Bloggers Passion Traffic & Income Report 2018 | What to Expect in 2019

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January 13, 2021

Finally the wait is over. Every year, we publish yearly income reports of Bloggers Passion (you can find the previous years income and traffic reports from here and here).

So welcome to the Bloggers Passion traffic and income report for 2018 where you’ll discover everything from our traffic sources to income sources along with our goals.

Are you curious to find them out? Let’s jump into the details without much ado.

Bloggers Passion Traffic And Earning Report for 2018

Bloggers Passion Traffic and Income Report 2018

Overall Traffic Report For Bloggers Passion 2018

Let’s first talk about the overall traffic report of Bloggers Passion for the year 208.

Total Traffic for 2018 compared to 2017 had improved from 1 million page views to 1.3 million pageviews (which means, we increase our traffic by 30% within a year).

traffic report bp 2018

Here are the traffic sources at a glance;

  • Organic search (83%)
  • Direct traffic (12%)
  • Referral traffic (4%)
  • Social media traffic (1%)

As you can see the above data, over 80% of our traffic comes from search engines and there’s a reason for it. Search engine traffic is the most qualified traffic source which helps you attract “highly potential visitors”. That means, if you’re getting traffic from search engines, you’ll see higher conversion rates on your blog.

So even if you get less search traffic, your overall monthly profits will be more. That being said, our social media traffic was really bad which is just about 1% of overall website traffic.

And that’s the reason why we started a Facebook group (more on this later).

Traffic Goal for Bloggers Passion in 2019

The overall traffic goal for our site Bloggers Passion in 2019 is 2 million page views.

We generated 1.3 million page views in 2018 and trying to get 2 million page views which is not a small goal considering the fact that Google often comes up with new algorithms and updates to penalizes contents.

That’s why we’re trying NOT to depend too much on search engine traffic so we’re trying to diversify our blog traffic sources.

Here are few of the things we’re particularly doing;

  • Social media (especially Facebook groups)
  • Networking with others
  • Email marketing and so on

Overall Income And Expenses Of Bloggers Passion In 2018

We made more than $106,000 which is around 75 lakhs in Indian rupees in 2018 which is increased by almost 35% (earlier we made $67,000).

bp income report 2018This year we are reporting the amount which is being transferred into our bank account.

Here’s the chart form of the overall income when compared to the previous year.

yearly expenses chart

Expenses had increased to 21 lakhs ($30,000) which also include the investment we are making with two side projects.

Both these projects are taking time as we started from scratch so need to create lots of great content to be able to attract more search traffic and sales.

That being said, we earned few bucks with one of the blogs which is Deals N Gadgets.

One Year Income Report for Deals N Gadgets (which is not included in above report as its too small)

deals n gadgets income

As you can see above, within 1 year, we earned $854 from one of the side projects we are working on. Although it’s small but it will grow in the coming years.

Income Generating Sources of Bloggers Passion

If you are curious to know about the various income generating sources of Bloggers Passion, we’ll share them too. Here are few ways we monetize the site.

  • Web hosting
  • Themes and plugins
  • SEO tools

Let’s briefly talk about the above monetization strategies so you get better ideas and inspiration on how you too can implement similar stuff to monetize your blog or website.

We mostly rely upon affiliate marketing which means, we earn commission when someone purchases any product using any of our affiliate referral links. Most of the affiliate sales come from these things.

Web hosting: Most of the affiliate income we generate come from web hosting as we promote a wide range of hosting related products including;

  • Bluehost
  • SiteGround
  • WPX hosting
  • HostGator and so on

Not only that, we actively spend more time and money on special days such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas sales etc as they tend to generate huge profits (mostly because hosting companies offer discounts up to 90%).

Showing a screenshot showing our earning for one of affiliate networks for 2018.

bluehost income source

As you can see above, we generated over $18,000 in affiliate commission just from Bluehost alone in the year of 2018 and we’re planning to get even more commissions from the rest of the hosting affiliate programs.

Themes and plugins: Apart from web hosting, themes and plugins are also the traffic generating sources for Bloggers Passion.

Here are few of such things we promote here;

  • Elegant themes
  • Premium plugins like WP Rocket
  • And the list goes on

Although the overall income share from this category is not so much (the main reason is we don’t often promote or create content related to that) but it’s still worth considering.

SEO tools:Another biggest income source is where we earn money by promoting SEO tools and we promote a ton of SEO tools including;

  • Semrush
  • SpyFu
  • Serpstat
  • Long Tail Pro
  • And the list goes on

We usually create a ton of content around SEO topics so we often have more chances to link to few of the SEO related tools while also discussing tutorials around them (which is the reason why they convert really better).

Quick note: For the rest of sources, you can refer to our Nov 2018 income report from here.

How Semrush helped us find better keywords?

Some of Bloggers Passion success can be attributed to Semrush.

Here’s how Semrush helped us to find great keywords that generate more search traffic and sales.

Step 1: Firstly log into Semrush (here’s a free 30 day trial) and click on Keyword Magic Tool under “Keyword Research” section.

Step 2: Now, enter any keyword of your choice (it’s always better to enter a long tail keyword idea because long tail keywords are easier to rank for in any niche). Here’s how it looks like;

keyword magic

Here we entered an example keyword “best fitness apps”

Step 3: Semrush keyword magic tool will instantly show you all the keyword ideas related to your target keyword. Here’s how it looks like;

all keywords list

As you can see above, it gave us a ton of useful information including;

  • List of related keywords
  • Search volume
  • Trend
  • KD (keyword difficulty shows you how hard it is to rank for a keyword)
  • CPC value
  • Competition
  • SERP feature
  • Overall results in SERP for the keywords

You can also see, we highlighted 3 keyword phrases in the above screenshot which are less competitive and you can consider creating great content around such particular keywords to easily get first page rankings on Google.

Step 4: Digging deeper

When you click on any of the above highlighted keywords (for example, we’ll find more information around “best free fitness apps” keyword), Semrush gives you in-depth data which looks like this.

more keywords list

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As you can see above, it show you all the data including;

  • Phrase match keywords
  • Related keywords
  • Along with search volume, CPC and so on

All in all, Semrush helped us find a ton of highly useful keywords which helped with more search traffic and sales.

You can also use Semrush for competitor research which we explained in detail here.

What Did We Do In 2018?

We did so many things in 2018 from launching a new Facebook group to trying out new affiliate programs to make more money but there are 2 major things which we need to discuss.

Working on BH Coupon Codes: This is one of our niche websites where the primary motive is to share hosting related coupon codes and discounts. Although we wrote few in-depth articles around hosting but we wanted to take it to the next level in the year 2019.

Here are few things we’re considering;

  • Instead of building a niche site, it’s always better to build an authority site. So instead of covering only one particular hosting, it’s better to cover a wide range of hosting topics and discounts.
  • We’re also planning to get a better domain name instead of using BH coupon codes which we don’t think that much brandable.
  • We will try to land on more high authority blogs and websites in our niche to improve Bloggers Passion overall authority and search traffic.

Change in content marketing strategy: We’re trying to clean up as many existing blog posts as possible which are thin in content quality. We want to make sure to keep only those blog posts which are really detailed, in-depth and highly informative.

It’s always a better idea to keep one high quality post instead of covering too many articles around one particular topic.

For example, we had so many blog posts around increasing affiliate marketing sales, so we tried to make one post around increasing affiliate sales.

Likewise, we’re replicating the same content strategy for other such posts. The overall goal with Bloggers Passion is to give A to Z information around a topic in one particular post. Just like Backlinko (Brian Dean is doing it right).

Top 5 Blog Posts Of Bloggers Passion In 2018

Here’s a list of all the top 5 blog posts of Bloggers Passion that sent us most traffic in the year 2018. If you can notice, you’ll observe that almost all of them are list posts (so you might want to work on list posts as they work like a charm).

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What Are We Trying to Do In 2019 [What Can You Expect From Bloggers Passion]

Here are few things you can expect from us in 2019 as we’re going to give huge importance for the following things.

Facebook group

We create a Facebook group exclusively for Bloggers Passion which is known as Bloggers Passion VIP group in the month of November, 2018. We’re constantly publishing new contents including posts, questions and helpful articles around blogging and SEO.

The engagement on the group is really incredible as we’re trying to grow it organically (without adding people or friends from our end). The ground now has grown to 1500 people in around 2 months which is great.

The major reason we launched an exclusive Facebook group for Bloggers Passion is this: we wanted to build a brand for Bloggers Passion on social media (which we were lacking earlier).

Here are few more reasons to launch the group.

  • To diversify our traffic sources (we share new blog posts on the group)
  • To help other bloggers (we often respond to most people’s questions around blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing and so on)
  • To network with other bloggers (we often share other bloggers videos and links)

Email marketing

Creating a list of 5000 active subscribers is the goal for this year as we already have 1261 active and 2600 total email subscribers.

We removed 6000 plus subscribers who were not opening our emails frequently. This is the one thing we do it regularly to make sure NOT to keep a HUGE but non-responsive email list.

Currently we’re using Drip for email marketing and sending weekly newsletters (we also have an email series at place where you can learn how to build a high traffic blog, you can just sign up from the home page to see how it works).


Quora is one of the best Q & A platforms where millions of people actively participate to spread their knowledge. If you’re a blogger and looking to increase your online visibility, sharing your knowledge as answers on Quora can give you a lot of edge.

That’s the reason why we started creating regular answers on Quora. It’s definitely going to be a positive sign. Here are few major reasons to consider using Quora in 2019.

  • It helps you with more traffic
  • It helps you connect with new people
  • It helps you increase your online visibility and authority
  • Above all, it gives you a ton of useful post ideas

You can follow me on Quora from here. Make sure to say hi and upvote few answers if you find them useful.

New design for Bloggers Passion is coming soon

We’re soon going to revamp the design of Bloggers Passion. For so many years, we’re using the same kind of design and we want to make some appealing web design changes.

We’re not going to completely revamp the design as it’s not a good idea (in terms of SEO), so we’re making slight changes which you’ll see in the coming days. You’ll see design related changes one by one in the coming months.

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FAQs About Bloggers Passion Traffic & Income Report 2018

Here are few questions you might want to know around Bloggers Passion traffic and income report for 2018.

1. When did you start the blog Bloggers Passion?

Bloggers Passion was launched way back in 2010 on January 1st. So it’s almost over 9 years since we launched the blog and it now has over 900 high quality blog posts along with thousands of backlinks, comments, social shares and fans on social media sites like Facebook and twitter.

2. What is Bloggers Passion all about?

Bloggers Passion is one of the top Indian blogs that covers topics around SEO, affiliate marketing, blogging etc. You’ll also find a ton of expert bloggers interviews to get inspiration and ideas around building a better blog.

In a nutshell, Bloggers Passion is where you can find everything related to building a profitable blog that gets more search traffic and sales.

3. Who runs Bloggers Passion?

Anil Agarwal is the founder of Bloggers Passion since 2010. We usually create in-depth contents, case studies and honest reviews around the products we believe in.

If you’re looking for extremely detailed content around blogging and SEO related stuff, Bloggers Passion can be a great resource for you.

4. What’s the average monthly income of Bloggers Passion?

In the year 2018, we made over $106,000 from Bloggers Passion. In the year 2017, we generated $67,000. So the average monthly income generated from Bloggers Passion in 2018 is, around $9000 per month and the average monthly income generated from Bloggers Passion in 2017 is, around $6000 per month.

The good news is that, we are constantly generating more income every single month (and every year) from Bloggers Passion and we’re aiming to hit $150,000 (or even more) in 2019.

5. How much traffic does Bloggers Passion generate every month?

In the year 2018, we generated over 1.3 million pageviews (83% of traffic came from search engines) which means, we’re getting over 100,000 pageviews every single month and it’s constantly growing due to the fact that we’re now actively spending time on social media and platforms like Quora.

Browse more Income Reports:

Final thoughts on Bloggers Passion traffic and income report for 2018

We hope you enjoyed and learned some key things from this detailed Bloggers Passion traffic and income report for 2018.

We always try to share the details as accurate as possible (that’s why we often show screenshots) but we can’t show you all of the income screenshots for privacy reasons. But remember that, we’re providing all the “genuine information” and hopefully these income reports might inspire you to work hard in the long run.

Let us know if you’ve any questions or suggestions in the comment section below and if you find it useful, please share it with others so they can also benefit.

Anil Agarwal

Bloggers Passion Traffic & Income Report 2018 | What to Expect in 2019Anil Agarwal who owns, is a full-time blogger and SEO expert who has been helping people build profitable blogs for over a decade. Bloggers Passion has been featured on premium online sites like, Huffingtonpost, Semrush, Problogger, Crazy Egg, The Next Web and so on.

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