ChemiCloud Coupon 2021: Best Hosting @ 60% OFF + Free Domain

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November 21, 2021
ChemiCloud Coupon
chemicloud coupon

Looking for ChemiCloud Coupons? How about saving 60% with LifeTime Free Domain? Yes, visit the page now and get the 50 + 10% Extra + Domain + SSL + CDN.

Looking for ChemiCloud Coupons? You have landed at the right place. Our pals over at ChemiCloud have been kind enough to give us discount coupons for our readers, valid for a limited time.

ChemiCloud offers Web Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Reseller Hosting and Cloud VPS and provides 3-4 packs in each category of hosting service to suit different pockets.

Quick Note: ChemiCloud Black Friday deal is Live Now. Get Hosting for $1.58/month only with a free lifetime domain

Hurry!! make your move now.

Use ChemiCloud Coupon Code: ANILAGARWAL for a 60 % discount NOW. Visit the Discount Page.

ChemiCloud Coupon Code Section

chemicloud coupon 2021
60% OFF

Get instant 60% off on ChemiCloud shared hosting. 

Regular discount 50%. Discount for BloggersPassion's visitors: 60%

Grab them now.

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60% OFF

Interested in WordPress hosting? Get it now for 60% Off! Hurry

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If you are hunting for a reliable, secure, and fast hosting service at a sensible price point, ChemiCloud is your best bet. Why? Read our ChemiCloud Review for all the details.

We have also covered the glimpses of our review and product details in a nutshell below.

About ChemiCloud

ChemiCloud is based out of Delaware, United States, and now with descent years in the industry, they are offering the best products at amazing rates. Yes, ChemiCloud quickly rose to fame due to its unmatched price to performance ratio and is currently compared to veteran hosting giants.

Privately owned and a group of 50 employees, ChemiCloud takes pride in being a close-knit group of tech experts that operates on a personal and more involved level with their customers.

A hosting service that simply works” and they back it up with speed, uptime together with great performance optimizations, and superior customer support.

ChemiCloud has covered all your hosting needs, they offer a vast catalog of hosting solutions to choose from. Starting from the needs of small-scale businesses to large enterprises, everything can be handled by ChemiCloud with ease.

Pricing Structure (Enter CODE: AnilAgarwal for 60 % discount)

ChemiCloud backs you up with a 45 day money-back guarantee on all hosting solutions except for Cloud VPS which is 15 days and currently offers the following services to their customers.

1. Web Hosting [Shared]

The cheapest option and best for entry-level users. The Shared hosting option provides 3 variants to choose from, namely:

  1. Starter ($3.95)
  2. Pro ($6.95)
  3. Turbo ($10.95)
chemicloud shared hosting

Note: Pricing mentioning above shows a 50% discount.

But, we have a Special Coupon for Shared web hosting: ANILAGARWAL [60% SAVINGS].

Click on the link below and apply the coupon. Check the final price after 50 + 10% Off.

2. Reseller Hosting

The best and least expensive way to start a hosting business where you can have your own customers and a personal Hosting Brand.

You have 4 options to choose from.

  1. Electron ($19.95)
  2. Expansion ($34.95)
  3. Fusion ($50.95)
  4. Evolution ($64.95)
chemicloud reseller hosting

3. WordPress Hosting

The perfect option to migrate from another host once you have a grasp of online business and need more features. If you are a newbie and starting a first WordPress blog, go with WordPress hosting by ChemiCloud.

It offers 3 packs as well, keeping in mind the budgets of all kinds.

  1. WordPress Starter ($3.95)
  2. WordPress Pro ($6.95)
  3. WordPress Turbo ($10.95)
chemicloud wordpress hosting

Note: WordPress Hosting’s price mentioning above shows a 50% discount.

But, we have a Special Coupon for WordPress web hosting: ANILAGARWAL [60% SAVINGS].

Click on the link below and apply the coupon. You will get an extra 10% OFF.

4. Cloud VPS

If you are a big business or a large enterprise, this is your go-to solution for all online business needs, you get 4 options here also.

  1. Iron ($79.95)
  2. Bronze ($119.95)
  3. Silver ($199.95)
  4. Gold ($359.95)
chemicloud vps hosting

VPS Coupon Code: CLOUD25. Save 25% for a limited period of time.

Freebies With Every ChemiCloud Account

To sweeten your deal even further, ChemiCloud offers freebies (that you actually use) and that makes ChemiCloud stand out.

Many hosting services give you a lot of conditional freebies which are of no use and just there to add something to the free list. But be rest assured, this is not the case with ChemiCloud and you get a lot of valuable products bundled absolutely free of charge.

I can say with full certainty that the freebies you are offered by ChemiCloud are actually useful. We have detailed them in the section below.

Note: As soon as your ChemiCloud account is activated the following freebies are awarded to you.

  1. Domain name for life

Yes, that’s right. The moment you register for any plan for an annual term, you are not charged for the registration of the domain name you choose with your ChemiCloud account.

As long as you are a ChemiCloud customer, they renew your domain name for free as well.

So, yes any domain name of your choice (as long as it is available) comes free of cost with your ChemiCloud plan.

  1. Reliable email service, powered by MailChannels

A reliable and secure email service is expected from a company like ChemiCloud and it definitely delivers.

ChemiCloud partnered with MailChannels, a leading email delivery service.

MailChannels delivery ensures that your recipients get your email on time regardless of their location and that you never have to worry about email blacklisting.

  1. Industry-leading CDN, powered by Cloudflare

Cloudflare is a leading cybersecurity and infrastructure company that offers globally renowned CDN services. ChemiCloud collaborated with CloudFlare for a secure and reliable content delivery network for its customers.

In fact, Cloudflare has its own servers scattered all around the globe to make sure that your content gets delivered to your visitor at blazing-fast speeds, wherever they are.

  1. Free Let’s Encrypt SSL certification

ChemiCloud realizes the importance of security for every website. Be it a big business or small, the credibility depends upon the level of security you provide to your visitors. With SSL, you ensure their data and all confidential information pass through an encrypted channel.

With ChemiCloud, SSL is now free. It means that once you register with ChemiCloud your website starts using “HTTPS” which shows a “Padlock” sign on the browser. This is a symbol of peace of mind and security.

  1. Automated Backups

Data backups are like a lifeline for every blog or website. In case of any error or any unforeseen event, backup can save your year’s hard work. I suggest you take data backup seriously. One mistake can wipe off all the efforts you have done till now.

With ChemiCloud you never have to worry about backing up your data on a regular basis as it is done automatically every day.

You can restore your data at any point in time within the next 30 days.

  1. Softaculous Integration

ChemiCloud offers full support and complete integration with Softaculous which is a very popular tool for installing apps from your website.

Hundreds of popular apps at your fingertips are backed by a 1-click installation process so that you can focus on using applications and not installing them.

WordPress, Joomla, Drupal are a few of the most famous names which are available at the Softaculous app store, their store is jam-packed with tools and features that you can check out.

  1. Free Website Migration

ChemiCloud gives you the ability to easily migrate from any hosting service to their servers, free of cost.

This depicts confidence in their services since they are bold enough to offer free transfer and are convinced that you will not go anywhere once you give ChemiCloud a chance.

How To Use ChemiCloud Promo Code?

First, head over to ChemiCloud’s official website and choose the plan you want to go ahead with, I chose the Web Host Starter pack for the purpose of this tutorial.

As soon as you click on your desired option you will be presented with a Domain Name registration page (UI will ask if you already have a Domain Name and want to transfer that) as shown below.

Note: You get a FREE Domain Name for as long as you are a ChemiCloud customer.

choose domain

Once you are done with setting up your domain preferences the UI should give you an approximate cost of the domain name you chose. (Don’t worry it is completely free as you will see later at checkout). Hit continue.

Now, you will be presented with a page that requires you to choose a billing cycle, server location, and addons (if you need any), it will also display your current total in accordance with your choices on the right side of the screen as shown in the image below. Hit continue.

check out page chemicloud

Next up you will see an option for domain name add-ons, select the ones you want (if any), and hit continue at the bottom of the page.

choose domain chemicloud

You will now see a final Review and Checkout screen as shown below, this is where you will enter your promo code.

chemicloud price before discount

As you can see on the right side my total was coming out to be $118

But if you see at the bottom of the screen there is a text box with a Validate Code button next to it.

Enter CODE: ANILAGARWAL in the text field and remember to click validate code for a discount to take effect, you should see the discounted price on the right-hand side as depicted in the screenshot below.

Also, you will see that your domain name costs you nothing (as I promised before) in the billing summary below.

chemicloud price after discount

What is the discount on VPS hosting and how to apply the coupon?

You can get a 25% discount on your purchase of a VPS account with a ChemiCloud account if you are a regular reader of this blog.

Enter code: CLOUD25 to avail of a 25% discount on your cloud VPS hosting purchase.

To make sure you don’t make any mistakes while availing the discount, I have included a step-by-step guide to help you navigate through the purchase process.

I chose the Iron VPS pack for the purpose of this example and as you can see from the screenshot below my total before applying promo came out to be $93.90.

Here is the price before the coupon:

vps price before discount

After applying the coupon code in the next step of the checkout process (screenshot below) my total came out to be $59.96:

vps price after discount

NOTE: You can add funds to your ChemiCloud account at any time but there is a minimum limit of $10 and a maximum limit of $500.

Payment Modes: ChemiCloud accepts all major credit cards and Paypal payments as mentioned above.

After Sales Customer Support: Is It Any Good?

It is an important aspect to note that a few bucks of discount are useless if you don’t get proper service after purchasing the product.

Getting a 60% discount with a free domain is an awesome feeling for sure but nothing is more depressing if you encounter a support team that is either not reachable or not interested in helping you.

I decided to test this out by going to their live chat section and putting up a few questions with one of their customer support representatives or “happiness engineer” – “Micha”.

To my surprise and delight, Micha responded within seconds of submitting my request and answered the most complex of my questions with ease, and without any pauses in between whatsoever, she wrote in simple and easy-to-understand terminology.

The customer support is excellent and available 24X7X365 as is expected from a top-tier company like ChemiCloud.

I have attached our chat session in the order of my line of questioning for your reference below. 

Screenshot 1 of 5:

first chat response of chemicloud

Screenshot 2 of 5:

chemicloud chat response second

Screenshot 3 of 5

third chat response chemicloud

Screenshot 4 of 5

fourth response chemicloud chat

Screenshot 5 of 5

final chat remarks chemicloud

Do share your opinion about this chat. I would request to use the comments section below and share your views about the interaction you see above.

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FAQs About ChemiCloud

Does ChemiCloud really offer a free domain name?

Yes. Activate any annual plan with ChemiCloud and they register and renew your domain for free as long as you are an active user.

Can I try ChemiCloud’s services free of cost?

No, but you are backed by a 45-day money-back guarantee, which is as good as a free trial.

What are the payment modes that ChemiCloud accepts?

All modes such as credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, gift cards, charge cards, virtual cards issued only by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express are accepted by ChemiCloud.

What specification are the computers ChemiCloud host the servers on?

All of ChemiCloud’s servers use the latest generation of Intel CPU architecture and SSD storage hard disks for the fastest access.

Does ChemiCloud provide phone support by any chance?

Unfortunately no, ChemiCloud does not provide phone support but you can reach them 24X7X365 by live text chat or their ticket support system.

What is Reseller Hosting?

Simply put, a hosting service that allows you to provide website hosting services to your clients.

Will my clients know if it’s ChemiCloud or me providing the hosting services?

Your customers will believe it is you until told otherwise. There will be your branding and even the logo everywhere. ChemiCloud just looks after the maintenance of your Reseller hosting.

At ChemiCloud, can I upgrade my plan at any time or do I need to wait for my yearly billing cycle to end first?

Yes, upgrade to any plan is possible as per your requirement. On prorata basis, the existing package’s remaining balance will be adjusted in the new product’s cost.

Final Words on ChemiCloud Coupon

“A hosting that just works”. Excellent hosting service now available with 60% discount coupon code: ANILAGARWAL.

If you are looking for a hosting service that offers super fast speed and nearly 100% uptime, go for ChemiCloud. ChemiCloud’s product offerings are one of the best in the industry, right from a free domain name to unlimited bandwidth and even the ability to host unlimited websites.

ChemiCloud strives to give its customers the best in the latest technology, from partnering up with Cloudflare for a fast and reliable CDN to securing MailChannels (a leading email service) as an email delivery partner.

Note: ChemiCloud is suitable for all our global visitors as its servers available in every continent of the world. Make sure that your visitors never have to wait for your page or website to load and that it is served to them from the server nearest to their location.

Anil Agarwal

ChemiCloud Coupon 2021: Best Hosting @ 60% OFF + Free DomainAnil Agarwal who owns, is a full-time blogger and SEO expert who has been helping people build profitable blogs for over a decade. BloggersPassion has been featured on premium online sites like Forbes, Huffingtonpost, Semrush, Problogger, Crazy Egg, The Next Web and so on.

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ChemiCloud Review 2021: Why We Think It’s An Amazing Host?
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chemicloud coupon

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