How Are You Doing Link Building in Google Panda and Penguin World?

Google is slamming the websites that have poor web pages and filled with thin content. It has introduced many algorithms that include Google Panda and Penguin. The main reason for these Google updates is to give better user experience for any keyword you type of Google search results. We all know the importance of link building to get better search results for the keywords that we want to rank for.

Link Building in Google Panda & Penguin World

Then how are you doing link building in Google panda and penguin world in 2018 and beyond? Whether you agree it or not, link building can be a tedious task. It is very difficult to build quality links in Panda and Penguin world especially if you are a new to search engine optimization.

It doesn’t matter whether you are link building yourself or outsourcing your off Page SEO efforts to someone else, you need to focus on some fundamentals to grow your website.

If you have noticed Google recent search algorithmic updates which are popularly known as Google Panda updates and Penguin updates have changed the life of lots of small as well big brand websites and blogs. Lots of link building methods which were working prior to Panda and Penguin updates are not only gone but may have negative impact on your website overall rankings on Google if you are still following them.

Before moving on with the link building methods that you should be following in this Google panda and penguin World, let me brief you about Google Panda and Penguin.

Google Panda Update

Google Panda was first introduced in Feb 2011 and the main aim behind Google Panda update which was an algorithmic change from Google, is lowering down the rankings of low quality websites and bringing high quality websites back on top on Google search. Lots of article publishing websites notice big drop in their traffic from Google search. Some losers in panda race were,,,,,, and etc. Some of winners in panda race were,, and etc.

Through Google Panda Update, Google was able to uncover the shady link building techniques followed by big brand websites like JCPenny, and Websites that have poorly written content,
lots of 404 pages and low engagement metrics (bounce rate and time spent) also noticed drop in traffic from Google after Panda Update.

Google Penguin Update

Google Penguin update was first launched on April 24, 2012. Through this update, Google is aiming at lowering down the rankings of those websites that are not following Google Webmaster Guidelines and are involved in different black hat SEO techniques.

After Google Panda and Penguin updates, SEO’s and Link builders are forced to rethink about the methods they should be following to be on the safer side with these updates. They need to focus more on quality than quantity. They have to work very hard to build high quality links for their target websites and blogs now. You must understand one high quality backlink is much better than hundreds of low quality backlinks.

So here are some link building methods that you should follow while starting a link building campaign for your website or blog keeping Google Panda and Penguin updates in mind:

How to build backlinks in Google Panda and Penguin era?

how to build backlinks in google penguin world

Blog consistently

Google loves fresh contents, if you frequently update your blog with new information, Google rewards you in the search results. It doesn’t matter whether you are blogging for years, or just started a new website, you need to post regularly to boost your search engine traffic.

If you update your blog consistently, Google crawlers crawl your site frequently and thus it gives you better results for the keywords you are writing for. Besides this, your blog readers also love to revisit your blog if you update regularly. So keep your blog posting schedule consistent, write posts in advance, and schedule them to maintain a consistent blog that gets rewards from both Google and people.

Don’t use the same anchor text, keep variety in it

Gone are the days when we were able to enjoy top rankings on Google by getting some exact anchor text link for targeted pages of our website. If you are building lots of backlinks to your website using the same anchor text, you are inviting Google to place an over optimization penalty on your website.

You need to keep lots of variety among the anchor text you use for getting backlinks for your website to make sure these links look natural to Google. When people are linking to your website naturally, they can use anything as anchor text against your website URL. They can even use Click Here, Read More or anything that comes to their mind. So you need to keep lots of diversity in your anchor text.

Suppose I want to rank page for blogging tips keyword, I may use anchor texts like blogging tips, blog tips, blogging tips for beginners, Blogging Tips from Anil Agarwal, Blog Tips on Bloggers Passion, Read More about blogging tips, Visit here, and so on….

Create an authority website in your niche

This is very important step when it comes about building high quality backlinks for your website in Google panda and penguin age. You should just publish high quality, well researched and comprehensive contents on your website. If people are finding your website contents useful, there is every chance they will start linking to your website automatically. This way you will end up getting lots of editorial links for your website. You will not need to ask anyone to link to your website manually.

Since I’m working in blogging and SEO niche for some time. There are some trusted and authority websites in blogging and seo niche that gets lots of editorial links automatically primarily because of their content quality. Some of websites and blogs in these niches I myself love linking to are,,,,,, Matt Cutts blog,, Digital Inspiration,, and

Interview blogging experts in your industry

Interviewing experts in your niche can be the most effective way to get quality backlinks to your websites. This is the evergreen way of link building even in Google panda and penguin era. Find out the authority bloggers in your industry, ask them if they are interested in getting featured on your websites and you are good to go.

Here are few tips on how to conduct expert interviews to build backlinks.

  • Get to know about the person you want to interview so that you won’t end up asking silly/irrelevant questions.
  • Make your questions short, relevant and to the point. And ask limited questions, don’t piss them off by asking 15 to 20 questions, chances are they end up giving you one line answers. As a rule of thumb, anything around 6 to 10 questions seem legit.
  • Email the bloggers who you have interviewed, once the interview goes live, ask them to link or share your posts. The chances are either they will link to their “Press pages”, “Featured Here” pages or they will share with their fans and followers. If their readers love your interviews, they may link to your posts as well. So it’s a win/win approach that helps you connect with the influencers while building links the natural way.
  • You can also email other blogging peers, your blogging buddies to link to your interview posts, if they really like your interview series, they will definitely link.

Harness the power of guest blogging

Although Matt Cutts declared guest blogging is dead, you still can build backlinks using your guest posts. You only need to choose blogs selectively. Don’t guest post on random blogs as you may end up getting penalized by Google crawlers. Relevancy and consistency is the key to get your guest posts featured in authority blogs.

Guest blogging on top blogs in your niche is one of the best method you can implement for building targeted backlinks for your website in your niche in this Google Panda world. Most of popular blogs in your niche will have strict guest blogging guidelines that need to be followed to make your guest post publishing on them.

So you should work hard for gaining each and every link. You have to write a well-researched and comprehensive content in the form of a guest post. Writing high quality and engaging guest posts will make sure you are able to drive lots of relevant traffic and backlink to your website.

If you are looking at blogs based in blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing, social media, health, food, education, travel or technology etc. categories, I have complied the list of guest blogging websites here.

Start commenting on other blogs

You need to make a list of active and most popular blogs in your niche and don’t think much about whether you will be getting a dofollow or nofollow link by commenting on these blogs. This practice will be highly effective if you are running a link building campaign for fresh new website.

You should have an exact idea about a blog post before commenting on it. Don’t write one liner comments but try to add more value to a blog post through your knowledge sharing comments. If you happen to the first commenter on a blog post on popular blog in your niche, may even be able to send some targeted traffic to your website very quickly.

You should avoid submitting comments on blogs where your comments get approved in no time. It means those blog owners are not much worried about content quality and have no moderation in place. So you should target those blogs only where your comments are kept in moderation before actual approval or disapproval by its blog owner.

Be selective while doing directory submission

Google recently de-indexed some directory submission websites. But it’s not the case like every directory is de-indexed in Google as claimed by lots of industry experts. In my opinion, you should not do much directory submissions. You should be submitting your website to very few directories which are really trustworthy. You should give a try in submitting your website to directory and type of websites only. It’s also true it would not be that much easy to get a link from such directory websites.

So it’s not easy to get quality links and links that are generated quickly are no more considered by Google. So you need to build backlinks to your website the hard way.

Social Media Links

I’m a big fan of social media links. You can build some backlinks for your website through your presence on popular social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google Plus and Pinterest etc. Social media signals were recently included as one of important ranking factor by Google in its search engine algorithm. If your website contents are able to create good amount of buzz and shares in mentioned social media websites, you will notice lots of targeted traffic coming to your website from these websites and Google search.

Doing Some Local Link Building

I love my websites being listed in local business directories and Yellow Pages type of websites. You should claim a listing for your website on Google Places, Yahoo Local and Bing Business especially if you have a location specific business website.

Apart from this, you can use videos, images, podcasts, infographics and widgets etc. to build more targeted links to your website once you have gained some age and popularity for it in the eyes of search engines especially Google.

Create inforgraphics

This has been the proven way to build quality backlinks in Google penguin world. Create visually appealing infographics that grab your visitors attention.

Also provide easy ways to linking and sharing you infographics. If they are highly informative, they will go viral quickly giving you backlinks all over from the blogosphere. Spend time in creating infographics or hire someone to design them for you.

Major Link Building Mistakes to Avoid in Google Panda and Penguin world

Do not look at ways to get links from other websites in their footer, sidebars or blogroll sections. If you are doing so, you are going to get hundreds or even thousands of links to your website with the same anchor text and this could result in making your backlinks profile look un-natural to Google. You should build links for your website in a natural way. Here are some link building mistakes you should avoid doing:

Never use type of websites

Don’t build too many backlinks for your website in quick time. And never use Fiverr kind of websites to build some quick backlinks to your website. Most of links that are sold through type of websites will not do anything good for your website and may force Google to place a severe penalty on your website. When you are building lots of backlinks to your website through different sources like Fiverr in quick time, that will not look natural to Google. You need to build 5-10 backlinks every day especially if you are working on a brand new website.

Don’t submit your contents on Panda Hit Websites

Lots of article publishing websites were hit by Google Panda update. So you should think twice before publishing your content on any of article publishing websites. You can get an idea about a website traffic trend using the tools that are mentioned in this post. Personally I have stopped submitting my articles on any of such websites.

One more recently hit website (especially used to get guest posts published) was My Blog Guest run by Ann Smarty. It was hit by Google Penguin updates and completely demolished the website from Google search results. So don’t try to use these type of websites that is hit by Google updates.

Reciprocal Linking

Reciprocal linking or link exchange means someone is linking to your website and you are linking to his/her website in exchange. You should stay away from such practices.

Duplicate Content

Never use duplicate content on your own website or on other websites for carrying out any form of promotion activity. Either update your old blog posts with latest information or delete (and deindex) them from Google search results. Also make sure to check all of your guest posts that you have published from the beginning of your blogging journey.

You never know whether they are copied or original unless you skim them through again. Google penalizes the sites that have copied content, so be smart while writing posts, also try to use unique headlines. Doing a simple Google search before publishing your blog posts can help you create unique and totally original content for your websites.

Conclusion about link building in Google panda and penguin world

If you are focusing on your readership rather than increasing traffic, you will always stay ahead of your competition no matter what. At the same time, also focus on optimizing your posts for search engine crawlers, but don’t over do it and you will be fine in the eyes of Google.

Doing expert interviews, using social media sites wisely, selectively guest blogging can help you build quality backlinks to your websites even in the Google panda and penguin era.

I hope the above link building methods will take your website rankings in the right direction specially keeping the on-going Google Panda and Penguin Updates from Google. How are you building backlinks for your website or blog in this Google Panda and Penguin hit world, do share your tips and ideas in the comments section.


  1. Aditi says:

    Hi Anil,
    This post is really very informative. A the Penguin Update unleashed on April, it mainly encourages websites with clear and natural link profile. Therefore, link building must be done very carefully after these updates. This post is definitely very informative. I like all the tips that you have shared and specially the one of doing some local link building. Even blog commenting is also a safer option to do. Thanks for the share!!

  2. George says:

    An excellent post. What do you suggest about commenting. I always get the same anchor text. Will google penalise me too

    • George, I would suggest keep some variety in it. Like I use to comments using anchor text like Anil Agarwal, Anil, Anil Agarwal@Bloggers Passion, Bloggers Passion. Anil from Bloggers Passion etc. You can use your blog internal pages apart from home while doing blog commenting.

  3. Shaun says:

    I think the biggest thing to be aware of is anchor text diversity, you absolutely must make sure that you have not got a massive ratio of your links with the exact same anchor text.

    • That’s true Shaun. We need to make lots of diversity in our anchor text to be on the safer side. We need to use lots of generic terms while getting links for our website. We should not always go for seo optimized keywords

  4. Dean Saliba says:

    I do forum posting and blog commenting daily and have noticed my traffic has plummeted since the updates, and when I say plummeted I mean it has dropped from 8,000+ to about a 1,000!

    So I ask myself if blog commenting and forum posting is still worth doing. :/

    • Dean, I think there must be something else that have reduced traffic to your blog to such a great extent. You could face problems with blog commenting if you are using the same anchor text in all of your comments. With discussion forums, we used to get links through signature sections. If have replied or are paid of 500 threads on a discussion forum, in that case as well, we will be getting 500 links type using the same anchor text. After latest updates, we are supposed to keep lots of variety in our anchor text.

  5. Fernandodennis says:

    With havin so much written content do you ever run into any problems
    of plagorism or copyright infringement? My site has a lot of
    exclusive content I’ve either authored myself or outsourced but it appears a lot of it is popping it up all over the internet without my permission. Do you know any ways to help protect against content from being stolen? I’d genuinely appreciate it.

    • You can do lots of things to make sure Google considers your content as original.

      1. Implement Google Authorship on your website
      2. File a DMCA complaint against websites that are copying content from your website at different levels
      3. Make it difficult for people to copy content from your end and add a copyscape widget on your website

  6. Felicia says:

    Hi Anil,
    Good to know which websites were struck down and those which came out on top despite the Google Panda update. I actually have a website that suffered greatly from Panda, but when I tweaked and improved it, it got back on its feet and was doing well. Good thing I never did any shady backlinking to any of my sites and have been spared by the Penguin update.

  7. very useful and safe tips Anil … specially all the directories you have mentioned, they all seem to be super safe to submit articles to!

  8. Rebecca@MidcenturyModernRemodel says:

    Very helpful article and good reminders of best practices. I was just double checking to make sure I am doing things the right way. I am okay. I think.

  9. Commission Killer Review says:

    Hi! I know this is kinda off topic but I was wondering if you knew where
    I could find a captcha plugin for my comment form?
    I’m using the same blog platform as yours and I’m having difficulty
    finding one? Thanks a lot!

  10. Hi Anil, Thanks for your informative article. Now i got good idea about how to do link building for my website. How can i find out whether a website panda effected. Appreciate your reply. thanks

  11. Vishnu says:

    Nice ways thank you Anil, I was thinking to publish my article on hubpages but now i will not publish their.

  12. Simo says:

    Thanks for the informative post and SEO is very strict after the penguins and panda updates. We should do now link building with new strategy and do link building on relevant, quality and high pr sites to get quality back links for site otherwise these updates penalize your site.

  13. progresso36 says:

    The site is very good.I am happy to know about this site. Thanks moderator. Thanks for the informative post and SEO is very strict after the penguins and panda updates. We should do now link building with new strategy and do link building on relevant, quality and high pr sites to get quality back links for site otherwise these updates penalize your site.

  14. What are the criterias to match to get approved in Dmoz directory? Have tried my blog 4 times and havent been approved yet.

    • As per my experience there is no guide or hack which will make sure you get approved into Dmoz. You should go through the submission guidelines and submit your website. Once you are done with submission, just sit back and relax. Don’t’ submit the same site over and over here. Wait for six months at least before try submitting the same site if you are not getting approval.

  15. Hello Anil,
    I Read your Article , it is really informative and beneficial for this year. I have a question , My website is 9th position is .. but it stay there 2 weeks not going to up . Please give me suggestion. Thanks

  16. ishara says:

    Very good article. I understand how worst link building method I have used. So thank you very much

  17. maddu says:

    Hi Anil Agrawal,

    Sounds look informative and i got knew that how to do backlinking at point of panda and penguin updates.

    I have a website with high rankings in Google from past two years. Unfortunately, My keywords rankings are drops to 2nd page of Google. Can you help me out how to resolve.

  18. Siya says:


    Well, Google has made it difficult for newbies like us, with these algorithm updates. I am really trying hard to learn to comply with these updates, after one of my blog got hit from last panda update and I guess Penguin is also coming.

    So, reading a lot about these updates, so I can remove the risk of penalty from my blogs.

    Is there any special thing, which I can follow?

  19. Hi Anil, Thanks for your informative article. Now i got very good idea about how to do link building for my website. Is there any good tools to identify the backlinks for website?

  20. Thanks, Anil !!
    For writing this fantastic and very detailed article about link building. What do you think about the 301 redirect in 2016? Should I use them?

  21. Rashin says:

    Hello Anil…
    I have a question No-follow links have any use to increase website ranking ? Please Reply me

  22. Mikky says:

    Dear Anil,

    Well informative post, I got to know on how to build link building in a efficient way to my website.

    How can i regenerate the back links when we loose back links from existing websites.


  23. john says:

    Hello Anil,
    I Read your Article , it is really informative and beneficial for this year. I have a question , My website is 15th position is .. but it stay there 2 weeks not going to up . Please give me suggestion. Thanks

  24. Methy John says:

    After Update is trying to build links 2-5 per day… But there are no remarkable penalties for aggressive link building.

  25. Bob says:

    Finally, Find time to read your article, i update disavow my bad backlink in google search console after 2 to 3 days my rankings move 1st page to 5 page, please suggest me what should i do? thanks in advance

    • Bob, spend some more time in finding toxic backlinks to your domain through different SEO tools. I use SEMrush and Moz to find Spam backlinks to my site. And then use disavow file to remove them from Google. Also scan your Google Search Console account for any content related issues (duplicate or thin content pages etc).

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