Bloggers Income Report August 2018: How Much Money Do Top Bloggers Make

blogger income reports

Bloggers income report is one of my favorite things. Whenever I stumble upon various blogs, I always search for income reports to find out how much money do bloggers are making.

And I know, many people are as interested like me to find out the income reports of other bloggers. After all, we all are really curious about knowing how much do top bloggers make, it gives us enough boost to take blogging as a challenge to make some real money online.

If you’ve been searching for bloggers income report, don’t search anywhere else on the Internet, I made this guide a one stop place to figure out others bloggers income reports. So bookmark the post and share it with your friends to know how much do bloggers make.

Making money online and generating a residual income stream is what many full time bloggers strive for. Even though these bloggers are figuring out how to handle withholding allowances, as well as keeping accurate accounting records, the residual income can be (and often is) quite substantial.

There are stories about bloggers making six figure incomes and it is but natural to be curious about who is making how much and what the sources of income are. In this post we will cover few such bloggers who are making a decent amount of money online and also go behind the scenes to see who is running the show and what his website parameters are. The details of latest income reports will also be listed.

  • The format followed is introduction of the blogger, the vital statistics of his blog and the earnings report.
  • While concluding the post we will analyze the data and present some interesting facts, which we hope will be immensely beneficial for any blogger who wants to earn his living online.

If you also want to be featured in this post please do contact us. We’ll be more than happy to share your success story with our readers.

Take Your Blog Traffic & Revenue to the Next Level with Proven Tips:

Blogger NameBlog URLMonthly IncomeIncome SourcesMore Details$110,284.31Affiliate Products
Online Courses
Direct Ads
Know More$3,654.96Affiliate Products
Book Sales
Know More
Anil$10212Affiliate Products
Direct Advertising
Know More
Harsh$40055Affiliate Products
Own Products
Direct Ads
Know More
Matthew$25,718.28Affiliate Products
Know More
Matthew$3,704.13Affiliate Income
Niche Sites
Know More
Pat$167,553.31Affiliate Products
Book Sales Consulting
Public Speaking
Niche Sites
Software's & Apps
Know More$10,563HTML Games Sales
Book Sales
Website Advertising
Know More$6,648.63Affiliate Products
Freelance Writing
Ad Networks
Sponsored Posts
Know More
Lindsay and$70000 PlusAffiliate Products
Public Speaking
Sponsored Posts
Know More$33,659Affiliate Products
Own Products
Know More

August 2018 Income Reports of Bloggers Worldwide (Know how much do top bloggers make!)

Bloggers monthly income report: how much do bloggers make

Michelle from Income Report

michelleMichelle covers personal finance and lifestyle tips on her blog. She also received a lot of mentions and awards from notable blogs like Ready for Zero, BadCredit etc. If you are looking for personal finance tips from a guy who knows about it, this blog is for you.

Few statistics of the blog:

  • Alexa Traffic Rank: 74,608
  • Twitter Followers: 18.3K
  • Facebook Likes: 94,785

Income report for August 2018:

  • Bluehost – $35,280.00
  • Survey companies – $10,372.50
  • ConvertKit – $430.20
  • Ebates – $500.00
  • (Review) – $0.00
  • Sponsorships & advertising – $9,000.00
  • Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Course – $38,706.00
  • Display advertising – $3,062.00
  • Stupid Simple SEO – $5,401.30
  • Six Figure Blogger – $1,695.59
  • Miscellaneous affiliates – $2,761.00

Michelle earned $110,284.31 in business income in the month of August 2018.

Johnny from Revenue

johnnyJohnny is a digital nomad who shares his blog journey by travelling around the world. He also has a podcast where he shares how you can travel around the world and start living on your own terms.

Few statistics of the blog:

  • Alexa Traffic Rank: 454,950
  • Twitter Followers: 2487
  • Facebook Likes: 5823

Johnny’s total profit for the month of August 2018 is $3,654.96.

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Anil Agarwal Monthly Income:


Anil Agarwal bloggerspassion.comYes that’s my blog. I also earn a decent income online. Though I am not that regular at publishing my income reports regularly but I earned a total of $10212 in the month of August 2018. I am Anil Agarwal, a blogger and SEO professional from India and have been blogging for a long time, here is more information on this blog:

BloggersPassion was started on Jan 01, 2010 on the world’s most awesome blogging platform- WordPress. This blog was started to share blogging tips and for helping you become a successful full time blogger. Blogging is an art and the more you do it, the more you perfect you become.

The main motive behind BloggersPassion is just one – to help upcoming bloggers to help with their blogging needs whether it’s about promoting their blogs or monetizing it through various means. Serious blogging is not very easy and you need guidance throughout so that you cruise along. I will try my best to help you with whatever I can and will share everything you want to know.

And for those who want are thinking of starting their own blog, do not wait. Act today and get a domain name and hosting now. If you want any help on selection of hosting or domain, feel free to contact me

I regularly write about 10-15 blog posts on my blog on a monthly basis. The posts revolve around, blogging tips, seo, social media marketing, make money online, web hosting, affiliate marketing, wordpress tips and tricks and I also help newbie bloggers set up their own wordpress blog. Recently the team has started an offer of the month which provides great value to user at no cost.

Vital Statistics:

Listed below are some important statistics for

  • Alexa Traffic Rank: 101,961
  • Alexa Traffic Rank in IN: 12,189
  • Sites Linking In (according to Alexa): 369
  • Domain Authority (DA): 51/100
  • No of pages indexed in Google: 536
  • Twitter Followers: 16.8K
  • Facebook Likes: 8810
  • Email Subscribers: 4492

Earnings Report:

  • Month: August 2018
  • Total Income: $10,212

Income Report:

Total expenses for the month of August 2018: $2945 (Payment for two team members (Content + Design), Email marketing Software, Blogger Outreach and Quora marketing etc.

Earlier Months Income Report for Top Bloggers

Harsh Agrawal Income:


Harsh Agrawal - is a blog owned by Engineer turned professional blogger from India Harsh Agrawal. earned a total of $40055 in the month of February 2018. was started in 2008 and over these years it has grown into one of the largest and most popular internet marketing blog. Harsh loves computer and technology, he successfully converted his passion into a full time lucrative residual income stream.

According to Harsh:

I’m a normal guy who lives life to the fullest, loves travelling and lives a happy-go-lucky kind of life. I like to talk stuff related to marketing, solopreneurship and art of living. I have network of Blogs under main brand “ShoutDreams” and I blog for passion. Here at ShoutMeLoud, I share tips which I learned over time about blogging and how to earn passive income online. I don’t promise to make you rich overnight, but I could promise that you will be earning handsome income, if you have what it takes to become a blogger. If you have writing skills, a passion for learning, a dream of brining a change, and most important if you want to be your own boss, ShoutMeLoud is the perfect place for you to start.

Harsh writes on diverse topics ranging from blogging tips, how tos, latest technology trends, making money online, linux and also offers wordpress customization services. The frequency of posting on varies between 30-45 posts per month and he is very popular among social networks.

Vital Statistics:

Here are some important facts about

  • Alexa Traffic Rank: 17,111
  • Alexa Traffic Rank in IN: 1,955
  • Sites Linking In (according to Alexa): 2,194
  • Domain Authority (DA): 68/100
  • No of pages indexed in Google: 5040
  • Twitter Followers: 46.7K
  • Facebook Likes: 63,377
  • Feedburner Readers: 6,380
  • Email Subscribers: 28,715

Earnings Report:

  • Month: February 2018
  • Total Income: $40055

Income Breakdown:

Quick Note: Do you want to start a blog? Here’s a simple step by step tutorial on starting your own WordPress blog within 5 minutes on Bluehost.

Matthew Woodward Income:

Matthew WoodwardIntroduction: Matthew Woodward is an Internet marketer that helps people to learn SEO, increase their traffic and sales.

If you are struggling to make money blogging, is the right place for you to get started as Matthew provides some real insights on getting your websites rank in the top Google search results and he also shares working ways to make money from your blogs. He generally write posts every week although he doesn’t have any consistent posting schedule, but his posts are usually very detailed with a lots of snapshots.

His blog also achieved great awards including

  • HubSpot Top 5 Internet Marketing Blog March 2015
  • UK Blog Awards 2014 Digital & Technology Highly Commended
  • Affiliate Summit Best Affiliate Blog 2013
  • Technorati Top 100 Business Blog July 2013
  • The Best Of Search Engine Journal 2012
  • ProBlogger One To Watch 2013
  • Unbounce Top 75 Internet Marketing Blogs

Matthew WoodWard 26 years old who lives in the north west of the UK, he’s also a full-time blogger.

Here’s his income report for the month of December 2017:

  • Ahrefs – $273.29
  • Blog Advertising – $461.84
  • Bluehost – $65.00
  • GSA Captcha Breaker – $245.05
  • Aweber – $133.70
  • Drip – $59.10
  • GSA Search Engine Ranker – $378.04
  • JustHost – $160.00 (review)
  • Kontent Machine – $290.05
  • Domain Hunter Gatherer – $979.00
  • iPage – $1,920.00
  • LeadPages – 0.00
  • LongTailPro – $471.50 (review)
  • OneHourIndexing – $256.38
  • SEO Powersuite – $798.30
  • SERPed – $1,436.02 (review)
  • SEMRush – $1,216.84 (Review with 30 Days Free Trial)
  • WPX Hosting – $0 (review)
  • TheBestSpinner – $119.26
  • Other Income – $12,019.69

Total earnings for the month of December 2017: $25,718.28

Here are few vital statistics for

  • Alexa Traffic Rank: 60,288
  • Alexa Traffic Rank in India: 11,167
  • Sites Linking In (according to Alexa): 1,330
  • Domain Authority (DA): 56/100
  • No of pages indexed in Google: 410
  • Twitter Followers: 17.8K
  • Facebook Likes: 39,493

Matthew Allen Revenue:

blogger income reportsIntroduction: Dumb Passive Income as the name sounds, it’s a marketing blog that often shares content related to SEO, passive income and making money online. The blog is run by Matthew Allen, who also has a day job, he’s passionate about turning his blog into a passive income source (which I think he’s perfectly doing it).

He shares marketing tips along with the niche websites strategies that will help you make more money online. Make sure to read the blog if you are serious about creating a passive income from online.


Here are few vital website stats for Dumb Passive Income:

  • Alexa Traffic Rank: 1,237,760
  • Alexa Traffic Rank in US: 490,653
  • Sites Linking In (according to Alexa): 96
  • Domain Authority (DA): 39/100
  • No of pages indexed in Google: 640
  • Twitter Followers: 2944
  • Facebook Likes: 177

Blogger income report (for July 2018) breakdown for Dumb Passive Income blog:

  • Affiliate income: $557.33
  • Niche Site: $383.59
  • Other income: $4,317.00

Total income $5,257.92 minus total expenses $1,553.79 equals a net profit of $3,704.13 for July 2018!

Pat Flynn Monthly Income (One of highest paid bloggers):


Pat Flynn - earned a total of $167,553.31 in the month of December 2017. This blog is owned by Pat Flynn. The details of income and its breakdown will follow later but let us first find out who is Pat Flynn. Here is Pat’s version on his blog:

I’m a 30 year old dude from Southern California who makes a living on the internet. I consider myself the luckiest person on Earth.

I didn’t win the lottery, I don’t drive a fancy car, and I’m not a millionaire. What I do have is a beautiful wife, two amazing children, a loving family, awesome friends, and a line of work that allows me to spend most of my time with them.

Pat writes around 5 -10 posts per month along with podcasts, webinars, interviews of other bloggers who’ve carved their own niche in online markets and is a popular speaker in global events. Before taking on full time blogging, Pat was working as a Job Captain in an architecture firm. The first thing you notice about Pat is his open-ness, he hides nothing. You can read more about how his journey into online domain began and what did it take to earn his first dollar online on his blog –

Vital Statistics:

Following are the vital parameters of Pat’s blog Please note that Pat owns multiple niche websites and they all contribute to his online income.

  • Alexa Traffic Rank: 40,602
  • Alexa Traffic Rank in US: 12,301
  • Sites Linking In (according to Alexa): 2,442
  • Domain Authority (DA): 65/100
  • No of pages indexed in Google: 3,190
  • Twitter Followers: 153K
  • Facebook Likes: 155,938

What does Pat offer to his email subscribers?

Pat offers an eBook guide and a weekly newsletter to his email subscribers as mentioned on his blog:


He offers the most comprehensive guide available on how to Publish, Market, and automate your own killer eBook.

Over 75,000 people have enjoyed this eBook the Smart Way and receive a weekly newsletter with exclusive online business and blogging tips.

Earnings Report:

  • Month: December 2017
  • Total Income: $167,553.31
  • Total Expenses: $39,647.21

Income Breakdown:

  • Affiliate Earnings: $167,553.31
  • Book Sales: $2,246.50
  • Course Sales: $41,849.98
  • Consulting and Public speaking: $0.00
  • Niche Sites: $3,866.96
  • Podcast Sponsorship: $3,389.00
  • Software & Apps: $10,581.74

Alexa at Income Report

AlexaAlexa mainly writes about how anyone can make money online from various sources such as job boards, blogging, writing, marketing etc.

She always frequently writes about finance tips along with her struggles and successes with it.

If you are a new blogger and searching for a one stop blog for making money online, check out her blog.

Few statistics of the blog:

  • Alexa Traffic Rank: 275,497
  • Twitter Followers: 3.050
  • Facebook Likes: 12,432

Income report for June 2017:

  • Freelance (Writing & Virtual Assistant Work) – $0
  • Affiliate Commissions – $4,879.31
  • Ad Networks – $1,469.32
  • Sponsored Posts/Private Advertising – $300

Total online income for Alexa for the month of June 2017 is $6,648.63.

Matthew Earning:


truevalhalla blogAgain a good niche blog producing content around the latest technology trend HTML5, earned a total of $10,563 USD in the month of Apr-May-June (Quarter 2) 2017. Matthew the founder of this blog is a 20 year old self-employed indie game developer, author, and content creator. On the question of why he started to choose blogging instead of full time lucrative job he says:

Over the past few years I’ve been encouraged to get a “real job” – to tirelessly work a 9-to-5 and somehow be satisfied with that. Instead, I want to earn a living online doing what I love. I want to build a substantial passive income that can fund both my future and my passions. Plenty of people make money online after all. So as of April 2012, I registered my business and embarked on a unique journey to become successful online. This blog exists to share experiences, knowledge, advice, achievements, and failures. I’m trying to be very transparent in what I share.

Matthew sets for himself annual income goals to be achieved and publishes a graphical report on how much of it has been achieved:

My current goal is to earn $500,000 solely online, so far earned $279,668 which is 56% of my goal value.

HTML 5 is considered to have a big impact on how the internet will look like in future. This is a very happening domain to be in at this moment. Matthew publishes an HTML5 ebook and this Australian blogger regularly contributes around 10 posts per month to his blog.

Vital Statistics:

Listed below are some important statistics for

  • Alexa Traffic Rank: 1,576,745
  • Sites Linking In (according to Alexa): 49
  • Domain Authority: 30/100
  • No of pages indexed in Google: 176
  • Twitter Followers: 22.5k
  • Facebook Likes: 1936 has a email list building mechanism in place where he gives free articles, discounts, and giveaways to his blog subscribers.

Earnings Report:

  • Month: April-May-June 2017
  • Total Income: $10,563

Income Report:

  • Donations: $45
  • Mobility Engine Sales: $260
  • Website Advertising: $135
  • Book Sales: $1620
  • HTML5 Games: $7608

Lindsay and Bjork (Food Bloggers Income):

Introduction: is a food blog owned by a husband and wife team Lindsay and Bjork. Lindsay is a teacher, pug lover, and dessert eater from Minnesota handles the writing, photography and cooking part while the technicalities and making money is handled by her husband Bjork. Why they are into blogging? Well.. here are the reasons given by Lindsay herself:

Blogging is a lot of work. So why do it?

There are so many things about this process that have been meaningful and rewarding for me.

  • sharing yummy food with other food lovers
  • helping others start their own blog
  • sharing photography tips in a food photography eBook
  • developing the blog into a source of income
  • showing others how they can do the same in our monthly income reports

Plus a big benefit of the income that we earn from the blog is that it helps us make this year of living and working in the Philippines a reality.

The team at regularly posts recipes to their blog. The frequency of posting varies between 25-30 posts per month and enjoys a good readership. The blog posts are loaded with eye-catching pictures of the recipes. It is obvious from the quality of things that the team takes good care of what goes live on their blog. is a part of Blogher blogging network.

Vital Statistics:

Listed below are some important statistics for the blog

  • Alexa Traffic Rank: 25,714
  • Alexa Traffic Rank in US: 55,56
  • Sites Linking In (according to Alexa): 2,797
  • Domain Authority (DA): 70/100
  • No of pages indexed in Google: 2,910
  • Twitter Followers: 14.6K
  • Facebook Likes: 321,903

Though the exact number of email subscribers and feedburner stats are not available, the team at do offer blogging tips to users who subscribe.

Earnings Report:

  • Month: October 2016

Income Breakdown:

  • Tasty Food Photography – $595.00
  • Bluehost – $3,450 (Learn how to install WordPress in 5 Minute)
  • sovrn – $537.80
  • Elegant Themes – $79.50
  • Genesis Theme – $439.71
  • Gourmet Ads – $1,471.13
  • Amazon Associates – $2,480.16
  • How to Monetize Your Food Blog eBook – $315.00
  • YouTube Earnings – $39.44
  • AdThrive – $37,669.42
  • Sponsored Posts & speaking – $17,334.00
  • Swoop – 2,423.24

Abby Monthly Revenue:

abbyAbby is a passionate mom blogger who writes about home decor, creative ideas, lifestlye etc. She makes a lot of money by helping her blog audience to launch their own blogs using Bluehost. She also has an eBook and course called “Framework” that makes her even more money.

Few statistics of the blog:

  • Alexa Traffic Rank: 129,640
  • Twitter Followers: 8,385
  • Facebook Likes: 28,924

Income report for September 2016 of Abby’s blog:

  • Framework eBook and course – $7,717
  • 2016 Intentional Life Planner – $2,294
  • Affiliate Income – $21,978
  • Paperless Home eBook – $958
  • ConvertKit – $559
  • BookBoss – $712

Total Income for the month of September 2016 is $36,234 and total expenses are $6,418.

Ello Income:

reginaIntroduction: By Regina is a marketing blog for bloggers and creative entrepreneurs. The blog is run by Ello, a female blogger and enthusiastic about her marketing ventures.

She often shares detailed articles on marketing, making money, and frequent guides for beginners to help them build better blogs. Her content is truly unique and adds passion! If you got a minute, skim through her blog and I’m sure you’ll end up subscribing to her newsletter.

She makes money from affiliate marketing and she also offers a lot of services to her readers to launch their blogs with a bang. You see, making money by selling digital products is one of the surefire ways to make passive income from online. She is doing exactly the same by offering various digital programs and products to her blog readers.

Here are the website stats for this blog:

  • Alexa Traffic Rank: 395,835
  • Alexa Traffic Rank in US: 128,833
  • Sites Linking In (according to Alexa): 335
  • Domain Authority (DA): 48/100
  • No of pages indexed in Google: 318
  • Twitter Followers: 16.2K
  • Facebook Likes: 9,822

Blogger income report (for January 2015) breakdown for this blog:

  • #50 WORKDAYS–ZERO TO BLOG: $5475.00 (a few payments for this new class/program were made in January, but most were made in December)
  • EPICBLOG –EDITORIAL PLANNER: $3,224.22 (this is sold from
  • BLUEHOST Affiliate commission: $2,040.00
  • GROW YOUR BLOG TRAFFIC WITH SOCIAL MEDIA–The eBook + Workbook: $1,503.00
  • 3-DAY CREATE–The Workbook to Help You Create Your Own Information Product: $1,079.40
  • The Small Business Manual: $773.30
  • WordPress Class Registrations: $470.00
  • How to Start a Business in Texas: $195.00
  • How to Promote Your Business Online: $120.00
  • EPICDAY NOTEPAD: $120.00

Total: $16,382.91 earning in the month of January 2015

Tom Ewer Earning:


Tom Ewer is one of the successful niche blogging example which made $7,556.86 in the month of October 2013. The man behind is Tom Ewer whose aim is to help as many people as possible realize their own dream of quitting their jobs. He himself quit his lucrative job in 2011 to pursue his dream of owning a business. To understand the sense of freedom he achieved from this quote from his blog should be sufficient.

I have worked from my home in Rugby, my sister’s home in Texas, a condo in Colorado, a hotel room in Serbia, a cruise ship in the Atlantic and many other places. I am completely free from the constraints of a 9-to-5 job and live life on my own terms.

Tom realized his potential and carved out a niche for himself that gave him prestigious achievements like getting published on Lifehacker, interviewed by FreelanceSwitch and named a ProBlogger “Blogger to Watch.” In less than two years Tom has written nearly 1,000 blog posts for tens of blogs. Tom publishes 10- 15 posts on per month. His posts are well researched and have high authoritative value.

Vital Statistics:

Listed below are some important statistics for the blog

  • Alexa Traffic Rank: 454,209
  • Alexa Traffic Rank in US: 246,196
  • Sites Linking In (according to Alexa): 199
  • No of pages indexed in Google: 1,960
  • Twitter Followers: 14900
  • Facebook Likes: 2199

How did Tom get this many email subscribers?
Tom offers the subscribers of his blog a free ebook which gives insight on competition analysis and keyword research guide as posted on

Join thousands of happy subscribers to get exclusive emails and a copy of my free keyword research and competition analysis guide!

Tom has kept the fields in his ebook subscriber form to a minimal level he only has one field – the email one.

Earning report:

  1. Freelance writing:
    • Income: $7,698.35
    • Expenditure: $2,037.15
    • Profit: $5,661.20
  2. Affiliate Marketing (Leaving Work Behind):
    • Income: $1,555.98
      • Start a Blog That Matters: $66.54
      • Market Samurai: $71.52
      • Westhost: $1,250
    • Expenditure: $688.56
    • Profit: $867.42
  3. Information Products:
    • Income: $1,043
    • Expenditure: $58.90
    • Profit: $984.10

Total profit for October 2013: $7,556.86

Dave and Vicky (Travel Bloggers Income): and


Dave and Vicky a Couple TravelersA perfect example of a traveling couple who are also into blogging and earning money as well these two blogs raked in a total of $9,610 in the month of December 2013 for Dave and Vicky the owners of these blogs. While is more oriented towards travel has more food related content. The reason we are looking at these two blogs as a single entity is not only the reason that these are owned by the couple but also that good food and travel complement each other.

Acoupletravelers. com started in 2012 when Dave and Vicky decided to travel the world in two years and they haven’t looked backed since then. According to

Dave is the tech-guy. He handles the website, so when you log on and it’s under construction or missing, you know who to blame. When he’s not doing that, he’s making the videos for our trip.

Vicky is our talented planner, she has mapped out the entire route, and does the photography. Oh, and did I mention she cooks?

Together they cover topics ranging from bloging, interviews of other travel bloggers, culture traditions, reviews and reflections about places and smart tips on how to travel frugal. And did I mention that is a part of the BlogHer blog network?

Vital Statistics:

Here are some important facts about

  • Alexa Traffic Rank: 546,610
  • Alexa Traffic Rank in US: 140,693
  • Sites Linking In (according to Alexa): 407
  • No of pages indexed in Google: 833
  • Facebook Likes: 9.094

Though email subscribers and Feedburner user’s data is not available with us. But Vicky and Dave create mailing lists by offering a newsletter to those who subscribe to their blogs.

Earnings Report:

  • Month: December 2013
  • Total Income: $9,610

Income Breakdown:

  • ACoupleTravelers – $8,605
  • AvocadoPesto – $1,005
  • Total Business Costs: $2,557

Analysis of Top Blogger Income Reports and Conclusion about how much do bloggers make

The above listed data can prove quite exhaustive to blog readers accustomed to read short or middle length posts. But the lack of such information which provides both the income reports along with SEO and social parameters was difficult to find at least for our team so we decided to do it. This post will help bloggers understand and calibrate their SEO and social parameters along with the different sources bloggers use to make money online. Listed below are few important takeaways from ‘how much do bloggers make’ post:

  • Affiliate marketing is one of the biggest source of income for a majority of these bloggers. And if we dissect it a layer further, we find that web hosting, website plugins, themes and website tools form a lion’s share of this affiliate income.
  • Adsense – The Google’s lucrative contextual advertising program, which used to be a big source of income for bloggers is not the major source of income as of now. Though there are some blogger whose main source of income is adsense, but most of them are looking and focusing on other avenues. The low ROI on adsense ads and the constant fear of getting banned might be some of the reasons.
  • Barring a few most of the blogger have mechanisms in place to built a double opt in email list to which they can send further promotional offers. Ebooks, newsletters, tips, how to guides, freebies etc. are the most popular methods of getting people to subscribe.
  • Social connections are becoming increasingly important in getting bigger paychecks. As you can see from the above data the bloggers with a better presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other social media platforms are having better earnings.
  • The frequency of posting of successful money making blogger vary between 5 posts per month to 30 posts per month but the bloggers which post around 5-10 posts per month and make their post authoritative by researching well both about the niche and focusing on the right keywords are getting better traction. I also noted that, few of these bloggers are not at all consistent with their posting schedule, but they are still trying to get massive amount of traffic from search engines to increase their passive income.
  • Most of the bloggers above are doing it full time (well almost and they are enjoying it too) and many of them were forced to get into blogging as they landed into financial doldrums or had an intense desire to quit the office cubicle and a 9-5 regular work.
  • Many of these successful bloggers are not relying on just a single website but have multiple niche websites and some are also a part of blog network which brings in another level of security just in case one of the sites is not working.
  • These bloggers are well connected with other bloggers in their own respective niche and often collaborate and harness each other’s strengths to generate new revenue models.
  • These bloggers are constantly looking for new affiliate models and products and are not reluctant to try new things even if they have to pay for it. Failing fast and a keen eye on trying new things helps them stay ahead of the crowd. And most of them are offering either consulting or selling digital products to make more money from their sites. You must need to consider doing this as well if you’re aiming at making such amount of huge income from your blogs every month.
  • All of these blogger have invested in getting a professional look to their blogs and their designs, unique voice, techniques are all regularly tested and many of them do a lot of A/B and multivariate testing to improve on their existing designs and get the maximum out of their investments. We all know the importance of having a professional design, so if you want to make money like these bloggers, invest your time and money on getting an appealing design for your blogs. I’d personally recommend you to use Genesis or Thesis as they both are search engine friendly and great looking themes.


That was a really long post, but we think it is worth the effort. Again if you want to be featured in this bloggers income reports post do contact us. Suggestions and feedback is welcome. Feel free to share and cite this post among your readers and friends, most importantly with those who are trying to make money online as it will help them a lot.


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    • Anil Agarwal says:

      Thanks Chirag, it has taken a lot of hard work to get to here and taking it further will require even more but we are prepared to do it. Best of luck for your effort

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    • Anil Agarwal says:

      thanks davinder, this is what we wrote the post in first place to motivate and inform other bloggers on the methods and programs used by successful affiliate marketers

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    • Anil Agarwal says:

      Amandeep, we couldn’t find his latest income report and we will be more than happy to include any blogger who wants to share his reports. This is an ongoing process and we’ll be contacting Amit Aggarwal as well.

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    I have never saw such a well researched and executed post about the blogger’s earning. You have done a great job bro.
    Full analysis data provided. I can imagine how much time you have put in collecting data for it.

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    I guess you didn’t mention some popular blogs, may I ask you why? If you don’t mind.
    Blog like –
    etc ??????

    • Anil Agarwal says:

      Hi Krishna, actually we wanted to publish every successful bloggers income reports and related data, but for some of the bloggers you mentioned we were not able to find earnings report and distribution of those earning sources. But we are trying to contact them and ask them to provide us with the data so that we can publish it. Please do remember that it is an ongoing process and we are getting requests from bloggers. So if you want to share your earnings report and like to get featured here please do contact us.

      • krishnaTORQUE says:

        Thanx for asking anil. i would like to share when i will earn something. I am new and i am working with adsense seen 4months and earn $2. So here is no interesting story. 🙁
        @Sue Lynn is right.

  12. Dave says:

    Thanks a lot for including our blogs! Do you mind changing everything to as opposed to

  13. Sue Lynn says:

    Totally agree with you that Adsense is not major source of income as of now. Unless your website receive tons of traffic, you will probably earn peanuts from Adsense. Affiliate Marketing and Direct Advertising seems to be the more profitable way to make money online now.

    • Anil Agarwal says:

      Very True Sue, Adsense is now giving big bucks to a few websites only plus the arbitrary manner in which many of sites get banned from adsense leaves them in a shocking state if the are only dependent on adsense.

  14. Anil Agarwal says:

    Soon you will on the top of the list, I like your work and wish you best of luck .

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    They all are really awesome bloggers and almost perfect in their fields

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    A lot of Indian readers will think – “oh, they are westerners, they can earn like this but we cannot..” Its time for us to reverse this thought. What say?

    • Anil Agarwal says:

      very true Chitraparna …we’ll be adding Indian bloggers data as soon we get it. We also know ho much valuable and morale boosting will it be for them.

    • Anil Agarwal says:

      Hi Chitraparna, Just posted earnings report and analysis of a famous Indian blogger. Do check it out. And we will be more than happy to publish your income reports as well if you want to share them with us. 🙂

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    Uptill now I have made $5000 in whole 2012 by flipping (selling) websites and domains on all of them were premium domains and websites with organic traffic. Earned $200 on clickbank but I think its not a big success.

    I am still learning new affiliate marketing tips and ways to make money online. One of my friend who is professional bloggers as well as full time blogger “Rohit Langde” is also earning good amount from many years as he started blogging in 2007. Try to approach him. You can get something that you dont know 🙂

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  23. Dean Saliba says:

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    • Anil Agarwal says:

      Dean, we will try to be more regular with our monthly income reports in the coming days. If we are unable to do it every month, will surely aim at doing it after every three months.

  24. Mohit Kumar says:

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    but where is Amit Agarwal…from He is the father of professional blogging in india. You cannot skip him from the list.

    Regards, Mohit

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    I’m actually very new to blogging and only started earning in January so I’ve been working hard and with great success. May will be slightly down but I’m still happy with it.
    Thanks for rounding up all this info – its really useful to visit all the other sites.

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    And I just said blogging business,I refer that blogging is like a business.We have to manage it in business model.Only in this way,can we go further than everyone else.

    Thanks again.

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    Always tried to focus only on display ads for my new blog. Never knew affiliate marketing has so much potentiality. Have recently registered Amazon affiliate programming as it has started its operations in India.

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    • Anil Agarwal says:

      Steven, most of earnings on my blog, they are coming from affiliate product sales. I happen to promote web hosting, SEO, themes & plugins etc related products on my blog.

  48. Reading about these top blogs and their income report is surely a great motivation for newbie and intermediate bloggers.

    Following these blogs and working on their successful strategies is a great way to keep moving towards the success. 🙂

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    Awesome list !!! One question will this list gets updated frequently? Because some where last week I have seen different lists or its same ?

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    • Anil Agarwal says:

      Siva if you have seen this list of my blog before, then this must be the same list. But I use to keep it updated in two to three months time with bloggers latest income report. Last time it was updated in Oct 2014. I should be able to update it again with new income reports from top bloggers in the next one week time.

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    The one important thing that we all need to observe is none of them have single source of income. They have different sources of income which they have built over the years. They also act like backups. If one of the sources fail, they can always depend on the other sources. Thanks for sharing such exciting information.

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    The good part is that the income comes from at least three different sources, Adsense, affiliate marketing and personal books sell, so they don’t put all the eggs in the same basket.

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    Thanks for the wonderful post, Blogger’s Passion!

    Cheers! Keep Writing 😀

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    Thanks for writing such an awesome article.
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    • Anil Agarwal says:

      Anil, both of the blogs that you mentioned, they don’t share their income reports online. We can cover those blogs only which shares their income reports on regular basis.

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    Perusing about these top web journals and their pay report is without a doubt an extraordinary inspiration for beginner and transitional bloggers.

    Taking after these sites and taking a shot at their effective methodologies is an extraordinary approach to continue moving towards the achievement.


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  89. Anil, you always has a huge influence on me. In fact, I bought and installed Genesis Framework on my blog after reading your posts. I still reach out to your website in case I face some problem with WP. Do carry on your good work.

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    The way I see it, these bloggers are making the most money by content marketing and selling products and services related to SEO, Hosting, Themes etc. There are some who are making a killing with products like GSA which many of us have never marketed. There’s a learning in that.

    I’m going to sign up with all the affiliates that are mentioned here and try to promote them on my blog! You should too!


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    Matthew Woodward is my favorite blogger.

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    BTW, Amit Agarwal is missing from the list.

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    Unfortunately cannot find the article so cannot share that with you guys.

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    I read your blog frequently.You have made a decent income in the month of November and it is also a great informative post about bloggers income.Carry on brother!!!

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    Hope you’ll add more zeros to your income report in the coming months. All the best

    Happy blogging!

  109. Derek says:


    Very detailed and helpful post. Thanks! I am thinking more and more that I need to ditch AdSense and go 100% to affiliate for my blogs income. I think that you are correct in that AdSense is making pro bloggers less and less as time goes on.

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    It is very clear, pro bloggers are focusing on affilate marketing . they dont depend on adsense.

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    Superb! as i see you also in this list and you earned $1300 in one month is good for indian blogger and best of luck for BloggerPassion.

    many other blogger are also doing great work.


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    this is rock solid blog post & very very inspiring for new bloggers. You rock the world man. Congrats

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    Happy to know that you are also making Good amount from affiliate marketing and now in a position to guide new bloggers in this area. Also you are writing very long posts on every topic that people love.
    Best of luck for all the upcoming years AND keep in touch 🙂

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