Ultimate SERPed Review 2022 [With 25% Discount]: Has the Game Changing SEO Tool Arrived?

SERPed Review $59.2/Month (After 25% OFF)
SERPed Review

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SERPed is the only tool which will fulfill all of your SEO Needs. Do check the detailed review of SERPed here before giving a try to SERPed Ninja Suite of SEO Tools. Click the Below link to Get 25% discount now.

Few SEO tools work like a charm. I’m talking about tools like Semrush, Long Tail Pro, etc. Although they cost you money they are worth every single penny.

If you are looking for such an awesome tool, there’s an incredible tool called SERPed has arrived.

The #1 reason that this tool caught my attention because it has a TON of features. So many features that you don’t need to spend extra money for other paid tools like Moz, Majestic SEO, Ahrefs, etc.

In this detailed SERPed review, you will find out few of the most interesting features you get along with their benefits, usage and link to get 25% discount on this SEO tool.

Let’s get into the details of ultimate SERPed.net review without much ado.

Quick note: SERPed is an invite only SEO tools suite. For new users, they open access to their tool only for 2-3 days in a month. But using this Exclusive Link, you can access it anytime as it is just for BloggersPassion readers :). 25% coupon is already applied.

SERPed Review 2022: Why You Need to Start Using it?

Serped Review 2022

Instantly Discover Profitable “Hidden Keywords”

We all know how important it is to find better keywords to drive more traffic from Google.

SERPed has a unique featured called “Ultimate Keyword Search” which allows you find lots of potential keywords no matter what your niche is. Here’s how it works.


See the above image? Just enter a keyword of your choice, pick a country where your target audience is and click on “search for keywords” to generate keywords.


See that? It has given me over 600 keyword ideas for my main targeted keyword. Now I can pick any one among them by using average monthly visits, CPC, traffic value or PPC competition.

Now, when I further click on any one of the above keyword ideas, the tool gives me further more keyword ideas related to so I can simply use them in my content to generate more search traffic and sales. Here’s the screenshot.


Now I get all the details that include the top 10 search results for that particular keyword along with the CPC, average traffic, social metrics along with the backlinks count I need to get into top 10 search results.

That’s how you can easily do keyword research using SERPed. Not only you will get a lot of data, but you can easily pick the best low competitive keywords within minutes.

Not only that, here’s more about this too. You can also find highly profitable long tail keywords, and it has a separate section for it which you can use to find them.

Just click on “long tail keywords” from the keyword research section, enter a keyword of your choice, pick a country and click on get keyword ideas.


Here you go. Here’s the list of 5 long tail keywords that this tool gave me almost instantly.


You can pick any one among them depending upon their traffic value, CPC or average monthly searches. You can also analyze more details like related searches and domains to find more relevant long tail keywords to your niche.

Outrank Your Competitors in SEO

The fastest way to improve your search rankings and sales is always keep an eye on your competitors. You should know what SEO strategies they are using along with their keywords, backlink strategies, etc.

You can use their backlink explorer tool to quickly analyze all their sources that are giving them most backlinks. You can use those sources to get backlinks for your own sites too. Here’s how it works.


Once you click on their Backlink Explorer tool, enter any of your competitors domain to find out their backlink sources. And that’s it; you will be shown a list of all the sources of where your competitors are getting their backlinks.

If you want to get quality links from those sources, make sure to click on their TF (Trust Flow) option, and you will be shown all the sources with the highest trust flow.

Not only that, but you can also analyze their particular keywords to know their Moz rank, traffic flow, and other important details. Here’s how you can use this tool to analyze your competitor’s keywords so you will have a better idea about what you can do to outrank them in SEO.


Click on “keyword analyzer” from keyword research feature, enter any keyword that you want to rank for by also entering your competitor’s domain name and click on “Analyze Competition” to know more.

Here’s what you will get.


There you go. It gives you an analysis of SERPed rank, Moz rank, domain authority for that particular page along with the traffic follow and trust ration. Depending upon these factors, you could easily analyze how your competitors are performing on Google search results.

Site Explorer is What Makes SERPed an Awesome SEO Tool

Site Explore is one of the incredible features this tool offers. You can use their site explorer feature to find all the details of ANY domain you want easily.

If you have access to this tool, you don’t need to pay extra for tools like Moz, Majestic SEO etc because this tool has all those features. You will find them out now.

Let’s have a look at how it works.


Go to their tools, click on Site Explorer and enter the domain of your choice (you can even enter your competitor’s website URL to analyze their site).


So there you go. Once you enter any one of your competitor’s domain name on Site Explorer, you will be shown all the data from tools like Moz, Majestic SEO along with the domain authority, cash flow, trust flow, trust ratio along with the details like the total number of backlinks and their sources.

You can also find the anchor text from referring pages of your competitors. Have a look the image below.


Not only that, but you can also find all the information like anchor text used for getting links, trust flow and total links generated along with the nofollow links.


That’s a lot of information to analyze any website on the web, right? That’s a lot of information for anyone to easily analyze your competitor’s to know their backlinks along with their sources.

Are you liking this SERPed.net review so far? Why not give it a try then. Use this special link to grab it immediately.

Start Getting More Leads with SERPed’s Client Acquisition Tools

Building a lead generation machine for your blog or website is NOT easy. It takes a lot of time and efforts to master the art of lead generation. If you’re also struggling to boost your leads, I’ve a good news for you.

With SERPed subscription, you get multiple tools to start generating new leads effortlessly.

  • Site Auditor Pro: If you run a marketing agency or offering online marketing service, this is the only tool you are missing from your arsenal. It’s a true lead magnet. Site Auditor Pro generates a free website audit report for all the visitors coming to your website and asking for it. All you need to do is, you just need to add a code snippet to your website or blog and boom! Sit back and start collecting new business leads.
  • Mobile Prospector: This tool is another tool that will help end users generate new leads.See how users can generate leads using this.Mobile Prospector

Along with providing report on the mobile friendliness of a site, this tool also scraps the web and fetches the contact details of your potential customer. All you need to do is:

  • Read through the report and figure out the challenges of a website
  • Now that you know their pain-points and you also have the contact details, write a personalized email offering your customized service to help them fix their issues. (you have high conversion chances comparison to shooting an email offering your services without knowing customers pain-points).

Few More – Game Changing Features

Not only the above features but there are a TON of incredible features are available in this SEO Ninja tool. Here are few of the amazing features.

Domain finder: Do you want to find domains that are profitable? You can do that too easily with this tool. You can easily find aged domains, expiring domains, etc. Here’s how it works.

First, go to “Domain Finder” section from the tool’s dashboard and enter your domain attributes by entering any relevant keyword. Here’s the screenshot of it.


Make a note that, you can also find “expired domains” by click on them in the “Domain Type”. You can also enter details like Page Rank, domain age, price, Moz Rank, etc. to find better domains for your business. In the next step, choose TLD’s (domain extensions with .com, .net etc.) and select a domain source to complete the search.


You will be shown the domains that are relevant to your keyword from all the sources, so you can pick the right one that suits your business and budget really quickly.

YouTube Tracking: Do you want to know where your keywords are currently ranking on YouTube? It’s essential to know your keyword positions if you are trying hard to get more traffic from the 2nd biggest search engine YouTube.

The good news is that SERPed tool has an inbuilt feature of YouTube Tracker which allows you to find your keyword positions on YouTube easily.

Let’s see how it works.

Click on their tools section to find “YouTube Checker” under the “Rank Tracking”.

Add a video along with its URL to know its keyword positions on YouTube.

Youtube Rank Tracking

You can easily find out the positions of their keywords along with the other details like video views, likes, dislikes, who favorite it along with the comments.

Similarly, you can do the tracking with the marketplaces like Amazon to know your keywords data.

Site backup tool: This is where SERPed clearly beats all its competitor’s. I don’t want to sound stupid while writing this review but none of the SEO tools as of now are offering site backup tools. If you want to backup your sites, you have to pay extra for the tools like BackUpbuddy or pay your hosting services extra money for taking regular backups.

But with this tool, you can simply add your site from the dashboard and take regular backups of your sites. To take backups of your sites, simply go to their dashboard, click on “Site Backups” from the Site Management tools section.

Here’s how it looks like.


Once you click on “Add New backup” option, enter details like hosting, cpanel, password and choose the backup period from 1 week to 3 months and you are all set.

Get in-depth SEO reports: Wondering how your website is performing and want to know all your SEO related reports? Don’t worry. SERPed tool has it all and it gives you reports ranging from ranking reports to website audit to keyword research.


All the above reports can be extremely helpful for you in knowing in-depth details about your competitor’s, keywords, rankings, website audit and website analytics. If you are someone like me who loves to find out more actionable information from reports, you will definitely love this feature.

What is the Pricing of SERPed Tool?

I know you must have impressed with all the unique and stunning features of SERPed tool. Now you might have one question: what about their pricing?

Let me tell you about it really quickly. Currently, there are two pricing options.

  • SERPed Premium: $59.2/month (with 25% discount)
  • SERPed Ultimate: $134.2/month (with 25% discount)

1. SERPed premium: This is best suited for the starters or who wants to give a try to this tool. Here are few features that you will get from this pricing plan.

  • Keyword research capabilities
  • Domain research capabilities
  • Manage up to 25 domains
  • Track up to 1,250 keywords per month
  • Up to 500 links indexed
  • Up to 200,000 links researched
  • Up to 600 links monitored
  • Up to 2 team accounts
  • Up to 500 SEO leads captured per month
  • Access To Expired Scraper Tool
  • 30-day money back guarantee

2.  SERPed ultimate: This is best suited for the teams and large websites to track more keywords and SEO features. And here are the features of this pricing option.

  • Advanced Keyword research capabilities
  • Advanced Domain research capabilities
  • Manage up to 100 domains
  • Track up to 3,500 keywords per month
  • Up to 2,000 links indexed
  • Up to 500,000 links researched
  • Up to 4,000 links monitored
  • Up to 20 team accounts
  • Access to Backlinks Explorer Tool
  • Up to 5,000 SEO leads captured per month
  • Access To Expired Scraper Tool
  • 30-day money back guarantee

So what are you waiting for? If you liked this review, give it a try to SERPed and let me know what you think.

Quick note: SERPed is an invite only SEO tools suite. They open the access to it for new users only for 2-3 days in a month. But using this special link, you can access it any time.

Click here to grab SERPed Now with 25% discount

FAQ’s About SERPed SEO Tool

If you’re still not convinced to give a try to SERPed SEO tools, go through the FAQ’s about SERPed and you’ll find awesome answers which will help you understand more about what it does and how it can be helpful for you.

What is SERPed?

SERPed is an all in one SEO toolkit which gives you access to over 45 SEO tools ranging from keyword research to backlink analysis to grammar checker. That means you can use it for everything from managing your content to performing SEO analysis and so much more.

Which is better SERPed or Semrush?

Both Semrush and SERPed are considered as all in one SEO tool (meaning is, they offer a ton of SEO tools ranging from keyword research to backlink analysis to competitor research) at one price.

You can’t compare both these tools because they also offer a unique set of SEO tools where Semrush is mainly considered as the #1 competitor research tool while SERPed is new to the party and quickly getting more popularity and users.

What if I’m not happy with SERPed SEO tools?

SERPed.net offers you 30 day money back guarantee which means if for any reason don’t like their features, tools or service, you can simply ask for a refund within 30 days of your purchase and they will refund all your money without asking any questions.

Can I use SERPed for rank tracking and domain finding?

You absolutely can. In fact, SERPed offers rank tracking tools for Google, YouTube, Amazon, etc. You can also use their domain finder tools for finding expired domains, exact match domains, and aged domains, etc.

Other SEO Tools Worth Trying:

Final Thoughts

As you can see from this ultimate SERPednet review that this tool offers a lot of incredible features that can help you quickly find profitable keywords, spy on your competitor’s, take backups of your sites, perform site audits and so much more.

If you are looking for a NEW SEO tool at an affordable price tag (with 25% off), you should definitely give a try to SERPed and you will be amazed by their features.

Apart from offering this amazing SEO tools suite, SERPed also provide thorough blogs and case-studies on SEO via their blog.

So what do you think about SERPed? Do you find it useful? Do you have any questions? Leave them in the comments below.

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    • Hi Manav, yes, go ahead and give a try to their trial version once and check out their keyword research tool which is extremely helpful. If you find it useful, go ahead and buy their tool. If not, you can also consider other options like SEMrush, Serpstat etc

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    But we are open of constructive criticism and based on that we are vastly improving the layout of few of the tools (Site Explorer is the first one to come out with new layout in a week or so).

    If you have improvement suggestions, I would be more than happy to get on a call and see if we can incorporate your suggestions.

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