How to Find Trending Topics for Your Niche Blog

How to Find Trending Topics for Your Niche Blog

Someone has rightly quoted, “Well begun is half done”. If you have made a good start, then you have complete a major part of the entire allotted work. Once you have made up your mind to start a new blog, then the next thing which you need to worry about is the blog “niche”.

The Internet world is full of blogs running on mixed niche, and you would never want your blog to get lost in the crowd. A few years back, whenever someone asked me about the most trending topics to blog upon, my answer used to be “tech”. But with change in time, the number of blogs following this niche has grown by a thousand fold. I certainly do not mean that blogging on tech is not a wise idea, but if you are not an expert on the topic, then it’s better to maintain your distance from it.

Different people have different tastes. Everyone has his own set of unique characteristics which he is born with. If you are a literature fan, go for a philosophical blog; if you are a programmer, better opt for some programming help blog; if you are one of those who are always updated with the latest trends in the fashion industry, choose a lifestyle blog; and if you are one of those like me who is always geeky and trying to get to the roots of the tech topics, go for tech blog.

Your personal profile is what matters the most in your niche selection. A poet can neither post about SEO (except in some exceptional occasions), nor he must try to do so.

Most of the bloggers on facing niche problems often land up blogging on mixed miscellaneous topics. The real facts are that most of these blogs lack the desirable content, and this is the reason they fail. Just ask yourself one question, “If a user can read about iPhone 5S on a complete tech based gadget blog, and he can find fashion news from an exclusive fashion blog, why would he visit me?

Will I be able to provide him better content than the professional blogs?” You certainly know that if someone has dedicated an entire blog on gadgets, then his review on any new device is going to be much more detailed as compared to yours. A niche based blog is always much more preferable than a mixed blog. If you are still having problems in determining the right niche, following points will surely help you.

Find Trending topic for niche blog

Choose an Eternal Topic

If Google has recently published a new update to its algorithm, then I certainly cannot dedicate an entire blog to this niche. If I have a tech blog, then surely this can be one of the posts I will share.

If you think that you will set up the niche as “Google Algorithmic Updates”, then just answer this question: How many updates does Google release in a month? Such a blog will not only suffer from content scarcity, but will also gain seasonal visitors only. You will have a visitor only when a new post is shared on some recent update, and for most of the times, your land would be left barren.

Passion is the key

A cricket fan should never try to run a blog on Table Tennis if the World Cup season is off, and Wimbledon is to hike. If you do not have a passion towards your articles, this will show up in your writing and disappoint your visitors.

Make Sure Enough Content is Available

You need to ensure that before you finalize your niche, enough content is available on the topic. The content may be received from magazines, newspapers, books, or online itself.

Understand the Attractiveness of Your Niche

You need to estimate the staying power of your blog. You certainly cannot expect normal people to wander on specialized blogs running on cloud computing, or SEO. Understand the circle you want to target, and give them something which they want to hear.

Once you have chosen a perfect niche for your blog, then the next thing you will need is topics under your niche to blog about. Initially you will not be scarce of topics, but as time passes by, you might face some problems. The points below will help you to choose the best topics under your niche:

Trending topic for your niche blog

Set up for Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a free tool provided by Google, which sends email alerts directly to your mailbox based on certain keywords which you have provided. The mail would include data on the most popular queries being searched by people all over the globe.

Join Discussion Forums

The Discussion forum are an effective platform to understand the demands of the customer. Search for forums based on your niche, and try to be an active participant in every discussion. Do not forget to add your relevant blog links whenever needed.

Use Surveys

You definitely need not hire a private firm to conduct a large scale survey, but you can surely do a small one yourself. Ask your friends, relatives, social circle, and people in your list under different social networks about the problems they feel on a particular subject which is the base of your blog. They will be efficient suggestions for your upcoming posts.


This is a chatting platform offered by Twitter to allow people from different communities share their ideas on a particular topic. It will provide you with abundant of questions, facts, figures, and requirements for writing a new post.

The ease of blogging is what has drawn most of the people towards this field. But every person cannot be a true blogger unless he learns to utilize his skills in the correct direction. Despite the millions of people involved in this field, there are just about a handful of them who have gained success. Blogs on unique topic are the demand of the hour, and if you have one such asset, do share it with us, and your inspirational story on how your mind clicked with this idea.

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  1. Nirmala says:

    Ideas which you’ve shared here to find the trendy topics related to the niche are really good.

    I follow some of the tips like set up Google alerts, using surveys and discussion forums.

    But am missing tweet chat, will do it soon.

    Thanks for your suggestions 🙂

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