Google AdSense Case Study: How Pet Care Blog Make Money

Google AdSense Case Study: How My Pet Care Blog Makes Money

Do you make good money with Google AdSense?

Google AdSense Case Study

A lot of adsense publishers are broke, they’ve implement every strategy but nothing seems to be working.

If this sounds like your experience, you’re not alone.

When I joined this pay per click program in 2009, I didn’t earn enough to pay bills. But all that is changed now.

I want to share with you a case study of my pet care blog. Unfortunately, I couldn’t reveal the address – I don’t want to face severe competition from niche marketers.

But the process of increasing your income is quite simple and it goes thus:

1.    Get Out Of Internet Marketing Niche

I’ve interviewed several persons who earn over $4,000 with adsense and they all have the same story. They’re not in internet marketing niche. You need to get out of this niche and focus on non-internet related niche. When I got hold of this secret, I quickly backordered an expiring domain name in the dog niche – as fate would have it, the owner didn’t renew it and today, it’s all mine.

In the first month, I earned $204 from Google organic traffic. So, the bottom line is simple, buy a domain name that has some quality links and traffic (no matter how little).

Your journey will be great.

2.    Write Relevant Articles Only

I’m tired of quality content and all the advice, the best contents that would generate the best click and income for you are relevant content. How do I mean?

Using my pet care blog as an example, I write about dog training and dog foods. The more relevant your contents are, the better advertisements Google sends to you. If your content is generic, you’ll receive public ads that earn $0.0 – 0.01. You can’t stake your life on such earnings.

I currently earn about $3 – $10 when someone clicks on my pet care ads. It’s so high that some months, my income goes through the roof.

Write on keywords that are hot. Ex. if someone is looking for discount code, havahart wireless coupons etc, focus your content on this topic and your Google Adsense click-through rate will increase.

3.    Use Text Link Ads Embedded On the Post

The highest click-able position on your blog is within the content. It should appear at the top right of your posts. This place is a hot angle for readers. You should know how people read content; from left to right. That means when they skim and read your articles, their eye will capture those ads by the right.

And contrary to what people say, I don’t like turning my ads color to suit my theme. I make it prominent and this has worked. Don’t ask me why because I’ve split tested and discovered how powerful using different colors will do. I’m a graphic designer so I understand how colors blend naturally.

When you blend red and blue together, the resulting color is often beautiful and pleasing to the eye. So, split test your colors and see which one is right for you.

Google AdSense Case Study Takeaway

Making money with Adsense might not happen overnight. You need to consistently write fresh contents, get indexed and start ranking for your primary keywords. Your earnings will increase when your organic traffic increases. So, work on search engine optimization, build quality links like I did on my pet care blog and dominate Google top 10.

Take action today. Implement these 3 tips and share your success story.

Michael Chibuzor shares free tips on how to make money with Google adsense. He writes about code and havahart wireless coupons site and occasionally for These havahart wireless coupons and coupon discounts helps to save when looking for pet care products.


  1. Michael Chibuzor says:

    thanks for publishing so quick. I’m grateful Agarwal.

  2. Jasmine says:

    Great adsense tips, Michael. Thank you so much for the takeaways, I will bear your advise in mind for my next project. A pet car website, haha…

  3. Jasmine says:

    Oh, by the way, you have not shared your pet care blog’s address, have you?… hmm, do you mean Just curious and interested to check it out in detail.

    • Michael Chibuzor says:

      Thank you Jasmine for commenting. I didn’t share my pet care blog because of Competition. The last time I shared one of my niche blogs, I got severe pages ranking for it within 30 days. Thank you.

  4. Swayam Das says:

    Nice post! 🙂 I liked the idea but I think Text Link Ads has been banned or penalized by Google.. so would you recommend this in the current scenario?

  5. Jerome says:

    My site is also in the dog care niche but my adsense cpc is around $0.30-40 per click, no where near $3-10 that you mention. My traffic is from the US, any idea what’s up?

  6. Imran says:

    Really appreciate your thoughts. Recently I’ve started a blog on pet care. Hope will get some more tips from ya. Thanks.

  7. Miracle John says:

    Nice idea sir Michael, i had this in mind for a very long time though not implemented.

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