Blogger Outreach Strategy: The Ultimate Beginners Guide [2022 Edition]

In the Post-Penguin world, it’s almost impossible to build high quality links. And we all know, getting links from authority sites is the only effective way to boost search engine rankings.

The best way to do that is to get your blog content featured by popular bloggers in your niche. But how can you do that?

Is there any way to build high quality backlinks without spamming others? Yes, through reaching out bloggers.

Blogger outreach is the most powerful way to build backlinks and increase your overall search engine traffic. If you’re wondering what is it all about, this detailed guide is for you where we’ll discuss about the outreach strategy to build links from top blogs.

Are you ready? Let’s get into the details to find out how it can help you build a better blog that drives more traffic and sales.

What is Blogger Outreach?

If you are blogging for a while, you already know that by having a blog, you can bring a lot of traffic and exposure to any product (if done right). Blogging is evolving and if you want to build a profitable online business, you must create buzz, build quality links and establish relationships with other bloggers.

This is where outreaching other bloggers comes into place. It’s all about building relationships with other bloggers in your niche and using your relationships to grow your traffic and links.

It’s a win/win approach and you can’t succeed in this strategy if you don’t focus on creating value for others.

This strategy is something similar to word of mouth marketing and gives tremendous results in the long run.

What are the benefits

So why should you care about creating an outreach strategy? Here are few strong reasons to do it.

  1. Bloggers are influencers (when a top blogger tweets or links to your stuff, you’ll get a lot of traffic, sales and subscribers)
  2. It increases your popularity (if a top blogger mentions you, others will also find you as a top blogger!)
  3. Increases your overall social media influence
  4. It increases your website incoming links and traffic
  5. It helps you build strong relationships with other bloggers

In a nutshell, it will not only helps you boost your blog traffic but it can open the doors for you to build high quality links from top blogs without spamming others.

Are you now convinced about reaching out other bloggers to make your blog successful?

Let’s now discuss about to create a great strategy that opens the door for building high quality links to your websites.

Creating a perfect influencer outreach strategy to build quality links

blogger outreach strategy

1. Find a blogger

If you want to create an outreach strategy, first of all, make a list of all the relevant bloggers in your niche. Divide them into two tiers, List A and List B bloggers.

  • List A bloggers are usually the top bloggers in your niche
  • List B bloggers include the people who have good number of comments, social shares on their posts

Make a list of at least 10 bloggers in each list so that you’ll have a list of 20 bloggers in both lists.

Now, focus on one blogger at a time instead of contacting all of them at once. Remember that slow and steady wins the race. So don’t rush if you want to get better results from it.

2. Build the relationship

Now that you figured out a blogger to contact, it’s now time for you to build a connection with him. This is to make sure you’re not spamming others for building links.

Here’s a step by step process for building strong relationships with other bloggers.

Step 1: Start with a tweet. Follow the blogger on twitter. Frequently communicate and leave comments on the links he tweets.  Repeat this until you get a response from the blogger.

Step 2: Leave a comment on his blog posts. Make sure to read the entire post and leave thoughtful comments to continue the conversation.

Step 3: Send an email to the blogger you want to build relationship with. Don’t ask for any links yet! But send the email just to tell him how much you enjoy reading their blog posts.

Step 4: Ask for a review about your website or product you promote. Meanwhile keep linking to his blog posts and email him whenever you link out!

Step 5: Ask for the mention or link if you have posted something awesome on your blog. Tell him how his blog audience will benefit by linking to your content or by tweeting it.

And that’s it! That’s how you build a connection with any blogger. You just need to make sure that you are not emailing anyone begging links or shares. Be genuinely interested in offering free help to others first.

3. Measure your success, rinse and repeat

Whenever someone links to your blog posts or tweets your stuff, make sure to measure your success. Find out how many comments or visits you got after someone tweeting or linking to your content. This way, you can spend more time on outreaching other bloggers who give more exposure to your posts.

Consider it as an on-going process instead of treating as a onetime step. You will eventually attract more attention, traffic and links to your blog if you have a great network around your blogs.

Rinse and repeat the above two steps to build a successful outreach campaign. The key here is to be consistent with what you’re doing.

Bonus tip: Make sure to follow up the bloggers. Few bloggers are extremely busy. So if you have sent an email a week ago and don’t get any response, try contacting them again gently. That way you’ll get tremendous response.

How to find the email addresses of other bloggers?

One QUICK way to find the email address of anyone is to use Hunter. It not only helps you find others’ emails, but it also gives you access to the best-performing cold email templates that you can use to get replies from other bloggers.

Whether you are creating this strategy or just want to build relationships with other bloggers, you need their email addresses.

Personalization in other words sending personal emails to others is the best way to get response. See, no one will link to you if they don’t know you or like you. So you need to build a connection with others first before getting a link from them.

Reaching out to other bloggers through emails is the easiest way to network with someone you don’t know.

But finding email address of other bloggers is a tedious task and most times it’s time consuming. I’ve a simple solution for finding email address of any person. Here’s how you can do it.

Get a Gmail account and install Rapportive (Rapportive shows you everything about your contacts right inside your inbox). Now, “Connect your social networks” on the top right hand corner after installing Rapportive. Click “compose” on the left hand. Now, start guessing the contact email address and click out of the To: field after you try.

Here’s a great video by Distilled explaining about this process. It’s just a 5-minute video and it’s worth checking out if you want to find others email address using Rapportive.

Pro tip: Copy the blogger username and add,, or to the end of it.

You can also find any blogger’s contact address by going into their blog’s about page or contact page. If it’s not showing up, then you can try the above method! It works almost every single time.

Top 5 Outreach Techniques for Beginners

Here are few amazing influencer outreach techniques and tips you can use to get more out of it as a beginner in 2022.

1. Aim to attract relationships, not links

If there’s only one technique you can follow, it is this: “focus on building relationships with other bloggers, don’t look for links”.

If you’re doing outreach just for one sole reason: which is attracting links or social shares, you’re doing it wrong. You’re not going to get better results that way. If you are playing it for the long term, you need to focus on people, not links.

Take Ryan Biddulph from Blogging from Paradise for example.

ryan mentions

He does a lot of guest posts, blog posts, videos almost every single day. Almost all the time, he promotes other bloggers (including newbies) without expecting anything return. He’s also one of the few bloggers who has been focusing more on people than links for years now.

That’s why Ryan is so successful. By giving links and shout outs to other bloggers, he’s being loved by everyone and most of the people reciprocate the same. That’s how you should treat this strategy, it’s not a numbers game. Focus on people, not links.

2. Go giver > Go getter

One of the best tips is to become a go giver. What happens when you focus on giving more? You’ll open more doors to attract links and exposure automatically.

In online, you’ll succeed faster if you become a go giver instead of go getter. The main difference between the two is, go giver focuses more on giving more whereas go getter solely focuses on getting more.

3. Follow a solid approach

When it comes to using this strategy to get faster and better results, you need a solid approach. Here are few ways you can use it smartly.

  • Understand the need (you need to figure out what other bloggers and marketers really need and want)
  • Set proper goals (don’t expect to get a link from authority sites in the first go, set realistic goals)
  • Find relevant bloggers (there’s no point of reaching out to bloggers from fitness industry if you’re into real estate, find relevant bloggers to collaborate with)
  • Measure results (find out what’s working and what’s not by tracking and measuring results)

Above all, make sure to know your ROI. How much time and money are you spending on this strategy and what are you getting in return? Once you know the results, it becomes easier to scale up your outreach campaigns.

4. Send personalized emails the smart way

One smart way to get more out of this strategy is to email popular bloggers including influencers and other relevant bloggers in your niche.

There’s no need to send long and boring emails. But make sure your emails are personalized uniquely for every single blogger. Don’t send bulk emails as no one likes such spam emails.

Here’s a powerful example of how you can send personalized emails for outreaching others.

Hi [Name],

My name is [Your Name].

I follow you on [their website or social media handle] and noticed that you shared one of my favorite articles [Article Title].

That is such a great post.

Recently some of my readers are asking me for something more in-depth about the topic so I went ahead and created this post: [URL]

If you have time I’d love for you to check it out. I’d love to know your feedback


[Your Name]

If you see the above email pitch, you can notice that, it’s a short email which is not asking for any links or even shares. We’re just emailing them to check out the post.

If they really like it, they will respond back to you or they might even share or link back to it if your content is super helpful to their audience.

5. Build a “highly relevant list” of bloggers to network with

This is an easy yet most powerful tip. Build a list of people who actively promote others, comment on other posts, link to other resources in your niche.

This makes it so much easier to connect with them, engage with them and get links and shares from them. There are so many bloggers out there who do roundup posts, weekly best posts roundups which you can use to attract links to your best posts.

Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid While Reaching Out Other Bloggers

Are you looking to use blogger outreach to take your blog traffic, leads, relationships and networking skills to the next levels? Here are few fatal outreach mistakes you must avoid if you want to get better results.

1. It’s only about YOU

What happens when your influencer strategy is too self promotional? No one gives a reply. Even worse, few bloggers move your emails to spam or trash. It is not about YOU, it’s about them.

Ask yourself “what’s in it for them” before trying to connect with any blogger in your industry. Find out ways to offer help instead of promoting yourself. That’s how you succeed while reaching out to others bloggers.

2. Not tracking your emails

Tracking your emails has so many benefits including;

  • Easily find out when someone has opened your email (which also lets you know whether your subject line worked or not).
  • Easily see who has opened your email (your email may have been forwarded to someone else within a company).
  • See how many times a person has opened an email

So if you’re not tracking your emails yet, start doing it now as it makes outreach so much easier.

email tracking

Here are few tools you can use to track your emails easily.

  • Boomerang
  • Mailtrack
  • Yesware
  • Mail Tag

3. Be personal, not a robot

One of the biggest outreach mistakes most people make is they send emails without being personal. Don’t send bulk emails to multiple people at once. It will never work.

Make sure to reach out to other bloggers or influencers in your niche one by one. By personally emailing them using their names, product names, website names and so on. That’s how you can build an emotional bonding with them, not by sending bulk emails like a robot.

4. You don’t follow up

We usually follow up once 5 to 7 days after the initial email, and depending on the opportunity, once more a week later or two. It seems persistent, but the casual emails are spaced out far enough that they act as gentle reminders so if you’ve not get any response in the initial email, you’ll mostly get one in your follow up emails.

5. Not doing any research

Before reaching out to any blogger, make sure to find out their name, website address along with the email and social media profiles. Make sure to read some of their blog posts, watch videos, listen to their podcasts to see what type of contents they create.

Buy their books or online courses if they are useful to you so you can easily talk about those resources before reaching out to other bloggers. Doing proper research helps you a lot and saves your time by producing you better results.

6. You’re reaching out the wrong person

If you’re a newbie and complete beginner, don’t expect any replies or links (or anything of that sort) from an expert blogger or influencer in your industry. Don’t do that mistake as a blogger.

Reach out to micro bloggers who have decent traffic, subscribers and fans on social media. For example, you’ll have high chances of getting replies or links from those bloggers who have 5 to 10k fans on social media rather than targeting influencers who have a million followers on Twitter. Are you getting it?

7. Your email is too long and boring

Don’t write long and boring emails. No one reads it. No blogger has the time to read long emails especially when they are all about you, your products or website. Keep your emails really simple, short and compelling which can be consumed by others within a minute or two.

8. “No” doesn’t mean the end of the world

We know influencer outreach is hard. It’s a hustle. You will feel like it’s a daunting task and when you hear the words like “no, I’m not interested” in email outreach or when a blogger rejects your proposal (be it for guest posting or sharing your stuff), don’t get disheartened.

In fact, rejection is the first step to success. Get into the habit of getting rejected a lot and that’s how you can move up to the ladder. NEVER take things personally. After all, you’re just trying to reach out to others to increase your content visibility.

9. Not caring about email subject lines

As we discussed earlier, this strategy mostly depends on how great your email pitches are. When it comes to writing captivating outreach emails, your subject lines matter a lot. Yes, email subject is the first thing people notice and read.

If they are crappy, no one’s even going to open your emails. As they say, 8 out of 10 people read your headlines first and then copy. The same thing applies to your email pitches as well as majority people open your emails only if they have great subject lines.

Try to think creatively. Don’t use long and boring subject lines. Keep them short yet powerful. Try to add personalization by including their name or website so you can attract other bloggers attention with your subject lines.

10. Asking for help without any prior interaction

This is another biggest mistake. Don’t ask for help such as links, shares, comments etc if you don’t have any prior interaction or connection with other bloggers. It doesn’t work. Take your time to connect with them first. Build rapport. Only then, you can go ahead with other things.

Influencer outreach best practices

So by now you already know how effective this strategy is. Let’s now get into the details of outreach best practices to get the most out of it.

  • Be helpful. Always offer free help before seeking help from other bloggers. Don’t email others begging a link. Instead create a platform where others will link to your stuff naturally.
  • Link out to other bloggers too often. I said it already and I’ll say it again, if you want to get more shares, share others stuff first. If you want to get more links, frequently link out to other blogs. It’s as simple as that.
  • Be networked. Introduce some other blogger to someone you already know. Be a connector who connects two bloggers either through emails or personally. This often goes a long way to create a successful outreach campaign.
  • Be extremely passionate about your blog topics. The more curious you are about your topics the more passionate guys you will attract. The more you interact with the like-minded people the more you will learn about building a successful blog online.
  • Don’t waste others time. I see so many beginner bloggers mailing me and asking me to link to their stuff from my blog posts. What’s in it for me? Why would anyone link to your stuff? You should be able to give incentives such as sharing their stuff frequently, linking too often etc to earn a link from other bloggers. Just having good content doesn’t mean that everyone links to you immediately after you email them begging the links! So stop wasting others time for links. Instead think about creative ways how you can offer free help first.

I know getting attention of an influencer is really hard and it takes time to learn the art of getting influencer’s attention. Just don’t write cold pitches asking for links or shares. That won’t work EVER.

You need to be creative while reaching out to other bloggers. So make use of the above proven outreach best practices to get a response.

Outreach tools

To develop a perfect outreach strategy, you need to have access to the right tools. Unfortunately there are unlimited number of blogging tools available out there and it’s really hard to pick the right one’s for you.

Finding relevant bloggers and building relationships is really harder and it’s often a time consuming process. Here are few outreach tools that come in handy when you’re reaching out to other bloggers.

Moz tools: The guys at have done a great job by crafting the amazing SEO tools for users. Moz tools are not only helpful for finding great keywords but they also help you discover new link opportunities to build solid links to your sites. Check out their tools if you want to go ahead with this strategy.

Buzzstream: BuzzStream is kind of a word of mouth marketing tool that helps you build quality links, create buzz and boost your blog traffic by helping you be found. It helps you to efficiently cultivate and manage the relationships with other bloggers.

Semrush: Whether you know it or not, you need to spy on your competitor’s if you want to know what’s working for them and what’s not. Fortunately there’s a great SEO tool to get this done, it’s Semrush. I’ve been using this tool for a lot of stuff including spying on my competition to boost my website search traffic by 15% in just 30 days. So don’t forget to start using Semrush when you’re doing outreach next time. It will come in handy to analyze their links, best stuff and everything else that you need to know better about your competitors.

Rapportive: As mentioned above, Rapportive is a pretty cool Gmail add-on that allows you to find anyone’s email address. It’s a must have tool to find contact details of others.

Ninja Outreach: This tool gives all the key metrics I need to connect with influencers and it’s also easily accessible. It gives all the information including Title, Name, Domain, Url, Contact Url, About Url etc. It’s a must have tool for anyone who wants to reach influencers.

How to reach out to other bloggers without sounding like a sales guy?

Make sure to keep in mind that it takes time to get rewarding results from online strategy of reaching out other bloggers. No one will link to you or share your stuff immediately when you email them.

You need to first get to know other bloggers then make them like you. Only then you can persuade them to do whatever you want.

Another important thing to keep in mind while reaching out to other bloggers is to know their wants and needs. For instance, if you want to write a guest post for someone, instead of randomly pitching them about a topic, think about their blog audience needs.

That way, you can easily come up with perfect blog post ideas that will attract their blog audience. And it’s the easiest way to convince any blogger to publish your guest posts.


Here are few important questions you might want to know about influencer strategy to get better results in 2022.

1. What are the best outreach tools to connect with other bloggers?

If you’re looking for some of the best tools to take your outreach campaigns to the next level, here are few of them you can use in 2022 and beyond.

  • Ninja Outreach (it’s an incredible outreach software that streamlines your influencer marketing and lead generation process with automated outreach emails)
  • Buzzsumo (helps you find popular contents and topics in any industry)
  • Tomoson (where you can leverage 90,000+ Influencers and Tomoson’s unlimited content crawler to create, curate, and post to your social accounts)
  • BuzzStream (which helps you research influencers, manage your relationships and conduct outreach easily and effectively)

2. What are the benefits of blogger outreach?

Here are few benefits.

  • Helps you with attracting links
  • Helps you with brand exposure
  • Helps you with more traffic, leads and sales
  • Above all, helps you connect with other bloggers in your industry

3. Can influencer outreach be used for SEO?

Yes, absolutely. Through outreach, you can ask for links, try to land on other sites with guest posts, ask for shares which all count to SEO.

4. What is email outreach?

Reaching out to other people including marketers, influencers, bloggers etc through emails is called as email outreach. It usually involves in building a relationship and offering something in value upfront so you can get help in return (to let others talk about your brand, website or products).

5. How to find email addresses of other bloggers for outreach?

There are 2 simple ways to find email addresses of bloggers.

  • Check out their website (you’ll most probably find a contact page or sign up to their newsletter so you can find their email)
  • Use tools like (we use it and it’s extremely useful)

Browse more Blogging Resources:

Final Thoughts

People should not build links, they should earn them. But no one comes to your blog and links to your organically if you don’t ask them. If you want to get incoming links from other sites, you should reach out other bloggers.

There’s no other way around to build quality links in this Post-Penguin era. Here’s where reaching out other bloggers comes into play. If done right, reaching out to other bloggers is the surefire way to build links and boost your search traffic.

Yes, creating viral content helps you build great links but you should also reach out other bloggers if you want to get more exposure on your blog posts.

It’s a lot easier for you to get incoming links from other blogs if you mention them in your blog posts. Remember, an influencer strategy is all about win/win approach. So you can’t ask anyone to link to your sites without linking to their posts first.

By using the strategies mentioned in this post, shoot an email to a blogger who you linked from your post and tell him you have just linked to one of his posts. That’s it!

If you love this post, please share it. Have you been already using this strategy to increase your traffic, links and shares? What have you learned so far? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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    Networking on social media is another way to keep our blogs active. There are so many people to get in touch with via social media. Going to their blogs, will cause reciprocation.
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    • So true and valid points Donna. Appreciate your efforts for writing a detailed comment with lots of insights. While using blogger outreach strategy, make sure to focus on building relationships, not links. If you focus on giving more to others, you’ll definitely get more in return. Ryan is definitely a great example who does the job well in providing value to others by linking to other blogs so generously.

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    You don’t have to focus on the celebrities though – even if the bloggers are extremely busy you still get into their radar with a good outreach strategy.

    Here, your outreach strategy is important. It can either make or break your efforts. Cold, out of the blue emails are a BIG no-no! But aiming to build genuine relationships is what counts.

    For me personally, I enjoy the relationship building bit as such even if it works as a promotional strategy or not 🙂

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    Now, you have linked to me in this post. We have helped each other this week and have now created a blogging relationship.

    Blogger outreach works so well – especially the way you explained it.

    I will send my clients to read this post.

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    • I’m really honored to know Sue, you are finding my post around blogger outreach useful. Please keep in touch and lets try to help each other in future as well which will ultimately help us take our blogs to next level.

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