5 Most Powerful Ways to Get High Quality Backlinks (Without Creating Content)

get backlinks without posting more

We all want more search engine traffic.

But we all fail to bring massive traffic from Google because many of us usually don’t spend time in building quality backlinks.

Whether you know it or not, backlinks are the backbones of any successful blog that gets huge search engine traffic.

Backlinks is the only difference between an authority site that gets more organic traffic and a new blog that barely gets any visitor.

So if you are looking for quick ways to increase your search engine traffic, build quality backlinks first. And if you are wondering how to do that, let me help you.

In this detailed guide, you will find five of the most powerful ways to build high quality backlinks without creating more content on your blogs.

Are you curious to find them out? Let’s dive into the details.

How to Get Quality Backlinks Without Posting More Blog Content

get backlinks without posting more

#1. Blogger Mention Links

Reaching out to other bloggers whenever you publish a valuable post on your blogs is the surefire way to get high quality incoming links to your content.

You may ask “why would anyone link to my blog posts?”.

That’s a fair question. The reason anyone would link to your content is because it’s highly appropriate for their audience.

To increase your chances of getting links from other bloggers to your content is to follow the “reciprocity rule”.

What does it mean?

How do you get more blog comments? By start commenting on other blogs.

How do you get more social shares? By sharing others stuff on social media sites.

How do you get high quality backlinks? By linking out to other bloggers from your blog posts.

See, that’s called reciprocity.

It’s a win/win approach where you are helping others before seeking their help (by linking to their content first).

blogger outreach strategy

So to get the most out of this blogger mention strategy to build quality links, start linking to other bloggers and do it frequently and consistently. Make sure to send an email to each and every blogger you link out to. That way they will know that you have linked to their posts and by frequently sending emails to them after linking will also persuade them to start linking out to your posts.

That’s how you get incoming links from other bloggers to your blog’s content. If you are still wondering how to get the most out of blogger outreach strategy to build backlinks, I highly advise you to go through this post  on blogger outreach.

#2. Using Broken Links to Get High Quality Backlinks

broken link buildingHave you heard about broken link building?

In short, it’s all about building backlinks from broken or dead links from other blogs.

For instance, if you find a link that’s not working on any blog (which is relevant to your field), you can simply email the blog owner about it by recommending a relevant article from your own site.

Majority of the bloggers would be interested in doing so if they find your content relevant and useful to their audience.

So why not build backlinks from the broken links of other blogs? If you are fortunate enough, you can use broken link building strategy to get links from top and authority blogs in your niche.

If you don’t know how to use this strategy to build backlinks to your sites, let me help you.

Here’s how you can find broken or dead links on any website and recommend your own links to replace them.

Step 1: You can use Broken Link Check site to start finding broken or dead links of any website. All you need to do is to click on this link.

Step 2: Enter the domain name of which you want to find broken links.

Step 3: And within no time, you will get all the information about the broken links of the particular domain.

Step 4: Once you find all the dead links of a site, email the corresponding blogger about the same.

You can use the following email copy. Don’t hesitate to use it as it is.

Hi [name],

I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and I’m fascinated with your content.

I just found a couple of broken links on your site.

[List all of them]

BTW, I’ve an article relevant to your audience which you can replace with your [broken link] only if you think it’s suitable for your readers.

Keep up your great work.


Your name.

That’s it! That’s how you can easily find hundreds of broken links and send email to at least 10 people every day to get natural links for your own blogs.

Quick note: Not all bloggers are going to give you a link. As a rule of thumb, expect getting a link or two from every 10 emails you send to other bloggers.

#3. Infographic and Image Links

Did you know the Copyblogger posted an infographic titled 15 Grammar Goofs and till now, it has received more than 6000 tweets, 55,000 shares on Facebook, 1700 Google+ circles and 200,000 pins on Pinterest?

That’s the beauty of creating Infographics. They attract a lot of buzz, links and social shares.

Infographics can help you improve your SEO. They can easily help you acquire some quality links without putting much efforts.

The key to getting more links from Infographics is to use social media sites like Reddit, Facebook, Twitter etc smartly. The more buzz you get across these sites the more links you can acquire really quickly.

You can use Pinterest to find a lot of golden Infographic ideas to create. It’s a great source for all bloggers and marketers to find the best Infographic ideas that spread all over the web and can help them get more backlinks.

Just use the keywords like “Infographics + topic” and start researching about those ideas. The more unique information you can come up with the better it is for you to create link attracting Infographics. It’s as simple as that.

Likewise, you can also use Visual.ly site (a great platform where you will see a TON of Infographics) to find great ideas to create Infographics for your target audience. Do a search for your target keyword and organize the results by “liked” option and you will be given a lot of Infographics.

So how to create Infographics?

Either you can use Fiverr services or you can do it for free by using online tools such as Canva. It’s a great platform for creating stunning Infographics for free. All you need to do is to spend some quality time on crafting your Infographics.

Once you are done with creating them, post them on to your blog and embed them into your posts. Provide an easy way to let others link to your Infographics so you can easily get backlinks from other sites.

You can do almost the similar things to build links by using compelling images. Create images, memes and post them on social media sites.

meme on blogging

If they are funny and compelling enough, they will surely catch on fire on social media sites. That can quickly result in increasing your twitter and Facebook followers also along with your fan page likes. Getting exposure to your blogs from social media sites is not hard when you have memes and images relevant to your field.

#4. Repurposing is the Secret Weapon

repurpose content tipsRepurposing your content can help you bring more traffic and build high quality links without creating more content. Want to find out how? Have a look at the following ways.

Turn your blog posts into videos: One of the best ways to repurpose your content and get high quality backlinks is to turn your content into videos. There are a lot of tools available online to turn your posts into videos. Or you can simply start a channel on YouTube and make videos around the contents that went popular in your own blog. Or you can also make videos around the contents that are popular in your niche. Make sure to add links in your video description to start building your own links.

Turn your videos into blog posts: Are you only making videos? Why don’t start your own blog and turn your videos into transcripts? Blogging is a great way to build audience, drive traffic and increase your overall website sales. Video blogging is great but when you combine it with the traditional blogging tactics, you can make more money and succeed online.

Try podcasting: Pat Flynn, Derek Halpern, Brian Clark, Darren Rowse – all these top bloggers are now doing podcasts. Podcasting is the most effective way to turn your blog visitors into subscribers into customers. Why not give a try to podcasting? It will help you build more loyal audience as you can add more personal touch by sharing your audio files.

Turn your posts into eBooks and slideshares: This is by far the simplest and most effective way to repurpose your existing content to get high quality backlinks without creating more content. Just turn your most popular posts into eBooks and upload them on to popular free eBook uploading sites and you will get a lot of traffic. Ask people to share your stuff or link to your existing content for downloading your items. You can also turn your blog posts into slides and upload them on Slideshare.net to get more views and increase your blog traffic.

#5. Give Testimonials

This is the most less used yet most effective strategy to build high quality backlinks without creating more content on your blogs. Start giving testimonials to others.

Are you wondering how to use testimonials and build backlinks?

Let me share you this strategy.

Step 1: Find all the products you use: You might be using at least a couple of premium products such as web hosting, SEO tools, WordPress plugins etc, right? Now, all you have to do is to use them to the full extent and write a testimonial about them and email it to the product owners. That’s it! Majority of the product owners use their customer REAL testimonials while linking to their blogs. You got a quality link from an authority product site. Bingo!

For instance, if you are using SEMrush and write a great testimonial about their product sharing your results after using it, they will gladly publish it if it’s worth it by linking to your blogs.

Step 2: Read and implement the strategies given other bloggers: You must be reading a lot of articles related to your field each and every week, right? Why not follow their advice, get some results for yourself and start emailing those bloggers about your results. How great it would be for you and them? You can get more exposure and they can get more credibility. They will be happily link to your blogs if you get astonishing results after implementing their strategies.

For instance, if you have ever read my blog posts completely and tried to follow the advice I share here and get best results from them and if you let me know about it, I’d be glad to give a shout out to your blog by giving you a link! Give it a try once.

Final Thoughts about Getting High Quality Backlinks (Without Creating More Blog Content)

There’s no better alternative to Google’s search traffic. It’s the most qualified traffic source you can ever use to increase your traffic and sales.

But remember one thing, increasing search engine traffic is not an easy feat. It takes a lot of time and efforts and more importantly, you need a lot of backlinks from trusted sources.

By using the five proven link building strategies mentioned above, you can surely get lots of high quality backlinks that too without posting more content on your blog.

So what are your thoughts? Do you have any more tips or strategies to get quality backlinks without creating content? Share your views in the comments.


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