How to Use SEMrush to Find Profitable Keywords And Research Great Contents for Your Website

using semrush to find keywords

Who else wants to find the best performing keywords to increase their website traffic? If you are looking to find profitable keywords that will increase both your traffic and sales, this post is for you where I’ll be discussing about an amazing SEO tool that most SEO experts would recommend.

SEMrush is one of the best SEO tools out there that will help you spy on your competitors. If you want to find the best keywords that are sending more traffic to other blogs or want to analyze the traffic of any website, SEMrush is for you.

Why most SEO experts use and suggest SEMrush?

When I recently asked around 40 SEO experts to share their most favorite SEO tool, majority of them (18 out of 40) recommended SEMrush. That’s when I started spending more time on SEMrush to find out how it can help bloggers to increase their traffic, sales or spy on their competition.

Surprisingly, the tool works really great to find profitable keyword ideas as well as researching best performing content in your niche. If you want to build a blog that gets massive traffic from search engines, you have to focus on creating contents that are proven to rank well.

Here’s where SEMrush comes into play. This tool helps you easily find and analyze the backlinks of a website along with the best keywords they are using to increase their search traffic.

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Why keyword research is vital to build a profitable blog or website?

If you are blogging for a while, you already know that, bringing traffic to a blog from search engines is hard. It’s really hard when you are in a competitive niche that needs less post updates and quality stuff.

Whether you agree it or not, keyword research is the pillar of any successful SEO strategy. The simple goal of keyword research is to find what your audience are typing on Google and use them on your blogs to bring highly targeted traffic.

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Here’s where you need to rely upon few SEO tools for finding golden keywords that will help you increase your overall website traffic from search engines.

SEMrush is not only helpful for finding a variety of keywords,  auditing your website’s SEO, check rankings and backlinks but also works well to determine the traffic of any website.

Let’s dive into the details of using SEMrush to find profitable keywords and research better content to improve your site performance and rankings on search engines.

So how to use SEMrush to find profitable keywords and research better content?

using semrush to find keywords

Analyze your competitor’s keywords

One of the simplest ways to get a list of profitable keyword ideas is to finding your competitors. If you know what keywords they are using to rank their blog in the top positions on Google, you can easily use them on your blogs to bring more traffic too.

If are not sure who you competition is, one of the easiest ways to do that is to enter a list of top keywords you want to rank for and see who is ranking above your website for them in Google search.

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Why analyze your competitors keywords?

Three simple reasons to spy on your competitors keywords

  1. It becomes easier for you to find and analyze other websites best keywords that are sending them more organic traffic.
  2. You can better optimize your blog for the search engines by using and tweaking these keywords.
  3. You won’t have to “guess” the keywords to increase your website traffic. You can write already proven keyword ideas to bring more visitors from search engines.

Finding profitable keyword ideas with SEMrush

Not only SEMrush helps you find the right keywords to focus on but it gives you extensive reports about keyword summary, CPC distribution, search trend for the keywords you enter.

For example, if you are targeting the keyword “SEO marketing”, below are the stats given by SEMrush US search database. You can also use recently launched Indian search database on SEMrush if you want to target Indians.

semrush benefits

In the above screenshot, you can see the CPC (Cost Per Click) for the keyword entered as $16.77. This feature helps you which keywords are profitable or not.

Also it shows the CPC distribution to compete with other sites along with the keyword trend for it. Note that, SEMrush updates it search database frequently, thus giving you precise data about the keywords you enter.

Finding relevant keywords using SEMrush

If you want to find the most relevant keyword ideas for your blogs to increase your traffic, SEMrush is the right tool.

For instance, just look at all the relevant keyword ideas that are generated by SEMrush for the keyword “SEO marketing”. It also shows you the volume of traffic a keyword receives every month. At the left side report, you will see the matching phrases that are similar to the keywords you enter.

At the right side, you will find all the related keywords with high search volume.

You can click on “Full Report” to get a big list of keyword ideas for your desired keywords.

semrush keyword research

SEMrush also helps you find who is ranking on the top results for the keywords you are targeting. That way you will be easily able to find out your true competitors to improve your SEO efforts.

semrush for bloggers

Final thoughts about using SEMrush to find better keywords and researching top contents

If you are not using SEMrush, you are losing a lot of money and traffic on the table as a blogger or marketer. Knowing what works well for you is the first step to SEO success.

Using proper SEO tools such as SEMrush helps you find the current traffic of a website, the keywords that are generating them more traffic and analyze the backlinks pointing to a site.

If you are interested in using SEMrush, BloggersPassion is giving away 30 days free trial to all the bloggers, so make use of this chance before it ends.

So what are your thoughts about SEMrush? Do you have any more suggestions on using SEMrush to improve SEO efforts or finding profitable keywords? Please share your thoughts in the comments.


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