Must Know Blogging Tips To Make A Blog Popular In 30 Days 

Must Know Blogging Tips To Make A Blog Popular In 30 Days

Blogging Tips

These days there are millions of bloggers working day and night to become famous and to do so,they have to make their blog popular. But that’s the time when a Big problem hit all the bloggers. That problem is, they don’t know how to make blog popular.

When we ask them to explain, what they have planned to become popular?

The majority will say, regular posting, Social sharing, etc. Some will say building relationships, Posting quality content, etc.. But there are only a few who know all the ways to become famous and that’s why the high percentage of bloggers failing without even tasting success.

I am not saying that they are wrong, Of course posting quality content at regular Intervals, Sharing of Social networks and building relationships with other bloggers are key factors of getting success, but still you need to have that X factor on your blog and the best way to have the X factor,is by following all the techniques to make a blog Popular quickly,not just by following these 2-3 techniques.

You have to find all the methods available which can help you become famous, but again, it’s not easy to find all techniques and that’s why I am here writing an Exclusive Guide on “Blogging Tips to Make A Blog Popular in 30 Days“. This guide will include all those essential blogging tips needed from the Day 1 to get success in blogging. So, let’s began the guide without wasting too much time.

Blogging Tips

Essential Blogging Tips to Make a Blog Popular in 30 Days

I suppose you haven’t created your blog. So, I will start explaining it from the scratch.

#1 Blog Building

The first ever thing you must consider on the first Day is selection of Best branded Domain name and reliable hosting. For an advise, you can select a .com domain and a shared hosting from either Bluehost or Hostgator without any hesitation. After selecting a domain and hosting, set up your blog installing WordPress CMS as it is considered as the best blogging platform. Now, once you have a full blog after WordPress installation,you will need to cover all of the below given points.

Perfect Theme with Attractive Design

The most important after setting up a New blog, is selecting a Theme having all the Qualities. For me, attractive design is the key factor because “First Impression is the last impression”, you can turn a casual visitor into a permanent Reader of your blog by having an eye-catchy design. But remember to Keep some important things in mind like:-

  1. SEO friendly :- While choosing a perfect design for your blog, you must keep SEO in your mind as it will surely help you climb up in the rankings. But I have seen many bloggers selecting ugly designs for SEO, according to me,it’s totally a waste. You have to make a perfect collaboration of  both,the attractive design and the SEO.
  2. Color :- This may be a minor factor in design, but still a correct selection is needed. Although it will affect only %1 of traffic, but still go for it. Only choose colors which make reading easy.I have seen some websites choosing all bright Red color which making reading very tough,especially for a long time,you can’t stay on that website too long. So, that’s why you need to choose colors wisely.

#2 Blog Branding

If you want to become popular quickly, then you need to make your blog a brand because a normal blog can get decent traffic but without branding it will not get the desired number of followers.  So, follow some of the below given methods to make your blog a brand.


A professional Logo can make your blog a popular brand,your readers will remember your blog for a longer period of time when compared to blogs without logo. So, go and get a professional Logo and don’t mind paying some money for it.

About Me Page, Social Profiles and Author Bio

The majority of new bloggers ignores these simple things like  About Me or About Page, Showing Social profiles or social links, Writing few mind blowing lines in the Author Bio below each post. Frankly, all these things plays an important role in making your blog a popular brand.

So, write a superb About Me or About Page by Selling something about yourself, your blog and why you started your blog. Give as much information as you can to build trust among Users.

Deliver Regular, High Quality Content

After all “Content is King” as you know. So, I don’t it needs any explanation. A regular posting of High Quality Content will make your blog a brand and it’s an obvious way to make blog popular in 30 days, only if you’re writing on a regular basis.

High Class Images

Once you start writing quality content,you will see traffic flowing to your blog. Now, to to turn that regular traffic into permanent readers,you will need one more way of blog branding and that way is the usage of High Class, eye-catchy Images.

Use some quality Images for every post on your blog, it will surely drive more traffic and also make your blog a brand. But don’t forget to give credit if you use Image from any other blog.

#3 Keyword Research (Key Blogging Tip)

Now, You are writing a regular quality content. But wait, you need to know one more thing, the Keyword Research.

You will need a lot of research to find keywords which suits your niche and then, you can target each of those keywords in your Unique Articles. Suppose you are writing content on SEO, then you will need to find popular keywords related to SEO and then target them in your post so you can drive huge traffic from search Engines. You can use the Google Keyword Planner for this purpose as it the best tool I have ever seen in my blogging career.

That Tool will give a lot of information about keywords so you  can select according to competition and drive targeted traffic. Now, What the Hell targeted Traffic is?  Read it in the next para.

#4 Traffic

Now, What about Traffic? You need to drive lots of traffic to your blog? How?

I think, I already told you the way to drive traffic, It’s by doing some keyword Research and writing high quality content. But there is two types of  traffic, one is targeted and the second is Non-targeted. You need to drive targeted traffic to your blog.

For Example, you have a Blog on SEO, so you will need readers looking for SEO content, if you are driving readers looking for cricket news, then you are not going anywhere, your blog will die sooner or later. Also, Target traffic will have more conversion rate, So always drive targeted visitors to your blog by targeting specific keywords.

#5 Building Backlinks

Many bloggers will take these two words in a wrong way, they think building lots of backlinks can help them rank high and drive huge traffic but it’s not correct. These days Google is very strict against any kind of manual link building, they want only natural High quality links.

Now, you would be thinking, How you can get natural High quality backlinks? Well, you can use any of the manual methods to get backlinks but only from High authority blogs, Google will always treat it as natural link.

But be carefully because One low quality backlinks can ruin your blog’s SEO and spoil all your efforts. So, be very careful while building backlinks, Even one authority link is better than 1000 low quality links. Go for quality, Rather than Quantity.

#6 Social Media Promotion (Star Blogging Tip)

Now, What I mean by Star Blogging Tip, Actually I just wanna give importance to this point because when we talk about “Blogging Tips to Get Popular“, Social Media must be there in our mind.

A constant writing and constant sharing on Social networking and Social bookmarking sites can help you get early success. You can even get popular in a short span of 15-20 days. Even your blog can become a big brand very quickly and have thousands of followers. But to get there, you need to follow all the above given steps and once you are done, you can start promoting your blog posts on all social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.

You will surely get success with this method. But remember not to spam because I have seen majority bloggers spamming on social sites rather than promoting and the best way to avoid spam is, including few quality lines with your blog post link and it’s done.

Terminating Blogging Tips

In the final section, I just wanna say, follow the above given tips carefully, all are tried and tested Blogging Tips. One more tips from my side (Highlighted from this Article), Write quality Content targeting Popular but low competition keywords at constant basis and remember to explain everything clearly, it will surely attract huge number of readers from search engine as well as from Social Media.

Who knows, a post goes viral on social sites and Boom, Traffic is pouring to your blog. And it can happen within a short period of time, especially if you follow all the tips correctly, you can make your Blog Popular in 30 Days.

So, that’s it for today. Don’t forget to share this Guide on Social Networks and Keep Visiting.


  1. abhinav says:

    That are very helpful thing which you have mentioned . initially i used to ignore creating about me , privacy policy pages. a very well structured Guide for beginners To start with and Must follow the key points mentioned above

  2. Your first recommendation is to choose WordPress but can’t we make a blog popular with Blogger platform? I want to stay on Blogger since it has more security nd traffic handling Capacity.

    • Hi Sanjay,

      Surely blogger is best in that way but if you want to grow your blog, then WordPress is highly recommended.

      There are so many popular plugins in WordPress which makes bloggers life easy. This debate will never end, but I personally suggest you to try WP.

  3. Very actionable tips Anil.

    Blog branding is what we need to focus more. First time visitors must feel good when they land on our blog. Converting them into our regular reader is very important.

    List building is one the best practice to do so. All other tips mentioned here are best to go.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. rishabh says:

    really awesome tips anil sir!!!!

    i will really start following these tips. thanks for point no. 3 ,5 and 6. these points are really valuable. looking forward for more awesome tips and articles

  5. Anil, as you said consistency matters a lot, publishing a month’s blog posts on a single day and expecting traffic is false.
    Maintaining a schedule like, a blog post per day or per two days sounds great. Without consistency, you will lose audience for sure.
    For first 30 days, creating content should be the main aim, Google will follow you after 4-6 months.
    Thanks for sharing this awesome post.

    Akshay Hallur.

    • It’s very true, Akshay.

      Consistency and schedule is very important in blogging. If one don’t get time to write content, then he/she try to write atleast one article in week. Later that frequency can also be improved to 2 posts/week.

      In that way blog can achieve new heights.

  6. Pankaj says:

    Hi Anil,

    You’re 100% correct, if you’re able to create 1 high quality link that going to impact huge on your website ranking and authority. Also focus on promoting your content amid relevant audience so that you can get more positive exposure.

  7. Nikhil Waghdhare says:

    Hello Anil,

    Great post. You almost covered all the basic things to get it right. These tips are awesome.
    I love #6 to implement on my blog.
    Thank you for these great tips buddy… 🙂

    • Hi Nikhil,

      Surely point #6 is very needed. Social media promotion or content marketing is must. I personally prefer sharing other’s articles and in return they share my articles on their networks.

      It helps me in reaching to new audience easily.

  8. Anubhav Gupta says:


    Great article on building blog popular in just 30 days but you missed relationship factor which really works hard for being brand.
    Try to be craft relations with your fellow internet marketer.

    Anubhav Gupta

    • Hi Anubhav,

      You are right with your point. Building readership is very hard and it must be focused.

      One must focus on building readership rather than just traffic. Email list is the best practice to be in touch with your readers. 🙂

  9. Hamim says:

    Agree with you, promotion can make blog popular within 15-20 days. BTW blogging communities are another superb place to promote blog post.

  10. Patrick says:

    Great article. What is your thought on using ‘guest blogging’ as a tool to enhance the visibility of your blog?

    • Mickiyas B. says:

      Yes, guest blogging is one of the most effective methods to drive traffic and promote your blog. It can be time consuing; writing quality posts, finding quality blogs to guest post on, communicating with the blog owners, waiting until your content is published etc… but if you write really high quality articles and publish them on big blogs, you can drive a steady flow of targeted traffic.

  11. yogesh says:

    thank you anil its very helpful to me. i started my blog recently and will definitely follow your tips.

  12. Thomas James says:

    These are helpful, Thanks for sharing this post. Me, as a writer knows not all in the World but checks on the better tips to improve my blogs or writings. It’s good to know, I found it all here.

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