11 Secrets to Skyrocket Your Website Traffic In 60 Days Or Less

I believe that most successful blogs are successful because of SEO.

Website traffic is the currency online and if you are struggling to skyrocket your website traffic in less than 60 days, this massive post is for you.

Did you know that at an average it takes 101 days to get 1st page rankings for a keyword?

That means, you can start getting traffic from Google for most of your blog posts within 4 months after publishing.

You need quality links, proper on page optimization and keyword research etc to get the best results.

If you are a beginner and looking for ways to get more website traffic in less than 60 days, you don’t need to get first page rankings on Google. Yes, you can try a lot of other ways to get better rankings (they will be covered in this post) and you will also explore few essential secrets to grow your overall site’s traffic within 60 days.

Top 11 secrets to increase your website traffic within 60 days

website traffic secrets to boost traffic

1. Publishing content more often is the key

Did you know that publishing your blog posts more often can bring you more traffic? Not only from Google, but posting more frequently helps you get more visitors from various sources including social media, email, forums etc.

Neil Patel used to publish 1 massive post a week and once he started getting more traffic from Google, he increased his publishing frequency. Now he posts 8 to 10 or even more articles a month.

Did you know what happened when he increased his blog posting frequency?

His traffic skyrocketed. He end up taking his blog traffic to 500,000 unique visitors a month.

neil patel's traffic

Just look at the above screenshot and you will notice that he got almost 600,000 visits within a month.

That’s a HUGE success I’d say considering that he launched his blog just over an year ago.

Key takeaway: If you are looking to quickly grow your overall search engine traffic, increase your blog posting frequency. Google still loves fresh content and gives rewarding results if your content is informative.

2. Create 2000+ word blog posts

Do you want to know the fastest way to bring massive traffic from giant search engines like Google?

Then, start writing long form of content that includes over 2000 words. Writing 2000+ in-depth and highly informative content can bring you more traffic than writing two 1000 word articles.

Why create 2000+ word articles to boost your SEO?

Content is the king. Killer content always boosts SEO. Famous blogger Neil Patel says, “Longer content usually perform better on every level”. If you want to stand out in the crowd, add  2000+ more words to your blog post.

2000 words importance
  • Longer posts attracts authoritative backlinks to your blog which boost your blog SEO.
  • Your potential readers need not look for more websites for complete information. That means you will gain authority in your blog niche.
  • Google gives special priority to long form of content while displaying in search results.
  • Longer posts fetch you maximum organic traffic to your blog.
  • By creating longer content, it increases user engagement and on-page time.

Wanna increase social shares for your blog posts? Then start creating 2000+ word content and you will see the magic figure of social shares.

How to create 2000+ word posts?

While writing any post, always remember to add value to your content. Never brag about the topic just for the sake of filling lengthy content.

  • Outline a structure before you even start writing. You can use Google Docs or Trello for this purpose.
  • Creating longer posts is very easy if you keep track of these while writing. Post title, headlines, subheadlines, ask questions to yourself like why, how, when, what, where and finally keep the major points in bulletin style.
  • Use h1 header for main title and h2 header for sub headings. This is to make sure that your post is formatted properly so that your blog readers can read comfortably.
  • Before picking up the topic for blog post, check for trending topics in your blog niche. So that within short span of time, your content attracts readers.
  • Use killer content strategy ideas for blog posts. For this, you can write on “how to guides”, “frequently asked questions”, “write posts for beginners”, “tips and hacks”.
  • Use primary keywords while writing post. Don’t stuff unnecessarily. The sentence should give complete meaning.
  • Use buzzsumo for top performing content in your niche. You can further find popular content in your niche by filtering results for past 6 months or 1 year.

Research, research, research. This is the only technique to write massively lengthy posts. Never write anything that which you don’t know or if you don’t have anything to say. Doing research gives you lot many ideas to make your content interesting.

You can make your content more interesting by adding images, presentations, videos, statistics, tools, podcasts, webinars and infographics. Never keep any outdated information in your blog post. Update your old posts if you have any such. If not, it creates bad impact on your brand image.

If you are getting distracted while creating content, use Pomodoro technique.

  • Choose the task that you want to finish.
  • Set the timer (pomodoro) to 25 minutes.
  • Start working on the task.
  • Take a short break of 5 minutes.
  • Again start working. Take a long break once you complete 4 pomodoros.

Never write longer paragraphs in the content. 2 to 4 lines of sentences looks beautiful. It boosts the readability by 58%.

Optimize your posts for SEO while writing itself. Write compelling headlines, this is because users first read headline and if it instills curiosity in readers’ mind, then only they will read further. While writing content, ask yourself “how it’s gonna benefit my reader”s. WordPress offers a plugin called WordPress SEO by Yoast.

Integrate long-tail keywords in your content. Long-tail keywords are 4 or more keyword phrases that are very specific to your content. You know, Amazon makes 57% of sales through this method. Lastly, use a bunch of appealing images related to your content. Without any visuals, longer posts won’t create interest to readers.

3. Focus on long tail keyword research

Do you want to get huge traffic to your blog?

Focus on long tail keywords in your content. Neil Patel have generated 173,336 qualified visitors through long-tail keywords.  If you write longer content using long-tail keywords, you will see increase in search traffic.

Why focus on long tail keywords?

Long tail keywords usually have high conversion traffic even though they get less search traffic. Try to make your blog rank for a specific term. Use such long-tail keywords around your content. This helps in increases your product sales.

LSI keywords

Usually, long-tail keywords solve the problem of a user as they are very specific. Before using those keywords in the content, do extensive keyword research.

How to research long tail keywords?

Here comes the keyword tool which helps you in digging and getting long-tail keywords that helps your business. We ourselves type long-tail keywords in the Google search query for any topic. For example, “how to lose belly fat in 1 week”. It means the user is serious about the topic.

Now the question is how long it should be. Usually it is four keywords or more. Here is the step-by-step guide to dig out long-tail keywords for your blog niche.

  • Open Google keyword planner, enter your seed keyword to get different long-tail variations. Scroll down and click on “Get Ideas”.
  • You will get list of keywords with tabs “Ad group ideas” and “Keyword ideas”. Click on “Keyword ideas” select the most demanding and relevant keyword as we are gonna expand it further.
  • Take up the selected keyword and enter that in the search box and click on “Get Ideas”.

Now, you have list of long-tail keywords.

Click on “Advertisers tab” and click “Enter your keywords” tab. There enter your seed keyword and click on “see keyword results”.It displays lot many long-tail keywords. You can use them in your post headlines or as bullet points.

If you are selling any product, make sure you use keywords like review, discount, buy, purchase, coupon, shipping, order, deal etc in the long-tail keyword. These are called commercial intent keywords. Targeting these keywords improves your blog search rank. It should sound natural when you are using these keywords.

For example, “Buy Macbook air: 5 things you should know”. But if you write something like “Buy macbook air free shipping”, it sounds spammy content. So, make sure it sounds realistic and natural.

It’s good to focus on long-tail keywords but it’s more important to focus on writing content that solves reader’s problem.

4. Research your competitors

It’s not wrong to spy on your competitors and it’s not needed to start everything from scratch and dig out several methods. Everything is already available. You can get all those information like content ideas, marketing strategies, keywords usage to rank better just by observing your niche competitors.

Why should you research your competitors?

  • To analyze keyword competition.
  • To check for those keywords that sends huge traffic to your competitor’s’ site.
  • To know from where they are getting authoritative backlinks.’
  • To analyze SEO of your competitors.
  • To see what keywords they target while advertising.

How to perform research on your competitors?

The first step is to make a list of all the competitor’s in your industry. Create a spreadsheet and make a list of 30 to 50 blogs in your niche along with their URL’s.

Now, use Semrush (it’s my all-time favourite SEO tool) to check their rankings. It displays their organic traffic keywords, domain authority, from where they are getting backlinks and all necessary information.

There are several and really useful tools that gives much useful information about your competitors.

  • Using Semrush, you can easily do backlink analysis which gives information about all your competitor links, their keywords, ad copies etc.
  • Using a tool like Semrush, you can know how much your competitors spend on advertisements and what keywords they use in it.
  • You can easily track the most important keywords of your niche using Google alerts.
  • To compare your blog posts titles with your competitors, use Screaming frog.
  • Moz toolbar  provides the Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA) for each displayed search result.
  • Check any website ranking and the links to it with open site explorer.
  • Majestic  SEO tool reveals all the referring domains and external backlinks that your competitor has.

In Addition to the above tools, it’s important to check your site speed because fast loading sites are given preference in Google search results. You can check it with GTmetrix.

5. Use Quora to boost your website traffic

Quora is becoming HUGE. It’s a question and answer platform that has millions of active users. You can get answer to any type of question here. It’s a powerful question and answer website. You will find discussion on almost every topic in the world.

Why should you use Quora?

  • To get great content ideas that really works.
  • There is a chance that your posts go viral through upvotes.
  • You can get huge traffic daily if you really have awesome and useful content. Just redirect them to your website.

If you know how to use Quora efficiently, you can do wonders to your blog.

How to use Quora to boost SEO?

You can use Quora as a keyword research tool. Type topics related to your blog niche on Quora search box and observe the keywords in the questions user ask. You can use it in your blog post.

You know there are many great minds on Quora and they share their business experiences. You can learn a lot from it and use to make your blog success.

  • Check for the relevant questions related to your blog niche on Quora. Answer them and leave your website link. While picking up the question to answer, choose the one that has more following and more views.
  • Find related questions that are not answered and has 1000 views per week. Answer those too and leave your website link in between the article or at the end of the article. You can find most recent questions under “Write” tab in the navigation bar. Each question has time limit

Quora is just like content marketing. If you want huge traffic to your blog from Quora, then be consistent in writing answers related to your blog niche.

Keep these things in mind while answering questions in Quora:

  • Always answer questions in a helpful way. Just for the sake of promotion, NEVER ever answer. People on Quora are very intelligent that they will find if you are just promoting your website in answer with useless content. They even report it. So, write only useful and helpful content. Traffic comes automatically.
  • If you have used any product then while answering mention “I”. For example, “Practically, it worked for me, I have tried this for this many days” . It builds up trust.
  • Include images in the answer. It gives life to the text.

Don’t answer every question just to link back to your website. Write helpful answers. People check your profile and related information if they like to follow you.

6. Spend 80% of your time on blog promotion

Well, you created an amazing content. Have you ever analyzed how much time you are actually spending on creating content and for promoting blog? Is it 60% creation and 40 % promotion? Or 80% creation and 20  promotion? Or it is 50-50?

Why you should spend 80% on blog promotion?

Because that’s where the magic is.

If you build it, they won’t come. You have to promote your content like crazy to get more exposure. Most beginners don’t do this. They instead spend more time in creating content rather than promoting. That’s why they get very little exposure to their content.

How you can effectively do promotion?

Here are few things you can do boost your blog’s exposure.

  • Repurpose your content. Turn your posts into videos, infographics, audio files, eBooks etc.
  • Do blogger outreach. Reach out to other bloggers and ask for their help.
  • Use social media sites wisely.
  • Do social bookmarking after publishing posts.
  • Make sure NOT to forget SEO while optimizing your posts.

7. Optimize your site for SEO

One of the simplest ways to grow your website traffic quickly is to perform a full site audit to check if your site has any issues to fix or not.

Here’s an in-depth post about conducting a site audit that helps you boost your overall search traffic really quickly.

If your site is not optimized well for SEO, the chances are, you are losing a lot of money and traffic on the table.

Here are few really incredible tips to optimize your site for SEO:

  • Use plugins like WordPress SEO by Yoast. It helps you do on page optimization easily.
  • Use simple and keyword rich URL’s while writing your blog posts and pages.
  • Always use a mobile-friendly design for your site. You can use free plugins like WPTouch to instantly make your site mobile responsive. Or even better, buy mobile responsive themes so you can easily give better user experience.
  • Focus on your website loading times. If your site is loading slow, get a better hosting service. I use and highly recommend WPX hosting for all WordPress users.

If there’s ONE factor that could bring massive results from search engines, it would be definitely backlinks.

Link building is the surest way to grow your website traffic really fast. Getting quality links from other sites to your site is called link building. There are two types of link building.

  1. White hat (follows all Google guidelines and get long term, steady search traffic).
  2. Black hat (those who don’t follow Google guidelines and often get penalized, AVOID this strategy if you want long term results).

Here’s how it usually works.

link building tips

Backlinks are considered as “votes” by search engine crawlers. So the more quality links you get, the more traffic you get from Google. It’s as simple as that.

That being said, here are 3 powerful link building strategies you can use to attract natural and high quality links from other sites.

  • Create Infographics. I know people have been using this strategy for a long time now but it still works if you focus on covering the problem solving topics. You can use tools like Canva or hire someone on Fiverr to get your infographics done. Make sure to add an embed code within your site so others can use it to use your infographics by linking to you.
  • Guest post on other sites that have good reputation. Instead of linking to your home page, link to your inner pages that are informative. That way you can pass link juice to your whole site.
  • Find out broken links on other sites. Ask other bloggers to replace with your blog’s content that’s relevant to their broken pages.

9. Harness the power of social media

Social media is a powerful weapon. Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook – all these social media sites are growing at rapid speed.

If you find and connect with the social media influencers, you can quickly bring a ton of new visitors to your sites.

Just make sure to focus on building fans on one social media site at a time. That way you can give majority of your time, efforts and focus on building audience one place at a time.

Also focus on helping the influencers by tweeting their stuff, linking to their posts and offering some useful services to them for free. That way they will also reciprocate something when you ask them for help!

That being said, here’s an excellent article on how to use social media to get more traffic even if you are a beginner with zero online reputation.

10. Influence marketing is the new era

Did you know that your sales go up by 92% if an influencer recommends them?

People like Pat Flynn, Neil Patel, Chris Brogan get MASSIVE offers from software vendors to recommend their stuff to their audience.

If you are not focusing on influence marketing yet, this is the right time.

Build a list of influencers in your industry including:

  • Bloggers
  • Podcasters
  • Video bloggers
  • Book authors

Find out what they care about most.

Figure out ways to offer them help. Try to reach out to them regularly without pitching anything salesy. Make them your friends, build a strong rapport with them before seeking any help.

influence ROI

For every dollar you spend on influence marketing, you get a whooping ROI of 23$. That’s a HUGE ROI, so start focusing on it if you want to get more exposure and sales to your sites.

That being said, here are few things you can do to tap into influence marketing.

  • Offer something useful to them. It can be anything from finding broken links on their sites to writing value-packed guest posts to buying their products.
  • Repurpose their content. Find out their top performing posts. Turn them into infographics and give credit to their blog posts. Once you are done with creating them, email them about it. They will be grateful for your work! Just don’t expect anything in return.
  • Learn how to write captivating emails.
  • Do frequent webinars, podcasts and video interviews with the influencers in your industry. Ask smart questions. Make sure to let them know your name so they can spread the word about your stuff with their audience.

11. Conduct frequent giveaways

In the last year, I conducted a HUGE giveaway on Semrush. That’s the first time we ran a giveaway here at Bloggers Passion.

Did it work? Yes, of course.

Not only I got a jump in my email subscribers, social media fans but we also got an increase in Semrush sales.

So all in all, the giveaway worked well for us and we are planning to run more giveaways this year, so check out for them.

If you are looking to quickly grow your website traffic in next 60 days, running giveaways can give a boost.

Either spend money by yourself to giveaway something for those who participate or tie up with other product vendors (there are a ton of people who are looking to giveaway their stuff if you talk about them by giving a link).

If you are just starting out, I recommend you to invest $200 to $300 for running your first giveaway. That way, you will know what kind of ROI you get. Based on the results, you can tweak your giveaway offers.

If you need more traffic through giveaways, ask people to refer your stuff. Or ask them to write about your giveaways by linking. That way you get more exposure.

You can use free tools like Rafflecopter to run giveaways. Just create a free account, launch your giveaway and embed the code in your WordPress posts. You’re done.

Few more proven secrets to increase website traffic fast

Here are few more tips to quickly grow your website traffic in less than 60 days.

  • Boost your site loading times: Your website speed plays a key role in your blogging success. If your site is taking more than 3 seconds to load, you are losing half of your traffic and sales. So make sure to focus on optimizing your site’s speed if you want more traffic and sales. Use a cache plugin, move to a better hosting service, use less plugins and always optimize your images before using.
  • Get engaged with others on forums: Blogging forums are great places to find and connect with other bloggers from various niches. If you are someone who is looking for ways to get initial traction with your blog or website, participate in forums by leaving comments and upvoting their stuff.
  • Do webinars: Webinars are web based seminars. People like Pat Flynn, Jon Morrow etc are using webinars to quickly boost their traffic, leads, subscribers and sales. Start small. Do video hangouts with other bloggers on YouTube. Once you get a sense of it, you can start running webinars to boost your website traffic and sales. While doing webinars, make sure to connect with the influencers in your industry so more and more people will be interested in watching them giving you more exposure.
  • Repurpose your blog’s content: This is one of the best secrets used by smart bloggers to quickly grow their website traffic really quickly without producing much content. Repurpose your blog posts. Turn them into infographics, videos, audio files etc to get more exposure from every other content form. You can also turn your most popular posts into eBooks and upload them onto popular free eBook sharing sites to let others download for free. Use internal links to your own site while crafting eBooks, that way you get more visitors.

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What is the most effective way to increase traffic to a website?

Quality content (2000+ words) consistently, long-tail keywords, competitive analysis, Quora, optimizing your site for SEO, link-building, social media, influence marketing, giveaways, paid ads, could be the best ways to increase traffic to a website.

What are the different traffic sources of a website?

Direct traffic, Organic traffic, Traffic from email marketing, paid search, referral, social, and other are the possible traffic sources of a website.

What is the best traffic source?

Organic traffic from Google could be the best traffic source where most of the bloggers rely on.

How to increase website traffic organically?

Search Engine Optimization is the key to increase organic traffic to a site.

What is the cheapest way to drive traffic to a website?

If you want to drive long lasting traffic the cheapest way, optimize your site for the SEO.

How can I improve my SEO?

Target long-tail keywords while focusing on on-page SEO (page meta title, meta-descriptions, h1-h5 headings, image alt, etc.), off-page SEO (backlinks, social media marketing, etc.), and technical SEO (site speed etc.).

How can direct traffic be increased?

To increase direct traffic to a website, you will have to present your website as a brand. For doing so, you can take advantage of digital marketing along with offline marketing (printed publications, distributing business cards, doing trade shows, getting interviewed on a local radio or TV station, etc.).

How much traffic is good for a website?

Well, it varies from niche to niche. If you have an affiliate site, 100 visitors a day may result in good earnings while for an AdSense site even1000 visitors may not get you fruitful results.

Final Thoughts

Having tried a TON of strategies over the last 6 to 7 years, I know what WORKS and what’s not when it comes to increasing traffic of a website.

The secrets I shared in this post are proven to work and if done right, they can bring you massive traffic really quickly. And the best part is, these secret strategies help you improve your overall blog’s sales (not only traffic).

So what are you waiting for? Pick the strategies that you find useful and implement them to grow your website traffic in next 60 days. Let me know if you have any more tips in the comments.

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