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October 16, 2018

Readers are the soul of any blog. Every blogger wishes to have tons of traffic coming every day to his blog. But what efforts are needed ? Today we will discuss some useful ways that can help you improve blog readership by 57%.

Its very necessary to win the trust of your readers in order to convert them into loyal readers.

improve blog readability

Why loyal readers are important ? Think on this – when you launch a new ebook for sale, loyal readers are the people who are eager to buy. So, if you are planning your blog for long run,then try to make loyal readers.

How to make people visit your blog again and again ? We all agree that there are numerous blogs which shares articles similar to your niche.Then what you are giving your readers to visit only your blog ? The answer lies in how comfortable people are feeling while reading contents on your blog.

Now without further delay, lets see how you can improve your blog readability level:

Ways To Improve Blog Readability –

1) Write Eye Catching Heading :

Study says that around 76% people clicks on the link only if they find the title attractive.So first thing, you have to do is brainstorm on making decision about the titles of your blog posts.

Before writing,invest time to find killer and attractive headlines for your post.Write some list article as online readers are always in hurry, this makes things more simpler and easy for them.

I don’t mean you should write a very complicated title. Make it simple and easily readable. If you notice the title of this post ” 10 Genuine Ways To Improve Blog Readability, it is simple yet attractive.

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2) Be Clear With What You Are Writing :

Here, I want to emphasize on the intro para of your article. As a said earlier, online readers are always in hurry to get the idea behind the article in the intro para itself.

When an idea about a post comes to your mind, write it down on a paper. Now when you actually start writing the post, make summary of it and write it intro para. After reading the introductory paragraph, readers should be able to judge about the actual content which will be served them during the remaining part of post.

So from next time, be smart when writing the intro para from your blog posts;).

3) Make Paragraphs of 2-3 Lines :

If you have ever observed many sites are now adopting this method.If you want your visitors to understand your post, try making short paragraphs, paras of just 2-3 lines type.

This is very scientific,its not just a tip for you, but this has also been proven. People actually don’t like to read the large text of paras, so it will be a good practice if you make small sentences and small paragraphs.

4) Make Lists In Your Article :

Making a list of all important points not only makes your article easy to read but also focuses on the key points of your post.When you do this, the readers may note down the important point from your list.

When he/she finds the points are really important and are helping them in some kind of work, it is very likely they will visit your blog again.

This will help you gain lots of loyal readers to your blog and which would be your ultimate goal. I have also used this tip in this article, here I have made points like 1,2,3..10 , you may note down this point and make use of this for further use.

5) Keep The Vocabulary Simple :

Many bloggers are mistaken by this point. Its not necessary to use high level words in your article. See guys, internet is all over the world so there is differences and its use.

So you don’t need to worry about using a specific word or sentence which all are using, just keep in mind writing in such a way that your posts reaches to your target audience. Never mind if your English is weak, you can write in simple language but it should be readable.

6) Make Appropriate Sub-Headings :

Our ultimate goal is to build a audience which will visit our blog numerous time. Obviously, sharing the content which will add the value to the knowledge of readers are always welcomed.

So, try to give as many possible solution you know for a particular problem. While you are explaining, make appropriate sub headings. This will help readers understand the solutions more easier. When readers will start getting solutions for the problem in a proper way, they will start visiting your blog again and again :).

7) Make Yourself Visible :

When you make yourself visible to your readers,they get attached to you. For making it more effective you can add your personal experience in the articles. This is also a reason why I insist bloggers to keep a about page on their blogs.

Write in a reader-friendly manner so that they can feel, the real person has written this article and behind the screen is the same guy.

Don’t be afraid of giving your views on the article you are writing, whether its good or bad be yourself. Write honestly and be clear in what you think on any news or concept.

8) Write In A Formatted Way :

As I said earlier, people don’t really read online they just scan the pages.So if you provide what exactly readers want, you are most likely to get clicks on your links.

This is a summarized point. Here I all I want to say is , keep the sub heading, use bullets for sub points, use captions etc.Think like a reader, ask questions to yourself and write the answers honestly.

9) Bring Call To Action In Your Post :

Articles which show the ways how to do anything are always loved by readers.Additionally I can say,show the way you readers can solve their problem using your article.

Show the evidence of actual results you have gained.This just shows you are sharing the actual working ways and are not making any fake promises. Ask your readers to take actions on what you are saying and write in such a way that they believe taking actions on your said points.

10) Don’t Write Any Crap :

When your blog start getting traffic from search engines, invest some time in knowing your audience. Once you get the idea of what people are willing to read on your site, focus on that content type.

Focusing on a particular niche is also loved by Google, a singled focused blog is ranked well in search results. But it doesn’t mean you can write on the same topics many times and degrade the quality of your posts.

Make sure every post you publish is informative and helpful for your readers.Even if you don’t update blog daily never mind but when you publish come up with great article :).

Home Work For You –

1) Take a notebook and write all the important points you notice while reading other blogs.

2) Think keeping yourself on the side of your readers.

3) Don’t worry about the traffic, just come up with great content.

4) Understand all the points given above and make sure you follow them for great results.

5) Brainstorm on the heading of posts before writing.

Conclusion about ways to improve blog readability –

So finally I will say, keep your writing style simple and make sure your contents are full of action elements. I Hope this article will help you gain more people, who will end up reading your blog quite regularly.

Do you follow any other strategy to improve your blog readability ? Do you think any point I missed out in my list, please let me know in comments section..:)

Anil Agarwal

Anil Agarwal

Anil Agarwal who owns Bloggerspassion.com, is a full-time blogger and SEO expert who has been helping people build profitable websites for over a decade. Bloggers Passion has been featured on premium online sites like Forbes.com, Huffingtonpost, SEMrush, Problogger, Crazy Egg, The Next Web and so on.


  1. uday ghulaxe says:

    Really great post sir, this post is what i am looking for .You helped mw lot directly and indirectly

  2. Glad I could help Nirmala ๐Ÿ™‚

    see you around !!..

  3. Nirmala says:

    Nice post which would improve the readability of a blog.

    Yeah, choosing title and sub title is more important to keep the visitors to stay longtime for a blog.

    Agree with other points, thanks for sharing this post.

  4. Hi Peter ,
    First of all congratulations for you awesome website , pretty impressed with content.

    Your blog looks perfect , and yes , keep it simple without over using ads. Good work.
    Hope to see you here again ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Peter G McDermott says:

    Great post, Anil!

    One of the suggestions that I am making to people is to remove the clutter from their websites. Too many blogs are littered with attention grabbers, ads, syndicated content and other mechanisms to attempt to get people to stick around and click some more.

    With my latest blog, I’ve attempted to keep things neat and focused. I’d love for you to check out my new site and let me know what you think!

  6. Vipin Pandey says:

    Hi Anil,

    First thing that ensures the readability is a Good and catchy headline. I always try to decrease the size of paragraphs but I feel that it is unnecessary. I feel that the paragraph I wrote is complete, breaking it may brake the flow. Usually my paragraphs are about 8-10 lines. Please suggest should I force to break the paragraphs or it is fine?

    Some of listed points I am following and some others are going to follow from now on ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hello Vipin ,

      As I’ve written, online readers are always in a hurry and scientific study also says that long para are mostly ignored for reading.

      If still your readers are happy with your writing, then you don’t have to worry ๐Ÿ™‚

      Rest all depends on ! Good Luck..

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