A Beginner’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing to Make Money

affilliate-marketing-tips beginners

Affiliate marketing isn’t a BIG deal if you know how to sell. Anyone with certain skills can earn more money from affiliate marketing.

The major reason most people don’t make even a buck from affiliate marketing is this, they sell products directly to their readers or customers without knowing their needs and wants.

What happens when you directly sell online products like that? No one cares about buying your products.

The simple rule to making more money from affiliate marketing is “injecting trust and offering great things that no one else offers”.

The first step to making money from affiliate marketing is building BRAND through your online businesses. When you are featuring everywhere in the blogosphere, people will trust you and they recognize you as an expert in your field.

That’s how can build online reputation as a blogger or Internet marketer. The more people talking about you and your business, the better it is for you to make money out of affiliate marketing.

Tips to make money from affiliate marketing as a beginner

affilliate-marketing-tips beginners

Finding your potential readers is the first step

Finding out your targeted audience is the most important aspect of boosting your affiliate sales. Without knowing your readers, you will NEVER make decent affiliate income, in fact you could end up earning nothing!

So find out to whom you are your selling to. Know your potential products that can bring massive income from your sites.

Always care about your readers

It will become easy for you to make affiliate sales once if you know your targeted audience. The second step is to care about them. No one will trust you if you promote mediocre products.

Just because a product is paying high commission, you should not recommend it to your readers. If they find no value in the products that you promote, you won’t be able to gain their trust again.

Promote the products that you personally use

By promoting the products that you personally use on your blogs, you will have a better idea of why they are important to your readers and you will also be able to convince them why should they care using them.

Write genuine reviews about the products and services that use. If you write unbiased reviews about the products, you will find more response and sales from your readers/customers.

Build credibility by creating videos

“Credibility is essential in online businesses. Without online credibility you can’t make enough money”

Most people don’t make big bucks through affiliate marketing just because their system works in the old fashioned way. That is:

  • They create tons of content (which is actually of no use!)
  • Drive ‘untargeted traffic’ (which is useless)
  • Then they try to monetize their traffic (by promoting every kind of affiliate program)

And they expect great results from their affiliate marketing campaign.

Then what should be your primary goal to make more money out of affiliate marketing. What is the unique affiliate profit model then? Here it how it goes..

  • Find out specific audience and create content for them
  • Drive targeted traffic either through paid ads or free traffic such as organic traffic, social media traffic
  • Promoting the RIGHT products to their targeted audience via email marketing or their blogs
  • Creating VIDEOS to make their audience aware of their products (giving personal touch by creating head-to-head videos you can build credibility and also you can boost your affiliate sales)

A research says that “promoting a product by releasing a video about it features and benefits can boost affiliate sales to 70%”, so try to create videos at least on few of your targeted products that sell more.

Don’t tell them to buy, RECOMMEND!

Do you know the ONE secret that successful affiliate marketer Pat Flynn uses on his blogs to create more income from his affiliate sales?

It is.. he never asks his readers to buy his affiliate products, he just recommends it by telling how the particular product helped his business, this way he can be able to generate more money because he is not being fishy. Moreover he is building trust on his readers by making them aware of the products that he promote.

For example, Pat never directly asks his readers about purchasing Bluehost (one of the best hosting services), he makes them buy by creating a 4-minute WordPress free setup guide by creating video, writing articles and using banner ads. This is how he is able to generate a whooping sum of $30k each and every month by only through Bluehost!

What’s in it for them if they buy from you?

This is another important aspect of selling more products from your affiliate campaign – always ask yourself this question “what’s in for them to buy my products?”. When you give people strong reasons to buy your products and when they find it more useful to buy from you than anyone else, your affiliate sales can definitely go viral.

But how can you do it?

A little trick is to create premium products on your blogs and give it away for free whoever buys stuff through your affiliate links!

For example, if you’ve a $37 eBook guide (which you actually sell to your blog visitors), you can give it away for FREE for those who buys hosting from your sites. This way you will be able to make more money from affiliate marketing.

Final thoughts about making money from affiliate marketing

You don’t need any special skills to make money from affiliate marketing, but you DO need to learn how to grab your targeted readers attention to make them buy your products.

In a nutshell, you must know how to sell to REAL people. You can’t make that simply by promoting your products that your readers are not interested in. You have to find know their needs and wants, then promote the products that solve their problems.

Always give credibility by building trust and promote the RIGHT products to get more sales.

Do you have any more tips to make money from affiliate marketing for beginners? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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