5 Best Managed WordPress Hosting Providers for High Traffic Sites in 2024 [Compared & Reviewed]

Looking for the best managed WordPress hosting providers in 2024?

Managed WordPress web hosting saves your time and offers better security and speed.

Managed web hosting simply means the web hosting provider will take care of the technical part like installing WordPress core updates, setting up automatic backups, offering free speed optimization, etc.

Because I don’t want you to make a bad decision when choosing a web host, we’ve made a list of the 5 best managed WordPress hosts for 2024.

For a quick understanding of which situations each service is best suited for, I recommend reading the ‘verdict’ under each managed web host.
best managed wordpress hosting

Best Managed WordPress Hosting 2024: Top 5 Handpicked List!

Since our website is hosted on a managed web host, I have an idea of what expectations users should have. Although there are many players in the market, I have selected only 5 managed web hosts.

I have included them in the list only after reviewing them against this managed web hosting checklist:
  • Considered both semi-managed and fully managed web hosting.
  • Considered budget options for beginners to enterprises.
  • Checked for priority support.
  • Checked the availability of daily backups.
  • Checked whether migration is automatic or not.
  • Examined if “Fix for you” type functionality is available.
  • Considered an average loading time of at least less than 2 seconds.
  • Consider the presence of high-level security features.
  • Consider the availability of “managed” features.
  • Consider the level of user involvement in maintenance, aiming for minimal involvement.

Quick Summary of Our Managed WordPress Server Hosts:

  • Hostinger: Best in a situation when the budget is really low. It is the cheapest option in the market
  • WPX: “Fix for you” guarantee is what you looking for.
  • Nexcess: Best works for eCommerce & dynamic websites.
  • Kinsta: Expensive! Best if enterprise level security is what you looking for and you have zero budget issues.
  • WP Engine: Most favored managed web host among users.

1. Hostinger

hostinger managed wordpress hosting

Best For

  • Websites with moderate traffic
  • Those on a budget – Starting at just $2.24/month for Managed WordPress plans
  • People okay with good but not super-fast performance
  • Audience from around the world, as they have data centers everywhere

Hostinger Managed Hosting Features Checklist

  • Always-available chat support ✅
  • Storage with SSD (100-200 GB) ✅
  • Automatic daily backups ✅
  • Built-in CDN for faster loading ✅
  • Comes with WooCommerce for online stores ✅
  • Easy 1-click WordPress Installation ✅
  • Updates for WordPress done automatically ✅
  • Scans for WordPress vulnerabilities ✅
  • Works for multiple WordPress sites ✅
  • Handy WP-CLI and SSH features ✅
  • Includes a WordPress AI Builder ✅
  • Protects with a Web Application Firewall ✅
  • Scans for malware regularly ✅
  • WordPress staging tool ✅
  • Automated migration support ✅

Why Hostinger Managed WordPress Hosting is Best?

Are you looking for pocket friendly managed hosting? Then Hostinger should be your top choice.

Hostinger is a managed WordPress hosting choice that offers a lot at a low cost. It’s kind of managed where users set up some things themselves, like LiteSpeed caching plugin settings. But most things get sorted automatically once you start.

I have discussed this managed web hosting service in detail in my Hostinger review.

Hostinger is one of the oldest web hosting services with over 20 million customers, known for its affordability and value for money. Their pricing includes features rarely found in other managed web hosting services.

In terms of managed features, Hostinger offers everything from automatic CMS installation to automated backups, making it easy for users. Even migration is automated, making it quick for users to transfer their site to Hostinger.

hostinger auto installer
hostinger offer automated daily backups - managed wordpress feature

Performance-wise, Hostinger’s managed web hosting shows:

  • Average loading time: 2.014 Seconds
  • Speed Score: 90%
  • Average Uptime (Last 6 Months): 99.931%
hostinger managed web host performance

While not ultra-high performance, considering the pricing, Hostinger’s servers are capable of producing more than satisfactory performance. 

Additionally, Hostinger is one of the few services in today’s managed web hosting market that offers an AI website builder as part of its managed WordPress hosting features. This AI builder allows users to go live with their website in 5-10 minutes without coding.

Despite these excellent features, Hostinger still lacks phone support.

Verdict: Consider Hostinger managed hosting when you have a low budget and can compromise a bit on performance. The features you get for the low monthly cost of $2.24 are more than enough compared to other managed hosting services. However, before deciding, consider that you may need to invest 10-20% of your time managing it through hPanel.


  • No upselling & hidden charges
  • Enough managed wordpress features
  • Affordable plans
  • Lot’s of freebies
  • Data centers located almost worldwide


  • It is a semi-managed WordPress hosting where users need to handle a few things themselves. For example, Unlike WPX, Hostinger engineers don’t personally fix site crashes; they only suggest solutions like restoring backups, leaving the task for you to handle.
  • Performance is not exceptionally high but sufficient for small to mid-level sites
  • Users have to rely on chat support only, as phone support is not available
  • Some may find available storage space should be more


Hostinger’s managed hosting plans start from $2.24/month and go up to $8.09/month. All plans include a free domain name, free SSL, unlimited bandwidth, free automatic migration, support for 100-300 website installations, and up to 200 GB SSD storage.

Upon analysis, the Business plan seems more valuable (costs $3.32/month) as it offers fully complete WordPress managed features and includes a free CDN.

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2. WPX Hosting

wpx managed wordPress hosting

Best For

  • When you need web hosting taken care of by experts without worrying about the technical details, WPX Hosting is a good choice.

WPX Managed Hosting Features Checklist

  • Easy 1-Click WordPress installs ✅
  • Fast content delivery with XDN setup ✅
  • Free fixes for your site in uncertain situations ✅
  • Priority support ✅
  • Free site migration in less than 24 hours ✅
  • Daily scanning and cleaning for malware ✅
  • Protection against brute force attacks ✅
  • Web Application Firewall ✅
  • Automatic updates for plugins ✅
  • Daily backups, plus personal backups on demand ✅
  • Built-in staging area ✅
  • Continuous performance optimization ✅

Why is WPX Managed Hosting a Good Choice?

Are you looking for hassle-free managed hosting where you pay and forget about everything else? Well, that’s exactly what WPX offers.

They provide fully managed WordPress hosting, meaning you don’t have to worry about any tasks. Even if your site crashes or gets hacked, they promise to fix it without extra charges.

Yes, it’s more expensive than cheaper options like Hostinger. But the support, performance, and security WPX provides are top-notch. So, investing here is totally worth it.

This is the hosting we’ve used for our blog since 2016. You can read our detailed WPX Hosting review for more information.

Talking about performance, we’ve experienced:

  • Average loading time: 1.6 seconds
  • Speed Score: 97%
  • Average Uptime (Last 6 Months): 99.999%
performance of wpx managed web hosting
uptime of wpx managed hosting

Behind their good performance are their technology, 37+ XDN endpoints (WPX’s own CDN) worldwide, inbuilt caching, and continuous speed optimization.

Let’s not forget that WPX experts can migrate your site from another hosting service in just 24 hours. If there’s any malware, they make sure to clean it for a safe transfer.

wpx migration process is automated and 100% managed by experts
Verdict: Consider WPX Managed WordPress hosting if your budget allows (plans range from $250 to $999 annually). Despite the price, it’s a good choice for a high score, fast loading time, and strong security.


  • They fix your site for free if it crashes.
  • Fully managed, saving users time.
  • High priority on securing your sites.
  • Quick support response time (30 seconds to 1 minute).
  • Their own CDN saves money by not relying on third-party services like Cloudflare.
  • They accept your malware infected website during migration and help you in onboarding safely


  • The only issue with WPX hosting is that it is expensive.
  • Despite high-priced plans, storage in their plans seems less.


Talking about the pricing, WPX hosting is currently offering 3 pricing packages:

  • Business Plan: $20.83/mo, 5 Websites, 15 GB Storage, Perfect for starters
  • Professional Plan: $41.58/mo, 15 Websites, 30 GB Storage, Perfect for seasoned bloggers.
  • Elite Plan: $83.25/mo, 35 Websites, 60 GB Storage, Suitable to big agencies and high traffic sites.

From my experience, they are pretty transparent about the charges hence you will not find any hidden cost in their hosting package. Their professional plan is chosen by the majority of users including me.

3. Nexcess

nexcess managed wordpress hosting

Best For

  • Situation where fully managed web hosting is priority and budget is limited
  • Suitable to eCommerce, WooCommerce and dynamic websites 

Nexcess Managed Hosting Features Checklist

  • 1 Click WordPress Install ✅
  • Object Cache Pro enabled for performance optimization ✅
  • Automated Image Compression ✅
  • Automated Cloudflare CDN ✅
  • Continuous Malware Scanning ✅
  • Migration done by experts ✅
  • Instant access to staging area ✅
  • Automated daily backups ✅
  • Continue server monitoring ✅
  • Crash handling by Experts ✅

Why is Nexcess Managed Hosting the Best?

Nexcess is our third managed web host, might make you wonder why another fully managed web host after WPX?

Nexcess is a subsidiary of Liquid Web which is used by over 500,000 websites across the world. Nexcess is known for providing ultimate features including WordPress staging, constant website monitoring, dedicated IP addresses, instant auto-scaling, and more. It also has a built-in Nexcess CDN that offers 22 locations and advanced caching for ultra-fast loading times.

Due to its association with Liquid Web, Nexcess can be trusted. One of its main advantages is scalability. I haven’t seen a managed web host that automatically scales PHP workers or bandwidth as per demand.

Generally those servers which support auto scaling tend to work well in a sudden traffic situation.

Moreover, Nexcess provides more PHP workers in its plans compared to other hosts. For example: Nexcess is giving a 10 – 60 PHP whereas an expensive web host like WPX is giving only 3 PHP workers.

For dynamic websites, especially in eCommerce with many PHP-dependent pages, multiple PHP workers can significantly boost performance. In summary, Nexcess managed hosting is well-suited to deliver optimal performance for such websites.

If you’re curious to know Nexcess performance stats, here you go. More details are available on our Nexcess review.

  • Average Loading Time: 1.3 Second
  • Speed Score: 85%
  • Uptime: 99.988
nexcess managed web  hosting speed score


  • Access to premium plugins like Object Cache Pro, Image Compression, Visual Compare, Performance Monitoring, and iThemes Security Pro in all plans.
  • Resources like bandwidth, number of php workers can be easily scaled without extra fees.
  • Customer support is available 24*7*365
  • Expert assistance for site crashes
  • Pricing is affordable compared to other “fully managed” type web host


  • The basic plan (Spark) has less storage.


Compared to others, Nexcess offers a variety of plans, making it easy to choose according to your requirements without overpaying for high-end plans.

Plans start from $14/month and go up to $401/month. The Spark plan costs $14/month, allowing you to install 1 website with 15 GB storage, 2 TB bandwidth, and 10 + 20 PHP workers.

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4. Kinsta

kinsta managed wordpress service

Best For

  • Highly security driven websites
  • Big News & eCommerce websites

Kinsta Managed Hosting Features Checklist

  • Automated Edge Caching ✅
  • Enterprise level CDN ✅
  • Inbuilt site speed monitoring tool (APM) for WordPress Troubleshooting ✅
  • Automated Migration ✅
  • Continuous Malware Scanning ✅
  • Easy to use hosting dashboard ✅
  • One click geolocation shift ✅
  • Inbuilt Staging environments ✅
  • Inbuilt speed optimization tools for Caching, Image optimization, Code minification are available ✅
  • Hourly Backups, Daily Backups ✅

Why Kinsta Managed Hosting the Best?

Kinsta is a WordPress managed hosting service known specifically for enterprise-level security. Their starting pricing ($35/month) is higher than providers like WPX or Nexcess.

However, existing customers, especially those with large sites, claim that Kinsta offers faster and more secure managed WordPress web hosting than any other. The key security features they provide include Enterprise-level Firewall, Hardware firewalls, and frequent threat monitoring (almost 480 times a day).

The main reason for their high-level performance is their infrastructure. They utilize Google’s servers, along with 35 data centers, edge caching, and support from 260+ Cloudflare enterprise CDN points, ensuring that users’ WordPress sites remain active 24*7*365.

kinsta managed hosting data centers

Literally, If you compare Kinsta’s CDN with any other service, you’ll find that no one provides such an extensive CDN network. Having 35 centers along with 260+ points of service worldwide gives a significant boost to the overall performance of a site.

When I reviewed Kinsta servers, these METRICS were evident:

  • Average loading time: 1.4 s
  • Uptime: 99.999%
  • Speed Score: 100 (M), 100 (D)
kinsta managed web host speed test results

Talking about Kinsta’s managed features, they also guarantee to fix your site if it crashes or gets hacked. This is a crucial feature in managed web hosting.

Kinsta ensures free migration and even offers a Site preview tool, allowing you to preview your migrated site live before it goes live.

If you’re wondering why Kinsta is so expensive when WPX also provides security, it’s because Kinsta includes many premium tools in their hosting plans for free. For example, hosting your WordPress site on Kinsta servers includes Cloudflare enterprise ($250+ monthly), Edge Caching (eliminating the need for WP Rocket), Uptime monitoring, and more.

They also have an advantage in customer support. Don’t speak English? No problem, you can connect with their agents in other languages like Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese.

Verdict: I would surely advise you to explore Kinsta managed web hosting if you are running an enterprise level site and your goal is a threat-proof protection. I don’t think it will suit the beginners, as the high price might bother you. Infact, there is no need to deploy such enterprise level hosting to a small growing site.


  • Kinsta offers a true managed hosting environment
  • Kinsta Hourly backups could be a huge help for big eCommerce or news websites
  • Help in site fixes from unwanted crash situations
  • Developer tools like Kinsta API, Database Access, WordPress debugging are given
  • Google infrastructure rarely fails, assuring users that their site won’t face performance issues


  • Surely expensive and may not be affordable for new businesses


Kinsta managed wordpress plans start from $35/mo where you will get 1 website, 10 GB Storage, 100 GB Bandwidth, and a power for handling up to 25k visitors. Apart from that, Kinsta high end plans go up to $675/per month

5. WPEngine


Best For:

  • Users looking for managed web hosting with plans neither too expensive nor too cheap, without compromising on performance and security.
  • Users who believe in people’s choice and want to launch their site on the most successful managed web host in the market.

WPEngine Managed Hosting Features Checklist

  • Automated Updates for plugins & themes ✅
  • Supported Auto roll back functionality ✅
  • WAF continuous automated protection from threats ✅
  • EverCache, WPEngine own plugin is inbuilt for performance optimization ✅
  • Auto renew SSL ✅
  • Plugin threat scanning ✅
  • Automatic and on-demand backups ✅
  • 1 Click staging environment ✅
  • Free Migrated Plugin ✅

Why is WPEngine Managed Hosting the Best?

If you are a beginner and are wondering if you have an option for a high-performance managed web host that is more affordable than WPX, Nexcess, and Kinsta, then WPEngine might be the answer. 

With plans starting at $13/month, it’s an excellent fit for small sites with around 5k monthly visitors, looking for top-notch performance while keeping costs down.

WPEngine was established in 2010, has become a well-known name in WordPress managed hosting, serving over 1.5 million websites. It provides a variety of managed features, including built-in caching tools, multi-site support, automatic plugin and theme updates, managed WAF protection, and more.

During our review of WPEngine, it was found that another significant advantage is their phone support. Other services only offer live chat support, but WPEngine love to go extra mile for their users.

Here is the performance stats of WPEngine WordPress Hosting:

  • Average loading time: 776 ms – 929 ms
  • Performance score: 87
wp engine performance

They also provide perks like a free premium WordPress theme. So, if you don’t have a WordPress theme yet, you don’t need to spend extra money.

Verdict: WPEngine is a suitable choice when you are looking for a managed web hosting service that offers a good balance between cost-effectiveness and high performance.


  • 60 days money-back guarantee for users who want to test managed web hosting first
  • Phone customer support available
  • WPEngine servers use Google servers for higher reliability
  • Integration with Cloudflare results in 200+ data center points, reducing website latency and reaching the audience more effectively


  • Migration by experts is not allowed unless you are on their premium plan
  • Add-ons may increase the overall plan pricing. Avoiding add-ons might cause you to miss features like Application performance monitoring, Advanced DDoS & Managed WAF, etc.


WPEngine offers a total of 5 plans designed to fulfill the needs of different sites with varying traffic. For instance, if your site traffic is up to 5000 monthly, you can opt for their Lite plan starting from $13/month. 

The other plans are as follows:

  • Startup: $15/mo, 1 Site, 25k visitors monthly
  • Professional: $30/mo, 3 Sites, 75k visitors monthly
  • Growth: $58/mo, 10 Sites, 100,000 visitors monthly
  • Custom: $600/mo, Premium Hosting solution

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting is specially designed to take care of all the technical stuff of your websites, from automatic updates to automatic backups to website migration so you can get back to doing what you love and grow your business without worrying too much about technical stuff.

Essentially, managed hosting for WordPress gives you the freedom to focus on your business as it manages most of the technical aspects of your site.

Managed WordPress hosting has a plethora of benefits including:

Managed security

Almost every single managed WordPress hosting provider gives you managed and unbreakable security features to safeguard your site. The primary reason for us to migrate BloggersPassion from HostGator to WPX hosting was the security.

WPX hosting offers rock-solid security features like free SSL certificates, malware protection, and a completely hack-proof hosting environment and it also fixes your website if it accidentally gets attacked by hackers. You don’t get such type of security features with shared hosting plans.

Managed software updates

Software updates such as plugin updates, theme updates, and WordPress updates are automatically done if you’re using WordPress hosting. So you don’t have to manually do all the updates from your end.

This will save you lots of time and also offer better security whenever your site gets updated with the latest themes, plugins, etc.

Expert level fast customer support team

They also provide you super-fast customer support through a ticketing system, live chat, phone calls, etc. They give you the best experience and assistance whenever you need help regarding managing your sites or transferring your files.

They also make sure to hire only the experts who are good at managing WordPress websites so they know how to handle any situation with ease which is an added advantage.

So when are you supposed to go for WordPress managed hosting?

You’ll need to invest in reliable managed hosting when you’re really serious about making money from blogging and don’t want to tackle technical stuff yourself. When your site traffic is increasing, you definitely need it to handle your site’s traffic.

Also consider using or migrating to WordPress hosting environment if your website starts making decent money as investing in a good, faster, and reliable hosting service always pays off in the long run.

What to Consider While Choosing a Managed WordPress Hosting

So what should you consider while picking a managed WordPress host to run your site? Here are a few things to remember.

Monthly visitors to your site

Many new bloggers often go for shared hosting plans because of their affordability. However, as your website traffic grows, they can’t handle all your website traffic which often results in slow loading times or frequent downtime issues.

That’s why you need to go for this hosting where you should pick a plan that’s more than enough to handle your average monthly site visitors.

Your dependency on the customer support team

Many webmasters have no clue about technical-related stuff like managing their emails, backups, or migrating their blogs. If you’re also one among them, you definitely need expert-level support assistance from the hosting service you choose.

Storage space

You need to make sure you’ve extra storage space that you need to store all your database files, images, blog posts, comments, etc. The lack of storage space can make your blog loading times slower which ultimately affects your bottom line.

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Is managed hosting suitable for beginners?

It depends on the host. Some, like Hostinger, are budget-friendly and user-friendly for beginners. However, hosts like Kinsta and WPX are more suitable for experienced users due to their advanced features and higher pricing.

Are there budget-friendly options for managed hosting?

Yes, Hostinger is the cheapest managed wordpress hosting, starting at $2.24/month. While WPEngine starts at $13/month, it provides a balance between cost and performance.

Can I migrate my existing website to a managed WordPress host?

Yes, most managed hosts offer automated migration support. They assist in transferring your website seamlessly to their hosting environment.

How important is the “Fix for you” feature in managed hosting?

The “Fix for you” feature, as seen in WPX Hosting, is valuable as it ensures that the hosting provider takes responsibility for fixing any issues or crashes on your website, providing a hassle-free experience.

Is user involvement in maintenance necessary for managed hosting?

Managed hosting aims to minimize user involvement in maintenance tasks. However, the level of user participation varies. Hosts like WPX and Kinsta, Nexcess, WPEngine offer fully managed services, while Hostinger involves users in some settings.

Which is the fastest managed wordpress hosting?

Kinsta & WPX are the fastest followed by WPEngine & Nexcess. Hostinger is the slowest among them.

Final Thoughts

I highly recommend you consider managed WordPress hosting plans over shared hosting. Yes, shared hosting plans are cheap but they are not really useful, faster, and better when it comes to managing your WordPress sites (they don’t offer backups, fast customer support, better security, etc).

So what are your thoughts about the best managed WordPress hosts provided in this post? Did you find the right one among them? Do you have any questions? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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