3 Ways to Interlink Your Blog Posts Like a PRO

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March 3, 2019

Most bloggers don’t understand why interlinking is important to rank better in Google search results. In this panda world, you must be focusing on targeting the right keywords to interlink the professional way and to reap the rewards from the search engines.

In this article, we’ll discuss everything from the scratch to interlink like a pro. Without much ado lets get into the details.

What is interlinking?

Linking to your old blog posts is called interlinking. Most new bloggers don’t do interlinking right, thus they can’t drive more traffic to their old posts. They’ll bury them without boosting their search traffic to those old blog posts.

When you’re interlinking the right way- you can bring more search traffic to your related keywords and can make a better impact on the readers too. Because most readers will love reading additional references when they’re searching for something.

Why should you consider interlinking to your posts?

Interlinking can

  • Bring you more traffic from search engines: you can certainly drive more traffic from the search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing etc when you’re interlinking to specific pages on your own blog.
  • Can rank better for the desired keywords: always use ‘anchored texts’ on your interlinks to rank high for your desired keywords. Do you know that you can rank higher in the search engine results for those keywords which are linked with the ‘targeted anchor texts’? Yes.. you can make use of anchor texts within your links to get more results for your targeted keywords.
  • Can pass link juice to old posts: next time when the page rank updates rolls out, check out your own blog posts, the pages which are linked more often will get a high PR. That means you’ve the ability to create your OWN page rank for your blog posts by interlinking!
  • Can increase page views: no doubt, you can bring more page views from interlinking. When people find interesting reading your articles, they’ll surely consider clicking on the interlinks to read further. This way you can get more page views and thus low bounce rates for your blog.
  • Can make search engines crawl each & every page: search engine crawlers always love fresh content. When you’re often interlinking to your old blog posts, you’re making them to crawl each and every blog posts in your blog. This way you can bring more search traffic in the long run.

So.. how to interlink the right way to bring more traffic?

interlink like a pro

Here are the top ways to interlink your blog posts like a pro..

1. Put your links in the beginning of the articles:

Do you know the ONE simple secret to rank better in the search engines from your links? That is.. using the links in the beginning of the post! Yes, search engine crawlers will love those links which are right under the meta description and head tags i.e. the beginning of your article.

When you want to rank high for the desired keywords.. make use of this simple tactic to rank high. Always interlink the relevant posts in the beginning of your article.

2. Use WP plugins to interlink like a pro:

There are few WordPress plugins out there to interlink your blog posts like a pro. Make use of them to interlink your next blog posts.

WordPress insights plugin: You can better interlink to your pages, images or videos using this plugin. Insights allows you to do all this using dynamic AJAX interface which loads the relevant information to your post in just within few seconds of time.

Download it here

SEO smart link plugin: This is also one of the best WordPress plugins to interlink your blog posts like a pro. This plugin can automatically link keywords and phrases in your posts and comments with corresponding blog posts, pages etc.

Download it here

SEO Internal Links plugin: It provides automatic SEO internal links for your site, keyword lists, nofollow etc. This way you can interlink the professional way every time you’re interlinking to your old blog posts.

Download here

3. Make use of related posts:

You must be using either related post thumbnails plugin or reference to related blog posts on your blog to better interlink to your old posts. One thing you should consider here is the relevancy of the interlinking. It’s not a big deal to interlink like a pro, but it does take some practice. In the beginning you may find it bit hard to interlink to your old blog posts, but you’ll certainly manage to interlink better when you’re practicing it more. You must know your related posts to the current post you’re writing. This way you’ll have more idea of what you’re talking about and you can easily create better interlinks for each and every post.

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Over to you:

Do you interlink your blog posts? Do share at least one EXTRA tip to interlink like a pro..


  1. jitendra says:

    sir plz How to create automatic internal links in blogger websites blogs post

  2. I found really cool ways to interlink my articles. Especially thanks for knowing us the name of WordPress plugin which makes inter linking super fast.

  3. Anubhav Gupta says:

    Great Article about interlinking. i know interlinking is essential but it is major problem for every blogger.

    Hope WP insight plugin solved this problem. thanks for plugin suggestion.
    can you tell me your views on seo smart link plugin.


  4. Ranjith says:

    If we use Internal Linking of blog post what is the main benefit . Will it be benefited in SEO or Just increase the page views

    • Surely interlinking is going to help you in multiple ways which includes the seo benefits as well. Internal linking is also considered a great way to build lots of quality links for our targeted terms.

  5. Robi says:

    Great tips. I tried SEO smart link and it’s quite simple to manage, in few minutes, you can link a lot of you top articles or pages. This means more page views and probably, more conversions!
    I suggest to use this plugin!

  6. Preet says:

    Wp plugin is the best method for interlinking in WordPress blogs .Thanks for the information regarding the interlinking to get more pageviews.

  7. I was not aware that there was a plugin that can do this for me, does it automatically do it by the keywords you put in?

  8. Nishant Srivastava says:

    Interlinking helps a lot in to reduce bounce rate, increase page rank.
    If you like your Pages like this
    Page 1 >>>>>> Page 2
    Page 2 >>>>>> Page 3
    Page 3 >>>>>> Page 1
    Then you will get the maximum advantage from Interlinking…


  9. arun garg says:

    Which is the best seo plugin among these three and any problem with shared hosting plan if i install on my blog ?

  10. Raplus says:

    Nice post Rahul. Most of time I try to interlink my posts. :-). And I like to reduce bounce rate. Interlinking is very helpful for do that. 🙂

    • Moravcsik Andra says:

      Great post. I love industry posts that discuss more psychological aspects, so I loved reading about the two types of disinhibition.

    • Hi Raplus, glad you liked it.

      Interlinking is always a great strategy to bring more traffic to old your blog posts, as well as passing quality link juices to other pages.

      Thanks for the comment.

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