How to Get Star Ratings for Product Reviews In Google Search Really FAST

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August 29, 2019

One of the best ways to increase traffic and sales to your affiliate products directly from Google search is to get star ratings for your product reviews on Google.

Google shows up star ratings for products that you promote on your sites. Here’s an example.

product reviews Star Ratings

In the above screenshot, you can notice that, star ratings are showing up on Google search for the keyword “SEMrush review” (my favorite SEO tool by the way!).

These Star Ratings help you:

  • Get more organic clicks (people tend to click on them more often by seeing review stars)
  • Increases your product sales (hopefully)

Are you wondering about how to get star ratings against your product reviews in Google search results? Well, this guide shows you how to exactly do that.

How to Get Star Ratings for Product Reviews in Google search

How To Get Star Ratings in Google search

1. Install a product review rating plugin

Before making any online purchase, 63% of customers opt sites that displays user ratings. The buying decisions are greatly influenced by online reviews. While ranking individual pages in SERP, Google mainly focuses on site user ratings.

Quick note: In fact, I’m currently using a product review ratings plugin Author hReview (premium version). It has a lot to do with getting product review stars on Google for majority of the product reviews I cover here at Bloggers Passion.

Installing a product review ratings plugin helps you to easily gather user reviews for your blog site. Reviews gives trust to the users to use any product of your site. Here are the top 5 product review ratings plugin.

  • Rich Reviews: It provides a visual way to show your business value in the form of rankings, ratings etc. You can create your own review and add it to the site. You have the facility to choose specific number of reviews for the product. The plugin doesn’t slow down the website performance.
  • WP Review:Without affecting your blog site speed, it provides powerful way to review content very easily. It provides several options to change rating star colors and you can customize the plugin, easy to modify CSS for better theme styles. If you are looking for community integration, this is the best plugin.
  • Author hReview: This is plugin we’re currently using at Bloggers Passion to get product star ratings on Google. Based on, this plugin gives control over the reviews. Check with Google rich snippets testing tool, once you install the plugin and publish your first review on your blog so that Google extracts the structured data from the review. This is the most helpful tool you can use to get product star ratings. Although we use the premium version of this plugin but there’s also a free version available that can be helpful.
  • Comment Rating Field Plugin: It adds a 5 star rating field to the end of a comment form. You can manage reviews and filter comments. It’s extremely helpful if you get a ton of comments from your audience.
  • WP Product Review Lite: You can use shortcodes which provides the facility to display the review box anywhere in the post. By adding buy now button in your post, it helps in generating money. You can add specific user review options to comments. It’s completely free plugin.

All these 5 plugins are user-friendly which gives chance to both user as well as author to speak their mind about product through ratings and reviews.

2. Add relevant schema to your site

Schema tells search engine what your data is about. By following proper SEO strategies, your blog content gets indexed in search results. But with schema markup, search engine will be able to understand even better.

For example, If you type “Robin sharma”, search engine produces SERP entry with this name. BUT, If you put the right schema markup around the name “Robin sharma”, search engine understands “Robin sharma” is the author of the book not just a couple of words. So it provides better information  to the user who searches for that word.

Schema markup is often called a virtual business card. No doubt that websites which use schema markup ranks better in SERP. If you don’t use schema markup, then you are missing a huge source of SEO potential.

That being said, how to use schema markup on your website?

  • Go to Google’s structured data markup helper,  select the type of data that you plan to markup.
  • Paste in the URL of the page or article that you want to markup.
  • Click on “Start Tagging”.
  • It provides you tagging items for the next phase of markup. You will see your data items in the right pane and web page in the left pane.
  • Now, highlight the name of the article in order to add “Name” markup. Once you highlighted the name, select “Name” from the data items in the right pane.
  • Continue adding markup items, highlight and add them to the markup list.
  • Once you have finished, click on “Create HTML”.
  • Now, you will see HTML of your page with the relevant microdata inserted in the spots that you selected.
  • Download the automatically generated HTML file, then copy/paste into  your CMS or source code.
  • Click on “Finish” and go on with the series of Next steps.

If you want to check how your page look like after adding schema markup, then go to structured data testing tool. Here, you can analyze the code that the tool generated that which you downloaded. Paste the code and click “Preview”. The tool show how your article looks like in Google search results.

Schema markup is one of the SEO innovations. Make use of it in the best way to improve search results.

3. Enhance site authority

Well, who doesn’t want to achieve better search engine rankings? Almost everyone wants better rankings, traffic and sales from Google.

Here’s where getting star ratings for your posts on Google play a big role. If you want to get product review stars for your page in Google search results, you need to focus on enhancing your site authority.

There are several tools which provides rank for any site and also helps with tips to enhance the site rank.

  • You can assess your site search ranking using SEMrush. If you want to improve your site rank for a specific keyword, then this website is for you. Just give the keyword and your domain, it shows you where your site ranks in search engine for that keyword.
  • Check for your site speed. If your site is slow, no one shows interest in visiting your site which impacts badly on your site ranking. You can check with tools like Google PageSpeed Insights or Pingdom Website Speed Test. If you get your site performance grade less than 50, that means your page content is very slow and you need to work on improving it.
  • Check for site health. This is important if your site experiences a sudden drop in organic traffic after several months of consistency. You can check with Google penalty checker tool.
  • Rewrite the existing articles and optimize the content for SEO. Make sure to use any of the review stars plugins (that I mentioned above) and make use them within your old review blog posts. This definitely can give a huge boost in your rankings and sales.
  • Analyze inbound links to your site and also your competitors’ with tools like SEMrush. The results will give information about nofollow links, active backlinks, helps in identifying relevant links to your site.
  • Keyword research plays an important role in improving site authority. Your content goes viral only if it is useful, unique and optimized for SEO with rich keywords related to your blog niche. So, by optimizing your blog content, you can make audience find your site. Take the help from Google Keywords Planner while doing keyword research.

Both Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA) plays a vital role in improving search ranking. Google decides which site should get star ranking.

Make sure you are always focus on increasing your site authority. Not only it helps you get more search traffic but also helpful for you to get more sales in the long run. The best way to increase your site authority is to get backlinks to your sites regularly. Write in-depth content and make sure to use techniques like Skyscraper technique to attract natural backlinks.

4. If you’re a business owner, use Google trusted review sites

To get legitimate reviews from real customers, you need to sign up for review sites that which are trusted by Google. For this, you need to know about Google seller rating extensions.

What are Google seller ratings?

These are nothing but an automated extension in Google Adwords. It automatically showcases advertisers with high ratings by aggregating ratings from reputable resources. It greatly reflects on overall customer experience while they shop for a product. Usually these ratings appear when your site gets 150 unique reviews and a composite rating of 3.5 stars.

To check this, go to Google shopping and observe the reviews for particular stores. You will see same companies like ResellerRatings, Bizrate, PriceGrabber etc..Some are more inclined to some countries. So, you can choose based on your location too.

If you ask me the top 5 review websites that are trusted by Google, I would say these.

  1. Shopper Approved
  2. Verified Reviews
  3. Trustpilot
  4. Yotpo
  5. Reseller Ratings

All these five companies offer the best product reviews. Almost all top companies are making the best use of Google seller ratings. Google seller ratings helps in increasing click-through rate and also helps your ads stand out in crowd.

One important note is that the product reviews by the above companies are completely different from the rich snippet reviews that show on organic search results.

Here are few more solid tips that can be helpful for you in getting star ratings in Google search.

  • Write magnetic headlines. The more engaging titles you have the more people will click on your links. The more clicks you get from organic search the better rankings you will get.
  • Figure out ways to write in-depth product reviews. Don’t just write product reviews to increase your sales. Don’t sound like a sales guy. Offer unique value and share benefits of using the products that you recommend your users.
  • Offer exclusive deals. For instance, I give a 30 days free trial of SEMrush (worth $99.95) for my readers here at Bloggers Passion that most people don’t offer. So these special days are really helpful to boost sales.

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Final Thoughts

Getting star ratings on Google is a lot of fun (if you’re a website owner). Google product review stars not only increase your organic clicks but more importantly they help you get more sales and conversions for your sites.

As I said, use a great product review star plugin and start creating great content to increase your site authority. Start encouraging customers to submit Google reviews. Analyze the sites that are already getting the star ratings on Google, you can learn a lot.

Try to implement the strategies mentioned in this guide and you too can get star ratings on Google search results. So what are your thoughts? Do you have any more tips? Share your views in the comments below.

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