15 Best Real Online Jobs List that Need Little to No Experience in 2024

Are you searching for the best real online jobs or trusted work from home jobs to help you make money in 2024?

Finding real online jobs isn’t easy, especially in a crowded online environment. Yes, blogging is one of the BEST ways to earn income.

In fact, the blog you’re currently reading generates over $10,000 every month. You can read our blog’s income reports to find more details.

Here’s one of our earning reports;

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See that? We made over $450,000 just from one affiliate product. We’re the live example of someone who makes legit money online.

But what if you can make money without a blog? There are thousands of online jobs available to make some quick money. 

Are you looking for extra money by doing easy and real online jobs? Are you a college student wanting to make money online in your spare time?

If yes, this article is definitely for you. We’ll discuss some legitimate jobs to make quick money online.

There are thousands of websites that promise to pay money, but in the end, a lot of them seem to be scams. But don’t fret; many sites pay you for your time and work. Let’s discover genuine online jobs that offer freedom and help you escape the 9-to-5 trap.

15 Real Online Jobs That Offer Good Money in 2024

Here’s the list of a few authentic and legit online jobs that really pay for your hard work:

Best Real online jobs

1. Freelance Writing

freelance writer

Becoming a freelance writer is one of the legitimate online jobs that can help you make money. Did you know that over 64 million Americans currently offer freelance services? That’s around 38% of the US workforce? (Source: Upwork)

freelance work stats

As a freelance writer, your job is to write for others. This can be creating blog posts, landing pages, email newsletters, etc, for other bloggers or agencies.

It’s a good idea to find something you’re passionate about so that you can offer writing services in a specific domain (for example: article writing services) or topic you’re REALLY good at.

How much can you earn as a freelance writer?

According to the Pay Survey from Make A Living Writing, 1/3rd of first-year writers earned around $20 per short blog post, but the pay rate can go as high as $300 and up.

freelancer earnings

Here is an overview of the rates for first-year writers in this year’s survey.

  • 30% earn under $10 per hour
  • 18% earn $11-$19 per hour
  • 13% earn $20-$25 per hour
  • 20% earn $26-$40 per hour
  • 10% earn $50-$75 per hour
  • 9% earn $76-$100+ per hour

As you can see above, a freelance writer can earn as much as $100 or more per hour! Your earnings mainly depend on your skills and how you market your writing services. 

Freelance writing is one of the best online jobs you can pursue as a beginner. If done right, you can build a strong portfolio and career as a freelance writer. 

How to find freelance writing gigs as a beginner?

So how do you find easy online jobs as a freelance writer? The best way is to start your own blog, create great content, and then offer your freelance writing services. 

But starting a blog to offer freelance writing services is not everyone’s cup of tea, so here are some amazing platforms to find writing gigs online.

Problogger Job Board

Problogger is an authority blog in the “blogging” industry that was launched by the professional blogger himself, Darren Rowse. This amazing blog also has an exclusive job board, called Problogger Job Board, where you can find a ton of writing gigs for free.

Here’s what the job board looks like;

problogger job board

As you can see above, you’ll find a lot of content writing gigs where you can find both part-time and full-time content writing projects as a freelance writer.

You can simply pick a job that suits your skills and expertise and then fill out the appropriate application form to get started. 

Most of these freelance writing gigs provide you with all the details like how much content they need and what type of content you need to create. You can also discuss your payment before getting started.


Fiverr is one of the most popular online marketplaces for freelance services. On Fiverr, you can sign up for free, set up your Gig, and offer your freelance writing services.

On Fiverr, you will be paid after the gig has been successfully completed. 

Remember that you will only be paid 80% of the total order value as Fiverr keeps the other 20% as a commission fee. For example, if someone orders $100 worth of content from you, you’ll be paid $80 (80% of the order value). 

The best part about using Fiverr is that once you complete a buyer’s order, the money is transferred to your account. So you don’t have to chase clients for payments or wait weeks to get the payment.


  • You can work from virtually anywhere. You can work from home, a coffee shop or work without getting out of your bed if you want.
  • No huge investment is needed. All you need is a laptop or PC with an Internet connection.
  • Almost every field needs freelance writers, from healthcare to marketing to travel, sports, and fitness. As a freelance writer, you have plenty of opportunities to find clients and make money online. 
  • Once you build a strong portfolio, you can charge whatever you want and pick only high-paying clients.
  • As a freelance writer, you can have flexible work hours. If you’re an early bird, you can write in the morning, or if you’re a night owl, you can work late at night.


  • Writing every single day is a daunting task. Most of the time, you’ll struggle with “writers’ block”.

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2. Web Developer Jobs

web design jobs

Are you passionate about web design? Do you have the skills to design, develop, and maintain websites and web applications? If yes, you can make money as a web designer online.

As a web designer, you’ll be responsible for all of the design-related things of a website such as landing pages, custom email signup forms, header, footer, homepage, theme customization, and more.

Although finding authentic online jobs is hard, this is a great one to try and you’ll never regret it.

Even if you’re new to web design, you can find plenty of tutorials on YouTube or take courses on Udemy to learn how to become a pro.

How much do beginner web designers make?

Most beginner freelance web designers earn around $20 to $30 per hour. 
If you’re an experienced freelance web designer, you can make about $75 per hour (this figure can vary, according to CSS-Tricks).

web designer earnings

Your average earnings per hour depend largely on the complexity of the project and the clients you choose. If you already have a website with a strong portfolio, you will definitely attract many high-paying customers. 

How to find web design jobs online as a beginner?

These are the two best places to look for web design jobs online to make money.

1. Upwork: Upwork (formerly Elance-oDesk) is a popular freelancing platform where you can find thousands of web design-related gigs. There are two ways you get paid on Upwork, one is hourly and the other is fixed price. 

Upwork’s commission is the same for both (which is 20%). Your hourly rate on Upwork is the price before the service deduction. So if you’re selling a design gig for $20 per hour, you can expect to earn $16 per hour after the 20% fee.

2. Flexjobs: Looking for remote work from home? Flexjobs offers real online jobs that pay from over 50 categories where you’ll also find web design-related gigs. 


  • You’ll get independence from office dynamics as you can work from home or anywhere.
  • The choice to pick only the web design projects you like. You can accept or reject any project as a freelance web designer. 
  • Almost every website in the world needs a web design. So if you’re smart enough, you can find plenty of gigs as a web designer.
  • As a web designer, you can be creative. From graphics to color schemes, you can choose anything that looks appealing.


  • Working from home as a web designer can get lonely. So it’s a smart idea to work at a web design agency or create a small team once you have enough clients.

3. SEO Jobs

seo jobs

If you’re looking for the best online jobs from home, try SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as it’s a booming industry.

Almost every website, app, and product needs visibility in search engines. Just imagine ranking #1 on Google for some of the competitive keywords in your niche.

Ranking #1 for competitive keywords in most industries can literally earn you thousands of dollars. That’s why people spend billions of dollars on SEO each year. 

How much can you earn while working as an SEO?

You can earn $20 to $50 per hour as an SEO beginner. You can charge your clients in two major ways including;

  • Per hour 
  • Per project

According to an Ahrefs survey, SEO professionals and freelancers are paid really well, from $31,000/year to $92,000/year.

Look at the following chart to see how much SEOs earn yearly.

seo average salary

Once your SEO efforts start generating results, you can build a portfolio and attract high-paying clients who can pay you upwards of $100 per hour.

Where to look for SEO jobs to earn money online?

Here are some of the best platforms to look for SEO jobs online.

SEO Jobs on People Per Hour: PeoplePerHour is a popular online community of freelancers where you can find thousands of SEO jobs online. You can filter the SEO jobs by location, language, industry, and more, to find suitable gigs as an SEO beginner. 

SEO Jobs on Guru.com: If you want to connect with quality brands to find freelance SEO jobs, Guru is a great platform for you. Guru has paid over $250 million to freelancers worldwide. On their platform, you can find SEO gigs ranging from $10/hour to $1000/hour.


  • SEO is a billion-dollar industry as there are so many agencies and startups looking to grow their search rankings
  • You can help businesses get more search traffic and increase their earnings along the way
  • Once you set yourself as an SEO expert, you can charge as much as $1000 per gig
  • SEO is a high-income skill that can be useful for offering SEO services, starting your own agency, or running your own website.


  • It can be hard to get started as an SEO. Creating a portfolio, finding clients, and networking can take a lot of time.
  • Most SEOs have to deliver results. If you’re NOT getting results with your SEO services, it’s hard to attract or maintain new clients.
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4. Blogging Jobs

blogging jobs

Hands down, blogging is probably the best online job in the world as you can work from home and earn money from your laptop. 

Although there are millions of blogs out there, if you’re consistent enough, you can build a sustainable career as a blogger in the long run.

How much can you earn from blogging as a beginner?

We’re currently earning $10,000 per month from our blog BloggersPassion.

In fact, we generated more than $450,000 just from one affiliate product (as shown in the introduction).

Although we launched it over 10 years ago (read our blogging journey), you can make $1000/mo from blogging within 1 or 2 years of consistent work.

If you want to make money quickly as a blogger, start offering blog services to others. You can also use platforms like Fiverr and Problogger Job board to find plenty of blogging jobs.

How to find blogging jobs as a beginner?

The best way to find blogging jobs is to connect with expert bloggers in the industry you’re interested in. 

There are so many full-time bloggers who are constantly looking to outsource their tasks such as;

  • Content writing
  • Web design
  • Email marketing
  • Social media
  • eBooks creation
  • Taking care of their SEO related stuff such as on-page optimization, keyword research, topic research, site audits, and more

Here’s what you can do to find blogging jobs as a beginner.

Firstly, make a list of 5 to 10 bloggers who are already making thousands of dollars each month from their blogs.

To find a list of top bloggers in your niche, you can search Google for “top blogs in [industry],” “top [industry] bloggers,” or “blogger income reports,” etc. 

Then, get in touch with those bloggers to offer free help. Yes, work for free in the beginning to build your portfolio. 

You can offer free help in so many ways including proofreading their existing content, helping with their site SEO issues, website speed issues, email marketing-related stuff and the list goes on.

Then, you can ask them if they can offer any outsourcing jobs for you or you can also politely ask for any reference so you get work as a freelance blogger.

Apart from that, you can also use the following platforms to find blogging jobs.

  • Fiverr (Fiverr is the reason why most real online jobs still exist!)
  • Problogger Job Board
  • Upwork


  • It helps you earn passive income. You can also learn a lot and earn money in the process.
  • There are a lot of ways to monetize a blog including offering services, selling affiliate products, selling your own products, ads, sponsorships, and more.
  • You can work with other bloggers and learn their strategies to get traffic, create great content, and make profits.


  • It takes a lot of time to master the art of blogging since it involves so many things including keyword research, content writing, optimization, social media, networking, email marketing, SEO and the list goes on

5. Digital Marketing Jobs

digital marketing jobs

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the digital marketing industry has been growing rapidly. 

Do you know why?

Almost all businesses are going online so there’s a huge demand for digital marketers who can help businesses start their journey online.

As a digital marketer, you can do plenty of things including;

  • Managing a blog or website (from content to SEO to email marketing)
  • Social media (from posting to connecting with followers to replying to messages)
  • SEO related tasks (including keyword research, site audits, content analysis, backlink building etc)
  • Email marketing (creating newsletters, improving CTR, managing email lists, etc)
  • Paid ads (promoting a site/app using paid ads such as Facebook ads, Google ads, Instagram ads, etc)

How much do digital marketing jobs pay?

If you’re just getting started as a digital marketer, you can expect $10 to $30 per hour, depending on the projects you pick. If you’re experienced, you can earn as much as $5000 to $10,000 per month. 

According to Indeed, the typical rate is between $12 and $37 per hour.

digital marketer hourly rate

How to find digital marketing jobs as a beginner? 

You can use the following platforms to find real online jobs as a digital marketer. 


  • Even after a decade, you can make money with your digital marketing skills so it’s a great career to choose as a beginner
  • You can help brands, apps, websites and eCommerce stores with your digital marketing services
  • You can work remotely and earn as much as you can
  • You can learn, build and improve your marketing skills, which can be later used to start your own marketing agency or business


  • As a beginner, it might be tricky to learn digital marketing and there’s a lot of competition out there

6. Become an Online Tutor

online tutor

Do you love teaching? Are you looking to make money online as a tutor?

Then online tutoring is an easy online job for you that lets you earn money by teaching others.

Due to COVID-19, almost all educational institutions are conducting classes online. Also, there are a ton of people who are using online platforms to educate themselves. 

Did you know that the online tutoring market will be accelerating at a CAGR (Compound annual growth rate) of over 12.7%? Its current market size in 2024 is $8.36 billion and is going to reach over $27.63 billion by 2034. (Source: Fact.mr)

online tutoring market size 2024

So if you’re interested in teaching, you should definitely try online tutoring jobs.

How much can you earn as an online tutor?

Most online English teachers typically make anywhere between $10 to $40 per hour depending on their level of qualification. Your earnings per hour vary from topic to topic. Tutoring English is one of the go-to side jobs for women.

According to Tutor.com, online tutors typically earn around $30 per hour. For advanced subjects such as SAT Prep or calculus, this amount can increase to $50 or $60 per hour. 

Where to find online tutor jobs?

Here’s a list of some of the best platforms to find real online tutoring jobs.

  • Tutors.com
  • Superprof.co.uk
  • TutorMe.com


  • You can teach from the comfort of your home since all you need is an Internet connection and a laptop 
  • You can teach online from anywhere in the world
  • You can be your own boss and you’ll have more freedom to spend time with your family and friends
  • You make money by teaching others (so it’s a win/win approach)


  • As an online tutor, you need good time-management skills since there are a lot of distractions when working online

7. Virtual Assistant (VA) Jobs

become a va

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is someone who provides services remotely and gets paid for their services. 

As a virtual assistant, you can offer a ton of services including;

  • Social media management (such as creating posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) 
  • Blog maintenance (such as security, blog posting, editing, etc.)
  • Writing
  • SEO
  • Web Design
  • Answering emails, and the list goes on

How much can you earn as a virtual assistant?

Beginner VAs usually get paid $5 to $10 per hour. Once you have enough experience as a VA, and if you can multitask productively, you can expect to earn upwards of $50 per hour.

Here are the average rates of general virtual assistants according to Upwork;

average va hourly rate

Where to find virtual assistant jobs online?

Here are some of the amazing platforms that provide you virtual assistance jobs online.


  • Work at your own pace and work with whomever you’d like (whether it be an influencer, blogger, or marketer)
  • While working as a VA, you will learn a lot of new skills which can eventually help you become a better marketer or blogger in whatever field you’re working in
  • You can set your own rates as a virtual assistant. If you already have the experience, you can set higher rates to attract better clients to work with


  • Working as a VA is a tedious job as you’ll have to do a lot of micro jobs that don’t let you enjoy the work

8. Sell Photos Online

sell photos online

Selling photos online is one of the best options for people looking for genuine and real online jobs. You can sell everything from stock photos to vectors, graphics, logos, and so on.

How much can you earn by selling stock photos online?

If you want to make money by selling stock photos online, you can earn approximately 25 to 50 cents per image, per month.

You can earn huge amounts of money by using platforms like 500px Prime as you’ll receive 60% net for every license sold (standard licenses are $250).

sell photos online

Where to sell photos online to make money?

Here are some of the best platforms to sell your photos online to make plenty of money.

500px: 500px is probably the biggest platform to sell stock photos online. 

There are currently over 15 million users from 195 countries using their platform to make money by selling photos. 

500px also offers an Android and iPhone app so you can take pictures and upload them on the go.

You can visit this link to get started as a contributor.

Shutterstock: Over the last 15 years, Shutterstock paid out a billion dollars to their worldwide community of contributors. On their platform, you can sell photos, footage clips, illustrations, vectors, and more.

Click here to become their contributor


  • You can make money by selling photos online. You can snap pictures on a DSLR or even your smartphone, as many platforms such as 500px accept appealing stock images.
  • Make money every time your content (photo) is downloaded
  • Some platforms like Shutterstock allow you to earn even more by referring new contributors and customers


  • There’s lots of competition, making it hard to notice your stock images online.

9. Transcription Jobs

transcription jobs

If you’re looking for legit jobs online, you should definitely try transcription jobs.

A transcription service simply converts speech (either live or recorded) into a written or electronic text document (such as a PDF, Word file, or other file).

Transcription services are used mostly by the following fields

  • Business (marketing, eCommerce, real estate and so on)
  • Legal
  • Medical purposes

Here’s what the job listings look like;

transcription jobs

How much can you make as a transcriber?

The industry standard is to charge $1 to $1.50 per audio minute.

If your clients need a turnaround time of 48 hours, expect a standard fee of $.75 per audio minute. For a 24 hour turnaround, the fee can be $1.25 per audio minute and same-day service charges can be $1.50 per audio minute.

The great part about using transcription services (where you transcribe audio files to text) is that you can upsell by offering a few more features like;

  • Subtitle File (this can be used as YouTube or video caption file and with other players. You can earn an extra $.50 to $.75 per audio minute)
  • BITC (Burnt-In Timecode) (this is the on-screen timecode embedded in the video frame to be used for time coding the transcript. This can give you an extra $.50 to $.75 per audio minute)
  • Strict Verbatim (this is the charge for having your file transcribed. Verbatim can run from $0.50 to $.75 extra per audio minute)

Apart from audio transcription, medical transcription is another widely used transcription service that you should definitely try if you want to earn money online.

Medical transcription is simply the method of converting medical dictations (digital voice) to textual format (usually in a word document, PDF file, and so on).

The voice files usually contain the voice of medical professionals or their assistants dictating for a physician that you need to transcribe into a textual format file.

The money you make from medical transcription depends on various things and these services often charge per line of text. The average cost is usually $0.12 to $0.14 per line, prices can actually range anywhere from $0.07 to $0.20 per line.

Where can you find transcription jobs and gigs to earn money online in 2024?

Here is a list of some widely used online transcription services that you can use to make money online as a transcriber.

  • Scribie
  • TranscribeMe
  • Happy Scribe
  • GoTranscript


  • There are many YouTubers who want to transcribe their videos into text so there’s a huge demand for transcribers
  • In the medical field, you can find a ton of transcribing gigs where you can convert medical dictations to text format
  • Plenty of platforms, such as TranscribeMe, let you make money online with transcribing 


  • Most of the time, you’ll be earning peanuts and it can be a daunting task 

10. Translation Jobs

Translation jobs

Becoming a translator is one of the best online jobs that lets you make money from your home. 

It doesn’t matter what country you’re in, you can use translation online earning sites to make more money from home.

The great part about becoming a translator to make money online is that you don’t need a degree (although having a bachelor’s degree helps). The most important requirement for any translator is being fluent in at least 2 languages.

For instance, if you’re fluent in both English and Hindi, you can easily get a ton of transcriptions jobs to make money online. 

There’s a HUGE scope for growth in translating services and its popularity is still growing rapidly even in Asian countries like India, Srilanka, Malaysia, etc. where tourism and cultural activities are shooting up.

How much can you make money as a translator?

It really depends on what languages you know and how effectively you can translate from one language to another. Depending on the languages you excel in, you can earn an average of $5 to $50 per page.

How to find translation jobs online?

Here are some of the best platforms where you can find real online jobs as a translator.

  • Stepes
  • Gengo
  • Unbabel
  • Upwork
  • People Per Hour


  • Some many companies and brands are in need of translation services so you can find many translation gigs to make money
  • If you know a couple of languages, you can find a ton of high-paying translation jobs online
  • You just need to translate the existing content (so you don’t need to create anything on your own)


  • Translation can be a cumbersome job and it can be boring most of the time

11. Become a YouTuber

become a youtuber

Believe it or not, YouTube is the second-biggest search engine after Google. Becoming a YouTuber and starting your own channel is another legit job you can find online.

How much can you earn as a YouTuber?

The sky’s the limit when it comes to YouTube earnings. There are YouTubers like MrBeast who made an estimated $100+ million dollars from his YouTube channels.

The secret behind MrBeast’s YouTube success? He creates engaging videos and generates a ton of video views.

Have a look at this video views;

mrbeast video stats

Thousands of YouTubers make several thousand dollars per month from their YouTube videos. 

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You just need a decent subscriber base who are interested in your content. Then, it becomes easier to make money from YouTube.

How to make money from YouTube?

There are plenty of ways to earn money from your YouTube channel. Here are 3 common ways most YouTubers make money from their channels.

AdSense: AdSense is a widely used strategy for making money from YouTube. You need at least 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers to monetize your channel with AdSense ads. 

Your AdSense earnings from YouTube depend on your target audience region, keywords you choose on your videos, CPC of those keywords, and so on. The average CPM is $1 to $3 for most YouTube videos (per 1000 views).

Affiliate marketing: Many YouTubers also promote affiliate products. You can sign up for an Amazon affiliate program, where you can find millions of products to promote. You earn a commission whenever someone purchases something using your links. 

Sponsorships: If you want to earn more money from YouTube, this is the best way. You just need to analyze the top YouTube channels in your industry and see what type of sponsorships they promote. You can then contact those brands to have them sponsor your channel or videos as well. 


  • As a YouTuber, you can get famous and earn money online.
  • There are plenty of ways to monetize your YouTube channel including AdSense, sponsorships, affiliate marketing, selling your own merchandise, courses, etc. 
  • You can become an expert in a niche (the topic your videos are about)
  • Sometimes all it takes is just ONE video to make your YouTube channel grow (suddenly, you’ll see a huge subscriber growth and increased watch time once your videos go viral)


  • There’s a lot of competition on YouTube. You’ll literally find thousands of channels on just about any topic, so it’s challenging to stand out and make your channel successful. To reap the benefits, you need to be consistent for at least one or two years.

So there you go, those are the best ways to work online from home and get paid in 2024.

12. Social Media Manager

Social media is a booming industry. Almost all the major platforms, including Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc have billions of users worldwide.

And… Millions of brands want to increase their visibility across these platforms, and this is where a social media manager comes in handy.

A social media manager manages a website or company’s online accounts on sites like Facebook and Instagram. They post and create pictures and videos to keep people interested in the company.

How much can you earn as a social media manager?

Social media managers generally earn around $15 to $20 per hour.

  • Median hourly rate: $20 (general estimate)
  • On platforms like Upwork: $14 – $35 (influenced by experience, location, skills)

Where to look for social media manager jobs?

Here are some of the BEST places to find social media management jobs online.

  • General Job Boards (such as Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, etc – as they all have social media manager listings)
  • Remote Job Boards (such as FlexJobs, Working Nomadsm, etc)
  • Freelance Marketplaces (such as Upwork, Fiverr, People Per Hour, etc)


  • You’ll be able to engage with many people online and grow a brand’s social media presence. 
  • You’ll always have access to the company’s (or brand’s) latest product updates.
  • As a social media manager, you can work from home or anywhere in the world


  • It’s time-consuming, especially when you’re working for a big company or dealing with multiple projects at once.
  • Challenging to deal with trolls and negative comments

13. Video Editor

Video content is on the rise, which is why platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, etc., are becoming popular. 

Also, most companies now depend on videos to spread their product awareness, so there’s a huge demand for video editors.

Video editors use raw video footage and add sound and graphics to tell a story. If you’re good at using software applications and editing tools to create appealing videos, you can make a good income as a video editor.

How much can you earn as a video editor?

Freelance video editors typically earn around $20 to $30 per hour, and the average pay for experienced editors is around $50 per hour. 

Remember that video editors with specialized skills in motion graphics, color grading, or 3D animation can potentially earn higher rates.

Where to look for video editing jobs?

Here are some of the best places to find video editing jobs online in 2024.

  • LinkedIn Groups: LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for joining groups focused on video editing, video creation, etc. Network with other editors and look for job postings.
  • Twitter & Instagram: Both Twitter and Instagram have millions of active users. You might come across job postings or connect with potential clients by following relevant hashtags (e.g., #videoeditingjobs, #videoeditor).

Above all, you can use popular freelancing platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and Guru to find freelance video editing gigs.


  • As a video editor, you can work from the comfort of your home
  • The ability to work on various projects (such as ads, movies, etc.)
  • With professional video editing skills, you can also try other side hustles such as becoming a YouTuber.


  • You might prepare to make multiple revisions to one video to meet client needs. Also,  video editing relies heavily on technology – so you need to adapt to the latest changes.

14. E-Commerce Manager

Ecommerce managers are responsible for the online sales of a website, company or brand. 

If you have the skills to increase the online visibility, sales, and traffic of a website, you can earn thousands of dollars as an eCommerce manager.

How much can you earn as an eCommerce manager?

It depends on the projects you choose and the brands you work with. 

According to Salary.com, the average eCommerce Marketing Manager salary in the US is $118,181 (as of 2024), but the range typically falls between $100,226 and $135,666.

ecommerce manager earnings

Remember, as with most jobs, eCommerce managers with more experience tend to earn more. 

Where to find eCommerce manager jobs?

One of the best ways to find an eCommerce manager job is to attend industry events or conferences and network with other professionals. 

You can also connect with them through online platforms like LinkedIn. The key is to create regular content on such platforms to showcase your expertise and skills. 


  • You’ll have lots of interesting things to do as an eCommerce manager, as you will be involved in marketing, sales, customer service, etc.
  • You’ll have a direct impact on business sales, which can ultimately help you earn more
  • You can work from home (in most cases)


  • You should be prepared to work long hours, especially during peak seasons or holiday seasons

15. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers have lots of opportunities to make money online. As a graphic designer, you’ll create the layouts for various things such as blog posts, video thumbnails, advertisements, brochures, magazines, etc.

How much can you earn as a graphic designer?

Graphic designers earn either per project or monthly. According to Upwork, the median hourly rate for graphic designers is around $25. The average rate typically ranges between $15 and $35.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average yearly earnings for graphic designers in the US is $53,380. The lowest 10% of earners made less than $35,330, and the highest 10% made more than $90,400.

Where to look for graphic designer jobs?

You can use platforms like Upwork or Fiverr or join social media groups for graphic design. These groups can be an excellent way to network with other graphic design professionals and learn about job openings.


  • The ability to work in a variety of industries
  • It is one of the in-demand real online jobs that anyone can learn within a few weeks
  • Huge potential for freelance work and flexible hours


  • Sometimes, client feedback can be demanding, and you may need to make multiple revisions to your designs.

What Others are Reading:

FAQs About Real Online Jobs In 2024

Here are a few of the most important and widely asked questions about authentic online jobs in 2024.

What are the best real online jobs for students in 2024?

If you are a college student and looking for part-time jobs to make money online in your free time, we recommend the following three online jobs where you can earn a decent amount of money.

Become an online tutor
Become a freelancer
Become a blogger

What are the best real online jobs from home without investment for 2024?

There are a ton of real online jobs that you can use to make money from home without any investment and they include;

Social Media

Are there any real online jobs for housewives and work-at-home moms?

If you’re a stay-at-home mom or a housewife who’s looking for online jobs to earn some money in your free time, then we recommend that you try these micro jobs:

Starting a blog or YouTube channel
→ Commenting
→ Searching on Google for research (content, video ideas, and so on)
Identifying an image or video (to find copied content)
Giving testimonials and so on

What are the best genuine online data entry jobs?

You can use the following sites to find genuine online data entry jobs in 2024 and beyond.


What are the best part-time jobs from home that I can find online?

Here are a few ways you can earn part-time income online.

→ Part-time blogging
→ Freelance writing for others
→ Finding gigs on sites like Fiverr, Upwork, etc
Work as a social media manager
Become a virtual assistant and provide secretarial services to employers

Recommended resources for making money:

Final thoughts on genuine online jobs in 2024

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a blogger, student, or working professional; remember: real online paying jobs exist.

From freelance writing to virtual assisting, many ideas offer unique rewards. Earning from these real online job websites won’t make you rich overnight, but you can definitely earn extra income.

So, what are your views about the ideas shared here? Do you have any more online jobs in mind that help people make real money online? Please share them in the comments.

About Author
Anil Agarwal is the Founder of Bloggerspassion. He is a full-time blogger and SEO expert who has been helping people build profitable blogs for over a decade Now. He has been featured in Over 100 Publications including Forbes, The HuffPost, HubSpot, Shopify, Semrush, Kinsta, Bluehost, Hostinger and G2.com etc. Know more about Anil Agarwal from here.

Reader Comments (54)

  1. Thank you Anil for this excellent post. I personally think translation service has a huge potential. I have been a freelance translator for more than 7 years now. The money is good and the time is flexible. As you said the money depends upon the language

  2. These are good suggestions, especially number eleven. As becoming a YouTuber does have the real potential to make a person a substantial amount of money from working Online. I have good friends who make a large portion of their income from publishing videos on YouTube every day. So it’s definitely doable.

  3. Thanks for all the ideas. I personally loved the idea of blogging, It is a good trend going on now and I guess it will have a great scope ahead. All of the options suggested were so informative. Earning online can also become a full time earning resource hopefully so that people can take up multiple jobs and even convert their hobbies into professions.

  4. Wow! what a wonderful article Mr. Anil Agarwal. Yes, its true, your blog really helps a lot for those who want, especially me, myself who need a online job in order to earn money or to have an extra income. I will try this 10 online job you given in your blog. Thank’s a lot.

    • Blogger passion you are awesome! you help me to get a job thankyou your post on online jobs on quick money help me gain extra income. thanks

  5. Anil, you really shared a unique and complete post which contain unique sources of making money, just like Amazon Mturk, PickyDomains, and Microworkers, this shows you really did the best marketing research for this topic for gather information.

    I will try to use your recommended sources. thanks for sharing keep it up.

    • Yes, there are way too many sites that help you make money online and offer you real online jobs such as Amazon, Microworkers and so on. Just make sure to pick one or two among them, give a serious shot so you can start making money.

  6. I was searching for some new ways to make money online as I had to suggest to them to my students who are learning SEO right now and found your blog.

    You listed some sites which I never thought of like Amazon Mturk.

    Such a comprehensive article Anil.

    Keep updating this, please.


  7. These jobs can indeed help to earn quick money. But, what matters is the number of jobs that you take to learn the ups and downs of each job. You need to stay on this, to get more reach and branding for yourself. Often, I see beginners give up without even trying hard for a year.

    • True that, it doesn’t matter what kind of online job you pick, it’s important that you also learn skills along the way. That’s why you should stay away from typing or data entry jobs which won’t be helpful for you in the future. But instead, you pick a freelance job like blog writing or SEO services, you can learn a lot of things which can be useful for you in the future to earn thousands of dollars.

  8. Working as a freelance only way to earn money and start your career without any investment. But you have to need any best platform where you will get safe transactions and jobs according to your requirements. Digital marketing is good for students and part time job seekers because this is easy way for them to earn money.

  9. That’s a great list! But I’m surprised UpWork didn’t make the list. I’ve started my online career on upwork and then I discovered the world of blogging and make big money online. The platform is super easy to use and the more projects you finish, the higher you get paid. It does a great job building someone’s portfolio and giving them a good reputation. I’m pretty sure it would be a great addition to your list.

    • Thanks for the suggestion. UpWork is definitely a great platform but here’s the thing: it’s not accepting too many people to use their platform to make money by offering their services such as logo design, SEO, writing services and so on. That’s the very reason why we didn’t include it.

  10. Here is a useful and helpful article sir. I will highly suggest for every people. They will do freelancing, because it is very quick and easy for making money. Freelancing is a trustful way for making money.

    your regular reader Shubham

    • Thanks Shubham for referencing this article to your friends as it will surely help them find new platforms to start making money online. As you said freelancing is definitely a great way to make money, just make sure to hone your skills if you want to find high paying clients.

  11. The problem is I doubt if the majority of our youths out there are willing to work hard as to doing any of the listed options…

    They always look for small work big pay jobs and thereby falling into the hands of scammers or eventually turning into scams. I wish they follow these steps, choose just one nd follow it, it will do them a lot of gud!

    • Absolutely I agree with your point that most people nowadays are looking for shortcuts and low paying jobs and often falling for online scams. But when they start looking for things like blogging and freelancing, they will make real money by working hard.

  12. Thanks! For such a wonderful blog. People can increase a small amount in their income with the help of these online jobs. You have provided with various online jobs through which people can make quick money. That really helps. Thanks again.

  13. I’ve tried SoftwareJudge.com and found it to be a rather big waste of time. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any tasks worth more than $0.01 although they may exist. I gave up on it a long time ago. I actually had a much better experience with Amazon Mturk even though that’s also rather low-paying for the minutiae involved. I’m always curious to learn about new crowdsourcing.

  14. Thanks . . . I hadn’t heard of PickyDomains . . . might give them a try and suggest them to my list !

    A tip for success on outsourcing sites . . . the thing you need to do when you start is get good feedback scores. So don’t think about making money first, ONLY focus on getting perfect feedback. So offer to do jobs for very low money (I’ve had people do 5 hours work for me for one cent, just to get the positive feedback), until you have built up enough positive feedback scores to charge what others charge.


    • Yes, it’s definitely worth giving a try as there are a ton of people who are using it to make real money online with minimal efforts.

      Thanks for your suggestions for using outsourcing sites as I too agree that feedback from people plays a key role in getting you high paying gigs. Thanks for stopping by. Check out this post if you want to find out the best affiliate programs: https://bloggerspassion.com/best-affiliate-programs/

    • If you’re an Indian, you can transfer your earnings to an Amazon.com gift card. You may also receive the option to disburse earnings to a bank account and U.S. Workers can transfer your earnings to your Amazon Payments account or to an Amazon.com gift card. You can disburse to your bank account as soon as your earnings are transferred to your Amazon Payments account.

  15. Thank you for posting these important informations,

    Yes People are doign part time jobs,Example:
    Data entry jobs, writing and all for earning extra money.

    I read the above tips and really liked this.. How people are struggling in real online jobs. and the suggesions are very useful for online business and earn money online..

    This is also a very creative way for earning money online.

    • Yes, you need to hustle a lot if you really want to earn from online. Be it blogging or freelancing or SEO, you need to really spend a lot of time to learn the art and get real money.

  16. I was searching all over the internet for real online jobs, found many of them, most of them are in this post but PickyDomains is certainly a new one for me. Thanks for something new today. You made my day. 🙂

    • Glad you found it useful and give a try to other mentioned platforms as well as all of them provide you excellent ways to earn real money online.

  17. Hey.. I have used Triond get paid to write. According to my experience income is too low for your content and it not quick.I just have a feeling that the above on line jobs are for real.Kindly provide me with the required information so that I can start making legitimate money soonest.Thanks for the article. 🙂

    • Yes, most of the sites provide you less bucks because you’re not a prolific writer. If you’ve no skills or prior experience, you should first get some experience, build a portfolio and then start finding high paying clients to earn more from online.

  18. Here am explaining my experience on ebay , Ebay is one of the best of make money when you sell your items.. am a seller of ebay and selling clothes i got profit and about the content marketing is a good way make money without investing your money writing content for others. Google always check for the unique content.Content marketing is highly demand and it works if you have good English knowledge you can earn more than your regular job. thanks for the post anil

    • Right now, eBay is no more giving you flexible payout options and most of the sellers are shifting to other platforms like Amazon and Flipkart. In fact, eBay is now changed to something else, so pick something that has great customer base.

  19. Out of all mentioned in this article, I’ve worked for pickydomains.com, it’s really fun and creative works available there. Payment is also good. Payment for Amazon MTurk is very low, maximum works available are for penny dollars.

  20. Hi,

    I had an account on amazon since I don’t know when. I have started to use Mtrunk and submitted for a few jobs. On the other day I had a message that they reviewed my application for Mtrunk and it is declined. It seems that only US citizens can use it or you have to register as US citizen. My account is from different country.

    • Actually anyone can sign up and start using Mturk, not just US citizens and here’s how the payout process works for various country people. If you’re an Indian, you can transfer your earnings to an Amazon.com gift card. You may also receive the option to disburse earnings to a bank account and U.S. Workers can transfer your earnings to your Amazon Payments account or to an Amazon.com gift card. You can disburse to your bank account as soon as your earnings are transferred to your Amazon Payments account.

  21. I have used Triond get paid to write. According to my experience income is too low for your content and it not quick. If you will write the same articles on free blogger you will earn more than what triond will pay.
    I don’t think ebay is that much famous in India that you can make good amount of money. Go for Flipkart seller account. They are more famous but you will need to have a registered company to sell to them.

    • Yes, I agree with what you said. Freelancing platforms like Fiverr or Triond only help you with one thing: they get you clients so you can make money online quickly. But if you want to get paid more, starting your own blog is much better as you can find your own clients and charge how much ever you want.

  22. I’ve tried Mechanical Turk and found it to be a rather big waste of time. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any tasks worth more than $0.02 although they may exist. I gave up on it a long time ago. I actually had a much better experience with CrowdFlower even though that’s also rather low-paying for the minutiae involved. I just checked out PickyDomains because I’ve never heard of it and I’m always curious to learn about new crowdsourcing.

    • It doesn’t work well for all kinds of people but I’ve seen few people making decent money with MTurk. Thanks for your suggestion on CrowdFlower, I’ll certainly find more information about it. Keep sharing more.

  23. I was hoping to find ways to make a full-income working online. So many things I have tried turn out to be either total rip offs or seem to only pay a couple dollars per hour you work for, hardly enough to live off of.

    Anyone care to elaborate further about the money making offers listed above, such as can you make a decent amount doing them, and can you work for multiple hours a week too? I have came across a few good offers, but it seems like you only are lucky to get just a mere couple hours at best per month doing those offers.

    I suppose if I put together a massive list, they would add up to one full-time paying job. So far my findings don’t even come close to a comparable 40-hour job even after a full month’s time 🙁

    • Making money from online by working full-time is not a big deal as there are thousands of people all over India who’re already doing it. You just need to find the right way (such as starting a blog, YouTube channel etc), attract new people to try what you offer. Thanks for your comment.

  24. Thanks for recommending those avenues of supplementary income. Nowadays, a lot of people look online for alternative work but like you said, a lot of them turn out to be scams sometimes. Ebay is actually where I made my first bit of money when as a teenager, I decided to sell off my some of childhood toys that I didn’t need anymore.

    • Yes, online is definitely full of scams and that’s the reason why you need to only pick those sites where majority of the people who are already earning money.

  25. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing this all info. From my opinion #2 “”PickyDomains.com”” is the perfect idea to make good money because once you do it then you will get better money than other sites from them.

    • Yes, that’s a great platform as I see most people who are commenting on this post here are using Pickydomains mostly. So it definitely is a great site to earn money online.

  26. great post about making money online. I have already tried mturk and microworkers and earn a few bucks in my free time.


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