Blog Exposure: 10 Free Ways to Get More Exposure, Traffic and Subscribers to Your Blog

So you have established your new blog with a nice theme and start posting quality blog posts on it. But you are finding it hard to bring people to your blog. You are losing your motivation of writing content as no one is noticing or reading your blog posts. It’s very true that getting large amount of visitors on your blog will take time unless you are already very popular.

But still there are ways we can use for getting maximum exposure and traffic to our blog. You might have heard about certain techniques around blog exposure like writing comments on other blogs and linking out to related blogs and websites in your blog posts, but apart from these what else you can do? No doubt these techniques will help your blog being notices, but not in a big way you expected.

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Blog exposureNo doubt, you can get some level of exposure for your blog by buying blog reviews, running contests with huge prizes, buying advertising and paying to seo’s and link builders to carry out various promotion activities on your blog.

But what will you do in case you don’t have money and looking at free ways to get exposure and traffic to your blog. With this post, I’m aiming at answering some questions related to blogging like how to get exposure for your blog, how to build traffic to your blog, how to promote your blog and how to increase your blog subscribers etc.

So here is my 10 free ways that will help you build lots of exposure, traffic, branding and subscribers base for your blog:

How to Get More Blog Exposure for Free?

blog exposure: 10 free ways

1. Guest Blogging

Even after Google is banning guest blogging communities like MyBlogGuest, there’s still a good chance of using guest posts to your benefit to expose your blogs and websites to the new audience.

But how can you do that?

First of all, create connections with other blogs in your niche. Make them friends, often leave blog comments on their posts and share their posts on social media sites like Facebook and twitter. This way you will be building a nice and strong relationships with them. After getting to know well each other, you can ask them whether they are interested in publishing your guest posts.

The chances are they will more likely to publish your guest posts and they will be glad to give you dofollow backlinks. The reason is you both belong to the same niche and you already have friendly connections with them. So they may not refuse your guest post offer. Even if some bloggers refuse to post your guest posts, you can still ask them to link to one of your best posts which again a good strategy to get more blog exposure.

Undoubtedly guest blogging is a great way to introduce your brand new blog to bigger audience. With guest blogging, you are supposed to contribute a high quality article in the form of guest post around the topic of your interest. When approaching bloggers for guest blogging, you should make sure you are asking for guest posts on top bloggers in your niche that gets lots of search engine traffic and have large subscribers base. You will be able to send some link love to your blog though guest blogging. So you can introduce yourself, your expertise and your blog to bigger reader base though guest blogging.

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2. Social Media Websites

Social media sites already beome viral and they give tremendous exposure to your blogs and websites if done right. There are so many social media influencers online who are utilizing social media sites like Facebook, twitter etc. to boost their online reach.

How they are getting more exposure to their blogs through social media?

The simplest answer is they are building awareness about their products. And they are finely using these brand to take their blog posts to next level. If you follow social media trends properly you will be amazed with the results that you get.

Make efficient use of social media websites by creating strong presence for your blog there. You need to be active on popular social media websites like Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. Social media websites solves different kind of purposes. Some people use them for making friends while others use them for getting a job. So you can use them for promoting your blog and for showcasing your expertise about your niche to bigger audience. I would recommend you create an active profile of Twitter and fan page on Facebook. You should work towards getting lots of targeted followers and Fans to your Facebook page.

So spend quality time on social media to interact with your visitors, followers and readers. Let them share your blog posts and leave comments on your links, that you way you will be able to get more online reach.

3. Blog Commenting

Next thing you can do is start blog commenting on some popular blogs in your niche. Getting traffic from blog comments is the evergreen way. By leaving comments on other blogs you are not only getting more traffic, and exposure to your blogs and websites but you will also creating a name for yourself in the crowded online niche.

The more comments you post, the more people will start noticing you as a blog commenting rock star.

You should be wring valuable, interesting and engaging comment so that your comment can actually get approved. Commenting on other blogs will give you lots of benefits like blog exposure, more traffic to your blog, extra subscribers to your blog, more branding and backlinks for your blog. This will result in better search engine rankings for the term you are competing for and better page rank due to backlinks you are creating by making valuable comments on targeted blogs in your niche.

Here are few surefire ways to get the most out of your blog comments.

  • Don’t leave one liners as they only get caught up by Akismet and moreover they don’t add any value to the blog owner’s posts.
  • Always read the posts, pose questions and leave genuine blog comments
  • If you want to get more results from blog comments, instead of writing a blog comment, write a specific post and let the blog owner know that you wrote a post (and give a credit to his original post), so that you will get more blog exposure.
  • Register your email at, no one likes to put anonymous blog comments on their sites.

4. Create Link Bait Content

You want to get more traffic, exposure and links? Then start creating link bait content that naturally attracts links from other blogs.

How can you do this?

You need to create content which automatically gets links from hundreds or even thousands of links from related websites and blogs in your niche. Bloggers and website owners from your niche will love linking to your blog if they really love the quality of your blog content. I have noticed blog posts created around lists getting lots of exposure and links from lots of small as well big websites and blogs in that niche.

A good link bait idea can be Top 100 blogs in money making online niche, Top 50 SEO Guru’s List, List of 50 blogs that accept guest posts etc. People actually love their blogs being mentioned by other bloggers in their blog posts. So when you include certain bloggers links in your blog, they will link back to your blog as a way to respect you and your work.

Here are few more tips to create link bait content that generates hundreds of backlinks to your sites.

  • Brainstorm the best ideas. Come up with the hot topics and spend quality time on researching them.
  • Mention other bloggers in your posts. This way they will be glad to share or link to your posts.
  • Write amazing headlines that make your audience click.
  • In simple terms, link bait content is, we first create content, then it automatically attracts people to share, link and comment on your posts.

5. Linking Out to Other Blogs in Your Niche

Frequently linking out to other blog posts in your niche is the best way to build relationships and get more blog exposure. If you genuinely show interest in linking to others posts, they will also do the same favor for you sooner or later.

I used to keep track of links that I’m getting for my blog from other blogs in my niche. I even have a trackback in place to track all incoming links to my blog. So when we link out other blogs in our blog posts, most of bloggers will notice it and some of them will even link back to us as a way to return the favor. So it will result in additional backlinks, traffic and exposure for our blog.

6. Keep Publishing High Quality Blog Posts

Nothing beats quality content. NOTHING. If you have everything except quality stuff on your site, then there’s no one who will share, link or buy your stuff. It’s as simple as that. Content is always king.

Apart from doing all activities I mentioned, you need to keep on adding targeted and high quality blog posts on your blog. No one loves to visit an inactive blog, so you should keep your blog fresh with regular publishing of blog posts. So give a reason to your blog readers to stay on your blog for some time and perform some kind of activity on your blog like commenting on your blog, subscribing to your blog, purchasing a product or service you are recommending or some form of engagement on your blog.

7. Social Bookmarking Websites

Social bookmarking sites will not only give you traffic, but you will also be able to build backlinks through them. Spend time on submitting your latest posts on all the social bookmarking sites like Reddit, Delicious, Stumble Upon etc.

I noticed a big jump in traffic on Bloggers Passion after started sharing my blog posts on social media and social bookmarking websites. I would recommend you start sharing interesting blog posts from your blog on popular social bookmarking websites in general and in your niche. Some general social bookmarking I would recommend worth submitting interesting stories are Digg, Delicious, Reddit, StumbleUpon etc.

Apart from sharing yourself on these websites, I would recommend you give your blog readers the facility to share stories of their interest on these popular bookmarking websites. So you should add links or icons for popular social media and social bookmarking websites into your blog posts.

Also try to get more upvotes on these social bookmarking sites as you tend to get more traffic and blog exposure if you are on top of these pages.

8. Promote Through Signature Line

One of the easiest ways to get more blog exposure and traffic to your sites is to use email marketing the right way. Find out all the bloggers emails and send occasional emails to them whenever they post something awesome on their blogs. Don’t forget to keep your blog’s URL in your email signature. And whenever you post something great on your blog, let them know. If they find your content engaging and helpful for their audience, they will definitely give a shout out to you.

You must be sending 5-10 emails everyday and this will result in 150 to 300 emails going from you every month. I would recommend you add a signature to all of your outgoing emails. Email signatures work as business card and thus can help you promote your blog and its services to whom you are sending emails. Apart from email signature, you can add link to your blog from signature sections of various discussion forums where you actively participating.

9. Use Article Directories

Write some interesting articles around the topics you are most knowledgeable about and start publishing them on popular article directories. You are allowed to add 2-3 links to your blog pages from each article that you submit to article directories. So these links from article submission websites will send some instant traffic to your blog.

A word of caution: If you are trying to build backlinks using article directories, stop doing it right now. Only use them to get blog post ideas or brainstorm your blog ideas and not to get baclinks.

Watch this video by Matt Cutts on building links through article directories (it’s a big no!)

10. Pinging Your Blog Posts

You need to use pinging websites as a way to inform search engines and other websites to inform about the latest blog post on your bog. This will help search engines index your blog contents faster and which will result in more traffic to your blog from search engines. There are lots of pinging websites that you can use and two pinging websites I worth using for pinging your latest blog posts are Ping-O-Matic and Pingoat. It will take only one minute to ping your latest blog post on these pinging websites.

In a nutshell about getting more exposure for your blog

When it comes to building a popular blog, you can’t make it a success without using the right promotion strategies. Getting blog exposure for free is not a rocket science. But it takes your time and energy to take your blog posts to the next level. You have to figure out how can you promote your blog posts to reach more blog audience. The above mentioned tips are mainly focused for the beginners, if you are starting out, you can get most out of them by spending quality time.

I’m hoping above tips will help you build lots of exposure, traffic and branding for your blog. What are you doing for generating lots of exposure and branding for your brand new blog, please share in the comments section below.


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