Meta Tag begins with Keyword
  9. Keyword Meta Tag contains keyword
  10. H1 tag contains keyword
  11. H1 Tag begins with keyword
  12. H2 Tag contains keyword
  13. H3 Tag contains keyword
  14. Content contains at least 300 words
  15. Content Keyword Density Checker
  16. Content contains keyword in the first 50-100 words
  17. Content contains at least one image having keyword in its ALT tag
  18. Content contains keyword once in bold
  19. Content contains keyword once in italic
  20. Content contains keyword once underlined
  21. Content contains keyword in anchor text of at least one external link
  22. Content contains keyword in anchor text of at least one internal link
  23. Content contains keyword in the last 50-100 words Top

Here is an Easy WP SEO Video Tutorial Created by its Owner Chris:

My Experience with Easy WP SEO

So far I have tested Easy WP SEO Plugin Onpage SEO recommendations on some of my posts and I’m really happy with the results. This plugin can be very effective if you are targeting long tail keywords through your blog contents. Here I’m sharing some of my blog posts that I optimized with the help of this amazing SEO plugin.

Keyword                                  SEO Score       Keyword Density        Google Rankings
Keyword Winner Plugin                       86.96%                 2.24%                                                 2
Sponsored Reviews                                86.96%                 0.78%                                                 6
Check Website Traffic                           73.91%                0.28%                                                 3
Google Adsense Alternatives              82.61%                0.46%                                                 2
Google Sitelinks                                         86.96%               0.82%                                                 8

Easy WP SEO Score Sample in ActionAs far as the keyword density is concerned, I would love to keep it very low keeping in mind the kind of Google Algorithmic Changes Google is carrying out. Lots of industry experts would suggest having a keyword density in the range of 2 to 5 percent only. Ideally you should not think much about keyword density and write your website contents in natural language. This way even you will end up including your targeted keywords on few places in your content. It will make your content ideal for search engine spiders and people. Top

How Much You Need to Pay for Easy WP SEO

How much you will need to pay for start using Easy WP SEO plugin on as many websites you own imagine $199 or $99 which is being charged by other low quality SEO plugins? You will just need to pay a one-time fee of $37 to start using Easy WP SEO Plugin on all of your WordPress blogs. This SEO plugin is worth much more than what Chris is currently charging for it. You will be able to get much more than your investment in few days time only. After purchasing Easy WP SEO Plugin, you will get lifetime updates of this plugin and very responsive support. There are speculations; Chris is going to list this premium SEO Plugin on ClickBank. The day, it is listed in ClickBank marketplace, charges for this plugin will gets double or even triple. Top

Click Here to Give a Try to Easy WP SEO Plugin for As Low As $37 Only

How to Update Easy WP SEO to Its Latest Version

For most of WordPress Plugins, we get latest version alerts directly into our WordPress Dashboard. For upgrading your current Easy WP SEO plugin to the latest version, you need to do it from Settings available under Easy WP SEO. Latest Version is Easy WP SEO 1.7. Here is a screenshot asking you to upgrade to the latest version of Easy WP SEO plugin. Top

Easy WP SEO latest version 1.7

What is New in Easy WP SEO 1.7?

The latest version of Easy WP SEO 1.7, can auto detect SEO Factors that are recommended as per Google Penguin Update. Apart from this, here are some new features you will enjoy with its latest version:

  • WordPress Multisite Support
  • Latest version supports UTF-8 format which will help them serve better to Non-English WordPress websites
  • You can now ignore stop words while calculating the SEO score
  • You can now highlight the keywords that are already available in your blog posts or pages
  • After upgrading to the latest version, you can automatically specify the keywords for a past or page from its title, category, sub-category, tags section or from other SEO plugins that are available in your WordPress Dashboard
  • Proxy Support for issues related to boopback connections
  • You can now disable this plugin for certain post types
  • Your own websites links list that are pointing to your current post. I’m not sure this is the new addition or it was available in its earlier versions as well. Please correct me on this. Top

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Easy WP SEO

Here is the list of some FAQ’s about this plugin:

How Much This Plugin will Cost?

It’s current price is $37 and can be used on any number of websites that you own and for developer version, you need to pay extra $37 (i.e. $74 in total).

What Version of WordPress and PHP Require for This Plugin

This Plugin will require WordPress 2.8.4 or higher and PHP 5.0 or higher version

How to Upgrade to Developer License?

You don’t need Easy WP SEO Developer version in case you want to use it on your own websites only. You will need to upgrade to the developer version in case you want to install this premium SEO plugin on your client’s websites. To do so, you need to move to Settings section available under Easy WP SEO in your WordPress Dashboard and Click on Upgrade plugin (Under Multiple Site License). You will need to pay additional $37 to upgrade to its developer license version.

Developer Version Upgrade

Is There any Discount Coupon or Guarantee Available?

Currently there is no discount coupon available for this plugin. Its current price is too low that you will never need a discount coupon. Its price is much lower than lots of other premium seo plugins that don’t perform even half of the On-page SEO tasks that are performed by this plugin. This plugin is available with 60 days complete money back guarantee and there is no trial version of this plugin is available.

Will I get Lifetime Updates?

You will get all future updates for free directly into your WordPress admin section.

Can I Install it on Client Websites?

You cannot use the personal licensed version of Easy WP SEO on client websites. For that you need to purchase its developer version by paying additional $37.

From where will I get Support for this Plugin?

You need to use this link to open a ticket. Sometime you may not get download link for this plugin into your Email after making payment for it. In that case, you should raise a ticket to their support and its developer Chris will soon send you the download link directly into your Email box.

Is it Compatible with Other SEO Plugins?

This plugin is compatible with all popular SEO plugins whether they are free or paid including All in One SEO pack, WordPress SEO by Yoast, SEO Smart Links, Google XML Sitemaps plugin, SEOPressor etc. Top

Why You Should Buy Easy WP SEO Plugin

So far 4500 plus copies of Easy WP SEO plugin have been sold of Warrior Forum. 99% of customers are satisfied with this plugin with 1% return ratio only. Best thing about this premium SEO Plugin is that it comes with 60-day full money back guarantee. So you should give a test drive to this plugin for 60 days and if it does not meet your expectations, get all your money back.

With this, I came to the end of this special post covering Easy WP SEO plugin and the kind of benefits you can expect after buying it. Have you have used Easy WP SEO or any other premium SEO plugin, share your views about that in the comments section. Are you interested in purchasing this premium SEO plugin for WordPress blogs and if Yes:

Click This Link to Buy Easy WP SEO Plugin for $37 only Top

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The Easy WP SEO plugin sure looks like a great plugin, but it’s quite expensive for me. Glad that it has a 60-day full money back guarantee! Thanks for sharing! Will share this with my post with my friends too.



Excellent review. Hope I should buy one. But there is a factor of doubt and it is…. how to use this plugin with thesis as it already has inbuilt seo functionality.


Anil Agarwal

Rakesh, Bloggers Passion blog is also based on Thesis theme and I have been running Easy WP SEO plugin on my blog for some time now with great success. I’m sure you will never regret after purchasing this premium SEO plugin for WordPress blogs.



I really thank you bro! for adding clarification. It is a surprise to me(that is reply) because i have seen some bloggers and they never respond on things like this. Thanks a lot!



I love Easy WP SEO, I have used many premium plugins like Seopressor and other and finally settled on Easy WP SEO. It ends up doing more than what just an On page SEO Score Calculator….


Justin Wu

Great blog! Really glad Easy WP SEO is affordable and has a 60-day money back guarantee.
Anil, is there a feature or several features of Easy WP SEO that stand out as your faves?


Anil Agarwal

I would say its a complete package for Onpage optimization. You cannot miss a single onpage activity that you should be doing after start using this premium SEO plugin. If you miss, this plugin is going to remind you what else needs to be done to make you get a perfect SEO score for your blog posts and pages.


Hillary Bost

The Easy WP SEO plugin looks great but i am concerned about the price. perhaps they have a trial offer so I can try it out before unloading a lot of money for it.


Anil Agarwal

They don’t have any trial offer. But they have 60 days money back guarantee. They are charging just $37 which is very less compared with other other premium SEO plugins. You can see a detailed comparison of this plugin which SEOPressor which is another premium SEO plugin here http://bloggerspassion.com/easy-wp-seo-vs-seopressor/. Cost of SEOPressor plugin is $97.



Hi anil ..
Thanks for such a informative review.

Will surely look forward in buying now.


Nisha Advani

Great plugin for those who do not rely on all in one seo :) . Great alternative to seopressor too which is 100 $ .



Nice Plugin!
I would have surely purchased it, but i came to know about it only after purchasing SEOPressor.


Agen Prudential

I have several blog using WP, and considering to buy this plugin. I hope it will be good plugin for me.
nice review by the way.


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