6 Scientifically Proven Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic by 405%

increase blog traffic

Setting up a WordPress blog is easy, increasing traffic isn’t.

Even if you are working hard, you probably never going to get enough traffic you deserve.

When it comes to increasing blog traffic, nothing comes close to SEO. But SEO is changing and Google is getting smarter each day.

Did you know that Google updates its algorithms (be it minor or major) over 500 times every year? That’s more than 1 update every single day. So you can’t predict how Google behaves. Yes, you can recover from Google updates but still it’s hard.

When it comes to SEO, there’s a lot of competition that can scare most bloggers to stay completely out of it. You will be competing with the large SEO companies in the world to extremely new bloggers.

Here are few scientifically proven ways to increase your blog traffic. Without much ado, let’s get into the article.

How to Increase Your Blog Traffic by 405%?

increase blog traffic

#1. Use the “Poster Boy” Formula to Explode Your Blog Traffic

Any successful marketer or product creator wants one thing to boost sales: successful customers.

Most of the product creators need stories about the people who have successfully used their strategies that turned average guy into a rich guy! In a sentence, they need poster boys.

I’ve personally used the same strategy to get multiple mentions from SEMrush team. I know I’m using a good product and I also know that SEMrush is giving me good results, so I emailed them about it.

And what they did? They included my blog post’s URL from their site and tweeted a couple of times. This is all good, not only helps you boost your traffic and social proof, it also helps you increase sales for that particular product.

So next time, when you are using any product or service, if you see good results from it, make sure to tell your stories to the product creators. They will gladly mention you in their email newsletters, blog posts, social media platforms. This will increase your social proof, traffic, links and sales!

Bryan Harris from VideoFruit explains this strategy in detailed here.

#2. Write Blog Posts That are Backed by Data

Without content, you can’t increase your blog traffic. And not just any content, you need to create content that your audience wants to read, share and promote.

If you write another 500 mediocre article, no one reads it except you! Gone are the days, where you can write 500 words short articles every single day to grow your blog traffic. You won’t get a single visit from Google if you are still doing that.

The competition is really high and there are over a million of blog posts getting shared everyday. So the only way you can bring more visitors to your blogs is to create “research based” content.

If you are wondering how you can create blog content that is backed by data, here are few simple tips for you.

Include links: One of the biggest mistakes most bloggers make while creating content is they link only to their own blog posts. If you are one among them, stop doing it from now. The simplest way to build links is to link out to other bloggers too often. And make sure you are linking to relevant sources. Quote other bloggers if you want and include their names while mentioning their blog posts. That way you will grab others attention, also build a relationship with them sooner or later just by adding links to others sites. This approach is also known as Skyscraper technique.

Use screenshots: When you are using relevant screenshots throughout your blog posts, you are indirectly giving your readers a visual treat. Images not only help your readers easy to digest your contents, but they provide massive value without cranking out more words. If you want to convey something strong from your blog posts, make sure to take out some time to add some appealing images or screenshots. It works like a charm, always.

Extremely detailed blog posts: Write 2,000 words on the low end to 5,000 words on the high end.

Long form of content always ranks well in search engines. Have a look at the following screenshot and you will understand its importance to grow your blog traffic by writing long form content.

long content ranks well


Writing detailed content always helps you in the following 3 things.

  1. Your blog audience consider you as an authority. Long content always creates that impression over short articles (500 words).
  2. Google rewards long content.
  3. You can include a lot of keywords without looking like a spammer.

#3. Collect as Many Emails as You Can

Whether you agree it or not, email marketing is the fastest way to grow your blog traffic. The more email subscribers you have the more targeted visitors read your content.

Once you have a list of good number of email subscribers (say more than 1000), you can send out an email linking to your latest post.

It can be as simple the following.

Subject line: Your title of the post

Email: Hey [name],

[Insert the topic of your content].

Here’s the new article [link] published on my blog especially for those [target audience].

Your name

See, sending the above newsletter won’t take you even a minute but it can bring you targeted people to your blogs instantly! The bigger your email list is the better, the more traffic your blog gets.

#4. Reach Out to Other Bloggers Strategically

You can’t build a massive traffic blog without the help of other bloggers. Networking is the key to any successful website that receives huge traffic.

Unfortunately most bloggers spend a lot of time in creating content but a pitiful of time when it comes to networking with others. Don’t do that mistake again.

Email outreach is a powerful weapon that helps you build strong relationships with other bloggers. Always follow win/win approach when you are reaching out to others.

Find out how you can help others before seeking help from them. Even a small incentive like tweeting their stuff or linking to their posts can add huge value when it comes to building connections with anyone.

Neil Patel from QuickSprout does this very well. When he started to do blogger outreach for few of his marketing guides, he received an extra 100,000 plus visitors. That’s insane, right?

Suggested Reading: Blogger Outreach Strategy: Secret to Get Links from Top Bloggers

#5. Turn Your Blog Content into Videos, Infographics, Memes, Slides

So what’s the best way to give massive exposure to your blog’s content?


Repurpose your existing content into Infographics, images, memes, social media tweets, videos etc. Truly speaking turning your blog posts into videos won’t take much time. You can use some slides, add some background music and upload them on YouTube to give your content more visibility.

YouTube being the second largest search engines, you will drive more visitors to your sites if your videos make sense.

Apart from videos, I also strongly suggest you the following three ways to repurpose your blog content to grow your blog traffic.

Slideshare: Slideshare gets an average of 60 million unique visitors every single month. Imagine how the world’s largest content sharing community can help you if you have great slides.

The best part, you don’t have to spend a lot of time to create appealing slides. Just repurpose your best performing content into powerpoint presentations and upload them into Slideshare.

Start small in the beginning, once you started getting good results from it, you can invest more money and time into creating really professional looking slides.

Memes: Creating memes don’t take more than 5 minutes. But they instantly grab online readers attention within seconds. Just make to take out the most funny parts of your blog content and turn them into memes. You can either post them on your Pinterest profile or Facebook or twitter to boost your engagement. Simply include a link under the image to let others easily find you.


Infographics: The best thing about turning your content into Infographics is they are widely popular and made to attract tons of backlinks. If you spend quality time (if possible some money), you can create appealing Infographics. At the end of the Infographics, you can provide your blog audience the embed code to reuse.

#6. Focus on Publishing “Epic” Guest Posts

Did you know that Danny Iny from Fire Pole Marketing has built a seven figure online business just with ONE promotion strategy – “guest posting”?

Danny Iny

Guest blogging is still the most powerful promotion strategy that helps you grow your blog traffic.

The power of guest posting:

  • It’s free and the most powerful traffic source
  • It builds you quality links
  • You will get targeted traffic to your sites
  • It improves your online visibility and brand

Why don’t you see any traffic growth with your guest posts?

The #1 reason most people write guest posts for others is because they either want links or traffic. They don’t write guest posts because they want to truly help others with their content.

They spend an hour or two and publish their guest posts on random blogs they come across. You see, what’s happening there?

If you are not writing quality guest posts, no one likes to read it till the end. And if they don’t make it till the end, they are not going to click on your author bio links to reach your blog.

At the other end of the spectrum, if you spend a lot of time in crafting “epic guest posts”, majority of the people read them till the end and they also love to find more about you.

Don’t forget to read the massive list of blog that accept guest posts.

That’s when they reach out to you, share your posts and even subscribe to your email lists if they find your blog’s content useful.

If you are blaming guest posting because it’s not effective anymore, think again how much efforts you are putting into creating your guest posts.

Also, don’t publish on small blogs that have a handful of readers, it’s not going to help you in anyway. Always aim for the blogs that have at least 10,000 subscribers so you can get decent traffic when your post goes live.

My results so far:

I have been following most of these strategies, and yet to try few other promotion strategies to grow my blog traffic. As of now, all the current promotion strategies I’m using are bringing me good results in terms of traffic.

Recently, I was able to grow my blog traffic by nearly 15% in just 30 days time. So it boils down to one thing – you should implement what you learn. Otherwise, no matter how great content you read, it won’t affect to much. So implement what you learn!

Final thoughts on increasing blog traffic

Increasing your blog traffic is not fun in anyway, but if done right, you will be blown away with the results.

Whether you are doing blogger outreach strategy or turning your content into memes, you need to be careful. Don’t promote your content like a sales guy. Think about how can you add value to others. Before asking others to promote your stuff, help them by sharing their stuff frequently with your network.

I hope this massive post helps you boost your blog traffic, don’t forget to share it with your friends if you like it.


How else can you maximize your blog traffic? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. Rahul says:

    Hey Anil!
    Brilliant post,as always.
    Yes longer posts work like magic.Blogger outreach plays crucial role in networking.
    Thanks for telling about poster boy….will try!

  2. Pramod says:

    Reposting is a good idea. If we rewrite or update old posts, the user will get latest information and the visitor will not leave the page immediately which results in above average bounce rate.

  3. Joshua Rowe says:

    Great work as usual Anil. I particularly love that graph which showed how well guest posting worked for Danny Iny.

    Keep up the good work

  4. Rick Rouse says:

    Anil, there are some fantastic tips in this post, and I can personally attest to the “Re-purposing Content” tip. I always find a way to re-purpose my most popular blog posts, and it’s amazing how that generates so much extra traffic and list subscriptions. Thanks for an awesome post!

  5. Hi Anil,

    Poster boy method is new to me, I never read that before…..it sound simple but with the way you describe it, it effect maybe really amazing especially if the merchants is a big one in the industry.

    I’ve been good at producing in depth article consistently, the kind of that really get people reading for minutes without losing interest. And images is something I do pay careful attention to since I discover it usefulness and benefits it can bring to making content go more viral.

    Repurposing is some am not so consistent with, I think is largely due to time factor and been a solo blogger.

    Thanks Anil for sharing, nice reading.

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