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12 PROVEN Ways to Create High Quality Backlinks Like a Pro in 2023

So how to attract high quality backlinks in 2023 and beyond?

Everyone wants more search traffic. The problem is not everyone gets it. 90% of the bloggers never get more than 100 visits a day from search engines. That’s a sad truth.

If you don’t get enough traffic from search engines, you can’t make more sales or increase your brand. So how do you increase search traffic?

The simple answer is: create high quality backlinks.

The more links you create the more traffic you will receive from search engines.

So how to create high quality backlinks to your blogs? Before diving into the details, let’s discuss about the basics first.

Backlinks are considered as votes by search engine crawlers. The more links that pointing to your sites, the more weightage your blog pages will have in search results. You tend to get better search rankings by having more high quality links.

That’s how majority of the authority sites rank easily even for competitive keywords. Because they get linked by thousands of blogs all over the world.

There are two types of Backlinks

backlink types
  • Dofollow: These are the links you should be building. Dofollow links mean, they tell search engines to follow them. If an authority site gives you a dofollow link, your traffic for that page will improve in no time.
  • Nofollow: Nofollow links tell search engines that the links should not influence the ranking of the link’s target in the search engine’s index. So they are actually of no use but they still matter. For instance, all social media links are nofollow but still search engines give them some weightage that boost your rankings.

So both the dofollow and nofollow links are essential.

If you are only building dofollow links, that’s the surefire way to get penalized by Google algorithms like Panda, Penguin or Hummingbird. So make sure to spend your time and efforts on creating both types of links.

How to create high quality backlinks to your blog in 2023?

how to create high quality backlinks in 2023

1. Guest Posting is NOT Dead

As most people think guest posting is not really dead. There are a ton of influential bloggers who are still writing guest posts for a reason: because guest posting works.

Guest posting has its own benefits including;

  • The ability to build high quality and relevant links
  • You’ll be able to build relationships with other blog owners (and also through comments on your guest posts)
  • You can easily build and grow your email list
  • You can send traffic to your home page or any important pages on your sites easily by linking from your guest posts
  • And the list goes on and on

But here’s the thing: guest posting takes time and it’s not easy!

Yes, it’s not so easy to get your guest posts published especially on authority sites like Problogger but they send you huge traffic and more importantly backlinks coming from authority sites (with high DA) can improve your website overall backlink profile and authority too.

You first need to know how to properly send email pitches if you want to guest post on authority sites in your industry.

So how to create backlinks with guest posting?

Here are few guest post link examples of BloggersPassion

We have been featured and guest posted on a ton of authority blogs in our industry including Semrush, Problogger, Zac Johnson and so on.

Here’s an example email pitch that we sent to Problogger team when we reached out to them for the first time.


I’m a huge fan of ProBlogger and I’ve been reading and implementing your stuff from a long time now.

I always wanted to contribute to ProBlogger and serve the readers. So after an extensive research, I wrote a post titled “3 Growth Hacking Strategies for Bloggers to Quadruple Their Blog Traffic Without SEO” where I’ll be sharing few proven ways to increase blog traffic quickly. It took me around 7 hours to finish this post.

I hope ProBlogger readers will definitely love it. Can I send you the attachment for the guest post?

Let me know what you think.

Best Regards,
Anil Agarwal,

And guess what? We got a reply from their team and asked us to send them the content.

They liked the article and published it.

You can read our guest post on Problogger from here

Here’s how it looks like;

problogger post

As you can see above, we’ve used a magnetic headline along with solid introduction for our guest post for Problogger. Also, the email pitch we sent to Problogger team wasn’t REALLY lengthy. It’s actually short and won’t take even 1 minute to read and respond.

Whenever you’re trying to send guest posting pitches to other bloggers (especially authority bloggers), keep your emails really short. As most bloggers don’t have time to read long emails as they often receive a ton of email pitches (including guest posting requests) daily.

We’ve also written for another authority site which is Semrush.

You can read our Semrush guest post from here

Here are few things you can learn from the above two guest posts that we have published at authority sites.

Write high quality stuff: If you can go through the above guest posts, we took a ton of time to research, write and finish them. That’s the reason why they came out really well and attracted a ton of social shares, comments and so on. If you want to guest post for authority sites, don’t write mediocre contents.

Spend quality time in researching: Before you start your guest blogging journey, create a list of guest posting sites where you can publish your content. We’ve compiled a huge list of over 350 guest posting sites that allow guest blogging that you can use to find great sites. Spend time in reading some of those blogs to see what type of contents can attract more buzz. That’s how you can come up with great topic ideas for your guest posts.

So make sure to write at least 2 guest posts for top blogs every month and within a year, you will have a great domain authority and possibly see a huge traffic growth from search engines.

There’s a better way to get more exposure, build your personal brand and also get quality backlinks to your site.

So what is it?

Get interviewed by other bloggers. There are so many bloggers (including experts) who often publish interviews of other bloggers in their industries.

If you are wondering how they look like, check out these links where I got interviewed by few famous bloggers.

As you can see, both the above mentioned blogs are well known in the marketing industry.

When you do a quick search for “Anil Agarwal interview”, you’ll see a lot of sites doing interviews (which means more sites linking to BloggersPassion).

link building interviews

The great thing about interviews is that, the publishers who publish your interviews get referral traffic (mostly from search engines like Google) along with that they get instant traffic spike from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc.

Getting interviewed by others is the best way to:

  • Attract highly relevant backlinks (mostly dofollow links)
  • Improve your personal brand
  • Get more traffic and exposure to your site
  • Acts as word of mouth publicity online
  • And the list goes on

So how to get interviewed by other bloggers in order to build links?

One of the best ways to get interviewed by others is to reach out to them (although we’ve never asked anyone to take our interviews to get links as we already have enough authority and expertise in our field, so all the interview requests come to us naturally).

You should reach out to other bloggers to get interviewed especially when you don’t have enough personal brand but great content or results on your blog.

Here’s how an example email pitch looks like;

email sample

As you can see above, one of the prominent bloggers recently emailed us the above pitch where he was asking to get interviewed. He also showed us why should we interview him on our blog BloggersPassion (he was making a ton of money from his site, which is enough for us to consider his interview request).

If you look at the above email pitch, which is short and also provided the reason to publish the interview, we were glad to accept his email pitch. In fact, we sent him interview questions that he can answer. We are also providing a dofollow link for all the people who are getting featured on our Bloggers Interview Series.

That’s how it works. He get the links and exposure from our site. In return, we are also publishing a useful piece of content on our site. So it’s a win/win approach.

So now you know how to get interviewed by other bloggers to build quality links to your own site. Make sure to link to some of your blog posts while giving answers to the interview questions. That way you can generate several links at once.

3. Through High Quality Content Creation

Out of all the link building strategies that you’re going to find in this post, creating content that naturally attracts links is the best way to build links.

Yes, you heard it right. Create content that attracts links naturally.

Building high quality links through your content is a great way to build highly relevant links. The good part is that you don’t really have to put too much efforts as most of the links come naturally.

Did you know that, we attracted links organically from top publication sites like Forbes and Wikihow? Yes, that’s true.

Here’s the link to the post on Forbes where BloggersPassion got mentioned. We really didn’t reach out to anyone to get that link as it came naturally.

Here’s the link to the post WikiHow where one of the blog posts on BloggersPassion has been given reference.

wikihow link

As you can see above, WikiHow is another great site with huge DA which used one of the blog posts from BloggersPassion as reference by giving a link.

So what makes someone to link to your content?

The simple answer is to create top notch content. There’s no other way around it.

And how to create content that naturally attracts links?

Let’s now talk about a simple framework to create content that attracts links organically from other sites.

But first let’s use the example of a post which already got a natural link from Wikihow as discussed above. And you can find the post from here which is on checking website traffic.

toc of post

Come up with a great topic: As you can see above, we picked up a great topic which is checking website traffic. It’s extremely helpful topic especially for all kinds of bloggers and marketers. Well, who doesn’t want to estimate the traffic of any site including their competitors?

So that’s a great topic to write about in our industry. To come up with great topics, you can use few tools including;

  • Semrush (we often use Semrush for doing keyword research and that’s how we always find low competitive yet highly profitable keyword ideas)
  • Quora (another great place where you can find lots of ideas for your blog posts)
  • Buzzsumo (just enter a topic on Buzzsumo and it will give you a list of highly popular blog posts in your industry)

Create in-depth content: The example post we shared above is really informative and detailed. We included around 14 tools to check website traffic and it’s also the #1 reason why it’s ranking on the first page for terms like check website traffic for free.

Google often favours highly useful and informative content. So if you want to create content that attracts links naturally, you need to create detailed content with over 2000 words. Try to cover A to Z information about the topic you’re writing about.

Frequently update: The final step of the content framework that we use to create high quality content which attracts backlinks from other sites is this: we often update our blog posts. We especially keep an eye on the best performing blog posts, do keyword research and update the content with latest information.

As a side note, the post we are referring to above had only 5 tools to find the traffic of a website (you can check the URL of that post). Then, we updated the post multiple times over the years which actually helped us generate enough traffic from search engines.

Start using Skyscraper technique

The easiest way to attract more high authority backlinks to your own blogs is to write epic posts that naturally attract links from other blogs. How can you do that?

There’s a proven strategy called Skyscraper technique that helps you get quality links to your blogs with your own content.

This strategy was originally coined by Brian Dean from Backlinko who himself used it to grow his traffic to a large extent.

Here are the 3 steps involved in it.

  1. Finding content that is popular in your industry.
  2. Making it more better, detailed, compelling and helpful.
  3. Promoting it to the right people to reach wider audience.

Here’s the detailed guide for beginners to use this technique to get more backlinks.

Whether you know it or not, getting featured on roundup posts is the simplest way to build your authority as a blogger and also get useful links to your site.

The good thing is that, there are so many bloggers who publish roundup posts on their blogs.

Here’s the example of roundup post where we have been featured on Huffington Post. Just have a look at their roundup post from Huffpost.

huff post link

As you can see above, Huffington Post is an incredible high DA site which has featured me in one of their roundup posts on “LinkedIn marketing strategy”.

Here’s another example of roundup post where BloggersPassion got featured on B2C

As you can see, both the above examples include roundup posts where we got links to the site BloggersPassion. Since both the above sites are authority sites which means, we generated high quality links from high DA sites (which increases the overall backlink profile of BloggersPassion in the long run).

So how to get featured on blogger roundup posts to get high quality backlinks to your site in 2023 and beyond?

Here are few proven ways to use roundups to build links to your site.

Be everywhere: This is a no brainer. If you want to get featured on other blogger roundup posts, you should first get found online. Be everywhere. Don’t spend time only on your blog as it’s a huge mistake. You should go out, network and engage with other bloggers to get found online.

The more people who notice and see your name on other blogs, social media sites etc the more opportunities you get to build links. It’s as simple as that. As no one likes to include a less-known blogger, right? So be everywhere. Join forums, participate in twitter chats, engage with others on Facebook groups and so on.

Compile a list: Another incredible way to get featured on roundup posts is to compile a list of blogs and bloggers who often do roundup posts. There are a ton of bloggers across all industries who publish roundup posts of bloggers almost regularly. If you have such list, you can engage with them, tweet their stuff, talk about their products and even ask them that you want to get featured on their future roundups. It works like a charm!

Be useful while participating: Whenever you’re participating in blogger roundups, make sure to provide highly useful answers instead of just adding generic answers as they don’t stand out. There are many bloggers who feature the best answers at top from the participants who are providing best answers.

Also make sure to link to your relevant blog posts or pages while answering for blogger roundups as it not only helps you with link building but also help the audience to find the best content.

5. Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is the easiest ways to build links.

Although blog commenting won’t help you build dofollow links (almost all the WordPress comments are nofollow, which means you won’t actually get any link juice) but they help you keep a nice balance in your backlink profile.

Whether you know it or not, you should NEVER build only one kind of links i.e neither dofollow links or nofollow links. You should always maintain a proper ratio between your dofollow and nofollow links. That’s how you can improve your website’s backlink profile.

Here’s where blog commenting helps you!

Blog commenting also has a ton of benefits including;

  • Networking benefits (blog comments can help you engage with other bloggers to build relationships)
  • SEO benefits (you can use any of your blog post URLs while commenting and get SEO benefits such as better indexing, crawlability, more visibility and increased search rankings)
  • Blog comments can help you with credibility and more traffic to your sites
  • Blog commenting can sometimes lead you to write guest posts for other blogs
  • And the list goes on

Here’s an example of thoughtful blog comments made on Elegant Themes blog.

commenting sample

If you see the above, you can notice that we left a HUGE comment which can be easily around 200 words. Not only such huge comments get responses from the blog authors but they won’t get into the spam section so easily.

Is blog commenting still effective?

When it comes to building backlinks, one of the most asked questions is this: is blog commenting still effective in 2023?

The answer is a BIG yes. Yes, blog commenting is really effective especially when you’re leaving genuine, thoughtful and detailed comments on other blogs (as shown above).

Every month, we leave a ton of useful and highly informative comments on other blogs in our industry. Despite getting good traffic from search engines, we still do blog commenting because we know how effective comments are!

But if you’re leaving one liner comments, they are not going to help and your comments most probably going to end up in the spam folders of other blogs.

Here are few effective ways to write great blog comments to build links to your site.

Find good blogs to leave comments: You must have a list of sites and blogs where you can leave comments. Just make sure to create a list of blogs that frequently publish new contents and receive decent traffic. The easiest way to find commenting blogs is through a Google search:

  • Firstly, open an incognito tab so you can get results that aren’t tailored to you
  • Now, you can use search strings like “inurl:blog”, “blog commenting sites” etc to find commenting sites in your niche

Focus on high authority blogs that gets more traffic and shares. You can use tools like Semrush to easily find the authority of any site.

You can also use metrics like Moz DA to see if you can comment on any blog or not. If nothing works, you can check how many social shares the post has or how many comments have already been posted, that’s how you can come up with a list of blogs to leave comments.

Add value: There’s no point of leaving one liner comments like “thanks for sharing great post”. We receive a ton of comments on BloggersPassion posts every single week and we blatantly remove or throw such one liner comments into the spam folder.

So one thing you should remember while blog commenting is to add value. Ask questions, start a discussion and provide your insights while leaving comments. That’s how your blog comments get traffic and more clicks.

Read: List of 50 Plus High DA Blog Commenting Sites for 2023

6. Use Your Product Reviews Smartly

There’s another sneaky way to build high quality links and that is to provide product reviews.

Here’s one of the product reviews links we got from WPX hosting.

wpx link

As you can see above, we’ve written a detailed review of WPX hosting in the past. Since WPX hosting was providing links from their “customer reviews” section, they featured our testimonial along with a link.

In fact, we are already using WPX hosting at BloggersPassion for more than 6 years now. We provided a genuine review of it because we’re already happy with their hosting, features and customer staff.

Just make a list of all the products you’re using on your blog. Or find a list of products that are offering links in exchange of customer reviews.

Here are some of the product types that often give links in exchange of customer reviews.

  • Web hosting related products (such as WPX hosting)
  • Email marketing (such as AWeber, Get Response etc)
  • SEO tools such as Semrush
  • And the list goes on

In fact, find out what are all the products you’re already using and reach out to the product developers that you want to write a review about their products. It works for all kinds of industries.

Let us demonstrate another example.

When we wrote an in-depth review of Semrush (a great SEO tool to beat your competitors), we emailed them about the review and asked to tweet or link to it if they find it useful for their audience.

Guess what? They not only tweeted it but they actually linked to it from their own blog. Not only we attracted “targeted people” to read the Semrush review but also a link from a great product site.

You can do the same and here’s how.

Next time, you write a product review, make it highly informative and more detailed. Aim for 2000 words if possible with lots of screenshots.

Then, email the developers of the products you are going to recommend. And ask them to share or link to your product review posts. If they like it, they are sure going to link to it.

Liked the tip? Now, let’s move on the next strategy to get high quality links to your blogs.

7. Video Marketing

Whether you know it or not, YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google.

videos for links

There are thousands of marketers who are diving into video marketing to build quality backlinks and followers. Videos are easy to watch and much easier to digest information when compared to textual content.

So how to create quality backlinks with videos? If you are a newbie, instead of directly jumping into video marketing, we suggest the following.

Start a YouTube channel: This is the first step. To get started with video marketing, you need a YouTube channel. Just make sure find out the top performing posts that send you more traffic from Google and make videos around them.

Use your links and promote wisely: Make sure to add links to those posts from the description of the videos to drive traffic from YouTube to your blogs and build backlinks.

Here’s one of the video tutorials on YouTube.

As you can see, the above video talks about best web hosting affiliate programs. The topic has already been covered on our blog BloggersPassion (you can read it from here).

The whole point of doing a video tutorial around a topic which has already been covered on the blog is this: to get more viewers, to build links from YouTube, to increase the overall exposure of the content which is already performing well.

8. Be Active On Quora

Quora is one of the best ways to get backlinks in 2023.

If you’re a blogger and looking for great platforms to build links and get more traffic, you must check out Quora. It’s just like a Yahoo! answers but the Quora community is much more informative where you can gain more knowledge on any field.

Once you sign up for Quora (free to join), pick and follow the topics you are interested in and you will be able to get the feed of questions and answers related to them.

For instance, SEO is our favorite topic and when we want to know what my target audience are searching for topics around it, here’s what Quora shows to us.

Quora seo screen

Now, you will know the questions that make your target audience curious. Start creating content around those topics on your own blog and once you are done, answer the same questions on Quora.

So the key here is to balance the things out both on your blog and on Quora. But don’t give detailed information, instead send them to your own blog pages where they can find full information.

Here’s an example of how we write answers on Quora. You can follow on Quora from here as we often share articles related to increasing website traffic, SEO and making money online.

Once you sign up for Quora (free to join), pick and follow the topics you are interested in and you will be able to get the feed of questions and answers related to them.

quora example

As you can see above, we’ve linked to one of our own articles which is relevant to the question posted on Quora. Not only we’ve provided a useful answer on Quora for searchers query but we also linked to our post. That way, we’re not only helping people on Quora but eventually we were building links to our site from Quora.

Quora links are also nofollow just like blog comments but you can often see Quora answers getting picked up in Google search results for a ton of queries. So if you can write great answers and fetch a ton of upvotes, eventually you’ll get more clicks to your own blog posts (if you’re linking to your own blog posts while writing answers on Quora).

Here are few tips that we implement while writing answers on Quora which work really well so you can also follow.

Find new ideas while writing on Quora: Don’t give the same old advice everyone else is giving on Quora as they don’t fetch any upvotes (upvotes on Quora are similar to likes on Facebook or retweets on Twitter). Find new ideas and use them within your Quora answers as they get immediate attention from the users.

The faster you get your first 100 upvotes, the higher the chances of making your Quora answers viral. The more popular your answers and the more upvotes, comments, new followers and traffic you get from Quora. It’s as simple as that.

Start building a presence for yourself: The best way to get most out of Quora is to build yourself a strong presence on the platform. How can you do that? There’s only one way and that is to provide helpful answers.

As we discussed above, while picking a question to answer, don’t give full information. Instead, give as much detailed and helpful information as possible to the question but make sure to put a link to the blog post where the people can find all information. That way, you’ll satisfy their needs and also get traffic from Quora.

Track results and engage with others: The final tip is to track your results as Quora gives a detailed analysis of your upvotes, most traffic generated answers etc. By tracking results, you can easily find out what type of answers are generating better results.

Also don’t forget to engage with others on Quora as Quora is not meant for self-promotion. When you start promoting others while writing on Quora, you’ll also get the same kind of promotion sooner or later.

9. Offer Testimonials

Did you know that you can get highly relevant and quality backlinks by using testimonials hack?

What is testimonials hack?

This is the most less used yet most effective strategy to build quality backlinks without creating more content on your blogs. Here’s how it works: Find relevant blogs or products and start giving testimonials.

Are you wondering how to use testimonials to build quality backlinks?

Let us share you the testimonial strategy.

Step 1: Find all the products you are using already

You might be using at least a couple of premium products such as web hosting, SEO tools, WordPress plugins etc, right?

Now, all you have to do is to use them to the full extent and write a testimonial about them and email it to the product owners. That’s it!

Majority of the product owners use their customer REAL testimonials while linking to their blogs. You got a quality link from an authority product site. Bingo, that’s how you can use your products for generating quality links.

Step 2: Read and implement the strategies given by other bloggers

You must be reading a lot of articles related to your field each and every week, right? Why not follow their advice, get some results for yourself and start emailing those bloggers about your results.

How great it would be for you and them? You can get more exposure and they can get more credibility. They will be happily link to your blogs if you get astonishing results after implementing their strategies.

For instance, if you have ever read my blog posts completely and tried to follow the advice we share here at BloggersPassion and get best results from them and if you let us know about it, we would be glad to give a shout out to your blog by giving you a link!

Step 3: Find opportunities

The final step (if all the above fails), you should find opportunities manually.

There are literally millions of blogs out there that provide you with free links. Yes, you heard it right. In fact, there are even authority sites that give you dofollow links for giving them testimonials.

For instance, we got a high quality link from one of the authority sites called Matthew Woodward.

Matthew Woodward testimonial link

As you can see above, we gave a testimonial about Matthew Woodward (who is a well known SEO expert and successful affiliate marketer) and we got a link in return.

Matthew Woodward was offering a testimonials page on his site where he was providing links in exchange of testimonials about him or his site. Since we have been reading his blog for a long time and his content is exceptional, we didn’t hesitate to write a genuine testimonial for him.

So it’s a win/win approach. He got a testimonial from a genuine reader and we got a link in return. Now, your job is to find such blogs and websites that are offering backlinks for free.

10. Create Compelling Infographics


Did you know you can turn images into quality backlinks?

Yes, it’s possible with Infographics. Infographics can help you easily create backlinks.

They are beautifully explained in simple images. The information in Infographics is not only easy to understand but it gets shared on social media and frequently linked from other blogs.

Just make sure to create an embedded code at the end of your Infographics design to let others easily link back to your sites.

You can use tools like Photoshop, Gimp or hire a designer to design stunning Infographics. But if you can’t afford paid designers or not good at Photoshop, try Canva. It’s a simple image editing tool that helps to create Infographics easily even if you don’t know how to design!

You can also tap into this blog post which provides easy-to-understand steps on how to create beautiful infographics.

broken link building

One smart strategy most SEO experts and link building enthusiasts use is broken link building strategy. It is finding broken links in other blogs (be it popular blogs or new blogs) and then emailing the blog owners to fix them and asking them to replace the broken links with their own links.

That way you will have more chances of building links in the place of broken links to increase your search rankings.

So how can you find broken links on other sites.

Here’s how you can find broken or dead links on any website and recommend your own links to replace them.

Step 1: You can use Broken Link Check site to start finding broken or dead links of any website. All you need to do is to click on this link.

Step 2: Enter the domain name of which you want to find broken links.

Step 3: And within no time, you will get all the information about the broken links of the particular domain.

Step 4: Once you find all the dead links of a site, email the corresponding blogger about the same.

You can use the following email copy. Don’t hesitate to use it as it is.

Hi [name],

I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and I’m fascinated with your content.

I just found a couple of broken links on your site.

[List all of them]

BTW, I’ve an article relevant to your audience which you can replace with your [broken link] only if you think it’s suitable for your readers.

Keep up your great work.


Your name.

That’s it! That’s how you can easily find hundreds of broken links and send email to at least 10 people every day to get natural links for your own blogs.

Quick note: Not all bloggers are going to give you a link. As a rule of thumb, expect getting a link or two from every 10 emails you send to other bloggers.

Reaching out to other bloggers whenever you publish a valuable post on your blogs is the surefire way to get high quality incoming links to your content.

You may ask “why would anyone link to my blog posts?”.

That’s a fair question. The reason anyone would link to your content is because it’s highly appropriate for their audience.

To increase your chances of getting links from other bloggers to your content is to follow the “reciprocity rule”.

What does it mean?

How do you get more blog comments? By start commenting on other blogs.

How do you get more social shares? By sharing others stuff on social media sites.

How do you get quality backlinks? By linking out to other bloggers from your blog posts.

See, that’s called reciprocity.

It’s a win/win approach where you are helping others before seeking their help (by linking to their content first).

blogger outreach best tips

So to get the most out of this blogger mention strategy to build quality links, start linking to other bloggers and do it frequently and consistently. Make sure to send an email to each and every blogger you link out to.

That way they will know that you have linked to their posts and by frequently sending emails to them after linking will also persuade them to start linking out to your posts.

That’s how you get incoming links from other bloggers to your blog’s content. If you are still wondering how to get the most out of blogger outreach strategy to build backlinks, we highly advise you to go through this post on blogger outreach.

Bonus: Do Interlinking

Have you ever asked yourself how to create your own backlinks to increase your search rankings? Is that really possible?

Yes, interlinking is the key. Linking to your own blog posts is the surefire way to increase search engine crawlability on your sites. Whenever you link to one of your older and relevant blog posts, it adds weight for the particular keywords you are trying to rank for.

It helps to boost your search visibility in the long run and search crawlers frequently crawl your sites whenever you link to your own posts. So from next time, whenever you write a new post, before publishing it, make sure to interlink to the relevant links from your own blog to pass link juice.


Here are few important questions around building quality backlinks in 2023 and beyond.

What are the best backlink checker tools?

Although there are a ton of backlink checker tools out there but the following are the best tools for checking backlinks of any site.

→ Semrush (this is the #1 SEO tool which is helping us with traffic and backlinks for more than 3 years now, highly recommended)
→ Ahrefs
→ SpyFu
→ Open Link Profiler
→ Open Site Explorer from Moz

How to create quality backlinks?

You can use the below tactics to get quality backlinks to your site.

→ Guest posts
→ Blogger outreach
→ Broken link building
→ Giving testimonials to others
→ Through content creation (which should be 10x better than your competition)

Is Quora good for backlink building?

Yes, Quora is definitely great for generating links, increasing your exposure, improving your personal branding, establishing yourself as an expert in your industry and so on.

Do backlinks influence Google search rankings?

Yes, backlinks matter a lot. In fact, there are over 200 Google ranking factors which influence your search rankings and out of those 200 ranking signals, backlinks play a key role. 

What are toxic backlinks and how to remove them?

Toxic links are those which are harmful for your site and affect your overall search rankings. You should always keep an eye on your site’s backlink profile to find and remove all the toxic links from your site.

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Final Thoughts

To improve your search rankings and traffic, you need more links from other sites. The simplest way to create high quality links is to write guest posts. I know, writing a quality guest post to land on a top blog takes a lot of time. But you should remember that a link from ONE top blog is more valuable than 100 links from normal (or new) blogs.

Remember one thing when building backlinks to your blogs: always focus on getting both dofollow and nofollow links. Trying to build only dofollow links sends wrong signals to search crawlers and they may penalize your sites for doing so. And don’t build links too fast, it’s another simplest way to get penalized.

So what do you think about creating quality backlinks? Do you have any more link building strategies to follow? Leave your thoughts in the comments and please share the post with others so they can benefit.

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Anil Agarwal is the Founder of Bloggerspassion. He is a full-time blogger and SEO expert who has been helping people build profitable blogs for over a decade Now. He has been featured in Over 100 Publications including Forbes, The HuffPost, HubSpot, Shopify, Semrush, Kinsta, Bluehost, Hostinger and G2.com etc. Know more about Anil Agarwal from here.

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  1. Dear Anil,

    I have been following your blog since few years now. I must congratulate you for the in depth posts, which are extremely helpful. I did register for your free blogging course as well and received many insights on how to grow my blog.
    Your backlinks strategy has helped me to expand the awareness of my website online.

    thanks once again,

  2. Thanks a lot , I learning a lot about blogging, SEO as well as Affiliate marketing. Because I personally want to monetize my blog with Affiliate deals. And in my experience this is the only one of the best way to earn some additional revenue from your blog. But traffic from Google is hard compared to the other social media sites but backlinks from high Authority sites make it easy to get a lot of organic traffic as well as ranking.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts I have interested in your thoughts.

  3. Could you share your favorite way to create backlinks and which you feel are the most effective in the long term? I need strong backlinks

  4. Hello sir, I am Ajay Gujarati and I am big fan of your blogging skills, but to be honest the information which I was searching on Google, I got on your website, the most important thing about this article is “truthfulness of content”. And that’s why I reads your article daily and finally today I became your regular visitor. You always help us by writing informative articles and it is our responsibility to share your articles as more as possible. Thanks for helping us. I am really-really impressed by you sir. Take Care.

  5. Hello Anil,

    Great post. Awesome stuff to Learn!

    I love the one about the product reviews.

    I never thought of reaching out to the product owner and asking for a share or link.

    Will have to try it someday.

    I also liked the infographic idea. That’s definitely a technique I’ll have to try this year. ?

    Happy 2021!


  6. What a detailed article sir! I came to know lot of thinks about link building & I am going to implement it on my blog. Thank you sir for sharing such nice information.

  7. Thank you, Anil for sharing in-depth about backlinks, I will definitely try to cooperate them to bring traffic to my site. I am a Motivational blogger and craving for this information.

  8. It’s a really informative post, Anil.

    A backlink is the most important part of Ranking. Quora and Internal linking the best way to create a backlink.

    I have a question. What is the ratio of DoFollow and NoFollow Backlink?


  9. Hello sir nice post about backlink you are great sir keep it up and thank you for giving proven techniques to become pro in creating backlink.

  10. Hi anil Sir,

    Thanks for sharing helped a lot ( It looks i am reading a kind of e book for free haha)
    Thanks for this article

  11. Hi Anil,

    Again a great post with tons of values. We all understand the importance of backlinks, but at the same time, we also have to be careful before building those links. Low quality links can decrease our search performances. And I believe that guest posting is the best method for linkbuilding. Keep inspiring.


  12. Hi Anil,

    I’ve been looking all of the place for information on SEO Backlink building.

    You really broke it down nicely in bite-size pieces that made it much easier to understand.

    I do have one question though. What do you think about the SEOCloud Backlink Building technique that I saw something about on YouTube?

    John Wann

    • Hi John

      I haven’t heard about SEO Cloud Backlink Building technique. Please share few URL’s from where I can check about this method to help me understand it.


  13. Hi Anil,
    That’s an incredible post.
    Thanks for sharing great information about quality Backlinks. I prefer quora answering for getting backlinks.

    I have a request for you. Please write a detailed post on dofollow and nollow.

    Thanks for this article and Happy Christmas……

  14. Great list of ideas to generate backlinks but I believe all strategies are not for anyone. It’ll be better if you suggest what technique is for whom. Else all techniques are good and effective to link building

  15. Hello Anil sir,

    Great post.

    I also liked the infographic idea and i know how to create and l’ve been doing it for many years but I don’t know how to create backlinks through infographics… can you tell me??

  16. Thanks, Anil. You said to me to read this post and I just finished and you can’t believe that it really helps me now I will implement all methods time by time.

  17. Hi, Thanks for the sharing link building strategy in 2019. But I have a question for you is there any problems to get a link from other niches. Like my niche is “health care” now I want to get a link from traveling blog. Is there any problem with this on ranking?

    • No, you can definitely build links even from other niche sites. The key here is to find a “relevant topic” so your links will be more useful in the long run. For example, you are in the health niche and want to get a link from a travel blog, you can write a guest post on the lines of “How travel bloggers should take care of their health”. That way you’ll be adding value to their audience and also you’ll have the option to cover your own topic.


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