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June 12, 2019

Who else wants to convert normal website visitors into buyers? If you are looking for proven ways to turn visitors into repeated buyers, you need to master the art of “content marketing”.

Content marketing not only increases your website sales but it will also provide you a solid platform for making your blog a passive income source without sounding like a sales guy!

I know that, getting results from a blog is a hard task and most bloggers quit because they don’t see enough results in terms of traffic or sales from their blogs. That’s the reason why I’ve created a detailed advanced guide to content marketing to solve all your needs. Let’s talk about content marketing now.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is all about creating problem solving content and sharing it for FREE to attract and convert website visitors into buyers.

In simple terms, content marketing is a strategy that uses your content to build customers to increase your sales.

In traditional marketing, you’ll make money by showing ads, publishing paid reviews, using paid membership sites etc. Whereas in content marketing, instead of showing ads to interrupt your website visitors (to make money), you’re giving away lots of valuable articles, videos, Infographics for free. The more value you create with your content, the more people will listen to you. This builds trust overtime.

Later, once you build trust, you can sell or promote the products they are looking for. Usually in content marketing, people use their email lists to make money. So the email list is the key to successful content marketing strategy.

Traditional marketing talks at people. Content marketing talks with them!

The benefits of content marketing

So why do you need an advanced guide to content marketing and what are the advantages of content marketing?

I know, most of you are already aware of the term called “content marketing” but if you are still unsure of the advantages that content marketing provides, here I’ve listed few of them.

  • content marketing is the surefire way to turn visitors into buyers
  • content marketing educates your readers
  • content marketing helps you understand better about your audience
  • content marketing boosts your sales without being pushy
  • content marketing helps you attract quality links from other blogs

Advanced content marketing strategies

advanced content marketing guide

Find out what kind of content your audience are craving for

Building a strong foundation is the key to content marketing. Find out what your audience are looking for. Before diving into content marketing, you need to understand your audience.

Answer the following important questions before you begin;

  • What’s the biggest problem your target audience are facing?
  • What does he need to solve his problem?
  • Where is he going to find answers for his problems? (list your competition)

Once you have convincing answers to the above questions, it becomes easier for you to create a content marketing strategy that helps you create what your audience want.

Create a content plan

Once you know who your audience are and what type of content they are looking for, you need to create a content creation plan to turn visitors into buyers with your content. Here are 3 simple steps to launch a solid content marketing plan.

  1. Posting frequency: You need to find out your ideal posting frequency. Although you don’t have to post daily but you need to be consistent with your posting schedule. If your readers are aware of your posting frequency, they will come back to your sites frequently. That’s a great strategy for keeping your visitors coming back and making them stick to your sites.
  2. Posting length: We all know, quality content beats everything. Also make sure to find out how many words you need to create a quality post for your readers. It’s always better to write detailed articles with around 1000 to 2000 words. This will not only make your audience think that you know what you’re talking about but it will also help you boost your search rankings as Google loves detailed content over short articles.
  3. Competitor analysis: When creating a content marketing strategy for your blog, it’s important to analyze your competition. Find out their posting frequency, word count, social shares, headlines etc to better understand their content creation plan. If you can do better than them, you will go ahead with them in attracting quality buyers to your sites.

Be everywhere

One of the simplest ways to promote your content to wider audience is to be everywhere. I know it’s really hard to be everywhere if you’ve zero online connections, but I’ll lay out few simple strategies to get more exposure to your content by being everywhere.

SEO: Whether you agree it or not, search engine optimization is the sole element in creating a profitable blog that makes money. Without getting traffic from search engines, it’s impossible to attract readers who want to buy what you sell. So focus on increasing your overall SEO traffic to lay out an effective content marketing strategy.

Blog comments and guest posts: Everyone thinks that guest blogging is dead, but really it’s not. In fact, guest blogging is still one of the most epic ways to reach out to more people with your content. You need to focus on creating high quality guest posts to attract potential customers to your sites instead of focusing on building backlinks.

Blog commenting is another evergreen strategy to make new connections with other bloggers. By leaving thoughtful comments on other blogs, you will not only build strong relationships but it will persuade others to leave comments on your blog posts as well.

Social: Social media shares are one of the crucial factors that decide your search rankings. Google gives more importance to the sites that get more social shares (whether it is from Facebook, twitter or Google+). So spend your time actively on social media sites to explore others and interact with the influencers in your industry to boost your online reputation.

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Email: If you don’t have an email list, you’re losing a lot of money and traffic on the table. Observe any successful marketer, you will find out that majority of his income comes from the email list. Do you know why? Because email list is permission marketing, that means people are giving you permission to you. If you build trust and promote the right kind of products that will solve their problems – they will buy from you no matter what! So start building an email list as soon as possible, also focus on giving a free incentive to quickly boost your email subscribers.

Interviews: Conduct interviews with the industry experts. Find out the most popular topics in your niche by using tools like Topsy, Moz, Buzzsumo etc. Then ask relevant questions and contact most popular bloggers in your niche. Then promote the interviews and ask for a tweet from the influencers whom you interviewed to quickly increase your blog exposure.

Assess your analytics

Once you’re doing the above steps perfectly, it’s time for you to spy on your analytics. Creating engaging content is not enough, you also need to find out whether your content is getting good results or not.

You can evaluate the following stats to make sure your content is doing well.

  • Check your social shares per each post
  • Check the number of comments you get
  • Find out if people are sending you emails for thanking you (after creating a great post)
  • Spy on your Google analytics report

Use Google analytics to your advantage, it’s not only a free tool but it’s perfect tool for finding out your top pages and high performing keywords. If few keywords are generating you more traffic from search engines, then you need to consider using the relevant keywords on your upcoming posts to bring more traffic from Google.

Refine and repeat

Once the above steps are done correctly, you need to refine the results of what strategies are performing well and which type of contents sending more results.

Repeat the strategies that are working well for you and refine the things that are not giving you the better results. Also remember that, traffic from search engines take time especially if you’ve a fairly new blog.

Any blog that generates a lot of traffic from search engines is because of one factor: they get a lot of incoming links from other blogs. So you need to focus on building quality backlinks in order to ensure that your blog is performing well on Google search results.

Try guest posts, create Infographics and videos to attract natural backlinks to your blogs. If you want to find out the creative strategies to build quality links, try “blogger outreach strategy”.

In a nutshell, blogger outreach strategy is all about grabbing others attention to linking to your content. Blogger outreach strategy is one of the most critical ingredients in your advanced content marketing strategy. Without the help of other bloggers in your niche, your blog won’t perform well in social media sites or Google search results. Before seeking for help, always help others, frequently link out to the posts that are of high quality. Overtime, you will see a lot of good results using blogger outreach strategy.

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Final thoughts about advanced guide to content marketing strategies

Creating sharable content is not easy unless you find out the already performing topic ideas in your niche. As a content marketing guy, you need to focus on creating high quality contents instead of focusing on solely increasing your traffic.

If you once start getting attention from other bloggers, it becomes easy for you to increase your social shares, comments and backlinks.

Use the content marketing strategies shared in this guide to your advantage and you will soon start noticing the results from your blogs. Make sure to link out to others in your niche if you want to win backlinks from others.

Never forget to create problem solving contents, after all, your content is the lifeblood for making your blog successful. So are you ready to give content marketing a serious try?

Did you like this advanced guide to content marketing strategies? If yes, share this post with others so they can get benefit from it. Let me know if you have any questions related to content marketing and I’d be glad to help!


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  1. rajkumar says:

    Excellent ideas that you have shared about Content Marketing! Thanks a lot!! I will implement them all and share with my friends too.

  2. Deepanker says:

    It needs lots of efforts which people generally ignore. Facebook page insights, twitter analytics, Traffic report helps to know how to create plan for next month. Useful guide 🙂

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    Superb guide line with advance. Thanks for sharing with us keep up it
    Have a nice week ahead.

  4. Latief Pakpahan says:

    Yes, problem solving is always become the purpose of marketing activities. People always need to solve their problem, and they need to find some places that can give them a little help 🙂

  5. Nirmala says:

    Hi Anil,

    You’ve nicely crafted this post on Content marketing. I agree with your views and thoughts.

    Content Marketing is an inexpensive, but powerful marketing to reach the targeted audience. I’d say that it is the heart of blogging. Yes, without CM, blogging is nothing. So, it would be good to spend quality time to write the content.

    I’m almost doing all the ways which you’ve mentioned here, but missing to spread my content through effective email marketing. I’ll build my email list soon, thanks for presenting this awesome guide for us.

    Have a nice weekend!

  6. Sue Anne Dunlevie says:

    What a great article, Anil! I like the info on blogger outreach especially. Beginning bloggers really don’t understand that when they first start out.

    That’s how we met – you asked about doing a guest post for me. It was extremely effective and got a lot of comments and social media shares.

    Thanks for the wonderful information and the link to my blog!

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