Bloggers Passion Traffic And Income Report 2017 & What To Expect In 2018

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January 13, 2021

Are you curious to find out the income and traffic report for Bloggers Passion?

There are so many bloggers who are always curious about reading the success stories of other bloggers and we’re glad to give you the details of how one can make some decent income from blogging. So this earning report post for Bloggers Passion will be a treat for you.

Last year, we published Bloggers Passion earning report that you can read here. Every year we’re growing in terms of both traffic, audience and income. This year too we made a ton of growth in terms of getting more visitors to Bloggers Passion and also we’ve increase our average monthly income.

So let’s use this post to discuss about the earning and traffic report for Bloggers Passion for the year 2017. Let’s get started without much ado.

Bloggers Passion Traffic And Earning Report for 2017

Income and Traffic Report bloggers passion 2017

Overall Traffic Report For Bloggers Passion 2017

Let’s talk about the overall traffic report for Bloggers Passion in the year 2017. We generate 90.05% more traffic in 2017 when compared to the previous year 2016. 90% increase in your overall website traffic is a great indicator which tells you that your website is growing rapidly and doing well in search engines.

Have a look at the screenshot below to understand the comparison of overall traffic for Bloggers Passion in 2017 vs 2016.

traffic report 2017

Let’s have even more closer look at the traffic that we generated for Bloggers Passion in the year traffic

Did you see that?

We got over 600,000 users in 2017 and generated over 1 million in page views (which is 90% more traffic when compared to the previous year 2016).

Also when you look at the above screenshot carefully, you’ll notice that more than 80% (81.6%) traffic is completely from new visitors (which is a great thing because you’re attracting more new visitors from search engines). The rest 20% of traffic is from people who’re directly visiting the site or who open the site frequently.

Traffic Goal for Bloggers Passion in 2018

So traffic wise, we’re doing good but we’ve even bigger goals for 2018.

So what’s our goal for 2018?

Improving the traffic numbers by 50% throughout the year (that’s achieving at least 1.5 to 2 million page views, which is reaching to min 200,000 page views a month by the end of 2018) and taking daily sessions to 5000.

How are we going to achieve that?

Here are some of the things that can help us to get more traffic from search engines to Bloggers Passion in this year.

  • Creating highly targeted and more user centric blog posts instead of picking random blog topics to write about. There are so many bloggers who make a huge mistake of creating random content. It’s really not going to help you if you want to bring targeted visitors from search engines to your sites.Only when you create targeted content that suits your audience needs, you can get more qualified traffic and more importantly sales. So that’s the key for us in 2018 to be able to produce even high quality content at regular pace.
  • Focusing more on SEO practices. We all know how importance SEO is but the thing is it’s a HUGE ocean. Although we’re implementing a ton of SEO practices such as site audits to fix SEO related issues, content analysis, backlink building etc but we’re still not be able to bring tons of traffic from search engines.We’ll be focusing more on gaining natural backlinks, do better content and SEO analysis for better results in 2018.
  • Analysing competition which we think is extremely important to grow online business in 2018 and beyond. Analysing your competition can immensely help you in coming up with great topic ideas, link building and list building strategies, profitable selling ideas etc.If you’re new to it, I highly recommend you to give a try to Semrush as it can be useful for doing competitor research with ease.

Overall Income Report for Bloggers Passion In 2017

So let’s now get into the details of earning report for Bloggers Passion for the year 2017.

Here’s the screenshot of overall income for Bloggers Passion in 2017 and the comparison of the previous year’s income report of 2016.

Bloggers Passion Income details

As you can see, we made over 67,000 dollars (67,294 USD to be precise) which is 42,80,788 INR in the year 2017 alone.

That’s an average monthly income of more than 5,500 US dollars throughout the year income for Bloggers Passion.

The average monthly income also went up from $2000 to a whopping $5500 within a year (almost 250% more income) and we’re constantly getting more sales every single month from Bloggers Passion.

So we’ll even dig deeper into the earning report of Bloggers Passion in 2017 and 2016 and let’s compare the result.

compare earning report of bloggers passion

As you can see above, we made over 34,000 dollars in the last 4 months of 2017 (when compared to ~11,000 in the last 4 months of 2016) which is almost 300% more in terms of average monthly income.

So how did we made so much money in 2017 when compared to 2016 and from which sources we generate most of that income for Bloggers Passion. Let’s talk about some of the income generating sources for Bloggers Passion now so you’ll get a better idea about how we make that money and sales.

Overall Expenses for Bloggers Passion In 2017

Let’s now talk about the expenses for Bloggers Passion in 2017. The total expenses for the year 2017 is 7,23,000 INR (which is ~11,365 in US dollars). Here are the numbers.

expenses for bloggers passion

All these expenses are spent on the following things.

  • Hosting
  • Domain renewal
  • Content
  • SEO tools, plugins
  • Design & Development etc

So what’s overall net profit for Bloggers Passion for the year 2017?

Total income for 2017: $67,294 (42,80,788 INR)

Total expenses for 2017:  $11,364 (722,930 INR)

Net profit for Bloggers Passion in 2017: 35,57,858 INR ($55,929)

Various income generating sources of Bloggers Passion

Here are some of the ways that we used to generate sales for Bloggers Passion. We didn’t include each and every product, service or income generating method for obvious reasons (we like privacy while sharing our revenue sources, you should too follow it if you’re earning money online as a blogger).

You should know one thing that majority of the income comes from affiliate marketing (that means we make commission whenever someone buys the products we recommend using our affiliate links). So here are some of the ways we generate income for Bloggers Passion.

HostGator: If you’ve gone through our black Friday and Cyber Monday case study (where we made over $13,000), you’ll notice that majority of that affiliate commission came from HostGator. Although we don’t promote HostGator on a daily or weekly basis (we’re mainly promoting it only during deals and special events such as black Friday) but still the income from it is one of the major income contributors to our site.

And yes, we’re also planning about promoting HostGator more often on our site so that people can start their own site using their hosting at an affordable price and it can also helps us generate our monthly average income even more.

That being said, you can use this tutorial to launch your site on Bluehost (it also included a special discount for a limited time).

Long Tail Pro: Long Tail Pro is another great tool that help us generate some nice affiliate commission to our site. It’s a great keyword research tool that’s helpful to quickly find high traffic long tail keyword ideas and you can also easily find the keyword competition and other metrics with it.

Here’s a great tutorial on how you can find long tail keywords using Long Tail Pro (you’ll also find the benefits, pros, cons along with its features).

WPX Hosting: We’ve used HostGator as a hosting service to run Bloggers Passion for several years but once the traffic went up, we had to find another BIGGER and dedicated hosting to handle the traffic.

That’s when we migrated to WPX hosting which is one of the very few hosting services that offer dedicated hosting, super fast customer service along with top notch security. We make decent amount of commission by promoting WPX hosting through our site.

Semrush: Hands down, Semrush is the widely use SEO tool which is used by over 1 million people worldwide and they are known for offering hefty recurring commission to their affiliate marketers.

We often promote Semrush through various tutorials, videos and offers etc to generate sales for Semrush and we’re glad to promote it as Semrush helped us increase our search traffic by over 90% within a year.

If you’re interested in giving it a try, we’ve an exclusive deal for you.

Click here to try Semrush FREE for next 30 days (worth $119.95)

Bluehost: I will admit here. Bluehost was not a big income source for us in the past. But in the recent time, our sales from Bluehost has increased and now it has become one of our important source of income. I hope earning from Bluehost will improve further in 2018.

Bluehost offers a free domain for 1 year along with other features like unlimited bandwidth, storage, security etc at affordable rates and you can use this tutorial to find more information about launching your site on Bluehost.

Paid sponsorships: Although we don’t do paid reviews (it hurts the readership of any site so we don’t recommend them) and we only review a product if we really like its features, pricing and all.

We use paid sponsorships (they usually come from other companies and software developers naturally) within some of the blog posts to earn some money on a regular basis.

Apart from the above income generating sources, we also use a ton more other tools, services and offers to generate income for Bloggers Passion. So there you go, let’s now discuss about what major initiatives we took in the year 2017.

What We Did In 2017?

Here are some of the best things we did in 2017 on Bloggers Passion and most of them went really well in terms of traffic and income. You too can give a try to those things if you’re looking for ways to boost your traffic and sales.

The best part about 2017 is black Friday sales

Did you know that black Friday comes only once in a year (in November)? And we made over $13,000 in affiliate commission only within a week. Yes, it’s almost over 8 lakhs in Indian rupees which is a huge amount. We made the November month special by getting huge sales during Black Friday & Cyber Monday week.

Here’s a detailed case study that we wrote on Bloggers Passion Black Friday & Cyber Monday week case study for 2017. If you want to know more on how we did it (along with the screenshots, traffic and income reports), you can go through that post which can help you get more affiliate sales as well.

Here’s a screenshot of earning report from HostGator sales.

Hostgator black friday sale commission

Here are few quick tips that helped us to earn so much in affiliate commission within a week and hopefully they’ll work like a charm for you as well.

    • Solid planning in advance: We always plan in advance (in fact we plan 1 year in advance for black Friday week) to increase our affiliate sales and commission. It always works well for anyone because well planning gives you enough room to think about various ideas to boost your sales and change your plans accordingly.
    • Strategic link building: If you’re looking to get more search engine traffic to your product or review pages, my #1 tip is to build as many links as possible.We build a ton of backlinks from various sources such as blog commenting, social bookmarking, guest posting, video marketing etc to generate links for the deal pages that we were promoting during black Friday week in 2017. These link building strategies helped us immensely get a huge boost in search engine results by also bringing us a lot of traffic to those deal pages.
    • Ranking on 1st page: Since we were planning well in advance and building quality links to landing pages to the deal posts (where we used affiliate links along with the deals and discounts), we started aiming to get 1st page rankings on Google.Once we started getting enough traffic, the SERP results for various keywords also went up and we started getting more traffic and eventually it helped us generate more affiliate commission.If you want to get 1st page rankings, focus on on-page SEO and make sure to install an incredible optimization plugin like WordPress SEO by Yoast.
    • Updates, updates and updates: We frequently updated the deal pages and created new deal page posts for various affiliate products (which include web hosting, email marketing, SEO etc) on our site.It’s really hard to keep track of everything so we used Google spreadsheet for everything and we made necessary changes to the spreadsheet section whenever we made any changes to the posts, build links, increased the traffic to those pages etc.

Moved from GetResponse to Drip

We all know how important email marketing is to boost traffic and sales. Although we’re using a great premium email marketing software such as GetResponse we still had some issues with its automation and open rates.

So we’ve decided to go for a better alternative called Drip. We moved from GetResponse to Drip to get better open rates and for automation.

Quick note: We’re soon going to write an in-depth post about how and why we moved from GetResponse to Drip so stay tuned for it if you want to know more about it.

So why did we move from GetResponse to Drip?

Here are some features and reasons for the shift:

  • Drip offers easy to use workflow automation system where you can easily segment your email lists. For instance, you can send product reviews, deals and discounts to only those email subscribers who’re opening your emails (or clicking links within them). GetResponse also has a great automation system but we found Drip workflow easier to use and more effective.
  • With Drip, you can easily send any number of custom emails based on user behavior and automate your marketing for a fraction of the price of the major players such as Infusionsoft, ConvertKit etc.
  • Using Drip, you can automatically remove leads who are not engaged from emails and with Drip’s lead tracking score system, you can easily see who’s most engaged with your emails (so you can segment or send emails accordingly).

Created a toolkit for Bloggers Passion

We created our toolkit to help people to get access to better tools. It is also to help people know the tools we are actually using to run Bloggers Passion. So you’ll know which are the best tools and plugins to run a successful site that handles a lot of traffic.

Why should you create a toolbox as well for your site?

Here are some of the benefits by creating a toolbox.

  • You can help your audience to find out what tools, products and plugins that you’re using to run your site. Your target audience (especially your blog fans) will thank you for it.
  • You can promote affiliate products that are highly targeted and relevant to your audience. This helps you include affiliate links to the products you promote which gives you nice commission whenever someone buys those products using your links.
  • You can use toolbox pages to build links and send people from various sources such as search engines, email lists, social media sites etc to get more visibility to increase your website traffic and sales.

Created a MASSIVE post

We also created a massive post on best affiliate programs that pay huge commissions in almost 10+ various niches. This is our most detailed post with around 16,000 words.

So if you’re looking for ways to make more sales from affiliate marketing, make sure to check it out as you’ll find a lot of great information on sites, products, commission etc.

What’s so special about this massive post and why have we created it?

The major reason for creating such a gigantic 16000 word post is to help people around all the industries to find really great affiliate marketing products to promote (so they can make more money by also recommending great products for their audience).

Now, why did we created such a gigantic post?

  • This specific best affiliate programs post was created to cater a wide range of people who are interested in affiliate marketing to find and promote the RIGHT kind of products to their audience so they can earn some decent affiliate commission through their sites.So we made it as detailed as possible by researching and mentioning as many affiliate programs as possible at one place.
  • We always believe that content is the king. But here’s the thing we want you to know: long form of content is the king. 2000+ word posts always work well in terms of getting more social shares, comments, links but they also bring you a ton of traffic from search engines in the long run.So we always aim at publishing high quality and very in-depth posts and this time we went miles ahead to create a 16000 word post to see how it works in terms of getting more search traffic and audience pulse.

Top 10 Posts Of Bloggers Passion In 2017

Here’s a list of top 10 posts of Bloggers Passion that generated most of the traffic to our site in 2017. Have a look at each one of them, go through them and take notes as you can find a ton of useful information related to blogging, making money online, SEO etc.

1. 10 Best Indian Blogs To Follow: This is a top 10 list of Indian blogs which are run of some of the most popular Indian bloggers such as Amit Agarwal, Harsh Agarwal, Pradeep Kumar etc. If you want to find some quick blogging inspiration to boost your traffic and sales, this compilation can be really helpful for you.

2. Top 10 Real Online Jobs For Earning Quick Money: Do you want to find out genuine ways to make money online? Here’s a list of top 10 real online jobs that you can use (such as Fiverr, Amazon Mturk etc) to make money online in your free time.

3. 200+ Quality Guest Blogging Sites Where Can Submit Guest Posts: Guest posting is one of the evergreen ways to build high quality backlinks and relationships with other bloggers. But finding great blogs is a difficult task and that’s why we’ve decided to created a HUGE list of sites where you can write guest posts.

4. Top 15 Free Blog Sites For Creating Blogs: If you haven’t launched a blog yet and looking for various ways to start a blog for free, this ultimate collection is for you where you’ll discover 15 of the best free blogging platforms including Blogger, WordPress, Penzu etc to start your blogging journey.

5. FREE Ways To Estimate Traffic Of Any Website: This has always been one of the high traffic generating blog posts to Bloggers Passion since ages and that’s the reason why we regularly update this post with few more relevant keywords. If you want to estimate the traffic of any website in the world, this post is a treat for you where you’ll discover some of the great tools such as Semrush, Similar Web etc to find out any website’s traffic.

6. How Much Money Do Top Bloggers Make: This is a great compilation of blogger income reports where you’ll discover some incredible information about how much few top bloggers earn each month from their sites. This list includes people such as Pat Flynn, Harsh Agarwal and you’ll also find more income information about me from the post.

7. List Of Most Popular Bloggers In India: This is a HUGE list of some of the best Indian bloggers along with their website’s information, topics they cover, DA, Alexa rank etc. It’ll be very useful if you want to follow some of the growing and popular bloggers from India.

8. Best Fashion Blogs In India Worth Following: If you’re interested in launching a fashion related blog and looking for some quick information or blogs to follow, this list can help you where you’ll discover some of the best Indian fashion blogs that are worth following and reading fashion advice.

9. Best Paying Google AdSense Alternatives: AdSense is one of the best ways to generate passive income from websites, YouTube videos, forums etc. But the bad thing about using AdSense is even if you’re generating thousands of clicks, you’ll still earn peanuts from it. That’s why we’ve decided to create a huge list of best paying AdSense alternatives that can help you earn more money from your website traffic and clicks. These alternatives includes various services such as Chitika,, Revenue Hits etc.

10. Top 25 Blog Submission Sites With Domain Authority Of 40+: If you’re looking for best blog directories to submit your site to quickly generate some high DA backlinks, this post is useful for you.

What Can You Expect from Bloggers Passion In 2018?

Here are some of the key things that you can expect from Bloggers Passion in the year 2018 besides the earning report of Bloggers Passion.

More detailed posts on Blogging, SEO & Affiliate marketing related topics: As we said above, content is the king and long form of content is the KEY to getting more search engine traffic and website sales. So this year also, the focus will be on creating even detailed and informative posts around blogging and SEO to help you to build a profitable blog in the long run.

We will focus more on building a thriving email list: We never gave too much importance to growing a thriving email list but it will be a top factor for us in 2018 and we’re constantly looking for ways to generate more leads, traffic and sales through email marketing.

Apart from the above, you can also expect the following things from our site in 2018.

  • We will be doing more interviews with influencers and great affiliate marketers so you can learn more, get some inspiration and find some fresh ideas to build a profitable blog.
  • Will be doing giveaways around the blogging products we use at Bloggers Passion so you’ll get a great chance to try those products for free.
  • We’ll also be doing more round-up posts with experts, tools and tutorials to help you learn more about blogging, SEO and affiliate marketing.

So there you go. We hope you liked this earning and traffic report of Bloggers Passion and found some quick inspiration to build a profitable blog in this year.

Browse more Income Reports:

Final Thoughts

Do you want to know what’ my favorite income source is? It’s affiliate marketing. That’s the key to generating a ton of income for Bloggers Passion and that’s what you’ll notice in this traffic and earning report for our site.

So what are your thoughts about earning report for Bloggers Passion? Did you like it? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Anil Agarwal

Bloggers Passion Traffic And Income Report 2017 & What To Expect In 2018Anil Agarwal who owns, is a full-time blogger and SEO expert who has been helping people build profitable blogs for over a decade. Bloggers Passion has been featured on premium online sites like, Huffingtonpost, Semrush, Problogger, Crazy Egg, The Next Web and so on.

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    I am using LongTailPro to help me find the KW competitive score of a keyword before I write a blog post. Since my DA score is still really low, I am focusing more on writing content for keywords that have a low KC score. I didn’t take the time to do this when I started my blog.

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