Bloggers Passion Monthly Traffic and Income Report for August 2012

This is the second edition in the Monthly Traffic and Income Report Series that I started last month. You can ready my July 2012 Traffic and Income Report here. August was not good traffic wise for Bloggers Passion but earnings for Bloggers Passion had not gone down. I noticed some improvement in engagement metrics through. Keep reading this post to know more in detail about my traffic and income report for August.

Traffic Report August 2012

Overall traffic on Bloggers Passion dropped by 24% thanks to Google Panda and Penguin in August month compared with July month traffic. Total page view reduced by 11%, but I see some positive in bounce rate, page views per visit and average time spent. Page view per visit improved from 1.72 to 2.02 in August month. Bounce rate improved from 74% to 70%. And average visit duration increased from 00.02.00 to 00.02020 in August 2012. I’m thinking of improving direct visits and referral visits on my blog as I’m finding it very difficult to make Google and its bots happy.

Bloggers Passion Traffic Report August 2012

  • Visits reduced from 18810 to 14195
  • Page views reduced from 32416 to 28741
  • Page views/Visit increased from 1.72 to 2.02
  • Bounce rate increased from 74.15% to 70.05% exactly

No doubt overall traffic on Bloggers Passion has reduced but I’m happy with the progress I made in improving the engagement metrics especially bounce rate for my blog.

I have made the habit of replying to most of comments that I get on blog posts on Bloggers Passion. But I’m facing a problem as lots of guest bloggers are not replying to incoming comments on their guest posts on Bloggers Passion. About some guest topics, I myself don’t have much knowledge, so I don’t want to comment anything on them. I think I have to become stricter about guest blogging guidelines. I’m going to edit my guest blogging guidelines and will make it compulsory for guest bloggers to reply to comments on their guest posts. Failing to this will result in removal of their links and even their whole guest post from my blog. What you suggest how should I go about solving this problem?

Traffic Sources Overview August 2012

In August 2012, 59% of total traffic coming from search engines, 21% traffic coming from referral websites and rest of 20% is coming from direct traffic. Top Referral websites in August month were,,, and

Content Publishing Details Report August 2012

In August month, only 23 blog posts were posted on Bloggers Passion. 12 blog posts were written by me and rest of 11 blog posts were contributed by guest bloggers. It may have also contributed negatively towards my blog traffic. I’m aiming at improving the content frequency on Bloggers Passion blog in September month. I’m hoping I will be able to publish 35 blog posts in total on Bloggers Passion in September month.

In August month as well, I did three guest posts like July month. They were published on, and

Here is the list of popular blogs that were published in August month:

Month Income Report for August 2012

I did not notice any effect of dropped traffic on my blog income. Here is the breakdown of all earnings that I made in the month of August:

Disclosure: Some of links mentioned in this section will be my affiliate links. I will be earnings some revenue if you go on purchasing a product through my affiliate link.

August 2012 Month Expenses: $250

Expenses for August 2012 includes office rent and bit of low end social bookmarking work I get done from others.

Net Profit for August 2012: $1476

Again, you can see most of my earnings are coming from affiliate product selling and doing reviews kind of things. I’m no more relying on Google Adsense Earnings and thus removed Google Adsense widget from my blog sidebar.

More Plans for Coming Days

In the coming days I will be promoting my guest blogging services and review request section more to develop more money making opportunities. I will be making the habit of contributing more guest posts on other blogs in the blogging niche to gain more visitors on Bloggers Passion. I will aim at doing 5-6 guest posts at least every month, by now I was doing just 3 guest posts in a month. I’m soon also starting the newsletter series for Bloggers Passion readers.

How is your blog doing traffic and earnings wise? It would be great if you could share your monthly income and traffic reports in the comments section below to help other bloggers know more about you and your blog. It will open lots of money making opportunities for all of us. So keep sharing……


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