Top 6 FREE Keyword Traffic Estimator Tools That Are Best Keywords Everywhere Alternatives

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January 9, 2021

The secret to getting search traffic or organic traffic is to use keywords that you can potentially rank for.

Using keywords with less competition and moderate to high search volumes are the best for getting your pages to the first page of Google. For this, you have to know the exact number of searches a keyword gets which will imply the traffic it can send to your site if you rank on the top of Google for that keyword.

In this post, We’ll talk about how to estimate keyword traffic and reveal 6 best keyword traffic estimator tools that you can use as the best Keywords Everywhere.

This is important because without proper keyword research, you cannot know the search volume which is crucial in deciding the right keyword.

6 best free keyword traffic estimator tools to know the search volume of a keyword

Best keyword traffic estimator tools

If you are wondering how to check keyword traffic, then here are the top 6 tools that will help you to estimate keyword traffic for your search terms.

1. Semrush: Best keyword traffic finder

Semrush is one such SEO tool that I can vouch my business for. With Semrush, I have grown my site traffic upwards, found many profitable keyword and niche ideas. I use it everyday to analyze my keywords, check keyword traffic, hunt for profitable competitor keywords and then write epic posts on them to rank and bank.

How to use Semrush to estimate keyword traffic?

Semrush is very easy to use and here’s how you can use it as an effective keyword research tool

  1. Login to Semrush. It’s $119.95 per month but you can use this link to get the first 30 days for free.
  2. Then you can click on the keyword difficulty tester option in the left panel and enter up to 100 of your pre selected keywords and know their estimated difficulty levels, search volume (monthly) and the results on the SERPs for that keyword.

Pros Of Semrush

  • Very intuitive and effective in giving exact traffic results.
  • Also has tons of features other than keyword research.
  • Tells you 20 other sites that are ranking for your entered keyword.
  • Not only this, Semrush also tells you the SERP result type of the ranking domains, namely, featured snippet, sitelinks, knowledge graph etc. that are ranking for the keyword.

What I did not like about Semrush

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2. Serpstat: Affordable Google keyword planner alternative

Serpstat is an all in one SEO toolkit which is affordable and also offers you a wide range of features ranging from keyword research to estimating traffic of any website to backlink analysis.

You can easily find out the search volume of a keyword using Serpstat Keyword Analysis tool.

Just enter any of your target keyword into Serpstat Keyword Research tool and it instantly shows you the keyword data including the average search volume.

Here’s how it looks like:

keyword traffic estimator serpstat

As you can see above, Keyword Research tool from Serpstat is giving us a lot of important keyword data including:

  • search volume of the keyword
  • competition
  • CPC of the keyword
  • related keywords along with their search volume and CPC

All in all, Serpstat can be used as a great Google keyword planner alternative which gives you all the important keyword metrics.

Pros of Serpstat:

  • Extremely affordable SEO toolkit when compared to other premium tools like Semrush, Ahrefs, Moz etc
  • Simple to use interface
  • Great tool for competitor analysis
  • Can easily perform keyword research, backlink analysis and so on

Cons of Serpstat:

  • Not as extensive or as huge as tools like Semrush (as Semrush has a ton of databases and millions of keywords data)

So if you’re interested in giving a try to Serpstat, we have an exclusive deal for you where you can get a 7 days free trial from the following link.

Click here to grab 7 days free trial from Serpstat

If you’re looking for a discount on Serpstat, you can get 20% instant discount when you use this link and you need to pick their yearly plan to get that special 20% discount.

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3. WordZe: Free Online Keyword Research Tool

WordZe is relatively new keyword research tool in the sense not many use it. But don’t take that as a statement against it because WordZe actually is pretty accurate in checking keyword traffic. Not only this, it also has an option to search long tail keywords for your seed keyword.

If you don’t want to invest in premium keyword research tools and looking for free keyword planner alternatives, WordZe is for you.

Here is how to find exact search volume of your keywords using WordZe:

Enter your seed keyword and fill in other details like location, exact match or broad search etc.


Then you get the result based on your query.

Pros of WordZe:

  • It is accurate and does the job of getting search traffic volume for keywords.
  • Also provides long tail keywords on the same account which means you can get LSI keyword ideas at the same time.

Cons of WordZe

  • WordZe is freemium (which is actually not a thing to worry if you’re seriously blogging).
  • The options of related keywords is less as compared to tools like Ahrefs and Long Tail Pro

4. KeySearch: Keyword Research Tool For Google, Bing, Amazon, YouTube

Keysearch is one of the best keyword research tools with almost every option you’d want to have. Keysearch does not only give you the search volume of the keywords it also shows you the difficulty score which shows how you can rank against a keyword.

While most sites are based on Google data for keyword research, with KeySearch, you can perform keyword research on every popular search engines including Bing, Amazon (best keyword research tool for niche sites), ad networks and even YouTube keyword research.

KeySearch offers you the related keywords and long tail keywords for your seed keywords along with their search and adwords CPC data. Not to forget you also get the search volume of the given keywords at the same time.

What I like the most about KeySearch is that it shows you the top sites ranking for the given seed keyword and also tells you the metrics of those sites to better evaluate the difficulty. This makes it a better Google Keyword Planner alternate.


Pros Of KeySearch

  • It gives you complete SEO information about keywords, their difficulty score and top ranking sites for that keyword.
  • The best thing is it shows you Google trends for that same keyword within the interface which is great to know how that keyword is popular over given time period without having to open Google Trends again.

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Cons of KeySearch

  • KeySearch is not free. You have a free trial after which the lowest plan starts at $17 per month.
  • The user interface is a bit clunky.

5. Long Tail Pro: Tool For Amazon Niche Site Keyword Research

Long Tail Pro is the undisputed king when it comes to keyword research. This software is behind the making of many amazing amazon niche site bloggers making including me.

Long tail pro is famous for its accurate search traffic data, top-class keyword difficulty analysis and amazon review counts.

With Long tail pro, you enter a seed keyword and it returns you 800 long tail keywords for that. These are often the keywords that stay away from the eyes of marketers and have low difficulty scores.

You can also find the search traffic data of up to 10,000 keywords by just importing them into the tool.

Here is a clear review of Long tail pro which can further show you the best features of the tool.

Pros of Long tail pro

  • Long tail pro is accurate, fast and reliable.
  • It gives you the domain data, exact match domains if any (for registering), local and global search data of the seed keyword entered.
  • You can batch the keywords as projects and export/import them for other use.
  • Long tail pro gives amazon review data on the same dashboard which is a good thing if you are into amazon niche blogging.

Cons of Long tail pro

  • The Long tail pro is now affected by the Keyword planner update which requires at least one active adwords campaign to get the search volume.
  • Sometimes, it kind of gets sluggish.

6. Mondovo: SEO Tool With No Recurring Payment Plan

Mondovo is a great tool for every SEO and blogger who wants an affordable keyword research tool along with other options like checking rankings, site audits and team sharing all in one.

Mondovo provides detailed keyword traffic research and analyzer tool which shows you estimated search volume of your seed keyword along worth competition, and CPC.


You can also get keyword ideas and long tail keywords by entering seed keywords. Another thing is, you can simply enter an URL or a domain to see what keywords the site is ranking for.

Mondovo isn’t simply a efficient keyword research tool but a complete SEO suite which allows you to perform detailed site audits, link your Google analytics and search console for better unified viewing.

It checks competitor rankings and compares it with yours. You can perform social media marketing like monitoring your social presence, checking the reach of Facebook pages and Twitter accounts etc.

The best thing is, it is not a recurring income model unlike other premium keyword research tools out there. You pay for what you use and when you use.

Pros of Mondovo

  • Mondovo is complete SEO suite with keyword research its forte.
  • You can export results and even have the whole team logged in without any restriction on user counts.
  • The pay-as-you-go model takes off that huge recurring payment burden off you.

Cons of Mondovo

  • It isn’t free (if you’re looking for one).
  • The all-in-one interface can sometimes confuse the first time users.

Keywords Everywhere: Free Chrome Extension For Keyword Traffic Analyzing

Keywords everywhere (KE) is a chrome extension and I think it is a must have for every blogger and marketer despite you want to do keyword research or not.

Keywords everywhere is such a tool that will eradicate your desire to get a keyword estimator software for you. It provides you keyword data, well, everywhere.

This nifty, light chrome extension sites under the hood of your browser and gives you search volume of every search you make on Google. It displays search volume and CPC data of whatever you search on the engine, right below the search box.

KE pulls the data from Google Keyword Planner so if you don’t want to start a new adwords account or want to solve the Google “not showing search volume in keyword planner” issue for free, this is what you should be using.

Below is a screenshot of how you can use KE to get search results directly on the Google search results.


Here is another one that shows search traffic estimator at work in the suggested keywords section.


How to use Keywords Everywhere chrome extension?

KE can be used with a number of keyword suggestion tools to analyze the search traffic of the keywords along with the suggestions. One such tool is the ubersuggest. Ubersuggest is one of the best related keyword suggestion tool which brings tons of long tail keywords for any seed keyword. The biggest demerit of it is, it doesn’t itself show the search traffic volume data.

With KE installed on your browser, even ubersuggest shows you the search volume of the keywords right on the result page. This allows you to estimate the search traffic of the long tail keywords right there. Check the screenshot below


Pros of Keywords Everywhere

  • This tool is a one time set and forget which provides results instantly.
  • Integrates with lots of tools like ubersuggest.,, etc.
  • You can favorite certain selected keywords for ease of exporting them afterwards.
  • It is free of cost.

Cons of Keyword everywhere

  • It is only a keyword traffic research tool and shows no data on competition etc.
  • It is not that comparable or reliable as far as other premium tools are concerned.

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Over to you

If you’re looking for the perfect keyword traffic research or estimator tool, the above mentioned tools are sure to find use in your SEO arsenal. With these tools in hand, you don’t need to worry about how to measure or determine keywords traffic.

Some of the tools mentioned above are best as standalone products while others like Keywords Everywhere integrate with other tools to give you a wholesome experience.

According to us, you can use the Semrush keyword research tool for getting benefit of a complete SEO suite. And side by side you can install the free Keywords Everywhere extension to find Google keyword traffic of  any searches you make at Google at ease.

What is your favorite keyword traffic estimator tool? Do you have a tool that we missed in the listing? Comment below to let us know about your favorite Google keyword traffic tools.

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