55 Google Search Statistics (The Fresh List of 2024)

I spent over a week curating the latest Google Search Statistics 2024 from all Major web analysis companies and other trusted sources.

By getting aware of the latest insights about Google searches, user behavior, and the latest search engine trends you can optimize your SEO strategy or your content in order to get the most benefit out of it.

In this post, you will discover amazing (helpful) Google Search stats such as:

  • Most searched thing on Google
  • How many Google searches per day
  • Google market share
  • Google search count per month
  • Number of voice search queries
  • Google searches CTR
  • And plenty more…

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Google Search Statistics (Most Helpful) You Need to Know in 2024 – November Updated

Here is a list of Google Search facts, trends & data updated for 2024:

Google Search StatsSource
1. Most Visited Site is Google as of January 2024: 88.6 Billion TimesSimilarWeb
2. The term "Google" is searched 7.6 Million Times MonthlyAhrefs
3. Google Accounted Biggest Search Engine Market Share 91.85% - August 2023StatCounter
4. Google Searches Per Day is 8.5 Billion+Internet Live Stats
5. Google Searches Per Second is 99,000 ApproximatelyInternet Live Stats
6. Google Searches Per Year has Reached 2 Trillion+SearchEngineLand
7. Google Lens Search Queries have Reached 8 Billion MonthlyGoogle
8. Google Scoops Biggest Share in Mobile Searches USA - 96.6%Statista, Oct 2022
9. Google Scoops Biggest Share in Mobile Searches Worldwide March 2023: 96.17%Statista
10. Mobile Devices Dominate Google Search Traffic: 60%+Markelenic, 2023
11. Google 2nd Page Search Results CTR is Poor: 0.63%Backlinko
12. #1 Google Search Result Average CTR: 27.6%Backlinko
13. 5 Trending Searches on Google, 2022 are: Wordle, India vs England, Ukraine, Queen Elizabeth, Ind vs SAGoogle Trends Global
14. Covid is the #1 Trending Search on Google, 2020Google Trends Global
15. Google Search Index Size Cross 100 Billion GBGoogle
16. Brazil Produces Highest Google Searches: 97.77%StatCounter
17. China Generate Least Google Searches: 6.69%StatCounter
18. India's Google Market Share is 98.48%StatCounter
19. Average Length of Google Searches Includes 2 KeywordsBacklinko, Statista
20. Google Encountered 20% of New Search Queries Every YearInternet Search Statistics
21. Clicks on Google Search Ads (69%) Received Most from Mobile DeviceseMarketer
22. The Hike in Local Google Search Queries ("Near Me") is Seen Massive Over the Years: 250% GrowthGoogle
23. Google Search Numbers Yearly Growth is 10%-15%Internet Search Statistics
24. 65% of Searchers Likely to Click Google Organic ResultsBacklinko Study
25. 90.63% of Sites Which Never Appeared in Google Search Results are HugeAhrefs Study
26. Amazon Originates (61%) 2x Product Searches than GoogleInsiderIntelligence
27. Most Searched Person in Google Search Engine 2021 is Alec BaldwinGoogle Trends
28. Most Searched Person in Google Search Engine 2022 is Johnny DeppGoogle Trends
29. YouTube is the Most Searched Keyword on Google, 2022: 3.16 Billion TimesSimilarWeb
30. 50% Of Google Searches Recives No Click at allSearchEngineLand
31. Long Tail Keywords Accounted 91.8% as total searched queries of GoogleBacklinko
32. 14% of all Google Searches starts with a "Question"Backlinko
33. 4 Most Common Question Keywords are How, What, Where, and WhoBacklinko
34. The Average % of Image Packs in Google Search is 19.4%Backlinko
35. The Average % of Video Results in Google Search is 17.9%Backlinko
36. The Average % of People Also Ask in Google Search is 19.5%Backlinko
37. The Average % of Top Stories in Google Search is 15.5%Backlinko
38. Paid Ads Displayed on Google Search has a 63% High Chance of Receiving ClicksClutch.co
39. 90.3% of Webpages Get 0 traffic from Google SearchAhrefs
40. Daily Average Time Users Spent on Google Search is 21 MinutesStatista
41. 27% of the Voice Searches held Globally on GoogleGoogle
42. Google Images Searches have increased by 60% in the past 2 yearsGoogle
43. 49% of Shoppers Use Google to Discover New ProductsGoogle
44. 46% of Product Searches Begin on GoogleInsiderIntelligence
45. Google Feature Snippet Appeared Search Result Produce Highest CTR - 42.9%FirstPageSage
46. Google Search holds 84% of Global Market Share of Desktop Search Engine TrafficStatista
47. The Web Pages of Google's First Page Search Results are approximately 3 years oldAhrefs
48. 60+ Billion Web Pages Have been Indexed in Google Search So FarWorldwidewebsize.com
49. 46% of all Google Searches are for Local Businesses or ServicesSearchEngineRoundTable
50. 30% of Mobile Google Searches are Location SpecificGoogle
51. Google Searches Have Increased by 22% in 2020DataReportal
52. 97.6% of Google Searches Included SERP FeatureBacklinko
53. About 12.3% of Google Search Queries Shows Featured SnippetAhrefs Study
54. 10% of Google Search Traffic is Booked by Google Image SearchCrunch
55. 84% of Searchers use Google 3-5 Times on a Daily BasisMoz
Most Visited Site is Google as of March 2023
Top 5 Growing Countries Driving Traffic to Google in March 2023
Search Engine Market worldwide
Google Scoops Biggest Share in Mobile Searches Worldwide March 2023
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Google Trends – Discover Real Time Live Google Search Statistics

Do you want to discover the following Google search metrics:

  • The trending Google searches in the last 24 Hours
  • Daily search trends
  • Real time search trends in various countries
  • Trending searches by State, Country, and Year
  • Categories wise trends (news, people, athletes, diets, movies, home-style searches, and more)
  • Shopping trends
  • YouTube trends
  • Seasonal trends
  • The popularity of the search term or niche category over a year
  • And much more

Then, you should utilize Google Trends – A Free tool of Google. All of the data mentioned above can be easily extracted with this amazing trend analysis tool. 

Google Trends is a useful source of data for marketers, bloggers, companies, and brands. By using Google Trends and its data, they can increase website traffic and even make money. It is also one of the best google search tips to find out the hot topics for content creation.

Example: Google Trends displayed the Global Google search stats for 2022 (top searches, news & people).

Google Trends displayed the Global Google search stats of the 2022

Extracting data from Google Trends is an extremely easy process. All you have to do is:

  • Navigate to Explore tab
  • Inserting a Google search term
  • Configure Location, Time Period, Category, and Search Type.
google trends explore

Did you know Google Trends allows you to explore Web trends, YouTube Trends, News Trends, and Shopping trends as well.

And from the “Trending Now” tab, you can discover the Google search real time and daily trending stats and data.

real time google search stats using trends

FAQs: Google Search Statistics

What are the latest Google search statistics?

As of 2024, here are the latest Google search statistics: 

– According to SimilarWeb, The Top 5 Growing Countries Driving Traffic to Google in January 2024 are the USA (26.95%), India (4.50%), Brazil (4.44%), United Kingdom (3.86%), Japan (3.52%), and Others (56.72%).

– According to StatCounter, Google search is currently ranked #1 in the Global search engine market share holds 93.18% as compared to Bing (2.87%), Yahoo (1.12%), Yandex (1.02%), DuckDuckGo (0.42%).

– According to SimilarWeb, Google is standing top of the list of Most visited sites in 2023 with 88.6B visitors.

– According to Statista, Google holds the biggest share in Mobile Searches Worldwide January 2024: 96.17%

– According to 2022 Google Trends, the most searched query in Google is “Wordle”.

– The most searched question was “how many ounces are in a cup” with a search volume of 3,900,000.

How many people use Google per day?

Since Google was founded in 1998, it has processed more than 8.5 billion searches a day (Internet Live Stats, 2024). In 2024, the average number of searches per second was over 99,000 (Internet Live Stats, 2024).

What is the most searched thing on Google?

In 2022, the most searched keyword on Google globally was “Wordle.” The second most-searched keyword was “India vs England,” followed by “Ukraine” and Johnny Depp.

How many times has the term “Google” been searched?

The term “Google” has been searched 7.6 million times last month.

How many web pages have been indexed by Google Search?

60+ Billion Web Pages.

What percentage of Google searches are unique?

About 15% of Google searches are unique, accounting for 1.275 billion unique queries daily.

How much of the search engine market share does Google own?

As of 2024, Google owns approximately 92% of the search engine market share globally.

What percentage of site traffic comes from organic searches?

Organic searches account for 23% of site traffic.

How many Google searches are conducted on mobile devices?

Over 60% of Google searches are performed on mobile devices.

What percentage of users choose autocomplete suggestions when searching on Google?

Users choose autocomplete suggestions 23% of the time they search on Google.

How much economic activity did Google search and advertising tools contribute to in the United States in a single year?

Google search and advertising tools contributed $426 billion in economic activity in the United States in a single year.

How many searches on Google Assistant are made by teenagers in the United States?

55% of teenagers in the US reported using Google Assistant daily.

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Final Words

By seeing Google search data and trends, it has been confirmed that Google Search popularity was top-notch, still rising, and more likely to grow in near future. Optimizing a website for Google SEO will definitely bring fruitful results.

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