How to Easily Find Trending Topics for Your Niche Blog in 2024

So do you want to know how to easily find trending topics for your blog in 2024? You’re in the right place.

Niche blogging gives you the ability to get “highly targeted audience” to your site. Someone has rightly quoted, “Well begun is half done”. If you have made a good start, then you have complete a major part of the entire allotted work.

Once you have made up your mind to start a new blog, then the next thing which you need to worry about is the blog “niche”.

Although picking the right niche is not a rocket science when you know what you want. If you are a literature fan, go for a philosophical blog; if you are a programmer, better opt for some programming help blog; if you are one of those who are always updated with the latest trends in the fashion industry, choose a lifestyle blog. It’s as simple as that.

That being said, if you’re finding it hard to find trending topics for your blog to increase traffic and sales, this post is exclusively for you.

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How to Find Trending Topics for Niche Blogs in 2024

Find Trending topics for niche blog

Use Semrush


There’s a HUGE difference between finding topics for a niche a blog and an authority blog. You can find traffic generating keyword ideas or topics if you’re running a normal or authority website but when you’ve a niche blog, you need to find those topics that should help you with two things.

  • Traffic generating topics and
  • Money making topics

That means, when you’ve a niche site, you need to find those topics that not only help you with increasing your traffic but also help you with increasing your overall niche site sales.

Coming up with such profitable topics for niche blog seems like a daunting task, isn’t it.


No, if you’ve access to premium SEO tools like Semrush. Semrush is the ONLY one SEO tool we’ve been using to get more traffic and sales to this website.

Semrush helps you with so many things including:

  • Keyword research
  • Site audit (to find and fix your site issues for better SEO)
  • Keyword ranking
  • Backlink sources (to easily find link sources of any site)
  • Site positioning metrics (to easily find out your keyword rankings)
  • Content creation with keyword analysis
  • Competitive analysis

Just in case if you’re wondering what you can do with Semrush keyword research tool alone, here are few features;

  • Gives you a wide range of long tail keyword suggestions
  • Lots of keyword metrics including search volume, keyword difficulty, CPC and so on
  • Search volume metrics for each keyword
  • Keyword data is so much “accurate” when compared to other SEO tools
  • It also has the ability to export your keyword data to CSV so you can easily filter all the keywords at one place
  • SERP analysis such link metrics, overall links and so on

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Not only that, Semrush provides you extensive data to pick low competitive yet highly profitable keywords by giving you access to things like;

Keyword: These are the keywords that the website is ranking for

Pos: This is the keyword position to which the website is featured within the search engine, for the specific keyword.

Volume: This is the number of searches for this specific keyword per month.

CPC: This is the average cost-per-click for the specific keyword

Competition: This shows the level of competition of the advertisers competing for this keyword. If Com score is lower, which means that the term is easier to rank for no matter what keyword it is.

Results: This is the number of search engine results, make sure to find those keyword phrases to rank for which has less results.

Here’s how it looks like;

keyword overview semrush tool

From the above image you can see that, Semrush keyword overview features giving us all the details like;

  • Volume
  • No. of results
  • Trend
  • Paid search metrics like CPC, competition and so on

Not only that, if you scroll down, it will also show you all the relevant keywords that you can use to rank for that keyword phrase.

So what are you still waiting for? Click on the below link to get a 14 day free trial with Semrush:

Grab Semrush pro account Now (14 days free trial)

Quick tip: Make sure to also use Google Trends along with Semrush if you want to find profitable topics for your niche because Google Trends gives you the ability to find out what topics are trending all over the world.

Not only it’s a free tool that can be used any number of times but it also helps you easily explore your own topics and search phrases relevant to your niche to see if search volume is on an increase (or decrease).

You can also easily find out the “interest” data on almost any particular topic by region which can be so much helpful for finding trending topics for your niche where you can find really popular, related search queries and topics no matter what niche you are in.

Sneak into your competitor websites

Another strong reason to use Semrush is that you can do a thorough competitor analysis to find out what keywords are sending them the most traffic from search engines like Google.

Here’s how it looks like;

live update semrush

When you click on Common keywords and SE keywords, Semrush gives you a list of all the keywords that your common competitors are ranking for.

You can also use Semrush position tracking tool to easily discover your competitors. Here’s how it looks like;

position track semrush

So now you don’t have to struggle with the question: where to find highly searched topics for your blog when you’ve access to Semrush tool. What are you still waiting for?

Use SpyFu


SpyFu is one of the best SEO tools out there which offers you excellent tools for finding most searched topics in your niche. If you’re curious to know more about how you can use SpyFu to find traffic generating topics in 2024 and beyond.

Step 1: Click here to sign up for SpyFu and once you’re on the dashboard, click on the SEO research section and enter any of your competitors URL in the search box. Here’s how it looks like;

spyfu overview

As you can see above, immediately after entering any of your competitors domain, SpyFu gives you an SEO overview of it along with;

  • organic keywords
  • rank change
  • estimated monthly clicks
  • estimated clicks value and so on

Why should you enter your competitors URL?

That way you’ll know what are the newly ranked keywords of your competitors so you can target them to be able to find traffic generating posts for your own site.

Step 2: Here’s where we’ll find the newly ranked keywords of your competitors. Just scroll down to “Shared Keywords” section, and you’ll find this.

new ranking keywords

As you can see above, SpyFu gives you a list of newly ranked keywords as you can also see most valuable keywords list. If you want to know more about the popular topics and newly ranked keywords of your competitors, click on View All and SpyFu will return more results.

Step 3: Once you click on the view all keywords, SpyFu instantly shows you all the list of keywords.

spyfu keyword list

As you can see above, you can find a ton of highly searched topics (traffic generating blog posts in other words). Along with that, you can also find other keyword metrics like;

  • Rank in change
  • Cost per click
  • Keyword ranking difficulty
  • searches per month
  • estimated clicks per month
  • estimated clicks value

So what are you still waiting for? Use the following link to get started with SpyFu today.

Use Quora


The best way to find topics for niche blogs is to first figure out what your readers truly want. How can you know what do they want?

You can use sites like Quora where there are millions of people ask questions to get best answers. So you can use Quora to come up with a ton of blog post ideas for your niche site just by following the topics which are relevant to your niche.

And make sure to ask the following questions before you even begin with topic search on Quora.

  • What are the problems your readers are struggling with?
  • What topics are they most interested in getting help with?

You can browse Quora by following all the similar and relevant topics in your niche to find most asked questions by your target audience. Here’s how it looks like;

quora blog topics

From the above image, you can see that, you get access to widely popular questions (which you can use as blog topics for your niche) by entering any topic idea or keyword which is relevant to your industry.

That being said, here’s an important thing to know about Quora.

The best part about using Quora is that, Quora’s content license allows you to reuse the content. Yes, “you can reuse all new content on Quora by publishing it anywhere on the web, as long as you link back to the original content on Quora.”

So it’s not only helpful for finding new topics for your niche site but also to get more traffic by posting your stuff.

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Few quick ideas to cover for your blog

It doesn’t matter what niche you are in (fitness to real estate to marketing), you can use the following ideas to find trending topics for your blog.

topic ideas for blog
  • Run contests and ask your audience about what to cover (not only helps you with more traffic and social shares but you can come up with new topics for your blog really quickly)
  • Write reviews around all the top products in your niche (you can use sites like CJ, Amazon, eBay and so on to find best affiliate programs)
  • Write an in-depth guide in your niche on a timeless topic
  • Think about creating infographics
  • Write a controversial post in your niche

The above ideas can be used for almost any industry. Apart from that, we also recommend you to make use of content idea generator tools.

Here are few headline generator tools that will help you quickly come up with a ton of ideas just by using any keyword phrase relevant to your niche. All you need to do is to enter any topic idea or keyword into the topic generator tools like HubSpot, Tweak Your Biz etc and the tools will instantly generate you hundreds of topic ideas including headline variations.

Here are few more quick tips for you are still wondering about how to find most searched keywords for blog in 2024

Choose an evergreen topic

If Google has recently published a new update to its algorithm, then I certainly cannot dedicate an entire blog to this niche. If I have a tech blog, then surely this can be one of the posts I will share.

If you think that you will set up the niche as “Google Algorithmic Updates”, then just answer this question: How many updates does Google release in a month? Such a blog will not only suffer from content scarcity, but will also gain seasonal visitors only. You will have a visitor only when a new post is shared on some recent update, and for most of the times, your land would be left barren.

Understand the Attractiveness of Your Niche

You need to estimate the staying power of your blog. You certainly cannot expect normal people to wander on specialized blogs running on cloud computing, or SEO. Understand the circle you want to target, and give them something which they want to hear.

Once you have chosen a perfect niche for your blog, then the next thing you will need is topics under your niche to blog about. Initially you will not be scarce of topics, but as time passes by, you might face some problems. The points below will help you to choose the best topics under your niche:

Set up for Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a free tool provided by Google, which sends email alerts directly to your mailbox based on certain keywords which you have provided. The mail would include data on the most popular queries being searched by people all over the globe.

Join Discussion Forums

The Discussion forum are an effective platform to understand the demands of the customer. Search for forums based on your niche, and try to be an active participant in every discussion. Do not forget to add your relevant blog links whenever needed.

Use Surveys

You definitely need not hire a private firm to conduct a large scale survey, but you can surely do a small one yourself. Ask your friends, relatives, social circle, and people in your list under different social networks about the problems they feel on a particular subject which is the base of your blog. They will be efficient suggestions for your upcoming posts.

FAQs About Finding Highly searched terms for blogs in 2024

Here are some of the questions you might want to know to find popular keywords for your blogs in 2024.

What are the best untouched niche markets 2024?

Almost every niche idea is taken. Even if you find an untouched niche market where you don’t find even one site, you should better stay away from such niche markets because competition is always a good sign.

What are the best blogging topics that make money in 2024?

The money you make from blogging mostly depends on your niche and there are a wide range of niches that help you make more money which include;

→ Fitness
→ Credit cards
→ Real estate
→ Marketing
Pet care
→ Technology gadgets
→ Beauty, health and the list goes on

What are the best tips for finding unique blog ideas?

Here are few quick ways to come up with unique blog ideas for your niche.

→ Search on Twitter (and look for trending hashtags to find hot topics to cover in your niche)
→ Find out all the questions your target audience might have in mind
→ Find and read eBooks in your niche (and you’ll come up with a ton of table of contents that you can use to create new topics)

More resources around blogging worth checking:

Final Thoughts

If you are creating content without doing any keyword research, you’re not going to succeed with your blog. Your niche website success mostly depends on the ability to find traffic generating topic ideas. It’s as simple as that.

Hopefully we’ve answered your several of your questions on where to find high traffic terms and How to find trending topics for blog through this post.

Do you’ve any more questions on how to find most searched terms for your blogs? Let us know in the comments below.

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    Could you please help understand how I could find topics to write using the SEMrush + Google Trends method. So, I’m looking to write on a topic for the Awareness stage of the persona – Small business owner who has a website, but, isn’t using SEO to his benefit. In fact, he doesn’t even know that SEO can really change his life.

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  4. I was searching for this idea here and there and finally got it here. Thanks, bro for helping us. Can you give some suggestions on how to use google trends for finding trending topics?

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