Semrush Benefits: 9 Reasons to Use Semrush In 2024 

90.63% of online content gets zero traffic from Google.

Think about that for a second. Almost 91% of websites are NOT visible to Google. All these websites are simply missing out on a lot of traffic and sales.

Here’s where having access to the right SEO tools like Semrush comes in handy, as they can help you with everything from keyword research to competitor analysis.

We’ve been using Semrush for over seven years, which has helped us generate over 2.6 million views a year.

Have a look at our traffic report;

bp traffic

If you’re planning to purchase Semrush, this post is a treat. In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at the Semrush benefits and how it can help you achieve your online goals.

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Semrush Benefits: Why Over 10 Million People Use It? [9 Reasons]

semrush benefits

1. Uncover Your Competitors’ Secrets with Semrush’s 360-Degree View

How are your competitors doing?

This is the single most important question you always need to ask yourself if you want to build a profitable blog or business online. Without competitor research, it’s impossible to scale your growth (be it traffic, sales, or branding).

Although there are a ton of tools out there to do competitor analysis, nothing comes closer to Semrush.

Just enter any of your competitor’s URLs in the domain overview and you’ll get an in-depth view about that domain.

Have a look;

semrush competitor analysis

It’s the perfect competitor research tool that lets you do the following things.

  • Backlink analysis
  • Finding the top keywords of a site
  • Estimate traffic of any site
  • Finding the ad copies of your competitors etc

To put in a phrase, Semrush gives you a 360-degree view of your competitors so you can easily know all the ins and outs of your competitor sites. This helps you give a detailed analysis of what keywords to target, which product ads to use, and various SEO strategies you can deploy to build a successful online business.

So what are you waiting for?

Get 14 days of free access to Semrush

2. Comprehensive Analytics, All in One Place with Semrush

Semrush gives an overview of your site’s performance. Here’s what it looks like.

domain analytics

See that? Semrush gives a full glimpse of your site along with the details like:

  • Organic keywords
  • Organic traffic
  • Ads (if you’ve any)
  • Position tracking visibility
  • Site audit (so you can easily check your overall site health to know if there are any SEO issues to fix)
  • SEO ideas
  • Social media tool (to keep an eye on your social following)
  • Brand monitoring (if someone talks about your brand, name or blog)
  • Backlink audit (along with the toxic links so you can get rid of bad links)

With the above metrics of your site, you can easily find whether someone’s talking about you, linking to you, your keyword positions along with the organic traffic volume, and so on. So it’s really convenient to find out how your site is performing just by logging into your Semrush dashboard.

3. Analyze Any Website’s Traffic

Want to estimate the traffic of your competitor’s sites? Then, give a try to the Semrush new feature called Traffic Analytics (in beta version). It gives you the website traffic generated by desktop users (mobile user data has yet to be incorporated).

Here’s how it works. Go to Traffic Analytics under Domain Analytics tab and enter the domain of your website or any of your competitor’s sites.

traffic analytics

See the magic?

Semrush gives you an in-depth overview and shows all the details of your competitors’ traffic along with their sources.

You will find their estimated monthly traffic along with the following details.

  • Unique visitors
  • Pages/visit
  • Avg visit duration
  • Bounce rate
  • Semrush traffic rank and
  • Traffic sources

See.. that’s a lot of information. You are literally spying on their Google analytics where you can easily figure out their details like bounce rate, avg. time spent, top traffic sources, etc along with their estimated monthly traffic.

These details give you enough understanding about what you can do to outrank your competitors.

Not only that, you get detailed information like:

traffic sources

You can find your competitors “search %” along with the referring sites with their estimated monthly traffic and you can also find out your competitors traffic by country.

I can easily say that the information provided by Semrush is MORE accurate than the information that you get from other sites like SimilarWeb, Alexa, etc.

4. Get More Bang for Your Buck

Let’s recap the key features of Semrush and their associated pricing to give you an idea of the investment needed for this comprehensive suite:

  • Keyword research – $50 to $100 a month (Long Tail Pro costs $67/mo)
  • Competitor analysis – $100 a month (Moz costs $99/mo)
  • Backlink analysis – $100 a month (Ahrefs cost $99/mo)
  • Keyword tracking – $50 to $100
  • Site audit – Upwards $100

Did you see that? All of them cost you upwards of $500 a month but Semrush offers all the above features (even more) at just $129.95/mo.

So that’s a steal.

The great news is, I have an exclusive offer for BloggersPassion readers.

You can use the following link to get Semrush (worth $129.95) free for 14 days.

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5. Discover Winning Keywords

When it comes to keyword research, Semrush is our go-to tool.

Let us show an easy tutorial on how to use Semrush for keyword research.

Let’s take a long-tail keyword “how to lose weight fast” and here’s what I come up with.

semrush keyword tool

You can also pick a database (country) of your choice so you will get even more accurate results with Semrush. It also shows you the number of searches for the specific keyword you enter on Google. So it becomes relatively easy for you to whether to go for it or not.

Notice that, your primary keyword has a search volume of 200K monthly searches (it’s a highly competitive keyword and you need a lot of quality backlinks to get #1 rankings, so stay away from such keywords) whereas the other keywords “how to fast lose weight” has 8k monthly searches (which is better to target because of low search volume).

Likewise, you can get a ton of keyword ideas for your main keyword by clicking on the View Full Report button and you can pick the keywords wisely with low competition.

You can also find out all the related keywords to your primary keyword using Semrush (shown right side of the above image) so you can sprinkle LSI keywords (semantic keywords) within your blog posts to get better search rankings while doing on page optimization.

Here’s a great SEO tip while doing keyword research using Semrush.

NEVER pick keywords with higher monthly search volume.

Why? They are hard to rank for and you need to put a lot of efforts to get backlinks. So if you’ve a new blog, target low to medium volume keywords instead of going for high competitive keywords.

You may ask, “what’s the average monthly search volume I can go for to get better rankings”.

That’s a great question and it largely depends on your industry. For instance, if you are in the fitness industry and covering fitness news, finding a keyword with around 1000 monthly searches is great.

If you are in the news industry, you can get better rankings even for high-volume keywords as most news are trending topics so your rankings will be more dependent on how fast you cover them.

As a rule of thumb, pick keywords that have a monthly search volume between 200 to 1000. That’s a good number and you can get better rankings with less efforts if you are targeting keywords within that range.

6. Identify and Fix SEO Issues with Semrush’s Site Audit

Site audit is all about finding and fixing your site issues. Most bloggers always neglect to conduct frequent site audits of their sites.

If done right, by fixing all your site SEO related or technical issues, you can always rank better and doing a site audit is a walk in the park with Semrush.

Here’s what it looks like.

site audit

The above image shows the site audit results of BloggersPassion. It gives a score (100 being the highest and 0 being the lowest), you can consider it as your site’s technical score. The more you score the better it is for your site in getting better rankings on Google.

Semrush site audit tool helps you find everything from:

  • Site errors
  • Warnings
  • Notices
  • Broken issues etc

That means, you can easily find all the site related issues like;

  • Missing alt tags
  • Lengthy title tags
  • Broken links
  • Redirect errors
  • Blocked url’s etc

So you can easily start fixing those SEO related technical issues to get higher search rankings on Google.

The best part about Semrush site audit tool is you can do it frequently (once in a week or monthly once) so you can keep track of how your site is performing and easily figure out if your site is penalized by any Google updates or not.

7. Analyze Backlinks Like a Pro

Backlinks are the key if you want to build a site that gets a ton of traffic from Google.

Without getting links, it’s impossible to get higher rankings or increase your website traffic. Let me tell you one thing: no one links to your stuff automatically if you are unknown.

You should go out and start finding backlink opportunities in order to build links. Yes, there are so many link building strategies that you can use such as guest posting, blogger outreach, skyscraper technique etc but one of the most effective and simplest ways to build quality links is to do a backlink analysis of your competitors.

This is where Semrush is golden. It gives you accurate backlink information of any site no matter what niche or industry you are in.

Let’s talk about a quick tutorial on how you can use Semrush for doing backlink analysis.

Go to Backlink Analytics. Now, enter any of your competitors domain name (URL) and click on search.

In our example, let’s go with Backlinko’s URL.


Backlinko’s site has a whopping number of 1 Million backlinks pointing to his site!! It’s no wonder the site is generating a ton of visits a month.

Also, you can see all those links are coming from over 63,000 various sites. Semrush also shows you details like domain score (the more it is, the better impact can create on Google) along with the Trust score.

Not only that, Semrush also gives you data around the new backlinks to your competitors. In the above image, you can clearly see that.

You can also easily figure out the sources of backlinks of your competitors.

Have a look;

backlink sources

Now, how can you use those sources?

You can easily find out which of the pages of your competitors sites are getting more links from others.

You can do the 3 simple things to build massive links to your sites using this strategy.

  1. You can analyze those pages
  2. Create better content around those pages and
  3. Reach out to those sources (who linked to your competitors) to link to your stuff

Does it work? Yes, but you have to reach out as many bloggers as possible to get the best results.

8. Leverage the World’s Largest Data

Semrush has the BIGGEST keyword database in the world.

Just have a look at the Semrush in figures.

semrush keyword database

These are the stats:

  • 10 million people are using it
  • 25 billion keywords are tracked
  • 142 Geo databases (to give you accurate information)
  • 808 million domains are being tracked through Semrush

The above figures reveal us a lot of information. That whopping size of information can give us the precise data of competitors along with their backlinks, keyword ideas and a ton of other information.

Also, it has the BEST interface. If you’re a beginner to SEO and looking for an easy tool to manage your SEO, you’ll love their interface.

It has the easiest user dashboard that allows you to perform everything from keyword research to backlink analysis to competitor research really quickly.

9. Monitor Keyword Rankings Accurately

Keyword tracking is one of the important factors that gives you an idea of how your keywords are performing on Google.

It’s important not only to find better keywords but also check their positions on Google.

Only then, you can apply various SEO strategies to get #1 page results on search results. Without keyword tracking, it’s impossible to know how your site is performing on Google. Here’s where an accurate data-backed tool like Semrush wins the race.

It gives you accurate information about all of your tracked keywords along with their positions on Google.

Here’s what it looks like;

position tracking

Along with keyword tracking, you can also use this tool to compare several sites together. You can cross-check 5 domains at a time to find how your other competitors are doing. This gives information about

  • Their keyword positions
  • Their search volume
  • Their search ranking details etc


In the Semrush Tool Review, it’s clear that Semrush stands out as the most advanced SEO tool, That helps you boost your overall organic traffic. So what are you waiting for? Give it a try once and see the results.

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FAQs on Semrush Benefits

What is Semrush used for?

Semrush is one of the best and most powerful all-in-one marketing toolkits for digital marketing professionals. It will help you with SEO, PPC, Social Media, Content Marketing, and Market Research.

Is Semrush good?

Yes, even if you are a beginner, it’s easy to use dashboard that lets you manage everything from keyword research to competitor analysis to backlink analysis to rank tracking to site audit hassle-free.

What are the benefits of using Semrush?

Competitive research, Traffic Analytics, SEO content template, Keyword research, site audit, backlink analysis, SERP rank tracking, and comparatively accurate data at affordable prices makes Semrush the right SEO tool for every digital marketing professional.

How much is Semrush per month?

Semrush offers 3 different plans (Pro, Guru, Business) that cost you $129.95/mo, $249.95/mo, and $499.95/mo respectively.

How do I get Semrush for free?

Generally, Semrush offers a 7-day free trial but you can get Semrush for free for 14 days by clicking on this exclusive link.

Can I cancel the Semrush free trial?

Yes, you can cancel its subscription anytime you feel Semrush is not the correct tool for you by sending an email at [email protected] before the 14-day trial period ends. Otherwise you will be automatically charged after 14 days of the free trial.

How do I find keywords in Semrush?

Keyword Overview and Keyword Magic Tool will help you to find keywords and related keywords along with their important metrics like volume, keyword difficulty, CPC, SERP analysis, and much more. 

What is Semrush bot?

Semrush Bot is a software application designed to discover and collect new and updated web data, automatically, to provide you with more accurate data.

What is keyword difficulty in Semrush?

Keyword difficulty in Semrush shows how difficult it would be to rank for a keyword in Google’s top 20 results. It is measured on a scale range of 1-100%, the higher the percentage, the harder it would be to outrank your competitors.

Final thoughts on Semrush benefits

Semrush is not just another SEO tool. It’s a combination of 55 amazing tools that help you do everything from finding profitable keywords to backlink analysis to conducting a thorough audit of your sites. If you are considering investing in SEO, this is the best bet.

By spending just a few dollars a month, you will get access to massive SEO data that helps you boost your organic traffic, which in turn helps increase your website sales.

So, what are your thoughts on Semrush’s benefits? Did you find this tutorial helpful? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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